May Favorites, Preventing Holes in Shirts & Replacement Filter for Aprilaire SpaceGard

I’ve never received a reply back from Lilly Pulitzer about the holes that have appeared in all of my Etta shirts. I’m disappointed that they haven’t replied back to my email. In the meantime, I’ve pretty much figured out that the holes were probably made by the button on the shorts that I love to wear all summer since the holes are near/around where the button is on all my Talbots shorts. It’s a little too late for my shirts, like closing the barn door after the horse is already out, but I just recently ordered button covers a lovely reader told me about, hoping to prevent more holes from happening. Thank you, Denise!


These are the covers that I ordered. (You’ll find the button covers I purchased here: Button Covers.) They came in two colors and I went with the “Clear” ones. They seemed to be originally designed to cover metal buttons on jeans. Apparently, jean buttons are the biggest offender at making holes in thinner shirts. I was worried the covers would be too small to fit over the plastic button on my shorts since those buttons are a fair amount bigger than the metal button you normally find on most jeans, but the ad indicated they could stretch to fit slightly larger buttons.

It wasn’t without a struggle since the button on my shorts is around 3/4 inches wide, but I was able to get one of the covers on over the button of my favorite shorts by turning the cover completely inside out, placing it atop the button, and stretching/flipping it down over the button. I def don’t have to worry about it coming off! lol If you need button covers for jean buttons, it will probably be easier to get the cover on/over those since metal jean buttons tend to be smaller.

Even though these were not a May purchase, I wanted to mention them now in case you found it helpful to prevent future holes in your shirts. There’s a short video at the link below that shows how buttons can cause holes in shirts and the holes look exactly like those in my LP Etta shirts! The Lilly Pulitzer Etta shirts are so thin, I’m not even sure these button covers would have saved them, but they may have. You’ll find the button covers I purchased here: Button Covers.

Prevent Holes in Shirts, Button Covers




Okay, onto my favorites for May…

I have continued using this awesome shredder that I purchased last month. It works great and will shred up to 8 sheets all at once. Very much recommend it if you have old bills or bank statements you wish to shred. I did the bulk of my shredding last month while watching a video on YouTube which made the process go much quicker. I plan to shred on a yearly basis now so it doesn’t pile up again as it did before I purchased the shredder. You’ll find this handy machine here: Shredder.


I really, really love the mini-updates I made to my master bath this past month. The soap dispensers are working out great! I have my Cetaphil Face Wash in one dispenser and hand soap in the other. You’ll find these beautiful, inexpensive dispensers in sets of two here: Soap Dispensers, Set of 2.

Bath Soap Dispenser, Pretty


I love my new toothbrush holder so much, I purchased a second one to keep on hand as a backup in case something ever happens to the first one. I don’t expect anything to happen to the first one, but I wanted to make sure I had a backup, just in case. You can tell when I really love something because I will often buy a backup. I do that a lot with favorite clothing, but not as much with items like this. I just hate it when something I really like gets discontinued. If you don’t like seeing toothbrushes out visible on the counter, you’ll find this pretty, sleek holder here: Toothbrush Holder.

Hide Toothbrushes in Bathroom, Toothbrush Holder


I’m in love with the new dovecote I purchased after my previous shingled-roof dovecote was damaged yet again by some critter–probably a woodpecker. It looks so pretty in my garden. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s currently available but here’s the link for it in case they add more to the website: Dovecote.


Loving my new shorty pajamas…these are so cool and comfortable at night and don’t get twisted/wrapped around the legs like a gown does. They are so comfy, I sometimes run around the house for hours in them before realizing I haven’t changed. Let’s hope I don’t show up in the grocery store wearing them one day! That sounds like something I would do. lol Very happy with these, you’ll find them here: Poplin Pajamas



I have two Aprilaire Space Gard Filter units, one for each of my furnace/AC units. Years ago, when it was time to replace these filters, I would always purchase the replacement filters from a local company. It was a dreaded job, replacing these bleep filters! The way the filters fit into the Aprilaire box is/was a terrible design so they were a nightmare to replace. It required interweaving each section of the pleated filter onto each of the little spines/combs that fit into the filter box. The worse part was reattaching all those 5 million little spines back onto the box properly! I don’t remember all the specifics now since it’s been a while since I had to do that nightmare job, but I can tell you that it was so awful/difficult, a previous A/C repairman literally broke some of the spines where they connect back to the box that held the filter. I found that damage months later when I changed the filters myself using these awesome filters below.


