26 Holiday Gifts They’ll Never Return

How’s your holiday shopping coming along? If you’re like me, I usually get it about 95% done but get stuck on those last few gifts. There’s always a few folks on my list for whom I struggle finding the right gift.

I’ve put together a list of 26 wonderful gift ideas. The list includes gifts for men, women and children so there’s something here for everyone. Many of these are products I currently use and love, others are on my wish list.

Prices range from super affordable to a bit of a splurge, but the majority of the treasures below are totally affordable for gift giving.

Hope you find this helpful as you finish up your holiday shopping!

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Solmate Socks

I love, love, love these socks. I purchased three pairs 2-3 year ago and they still look like the day I bought them. Even the heels are still in great shape. Since they lasts so long and I hate washing clothes, I’ve purchased 6-7 more pairs over the years. They are super comfortable, warm for winter but great for summer, too. I love their motto: “Life’s too short for matching socks.” lol I also like that they are made right here in the USA.

The Blue Spruce Socks


Monogrammed Throw

I love monogrammed gifts. Nothing makes you feel more special than when someone gives you a gift that has been personalized just for you! These throws are on sale right now for a great price AND it includes free monogramming and free shipping! You’ll find the oversized version here: Monogrammed Oversized Throw

Monogrammed Throw


Heated Throw

I purchased this heated throw last winter and I love it. I used it when I’m working at my desk and it keeps me toasty warm.

Velvet Plush Heated Throw


Music, Book and Movie Themed Anthology Candles

I just discovered these fun candles this year and I’ve ordered two as stocking stuffers for my son. Shhh, don’t tell him! I’m not sure how into candles he is but I couldn’t resist ordering a couple because they are music, book and movie themed. I chose a Harry Potter one called The Three Broomsticks.

Custom Candles by Anthology Candles


And I couldn’t resist getting this one for him. It will be so funny if it really smells like a law library! lol  These are also made here in the USA!Law Library Candle


Thanks goes to Tammy who left a comment telling me about ScentBird. I think this would be such a neat gift to give and to receive. I’m seriously thinking of doing it for myself. Here’s how it works: You subscribe for $14.95 a month and each month they send you the perfume of your choice. You get enough perfume to try it for an entire month. So, you’re not getting a teeny little sample, no–you get enough to spray it on twice a day for an entire month.

Such a great way to try a fragrance you’ve been thinking about buying without spending a lot and getting stuck with a perfume you don’t really love. They have all the most popular fragrances and you decide which one you want to try. I love this idea and think it’s a genius gift idea!



Lilly Pulitzer Wink Perfume

Speaking of perfumes, if you have someone on your list who loves Lilly Pulitzer prints, they will love this perfume. I love Lilly Pulitzer clothing and prints so when I came across this I had to try it. It’s super inexpensive so I wasn’t expecting much but WOW, it lasts all day long! I love the scent and I love the little Lilly Pulitzer print scarf around the neck. It’s sooo cute to display with my other scents.

2015-12-11 08.58.22


Projection Clock

When my son was here for Thanksgiving, he noticed this object beside my bed and ask what it was. I turned off the lights so he could see how it works. Each morning when I wake up, I just glance up at the ceiling and instantly know what time it is. There’s no turning on the light or rolling over to try to see the clock. It’s really nice to have if you wake up during the middle of the night. The display on the clock itself also shows the temperature outside.

Projection Alarm Clock


Kindle Paperwhite

I purchased my Kindle Paperwhite right before I began traveling so much this fall and it was a life-saver on those long overseas trips. Honestly, I would have been miserable without it. It helped pass the time so much faster. I had a very old Kindle and they have come a long, long way since I purchased that first one. They are super fast and the touchscreen is awesome! This is a great gift for anyone, especially folks who travel.

Kindle Paperwhite


Santa Sack

I had a fit over these when I saw them. Don’t order them all up because I haven’t ordered mine, yet! lol I plan on ordering these for family members…they are just so cute! Plus, they are on sale!

