In The BNOTP Library: Martha Stewart’s Christmas

Since we’re in the Christmas season, I’ve been sharing a lot of my favorite Christmas-themed books. I can’t let the season get by without sharing one of my favorites by Martha Stewart. I’ve had the paperback version for many years. Recently I noticed they have tons of the hardback version for just a penny on Amazon, so today I ordered it in hardback. I always prefer a hardback copy when I can get it, especially when it’s a book I know I’ll look at again and again.

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In the BNOTP Library: Martha Stewart’s Christmas
Author: Martha Stewart
Hardcover: 144 pages

Martha Stewart's Christmas


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Tons of recipes from plum pudding to a tutorial for creating a gingerbread mansion…not house, but mansion! I may never attempt some of the more complicated recipes and DIYs, but I love seeing them and reading about how they were done. If you’ve been invited to a cookie party or plan on having one this year, there are some really yummy-looking cookie recipes in this book.
  • I’ve always loved seeing inside Martha’s prior home, Turkey Hill. In this book we do get a peek into several rooms, which was really the main reason I purchased this book so many years ago. Some of the pictures are a bit dark, I don’t think cameras were as sophisticated back then as they are now, but most of the pictures are plenty bright. I especially loved  the close up views of the Gingerbread Mansion and reading about how Martha made it.
  • Tutorials and topics covered in this book are: Plum Puddings, Pomanders & Potpourri, Conserves & Condiments, Christmas Cookies, Cakes & Puddings, Gift Baskets, Wreaths & Topiaries, Ornaments & Wrapping Paper, Christmas Trees,, The Gingerbread Mansion, Holiday Parties, Festive Breakfast and Christmas Day Dinner.

You can read more about this book, Martha Stewart’s Christmas at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.


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  1. Carol Neibling says

    Thursday evening I went to a party given by the college president and his wife. They live in a big 1920’s 4×4 house that hasn’t been remodeled and Marci has used deep plum and blue in her unusal kitchen and her brother built the most beautiful cabinets to go with the age of the house. Her decorations this year were lavendar roses and lots of twigs. She set her coffee table on her dining table to hold the centerpiece and several platters of food. I forgot my camera or you would have had some pictures. The food was very different from what we all cook, but so tasty.

    Such a pretty time of the year. Just wish the sun would shine. We’ve had clouds for 10 days and even the weatherman is complaining.

    Have great holiday season. I start my dinners tomorrow night.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Awww, Carol, that does sound lovely. Wish we had pictures! I’d love to see that kitchen. It sounds beautiful and out of the ordinary, the way you described it.

    • Oh Carol, that sounds wonderful! I would love to have seen some pictures! I hope one day to find an older home/cottage that hasn’t been ruined/remodeled with new windows, etc… Thanks for describing the evening. Loved it!

  2. I find that I am drawn to simpler holiday decor and more of bringing nature indoors. I love Martha’s ideas and how she styles simply, but beautifully.

  3. That book is the deal of the century! It is only 1.26 from one of the amazon providers! I wish I could see inside, but I trust you if you say it is a great book. I really enjoy your book reviews!

    • Mary, that’s why I love shopping on Amazon. I usually buy used if I can find them in Like New or New condition. Including shipping cost, you can find some awesome books for way less than most magazines cost today. I’d much rather have a hardbound book than a magazine any day. I hope you like the book. Since I’m a sporadic cook…mostly cooking for holidays and parties, I especially love the glimpses we get of Turkey Hill and the closeup pics of the Gingerbread mansion.

  4. Hi Susan- I really enjoy your posts, Thank you so much for your ideas and beautiful presentation! I noticed today on the Lenox site, Santa plates are a special sale. They are nice, but I do like your Tablescape Thursday Santa plates better!

  5. Great book suggestions, thank you! It’s great to gather new ideas for decorating!

  6. Juanita in OH says

    I have quite a few of Martha Stewart’s books and I LOVE them all. I will have to search Amazon for this one. I have a burning question about your beautiful library…where did you find that teapot/coffee pot or whatever it is??? It is fantastic, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason.
    As always TFS.

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