These filters are designed to fit as a whole right into the Aprilaire Space Guard box itself. You take out those awful spines (they are no longer needed with this filter) and just drop this filter as a whole right into the empty filter box. These filters had great reviews so I decided to give them a try a couple of years back. They have worked great so I have continued to buy them. I just purchased two more again last month and replaced both my filters in a matter of just a few minutes. Sooooo much easier than dealing with the original filter design! If you have the Aprilaire Space Gard Filter system in your home and hate the original design filter as much as I did, you’ll find these filters available here: Set of 2 Pleated Filter, Replacement fits Aprilaire Space-Gard.



See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Kit Bright says

    I too have had the same problem with my shirts/blouses with the holes in them. I realized that I was leaning into the counter when applying makeup/contacts and the button was piercing my tops. I have just ordered these button covers and sincerely hope it will fix the problem. Thank you so much for the tip!

  2. I had shirts from Chico’s a few years ago that all got holes in them. They got tons of complaints online, but they kept right on selling them, even into the next year! They said it was from your seatbelt in the car. I told them it was not because I always put it under my clothes! Will you have to remove the covers when you wash your shorts?

    • That’s exactly what LP is doing, still selling them despite allll the complaints in the reviews on their website. They should at least sell the button covers along with the shirts or warn you to purchase some! I ruined all 7 of my shirts before I realized what was happening.
      I don’t think the covers need to be removed. They fit very snuggly over the buttons so I don’t think there’s any chance they will come off, Also, the button covers are a thick silicone… quite thick, so I don’t think they’ll get damaged when I wash the shorts. I plan to leave them on the button.
      I just checked the questions section and the people who have bought them are saying that they do not need to be removed. One person said, “They are secure and designed to stay on once you put them on. We haven’t had any problems going through the wash.”

    • Susan, the button covers are a great idea but also remember sometimes the corner above the button is sometimes quite sharp and can sometimes be as abrasive as the button itself. At least this is what I have found so wearing an apron has helped tremendously as well as remembering not to belly up to bar, well really the sink or counter top!

  3. Lois Munn says

    Holes in all my tee shirts, driven me crazy for years. Every brand, no exceptions. I will be anxious to hear how the button covers work

    • Ginnie Adams says

      Lois, me too re holes in tshirts. Like why is this happening. And not all of them either. One I bought at Macys couple years ago, I wore twice and then washed it and it came out with 3-4 holes! that one i took back and got a refund. but i have many that I’ve bought while traveling, that irks me to no end to find the beginnings of a hole. and my problem is just tshirts. and guess what, my husband never has any holes in his no matter how old the tshirt is. Mine are always in the same place, lower front. It must be from rubbing against the counter washing dishes, I have no idea why some do it and others dont. Rant over sorry. But is soo aggravating.

  4. You always find the best products. Who knew I’d need button covers and pajamas on the same day! Thank you.

  5. donna zoltanski says

    It’s cheap fabric that causes holes in my opinion, otherwise it would happen with all stretchy t-shirt fabrics!

  6. Susan, your story about running around in your pjs for half the day and hoping you don’t wind up going to the grocery store wearing them reminded me of a funny comment I heard from an acquaintance years ago. He was bemoaning the busy life he led and the fact that he was becoming forgetful in middle-age. He said that more than once he’d be going about his business at work or out shopping and would be suddenly struck with terror and ask himself, “Did I remember to put on my pants?” And then he said he was always too afraid to look down and check. Lol. So I think that’s something we can all relate to and if I ever saw you or anybody else running around the grocery store in shorty pjs, I’d probably just smile and think how she probably didn’t even realize. 😀

    And I’ve never heard of Aprilaire and from the sounds of it, I’m glad I haven’t!

  7. I have no buttons on my pants, no granite, but I still get holes. Very cheap material and even carrying bags or babies will cause holes.

    • You are correct it is cheap cotton fabric that will not hold the knitted threads in place. I assume all companies use this fabric because the cost is cheap.

  8. Franki Parde says

    Susan,…You’ve GOT TO embroidery a little matching flower, etc. over those holes…if they’re (holes) not too large…I’ve even just purchased an “applique” and put over a hole in sweatshirt (bad, s’More!!!!} They are such beautiful shirts…franki

    • That’s a good idea! So far, I’ve just been wearing them here in the house. Maybe I can find a cute applique that will work.