Tartan Santa Sack


They also have them in this cute mail sack design below. I’m struggling trying to figure out which ones to order because I like them both! Did I mention they are currently on sale with free monogramming and free gift wrap?!

Santa’s Mail SackSanta Mail Sack


Boardroom Bag

This is a splurge item but I love it! If you have someone special on your list who needs a great bag that’s nice enough to carry for work, this would be perfect. I especially love the subtle monogram. It’s so classy and elegant looking,  yet very functional.

Leather Monogrammed Boardroom Bag


Flannel PJs by PJ Salvage

I have two pairs of these pajamas and they are super comfortable. I especially love how well they wash. I don’t put them in the dryer so not sure if they would shrink. I just hang them up to dry when I wash them. They are so warm and snuggly! They come in several prints. I have them in pink with cupcakes, blue with owls and navy with sheep. 🙂

P J Salvage Flannel PJs


Holiday Door Mat

I just purchased a new door mat for my front door that will be good for all year-long, but I’m eyeing this one for the holidays. I love the image with the Woody truck and Christmas tree on top. It’s also on sale!

Holiday Christmas Woody Door Mat
Herringbone Travel Bag

If you’re looking for a sophisticated gift for a man, this would be perfect. There’s just something  about a herringbone design. They even have a matching passport cover to go with it. Love it!

Herringbone Travel Weekender Bag


Chunky Knit Beanie Hat

Love these and they are currently on sale for half price!


Chunky Knit Hat


L. L. Bean Sheets

I have these sheets and they are wonderful! I’ve mentioned them before because  they are so heavy and nice. They wash beautifully and last for years. The reviews speak for how great they are! The plaid is gorgeous, by the way. It’s my favorite. I have the cream color now since I have a tartan duvet, but I still have my plaid set because I can’t part with it…it’s just too pretty!

L.L. Bean Sheets


Brome Squirrel-Proof Feeder

If you have a birder in your life or just want to introduce birding to a love one or friend, this is the feeder to get them. It’s never malfunctions and it’s squirrel proof…I mean really squirrel proof. It’s my most favorite feeder and I’ve tried bunches!

Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder

Bucket List Travel Map

I love my bucket list travel map, so this is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel.

Office Updates, Scratch-off Bucket List Map


I was scratching off just the specific area of a country that I had visited, but recently I decided to go ahead and scratch off an entrire country once I visit because I have so many places I want to see, I may not return to a country once I’ve been there. They make them for just the USA if you want one for documenting which states you’ve visited. Such a fun gift and a great conversation piece for any room. I love mine!

Bucket List Map for Wall


Wusthofs Classic 7-piece Knife Block Set

This is the knife set I have and use every day in my kitchen. This would make a great wedding gift, too!


Wusthof Classic Knife Set

Charles River New Englander Jacket

I meant to take my Barbour jacket when I went to Italy but I walked out leaving it and a fleece I planned to take on the chair in my kitchen. I remembered it about half way to airport. Thank goodness I had stuffed this jacket down inside my suitcase. I wore it every single day in Italy and it was perfect. We had lots of rainy days and it kept me warm and dry. I never had to carry an umbrella even in the downpours because the hood kept me completely dry. I kept watching my fellow tour goers trying to juggle their umbrellas while taking photos and I felt bad for them. I had no problem at all pulling my camera out from under my coat to snap photos and no juggling the umbrella in the process since I had a hood keeping nice and dry. It still looks brand new after wearing it for 17 straight days all over Italy, on and off a bus. It comes in lots of colors…just an awesome coat!

Waterproof Rain Jacket in Aqua


Noise Canceling Headphones

These were also a lifesaver while traveling. They totally blocked out the roar of the engines on the airplane so I could sleep and read in peace. I slept in them a few nights in one of the hotels where we stayed in Italy and they totally blocked out the music and street noise coming from outside the hotel. I like that the noise canceling features work even when nothing is playing through them.

