Downton Abbey Personality Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Recently, a dearheart (thanks Sandi!) sent me a fun link where you can take a quick, 7-question quiz to see which Downton Abbey character you most resemble.  I finally got around to taking the test today and guess who I am?


Anna, the head housemaid!  🙂   Here are my results below.   I had to struggle with a few of the questions…really wanted to pick two answers.  Is it wrong when asked how I’d spend a whole weekend to myself, to choose:  “Attend a jolly good foxhunt, followed by billiards and cigars?”  😉  I guess the fact that I would feel sorry for the fox and don’t smoke could put a damper on that answer, but it does sound terribly romantic.  Instead, I reluctantly chose, “Stay alone in my room and read.”  Booooring,  but so me.

Downton Abbey Personality Quiz: Which Character Are You


If you would like to take the test for yourself, you’ll find it here:  Masterpiece Downton Abbey Personality Quiz

Be sure to leave a comment and tell me who YOU are in the cast of Downton Abbey.   Oh, and someone choose the foxhunt, billards and cigars answer so I can live vicariously.  🙂

Pssst:  If  you like fun quizzes, here’s one I posted a while back that will help you find your decorating style.  Decorating Quiz:  What’s Your Style?

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  1. Mary from Virginia says

    Matthew Crawley here LOL! Fun quiz thanks!

  2. Well, I guess I am Mr. Bates. Hahahahahahahha!!! What fun!

  3. Violet!! And I wasn’t even trying to answer to get her! She is my favorite!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Good Evening from Violet, the Dowager Countess! Don’t you have something better to do than take a quiz?

  5. I am Bates! LOL! We bought the 3rd Season from Amazon… it yesterday….watched allll of the entire season in one marathon viewing! It was great!

  6. I took this a few weeks ago, and was Robert. I was not totally displeased by this result UNTIL the last couple of episodes. Now I’m saddened and ashamed! 🙂

  7. I am not ashamed to join you as a fellow “Anna”. I think that given other social circumstances Anna would be quite a fun little gal!

  8. Barbara (WA) says

    Good Grief – I am John Bates – what?! Very fun, thanks!

  9. Oh no! I’m Lady Sybil! Look where that’s gonna get me! Sheesh!

  10. Matthew Crawley… I now own it all!! Too funny.
    I’m truly in love with this show and how I cried
    when the youngest daughter passed away last
    week… boohoo!
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Chris k in Wisconsin says

    Violet, the Dowager Countess here… what fun!! I soooo look forward to Sunday evenings. And last week was devastating…… Thanks for sharing.

  12. That was fun. I’m Violet, The Dowager Countess and my husband is Matthew Crawley. Of course!

  13. Robert, Earl of Downton. Hmmmmmm. Cherry Kay

  14. I’m Lady Sybil Crawley, such a shame she won’t be on the show anymore!

  15. Robert, Lord Grantham here. Didn’t see that one coming! I wanted to be Lady Grantham! (Really figured that’s who I would be!)

  16. I’m Lady Sybil Crawley, too!

  17. Yikes! I’m Mathew Crawley! I couldn’t even be a woman?!?

  18. I’m Matthew–so when can I move in? Susan I think I’d need some help with the decor.And No Smoking in my castle.Thats what all the help does, is smoke, and right next to the kitchen.

  19. Haven’t watched the show, but guess I must. Took the quiz and I am Violet, whom ever she is. Is that good or bad? But I agree with you the fox hunt, with billiards and a cigar did sound great, but I too don’t smoke, let alone a cigar so I chose to find someone to help.

  20. Well I’m very happy to say that I’m Matthew Crawley! As hubs said, ” well at least you’re not Lady Mary.” But I’m married to her, yikes!

  21. LOL….I’m Robert, Earl of Grantham here! So funny, I didn’t spect it, heheheheeee… I like the Earl, though. Thank you, I love quizzes like this and I adore this series! Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Linda Page says

    Well, Susan, we are twins! I am also Anna! I love this program and just got my Season 3 from Amazon today. I have been watching Season 3 on PBS but I will just have to pull a marathon and watch the entire thing. I am bad about taking the other two seasons and my portable DVD player with me on scrapbooking retreats and watching (and listening with earphones) both seasons while I scrapbook. I am soooooo addicted to this program!

  23. LORD Grantham! Lol! Didn’t see that one coming either!

  24. Edith Bice says

    I am Lady Sybil Crawley!

  25. I am Bates! It was actually pretty eerily accurate! 🙂

  26. Edith Bice says

    Actually there were a couple of questions that had no answer that I liked. One was favorite subject in school and mine was music which wasn’t an option. I also answered reading alone in my room all weekend which is not what I would do but there again it didn’t have any other answer I would even consider.

  27. I am Matthew Crawley – too funny!

  28. Bwahahahaha! I knew it. . . I’m Violet!

  29. Vicki Patton says

    John Bates here at your service…fun

  30. Good heavens, I took the quiz and I am Violet! Seems like I have all the fun…with words at least!

  31. Violet

  32. A fun quiz and I am Violet..oh kids are going to get a hoot out of this!

  33. Susan in Tennessee says


  34. Oh, Susan,
    I love fun quizzes. I am John Bates! (But I swear, I don’t have a secret identity and I am not lying about my past to any person! LOL)
    ~Hugs to you~

  35. Funny! Yup, I’m Violet! 🙂

  36. Oh, wow…I’m Mr. Bates!! How can that be? What fun!! 😉

  37. I’m Lord Grantham also…who knew? hee, hee. Is there no Edith in the crowd? I’m such a DA groupie that I get all the posts from Downton Abbey Addicts on Facebook so I took this quiz a while back. DA Addicts had a live chat last Monday with Allen Leech (Tom Branson) and I hung every word. It was fun. I loved reading the comments here Susan, thanks for another great post.

