A Small Change Can Have a Big Impact

Welcome to the 359th Metamorphosis Monday!

Have you ever noticed how we sometimes develop blindness to something in our own home? We walk right by it every day and after a while it just blends into the landscape of our homes and we don’t see it anymore. I know I’ve done that many times over the years.

Recently I shared a picture of my porch decorated for Christmas. While working on that post and seeing the porch all spiffed up for the holidays, my eye kept being drawn to the doormat. It just didn’t seem to fit with everything else and felt like it was dragging down the porch.

Old Door Mat Before Upgrade


It definitely underwhelmed and on closer inspection, it was looking very faded and tired. You can barely even read the “Welcome” message now.

After that post went up, I shopped for doormats online and found one I really liked.

Old Door Mat Before Upgrading to Front Gate Door Mat


When it arrived and I put it in place, I was shocked by the transformation! It really adds so much to the look of the porch and the entrance of my home. I never realized how important a doormat could be!

Front Gate Monogrammed Door Mat


It’s a good bit bigger than my previous mat–love that!

Monaco Monogrammed Door Mat


The old mat:

Old Door Mat Before Upgrading to Front Gate Door Mat


The new mat:

I found this door mat here:   Monogrammed Door Mat. They have it available in two sizes: 30 x 48 and 36 x 72. I measured my front door before I ordered and went with the 30 x 48. I think the 36 x 72 size is probably meant to go in front of an entrance with double doors.

This isn’t an inexpensive door mat but the reviews sounded awesome so I decided to give it a try. I’m really glad I did because it adds so much to the porch and my home. Who would think a door mat could do that?!

Monogrammed Door Mat



Old Door Mat Before Upgrade


AFTER: I love, love, love how it looks! Again, you’ll find it available here: Monogrammed Door Mat.

Christmas Porch with Red Door, Monogrammed FrontGate Door Mat


It’s fun when a small change can have a big impact. We need those easy decorating wins every now and then. They give us energy for the big ones we take on. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

Front Gate Monogrammed Door Mat


Update: A few folks requested a view of how the mat looks from a bit further away so here are a couple of additional pics.

Christmas Porch with Red Door and Cedar Garland


Christmas Porch, Red Door Cedar Garland


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Wow! Your new doormat is beautiful, and yes, it does make a huge difference. You made me want to run look at my door mats. I’m sure I need new mats. Thank you for suggesting this beauty, and thank you for hosting.

  2. Great mat Susan, but I LOVE the little green sled!! Thanks for the party today, and have a jolly week!

  3. Wow! It does make a big difference! I love it! Thanks for hosting, Susan! Hugs…Debbie

  4. Love your new doormat! Of course I usually love everything from FrontGate.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. I love the new mat, Susan! It makes a big difference. The sled on the door is so cute too!

  6. Your statement how you really just don’t See the things in your home after awhile is so true! I recently had that with my sunroom furniture, I didn’t realize how much my cushions had faded. Hence they are now recovered what a difference!

  7. Oh yea, that looks great, all fresh and new (and bigger!). We have the double doors, and it’s not always easy finding the 72″, especially in an arc (the shape of our porch). I have a Frontgate holiday rug inside my door, and love the waterhog porch rugs that LLBean makes for outside. Your porch looks great, and that rug will be practical long after the holiday stuff is put away.

    • I can see how finding a rounded one would be a bit tricky but I bet it’s beautiful on your porch, Rita. I definitely like it being bigger…feels like the other one was too small now that I see it in a bigger size.

  8. That’s a great mat- especially with the monogram. Good size too!

  9. Hi Susan, the new doormat looks wonderful! My entry has been missing a doormat this season and your post reminded me of just how important they are to complete the look! I’m going to check out FrontGate now. Thanks for hosting Susan and I hope you have a lovely week! Christine

  10. Wow, Susan, big difference. I am surprised though that you did not by a Christmas themed mat since you go all out seasonally for most things. There must be as very well though out reason. Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

    • Yolie, it’s funny because when I googled for a door mat, I had a Christmas mat in mind. But when I saw this one and how pretty it was, I instantly loved it and felt it would work well for my traditional style home.
      It’s more than I’ve paid for a door mat in the past, but it’s also bigger and much better quality than the ones I purchased before. I liked that it would work all year around. I think it would be fun to buy an inexpensive Christmas mat (like the one I shared in Friday’s post) to use at Christmastime since it would last a long time only being used a short while each year. But I decided for now to get this one since my old was looking so bad and I needed one I could use all year long.

  11. Susan, thanks for hosting! Love your new doormat. I’m in need of a new one too…

  12. I love your new doormat, Susan! Such a huge difference. Thank you for hosting! Hope your week is merry and bright. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  13. What an addition to your porch! It really finishes off the space so well. You’ve got me thinking about my front porch. Oh, boy, another addition to my Christmas decorating list!! Thanks for hosting during this busy time. Have a wonderful Holiday, Susan. Rosie

  14. I could “live” in the Frontgate catalog!! franki

  15. Love your red door Susan and that great door mat. I have always had great luck with Frontgate door mats and carpets….Just received outdoor carpets from them for my back upper porch and so thrilled with them!…Thanks for hosting!…Have a great week!

    • Oh, I should check those out. I try not to visit that site too often…too many tempting things. There’s a Front Gate outlet about 20 minutes from my home and it’s about a half block away from the Ballard Designs outlet. Dangerous stores to go in! lol

  16. Wow, I wouldn’t have ever thought a door mat could make such a difference! Your entry looks beautiful, Susan. It’s so festive and I love all the greenery. Merry Christmas!

