Let’s Take a Virtual Vacation: Hawaii, Ireland, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and More!

I’m sure this isn’t the summer you planned or the one you envisioned. Instead of a relaxing beach trip or a trip to the mountains, instead of traveling across the country to visit friends or family, instead of a trip to Europe or other far-flung places, most of us are staying home away from the airports and crowds. Home feels safer right now, at least it’s familiar.

So how about today we take a few virtual trips. Our bodies may be stuck at home, but at least our minds can travel. To take each virtual trip below, click the highlighted link.

Let’s start in Hawaii!  How about a trip to Mama’s Fish House in Maui. I thought Mama’s was going to be a little hole-in-wall restaurant with great seafood. It was so much more!

Dinner at Mama’s Fish House, Maui Hawaii

Polynesian Black Pearl, Chocolate Mousse, Pastry Seashell, Mama's Fish House


Time to hop in our time machine and take a trip to the Giza Plateau for a visit to see the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Sphinx.

A Visit to the Giza Plateau & the Last Remaining Member of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

Camel Ride, Giza Plateau, Egypt

Great Sphinx, Egypt, 2018


Travel to Egypt and I promise you’ll have some wild stories to tell upon your return! Just remember the secret password is: Sofitel.

In the Footsteps of Agatha Christie: A Visit to her Suite in The Old Cataract Hotel Where She Stayed While Writing Death on the Nile

Old Legend Cataract Hotel Elegant Bar

View from the back veranda, Old Cataract Hotel, Egypt


Time for a little adventure and a lot of sand!

Camping in the Sahara Desert, A Moroccan Adventure


Let’s go on a luxury safari in Kenya!

An Unforgettable Stay at Sir Richard Branson’s Safari Camp, Mahali Mzuri


Of course, the best part is the animals!

When You’re on Safari, It’s All About the Animals: Part I



When You’re on Safari, It’s All About the Animals: Part II


When on safari in Kenya, don’t forget to stop by Giraffe Manor for an overnight stay.

An Unforgettable Overnight Visit to Beautiful Giraffe Manor


Feeding the endangered giraffes who call Giraffe Manor home is an unforgettable experience. You’ll find a video sharing that experience in this post below.

Breakfast with Daisy and Giraffe Kisses


That magical time I visited Ireland and slept in castles every night.

A Tour of Lough Eske Castle, Ireland


Inside Ballynahinch Castle: Take a Tour of this Romantic Irish Castle

Ballynahinch Castle, Ireland


Sometimes it’s fun to stay at home and visit all the local tourist attractions. If you’ve ever wondered about places to visit while in the Atlanta area, check out this post.

The Week I Took a Staycation



If you love travel, you’ll find many more “virtual vacations” here: Wanderlust: Travel the World with Me.

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See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    I can only imagine of the places you have been Susan, with hopes that maybe…someday I can go. Alas I dare say it is a dream, but at least I get to live it through you! lol But I am getting away for a week with my brother and his family. We are going to the Outer Banks. I’m so looking forward to it since I’ve never been before. Hugs, Brenda

    • I have a feeling there will be a lot of great travel deals for next summer as the travel agencies and airlines try to get everyone traveling again. I’ve never been to the Outer Banks, would love to go one day. Is the Outer Banks where the wild horses live? Brenda, I want to hear all about it when you return!

  2. franki parde says

    Ahhhh…the “good old days”…*sigh* franki

  3. Wow you’ve done a lot of traveling Susan! I can’t wait to dive into some of these – the Giraffe Manor looks completely enticing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful trips. They’re giving me some inspiration for when we finally CAN leave the house! 😉 See you tomorrow!

    • I would love to go back to both Giraffe Manor and Mahali Mzuri. That was an expensive trip for how short it was, but worth every penny for the memories and experiences. Really hoping travel return to normal real soon. I watched this video yesterday and it’s really sad to see all these planes setting idle and that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to all the grounded planes around the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIbXai0l174

  4. Susan, Your post today hit home with me. I cancelled my vacation reservations for August this afternoon and a couple of hours later I read your post. While I do feel disappointed I have to remember I’d rather lose my vacation than my job or my home or life. Time to plan for next year! Maybe the virtual vacation will plant a seed.

    • Ugh, so sorry you had to do that, Iris. I know that was disappointing. I hope by this time next year, life is totally back to normal.

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