  38. Matthew here. Ready to move into my home now and do some decorating in a few of those stuffy overdone rooms!

  39. LOVE Downton Abbey and this was fun, thanks for the link! I’m Anna…love this show!!!

  40. I’m Matthew. Should I be alarmed? Ok I am off to paint my nails and shave my legs. 🙂 At least I’m not Edith. LOL

  41. To my surprise I am Robert, so not me! At this point I’m not sure who I’d like to be.

  42. Oh ha ha, I am the Dowager Duchess, always knew I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth!!! Now I shall really have to visit Downton Abbey (Highclere) next year!!! 🙂 That was a fun quiz!!

  43. Susan, this is too funny! Just call me “Vi” so that y’all know that I’m not one of those other Violets! LOL! Fun time, thanks, Susan!

  44. I am Voilet, the Dowager Countess, my favorite person on the show! Fun quiz – Thanks, Susan.

  45. Industrious and hard working, I am Matthew Crawley!!! How funny!!! I’m ready to move in and take over, get rid of those stuffed shirts!!!

  46. Cindy Hayhurst says

    Robert. Don’t know how I feel about being a stick in the mud? But, at least I have money and a title. Love the show, and your blog. Cindy.

  47. Sandi Reagan says

    WOW! What fun to see everyones responses! Thank you Susan for posting it on your beautiful site, I had fun with it and like everyone else am totally hooked. My son’s laughed at me as I was crying when Miss Sybil was lost ~ They just don’t appreciate the pain 🙁 LOL!
    We must all take our Tea Services out on Sunday evenings and know we are having the largest Tea Party in the world while watching this wonderful show!

  48. Derrick Armitage says

    Hi Susan,

    Well, just for YOU, because I’m a gentleman, I chose the cigars and billiards and, guess what? I’m Lord Grantham! I think it was the cigars wot did it!! Answered as honestly as I could, so it must be true!

    • 🙂 Thanks, Derrick! You are a gentleman! I’m picturing you in a smoking jacket, cigar in hand, smoke trailing above your head as you lean against the mantel in your beautifully appointed, paneled billard room, discussing the days adventures on the hunt while waiting your turn at the billard’s table. 🙂

  49. Violet here- love love her one liners!

  50. Debra Taylor says

    Lady Sybil, I am. Fun quiz! Thanks for posting!

  51. Hi Susan, I took it once and found out I was Violet. Oh, if I could just toss out the one-liners like she does!! But there was one question which I was very torn over–couldn’t decide which one to choose for the answer–so I went back, and keeping everything the same with the other questions (which were easy for me to answer) I came up with Matthew! He alternately infuriates and impresses me, and now he’s stuck with Lady Mary! Ugh!! I don’t know where her character is headed. Either way, I guess I’m Upstairs, BUT, in my mind , I’m definitely DOWNSTAIRS! In my opinion, I’m Anna!! I understand everything about her and can predict her reactions and I can’t wait to see what happens to her next. Thanks for the fun link. Linda


  53. Robert! Fun quiz!

  54. I am Mr. Bates — to my complete surprise! I had thought I might be Edith.

    Anyhow, Susan, you might also enjoy this and want to share it with your other readers — Upside Downton Abbey [] on Sesame Street. It came to me via my Vanity Fair RSS feed.

  55. Can it be true??? I’m Robert, Earl of Grantham!

  56. I’m Anna too. That’s good, I really like her!

  57. Lady Sybil. Must be a birth order thing:)

  58. Jessica @ Jessabells says

    I”m Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham. She’s my favorite character on the show!! I love Downton! Wish I lived there.

  59. I’m John Bales! Ha, Ha!

  60. Love, Love, Love the quiz!! (Also love your blog and postings!) I am Matthew Crawley!

  61. Apparently I’m honest and old-fashioned, the Earl of Grantham hahaha.

  62. I’m Lord Grantham! Thank GAWD for Matthew!!

  63. Ha ha! How fun!! I am Lord Grantham… I shall now watch him through new eyes knowing we are kindred spirits!
    xo Heidi

  64. I’m Lord Grantham! Can’t believe it! Thank heavens for Michael! Now, if I will learn to listen, then perhaps things will be better! Oh, what fun! And, how wonderful to have the Downton Abbey series! Just wish it was longer each week.

  65. Well, I thought for sure that I was Lady Mary but the first time round I was Bates and I thought “NOT!”, took it again and turned out to be Lord Grantham! Most of the answer choices were nothing close to what I’d choose but it was still fun anyway. 🙂

  66. I’m Lady Sybil…..and she’s dead due to the pigheadedness and pride of Lord Grantham!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well…..did love her!

  67. Actually Susan where I live we can only get the show in the French language which is very ironic considering it is about British Aristrocats and that we do get a number of cable stations in our area; but those that do carry it are in the Province of Quebec. The latter who has legislation in place to protect and preserve the French language and thus actually have Language Police who monitor the use of English in such areas as entertainment, advertising etc. (ie: Le Magasin Walmart, Costco, Old Navy etc.)
    With that said, this tidbit of Canadian Society and History has been brought to you by Matthew Crawley.
    aka -Brenda-

  68. LOL! I’m Mathew, too! Not even a female!!!!!!! But, I get the prize – Mary and the castle!!!!!!! That was fun Susan! Sent it to several friends that are “hooked.” This season is full of surprises – good and bad! Can’t wait for the rest of it!

  69. Pamela Knopf says

    I was Matthew also! Too funny!

  70. Robert, I kinda saw that coming. Lol. This was fun.

  71. I’m Ms. O’Brien apparently….Hm…

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