I also took them with me on the “Sailing With the Scotts” cruise and I was so, so glad I had them. The walls were so super thin and I discovered that folks stay up to all hours of the night on cruise ships! I slept like a baby wearing these each night.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones


Birds and Blooms Magazine Subscription

Here’s another great gift for the birder or gardener in your life. I’ve been subscribing to Birds and Blooms magazine forever and I still love it. When it arrives, I always stop whatever I’m doing to look through it, then put it beside my bed to read right before going to sleep. It’s such a calming, beautiful read to enjoy before bed.

Birds and Blooms Magazine


Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat books are awesome for kids. I sent a couple to my grandson a few months back and my son and dil said he loves them and keeps requesting it each night.

Pete the Cat Book by James Dean


Kissing Hand

This is another one that had great reviews so I ordered it for my grandson. Heard back that he loves it, too.

The Kissing Hand Book


Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Shhh, don’t tell, but I ordered this for my grandson for Christmas. It came fast and ahead of schedule. My grandson loves to play in the tub each night so I think he’ll get a kick out of this. I ordered several of the toys by this manufacturer. They are all “green” toys made from recycled items. They feel nice and sturdy, too.

Toy Ferry Boat


Flowerbomb Starry Night (Limited Edition)

After shopping for everyone else on your list, treat yourself to a bottle of Flowerbomb. I love this perfume and this Stary Night limited edition bottle is darling! Inside is the same Flowerbomb that we love, just in a special bottle. This would make a great gift for the Flowerbomb fan.

Flowerbomb Starry Night Perfume


This bottle is gorgeous, too! I really love their special edition bottles. This edition is available here: Flowerbomb

Flowerbomb Fireworks

Happy Shopping this weekend!

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  1. Even though I don’t exchange gifts with anyone, I think this is a really thoughtful list. Gifts are nice, useful, and definitely affordable. Good collection.

  2. Great gift ideas…the door mat…we “framed ours” with our old screen door that was shot…the wood was weathered “just right.” 🙂 Anyway…do you need my address?? franki p.s. 🙂

  3. My granddaughter loves Pete the Cat books. I’ll have to check out the Raccoon one for her. Great list.

  4. Carolyn Price says

    Scentbird!! Got that far and placed an order for our nearly-40 daughter. I think she’s going to love it!
    Thanks, Susan. I needed this inspiration!
    Have a blessed Christmas with your family!!

    • I absolutely love the idea! Wish I had thought of it!

      • Carolyn Price says

        My daughter does love it!!! She is tricky to buy for at Christmas and she is bowled over by how cool this is. She had to answer some questions about scent, food, wine, etc. preferences and then Scentbird recommendations are made. This also works well for her because she travels constantly and the samples are travel size.
        I earned some serious cool points myself for this!! LOL!
        Thanks again!

  5. My mom and I both love the Birds and Blooms magazines that was gifted to us from a wonderful friend (who will remain anonymous). Hmmm….wonder who it is!! It is a great magazine to give or receive. I love Pete the Cat. Remember the litho that I got in New Orleans for my friend, Ben. He hung it in his office and I got to see it often and he loved it. Anything with Pete the Cat is a good choice. Your list is great. Some really good choices. The $14.95 a month fragrance sounds like a real winner. What a great way to try knew scents without spending a fortune. Thanks for sharing.

    • 🙂 Oh, I do remember that! That was the most thoughtful gift, Linda. What a lucky guy to have that!
      I know…don’t you wish we had thought of something like that! I was thinking today, I bet a lot of folks never finish one in a month and that it probably lasts even longer. It would be so much fun to try all those new scents each month.

  6. Oh my goodness, I already have enough for my grandson but he would LOVE the tub toy. So cute. I like the jacket you took to Italy and would love the Birds and Blooms subscription. Will check out the books too. Your list is great.
    I left an email message for you on Between Naps on the Porch. something ( can’t remember ) Hope that is still a good email. I had a question about the camera you bought. Were you pleased with it after using it? Would I like one for Christmas? Don’t want to spend that much money and it not be worth it. I have a Canon Rebel T1i but it is so heavy. Thanks, Susan.