  9. I have the same problem with the holes… in ALL of my T shirts.. all in the same place and tiny little holes. My hubby says it’s moths, but I never ever see a single moth… and why all in that one spot. It even happens in my better quality shirts, any brand. I don’t usually wear pants with those buttons, mostly leggings and jeggings…. I decided it was from leaning on the kitchen counter when I cooked.. as it always hits that one spot. I keep wearing most out in public as they are so small I hope no one notices. I’ve been also thinking of putting little applique flowers on the spots but then of course, it would be more noticeable! It could also be that all the knits they are using these days (probably mostly from overseas) are just very cheap. I try to put an apron on now when I cook in a “good” top with no holes. Hope that helps!

  10. I purchased a new shredder this past year and I love my shredder. It is called Amazon Basics 8-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder with Pullout Basket and sells for $74 plus Prime free shipping. I read the reviews before buying, which were not complimentary for the same lower and higher sheet count shredders but this 8 count seemed like people liked. I got it and tried it and it has worked great after many months of use. I rarely try to put a full 8 sheets through at once, so I can’t really comment on that aspect. It shreds plastic cards easily, has a reverse and can go faster than normal if wanted. Has a 4 gallon capacity and will stop and a light come on when it needs emptying. Overheat will cause it to stop and a light will come on. Light goes off when cool. Shred size is 5/32 by 15/32 inches (4 by 12 mm); meets high security level P-4 standards; shreds 6X smaller than standard cross-cut shredders (2,235 pieces vs. 360 pieces).

    • That sounds a lot like the one I have. It will shred credit cards, but I haven’t tried that. It also shreds 8 pages at the time and a light does come on and it stops to prevent overheating. The one I purchased is from Amazon Basics, also…but it was only $36.99.

      • Not to put too much emphasis on the point, they are a lot alike but the biggest difference is that mine cuts a lot smaller. Yours cuts 5 x 47 millimeters and mine cuts 4 x 12 millimeters, which meets a high security level standard. This might not make much difference to a lot of people but to some this might make a difference, especially if they have company paperwork and work from home.

        • Oh, gotcha. It def meets my needs but I can see how you could need that for a business that needs a high-security level of shredding.

  11. I hope the button covers solve the hole issue. It seems like there’s a solution to every problem out there, we just have to find them! Thanks for doing the finding for all of us! 🙂

  12. We used to buy those Aprilaire filters four previous home’s units. Mr. P. had them on reorder with Amazon. Glad you found them.
    The button covers seem to be a good mitigation for the t-shirt holes, but how hard is it to button/unbutton your pants through the day? Asking for a friend who drinks a LOT of water every day…..;)

    • lol I just tried that for the first time earlier today–finally changed out of my PJs into my shorts. It took maybe 2-3 seconds longer than normal. The button hole on my Talbot’s shorts is pretty generous I guess–because it moved through the buttonhole pretty easily. Just took only the slightest extra push to get it to go through.

      • Susan, the button covers sound like a great idea however I have found that sometimes the corner above the button can be as abrasive as the button itself. Wearing an apron has helped tremendously and also I try and remember to not belly up to the bar, meaning the sink or counter top!

  13. Kathleen says

    I knew you would find a solution for the holes! I wore my favorite top yesterday shopping and looked down, and yes, there were tiny holes starting! I had to laugh at your backup buys. I have a mini toastmaster blender that I use for smoothies. It holds about 15 ounces and I bought it for $5 at Kohl’s with all my “free” cash. I love it so much I bought a second one as a backup and I think it is going on at least five years since my purchase. Same with warranty insurance on my microwave. We had such bad luck with previous microwaves that I went ahead and bought a 4 year policy. Well, the microwave is still working and the warranty has played out! lol (it wasn’t that expensive $8).

  14. Linda Nixon says

    Could you please help me find the instructions that your friend gave for making the lamp from a vase she found at a thrift shop. I would also like to know where the glass drill was found, at a hardware store maybe? Thank you, Susan. Must have been a multiple post and I can not find it.

    • I think you can use any kind of drill, it’s just the bit that you use in the drill that matters. I once made a plant stand where I had to drill through clay saucers and that required a different bit that wouldn’t shatter the clay/saucer. If you go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask for a bit that can drill through a ceramic of glass type vase, they will be able to show you the type bit you need. Just have an idea about the size that you’ll need in case they come in different sizes. Here’s the post that I think you’re thinking of:

  15. Too many people had those holes in shirts. Pretty sure it is skipped stitches.
    You see them a lot in t shirts.
    I like the button covers, but I need something I can glue on to make them decorative and shown on the outside.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I am enjoying my new soap dispenser and I am using the other one to hold my Listerine mouth wash. They are great! Thinking of ordering another set to have on hand. Like you, I have been known to by a second of a product I really like, so I have it when needed, in case they stop making them. I also LOVE my beautiful Kleenex cover. It is even prettier in person! Thank you for these great purchases!