  17. Front gate has some wonderful products! Your mat looks very stately…and works great on your porch! I also love your red door and sled. We bought a Christmas garland support from Frontgate last year. You put it in the top of your transom window, or door, and it holds your garland so that it drapes nicely. We had no place to install hooks or nails…so this does the trick.
    Thank you for the link party! Sheila

  18. That’s one gorgeous mat Susan – and no matter what anyone says – size DOES matter lol !
    Your entire entrance is just gorgeous – those trees flanking the front door was what I was going for but twice I had to run outside and pick them up because the wind had knocked them over ! I guess the urns aren’t heavy enough on mine.
    Pinning – you really are such an inspiration !
    Oh and I completely forgot – thanks so much for the party – hope you have a wonderful week

    • Suzan, just had to stop by and tell you that I think I jinxed myself. We had fierce winds a few days ago and I found both trees turned over. So they will turn over in really strong winds. I set them back up and they did it again, so I brought them in temporarily. Just wanted to let you know, they are subject to blowing over in really strong winds.

  19. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I love the transformation of your front porch–beautiful! I’m a big fan of Frontgate’s door mats with the monograms.

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! I love monogrammed doormats, too. Not sure why I’ve never bought one before. I think this one will last me forever, it’s so well made.

  20. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow, Susan. I thought the other one looked fine — until I saw the new one!
    Amazing what a difference it makes. I rushed right over to check it out. I’d need the double door size. Ouch. Pretty pricey. But it DOES add so much. Great metamorphosis! 🙂

    • It really is…I was stunned when I saw the difference. It is a bit pricey for the double size one, but it’s so well made! If I didn’t have a covered porch, I might think twice about buying it. Not sure how well they hold up if not covered…might fade or something, so might not be worth it. But if your porch is covered, I think it’s probably worth the cost.

  21. What can I trade you for the sled? That is about the cutest thing ever!

    • lol I found that in Marshalls I believe. I bought it back in early fall. Check your Marshalls Linda, just in case. Once in a while they even get the same thing in the following year so keep an eye out next fall if you don’t see one there now.

  22. The new mat really does brighten up the space, and the larger size gives it more presence. But I’d like to see a before/after from farther out. (You know, take a couple of photos, when you are at a loss for something to do :D)

  23. Susan, thanks so very much for hosting! Great inspiration found.

  24. Susan, the new rug looks ab fab! I actually said OH, WOW out loud! It really looks so beautiful! That garland is gorgeous, too! Thank you so much for hosting this week as well!

  25. Thank you for hosting the party! The new Mat is nice and I really like the green sled!

  26. The difference is amazing and the mat is just gorgeous! Just love your blog, Susan … always so full of inspiration and things that make me smile. 🙂

  27. Your new doormat looks great Susan! I just made over a plain mat that I bought at the store and I too was surprised by how much of a difference it made. As always, thanks so much for hosting every Monday. Happy week!

  28. I love your red front door with that little sled, adorable!!

  29. Love how the door mat looks!! Thanks so much for hosting!!


  30. Your new mat adds so much! The monogram is elegant and I think black is very classy. I also like how the subtle lattice pattern mimics the brick on the porch floor. It is such a nice choice. Isn’t it satisfying when things come together like that… You’ll enjoy it for seasons to come.

    • So funny that you noticed that Renee because earlier today when I was looking at the pictures in the post, I saw that for the first time…how it mimicked the brick herringbone design. lol I guess it was meant to be on this porch. I love the black, too…that was one reason I chose this mat over some of the others on the FrontGate site. Thanks again and hope your week is fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  31. Bonjour,

    J’aime beaucoup votre décoration sur votre porte… Une belle incitation à venir voir ce qui se passe à l’intérieur !… Une atmosphère festive très agréable sans doute !
    Je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année.

    Gros bisous ♡

  32. Wow! What a difference a door mat makes. It’s interesting how much I noticed how much I needed to change after seeing photos of the inside of my home. I edited the decor and what a difference it makes. My home feels lighter. I love your home and your front porch with the new monogram mat looks much more welcoming!

  33. Just printed my deer printable! Thanks for the great features and for hosting such a wonderful party for us! — Amy @ http://thegiftedgabber.com

  34. You are not going to believe this!! I was just saying the same thing at my house!! I have the monogrammed mat and it’s so old and worn and really need a new one!! I’m trying to buy seasonal ones to change out to match the holiday…So funny, this post was exactly what I was thinking. Love the trees on each side of your front door. So pretty!

  35. Your front porch looks great, Susan. The new doormat is really nice, and I love your red door and evergreen garland!

  36. so! ya got me! i had to get a new door mat after seeing the difference! mine is turquoise and says hello in script! i cant wait to get it. it will eventually go in front of the door from the garage to the house because thats how we all come into the house!. i enjoy your blg and all of the monday goodies. thank you

  37. Susan, ha, I just went and looked at my doormat and it is going away! You made the perfect decision and what a difference, I love it!

    The Arts by Karena
    The India Hicks Collection!

  38. Love the door mat. And that size really did make a difference. The last one seemed to get lost in the porch. Now this one stands out. I love it

  39. Eowana Jordan says

    We had our front door refinished. It is handcarved, 30 years old and original to the house and I did not want a new one. The man who did the job knew what he was doing and did a fab job. Now the little brass girl on the swing door knocker from Mackenzie Childs is happy and so am I!

  40. Eowana Jordan says

    Yes, we did find a good one.. Had to wait months for him but it was worth it. I consider the front door the smile of your home.

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