    • Bonnie, I did like it and it took great pictures but I found myself using my cell phone a lot. I had just upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy Edge 6+ not long before the trip and it’s amazing! It has a wide angle lens and I just found myself using it much of the time because it worked so well in low lighting conditions, like inside churches. The Sony camera was also great…the only complaint I had with it is because it’s sooo small (which is good for travel) I occasionally bumped settings/buttons I didn’t mean to with my thumb, then it would take me a while to fix it and get back to where I needed to be. The screen was a little hard to see in bright sunshine. There were a few times that I wished I had my Nikon D7000, like for the big landscape shots, but it weighs a ton and I was sooo worried it would get stolen, lost or damaged along the way. I HAD to have it for the Africa trip because I needed that big zoom lens, but between my small Sony and my cell phone, I was in good shape in Italy. If I were traveling with a friend and could control my own schedule etc… I would probably take my Nikon and my cell phone, but for getting on and off a bus and seeing as many places as we did in such a short time, I was glad I didn’t have a big camera to lug around and try to keep dry in all the rain we had. My little camera fit in my pocket or around my neck, so I could keep it dry. It rained soooo much while we were there. I think we had 2-3 days of sunshine and the rest was cloudy, misty or downpours. So, there are benefits to having a full size camera with you and benefits to traveling with a smaller camera. I just didn’t want the burden or the risk of the big camera. Not sure if this helps.

  7. These are great suggestions! As an avid Lilly fan I may just gift myself some Wink. Love the children’s book suggestion too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. Oh, I’m so tickled that you got that Scent Bird subscription! I think you’ll love it!

    Now I’m off to get myself some of those socks….

    • Thanks for telling me about it Tammy! I’m sooo enjoying learning about new perfumes. Until recently, I’d just wear the same ol scent until I used it up. Have no idea why I did that! So much fun to wear something different each day.

  9. Could not find the USA scratch off map. These are some great suggestions.

  10. Susan, I couldn’t get by without my clock that projects the time on the ceiling! I first saw this about 9 years ago at my brother’s vacation home in KY and ordered one as soon as I got home. It is an Emerson, and it’s been perfect for all these years. You really have an awesome list above to check out!

  11. Glenda Niederhofer says

    Just ordered the clock……I’ve been talking about these for awhile……so glad you suggested it!! Thanks!

    • Hope you like yours as much as I enjoy mine, Glenda! I’m super nearsighted but the numbers are so big, I can see them without even putting on my glasses.

  12. This is a great collection of gifts, Susan. Would it be wrong if I gifted most of them to myself, lol?

  13. I have to share something about the Brome Squirrel Buster. Like you, I was always fighting off the squirrels as they emptied out my bird feeders. A couple of years ago, I saw that my girlfriend had the Squirrel Buster and loved it. I bought one and enjoyed the fact that the squirrels were totally frustrated over not being able to steal food anymore. However about six months ago, the bird seed started to get damp and would clog up the feeder with mildew. My DH cleaned it out several times, but we continued to lose seed to mold. Out of frustration I emailed the company explaining the problem, also noting that the spring action did not work anymore. They were more than gracious, telling me the cylinder probably had a hairline crack. They immediately sent a replacement for the cylinder and the spring action, with diagrams of how to replace them. We are now enjoying the feeder again. With winter coming on, the birds are feasting as never before. Brome let me know they have a lifetime warranty on their feeders. Which is great to know if we ever have a problem again.

    • That’s wonderful, Jocelyn! My local Wild Birds Unlimited sells their feeders so if I ever have any problems, they can repair them while I wait. The owner, Joe, was actually part of the team that helped with the design of their Brome Squirrel Buster Peanut feeder, so they have all the parts and supplies to repair the feeders in the store. If I ever move, I will miss them. They are wonderful! The only time I have had a mold issue with the seed was a few months ago when it rained here every single day for about three weeks! It was a miserable time…constant rain, some days…all day long! Even the food in my platform feeder molded and it’s totally open to the air. It just never had a chance to dry out. I had to empty out all the feeders, thoroughly clean them and refill. I was so glad when the monsoons left!
      I’ll keep that in mind about the crack in the cylinder, in case I ever run into that issue. That’s good to know! Brome really stands behind their feeders!