  17. Hi Susan, I also had episodes of tiny holes in the front of several Tommy Hilfiger tee shirts. I eventually figured out that the holes were caused by the friction from metal buttons and waistband corners on the front of my denim shorts. I solved the problem by switching to denim shorts which are pull-on, but are top-stitched to look like zip-up jeans.

    Have a wonderful day, XO

  18. OMG is is GREAT to hear from others about their shirt holes! I thought it was just me (LOLOLOL). I discovered that it can also be from the belt buckle prong. That has been MY offender. I guess that’s how the ‘new’ fashionable way to wear a shirt was invented (to tuck in the front & leave the back untucked????) I like the applique idea, though – I’d like to salvage the shirts but I’d have to place them in several additional random places so as not to draw attention to that one spot.

  19. Like others I am so glad to know I’m not alone in experiencing holes in shirts in exact places described. We now have taller cabinets with granite or quartz throughout our home and my holes are in some older shirts that were previously fine (3-4+ yrs old) including one light-weight woven, one heavyweight knit. I have wracked my brain for cause and after reading this I’m thinking friction between countertop and buttons with shirt taking the hit. Will find my aprons and start wearing them plus stay as far away from counters as I can— hard for 5’ me!! Thanks, Susan, and all commenters for this “me,too!” moment!

  20. When I sit down my low waist jeans put those exact same holes in my blouses in the same location. I lost a dozen or more expensive blouses before I found the cause.

    What to do; what to do….

    We first had the seatbelts changed in our new van and then I put a blister band aid over the little plastic thing on the waist area of the seatbelt. That did not solve the issue. I began wearing my blouses outside the seatbelt. I eventually still had holes in my blouses. Lightweight and heavier weight shirts all developed multiple holes.

    We then purchased a new washer and dryer thinking that must be the solution. Not so! I still had ruined blouses, but my husband did not.

    When I wear a blouse outside the waistband it is definitely the metal button on my lower waist Talbots jeans that causes the holes – when I sit down. When I wear high waist jeans this does not happen. (And no. I am not obese.)

    I have worn my old high waist jeans until they are about to be worn out and was getting desperate for a solution. All while my collection of nice Talbots jeans remained closeted.

    Thank you S-O much for the buttoncover solution! I ordered some. And thank you to everyone else who posted that they have had the same problem.

    I will also be careful not to lean against the granite countertop, and will begin wearing an apron. Both good ideas I am glad your followers posted.

    I hope you will follow up and post how your blog followers think the button covers resolve the problem for them.

    • I have a feeling that the button covers may help but may not completely stop the holes if the shirt is made out of really, really light fabric like my Lilly Pulitzer Etta shirts. They are so light/thin, they are almost like not wearing anything. I think someone compared or called this type fabric–slubbed fabric. So, even with the silicone button covers, which I think will help, holes may ultimately still develop in my shirts, it just may take longer. This week I’ve been trying one of the covers on a pair of my Talbots shorts while wearing one of my Etta shirts that only has a couple of holes in it. It will be interesting to see if it develops more or if the button cover stops new holes from happening. Would be great if it worked! I’ve never had this issue with any other shirt that I’ve owned. I hope this isn’t something that is going to start happening with all shirts from here out!

    • KC, not sure if you saw it, but check out the original post I wrote sharing about this issue. The comments are great under that post. Here’s a link to that post:

  21. Mandy Williams says

    So…holes in all of my shirts in the same spots. I guessed it’s the seatbelt in my cars. Might be wrong. I now have hand towels in my cars. We’ll see.

  22. Susan Davis says

    Holes in shirts…My husband had a similar problem with several Tommy Bahama tee shirts a few years ago.Like you,he thought it was a button or the zipper pull on shorts he wore a lot with the shirts.Reviews around the same time as his purchase also complained about the same problem.Turns out it was a problem with the material…bugs or moths laying eggs in the cloth at its point of origin.
    There have been no problems since.

  23. Denise D says

    Susan, i am late reading the past blogs and when i came across the blog where you were having a problem with holes in your shirts, i knew it may have been exactly what was happening to my thin cotton tee’s. A few years ago i ordered silicone button covers that i now put on all my pants and shorts that have a metal button and they have worked great! Looks like another reader (with the same name-ha!) has mentioned the solution.

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