  14. Great ideas! I spend hours sitting on the porch in Maine watching the birds that come to our feeder and learning to identify them. I’m also much more into gardening there so I especially appreciate your introducing the magazine. I’m off to check it out.

  15. Margie Cronhardt says

    I always love when you do a favorite things post. You have always given me great suggestions and I’ve always been pleased. I do have a question about the socks. What size did you order? They have a womens small, med etc… and wasn’t sure what size shoe you are and what size sock you went with. I hate socks that are tooooo big. Thanks so much.

  16. Hi Margie,
    I wear a size 7 shoe and I wear a size small in the Solmate socks. Size small fits women who are a size 6-8 shoe size. Medium fits shoe size 8-10 and Large fits shoe size 10-12.
    At that link in this post, you’ll see a drop down arrow. Just click on that and you’ll see the sizes for both men and women. The sizes for men are a little different. I never thought about Men wearing these, but some are in colors that men might wear. 🙂
    I know what you mean…I don’t like it when my socks are too big either. The small are pefect on me.

  17. THANK YOU! This is such a gREAT list! I am telling my neighbor behind me about the LP perfume, her granddaughter LOVES LP!! I want that doormat! I am going to go look at it right now!

  18. Susan, I keep getting “this page is missing” when I try to get to the doormat? Help!:):)

  19. I just added the travel map to a gift giving app, I downloaded, for a friend so I won’t forget. Her husband travels all over the world for his job so she is always tagging along for a free trip.

    And for myself I put a reminder to order the flannel tartan sheets from LL Bean. They’re not available. I figure if I get the sheets, I will be ok with just my white comforter.

    Matter of fact let me just bookmark this page because I love all the ideas.

  20. Awesome list, Susan. I’m going to purchase the Ferry Boat with mini toys for my three boys. Bath-time is always fun and I’m sure this toy will make them smile. Thanks again.

  21. Susan, I love all of these ideas. As my daughters are older, it does seem so much harder to purchase for them. I was not able to find that woody car mat from the link. They might be sold out. Do you mind sending me a direct link to purchase if they are still available. I did want to point out that Grandin Road has a nice red velvet quilted santa bag for $49.99 that is pretty tall and about the same dimensions. It is adorable. I put ours by the fireplace and have fun wrapped emtpy boxes in them for decorations. I think this is the link:http://www.grandinroad.com/velvet-santa-bag/933371

    • It doesn’t look like that mat is still available. That post was from last December so I guess they no longer have it. Such a cute mat, though! I love that adorable Santa bag from Grandinroad…so cute! Did you have your’s monogrammed, Christina? What a cute idea!

      • Hey Susan, I really struggled with the monogram since they were not for any of my daughters, so I did have “From Santa” monogrammed in the green since it is against a red fabric. It is so cute and it will be so darling as a unique decoration. One day if I have any grandchildren a fun santa bag is a great gift to give. I was in Marshalls last night and saw more of the large santa bags in various fabrics but thinner material. You will absolutely love the quality from Grandin Road! I love everything I have ever purchased them from them. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

        • I know what you mean about their quality. That’s where the bench and door mat on my front porch came from and I’ve been really pleased with those.
          Thanks, Christina! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!

    • Christina, I just bought one of those cute bags for my son and dil. It will be so fun to take their presents to them in it this year. 🙂

  22. Judith Stretton says

    Hi Susan

    Some time ago you featured a mermaids tail blanket in your Christmas gift selection. I’ve been trawling thru your older posts but can’t seem to find it. Could you please let me know where it was from again. Thanks, love your blog.

  23. Judith Stretton says

    Gosh thanks that was a quick reply. You must be up late. I’m in New Zealand.


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