Remembering Summer

Welcome to the 260th Tablescape Thursday!

As summer winds down and we start planning for fall, I thought I’d share a recap of some of the tables I put together this summer for Tablescape Thursday.

Summer Dining Collage


If you one of these table settings and you would like to see it in detail, just click on the title to view.

Dining on the Porch for the 4th of July

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


Tutorial for making these jean flatware holders can be found here: A New Use for Old Jeans

4th of July Tables Setting Tablescape with Jean Flatware Holder and Warren Kimble Dishware


A Lobster & Crab Fest

Beach Tablescape with Lobster & Crab Plates


Tutorial for creating a double-bowl centerpiece can be found here: Create a Double-Bowl Centerpiece

Shell Centerpiece for Beach Themed Table Setting Tablescape


 Dining On the Deck

Floral Summer Table Setting Mixing Different Dish Patterns


Summer Dining on the Deck


Summer Dining with an Edible Flower Garden Centerpiece

Summer Tablescape with a Carved Watermelon Centerpiece


Tutorial for making the Watermelon Centerpiece can be found here: Create a Watermelon Flower Garden Centerpiece

Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon Centerpiece


Alice in Wonderland Tablescape, Featuring the White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland Table Setting Tablescape


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Alice in Wonderland Table Setting Tablescape



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  1. Susan, it’s fun to look back at each of these tables. Each one full of color and summer charm. Difficult to pick a favorite, but looking back again I think I want to linger at the sweet green and pink table on the deck. It’s still very hot here, and the gentle colors of that tablescape are cool and refreshing. Happy Day! ~ Sarah

  2. All beautiful, Susan. Enjoyed seeing them again. thank you for hosting. laurie

  3. For us in Maine, summer is such a short season so it makes me sad that we are already thinking about it past tense. You captured the season!

  4. What a great idea to showcase your wonderful summer tablescapes today as we are all saying goodbye to summer! I for one am always reluctant to see summer dwindle so I will enjoy lingering over your delightful tables again! Thanks for hosting,

  5. I just adore your tablescapes! They are the reason I first began following you but now it’s just because reading your blog is like checking in with a friend. Granted, a friend I’ve never met, wouldn’t recognize on the street and prolly considers me a weird blog stalker chick with poor speech patterns….. Nonetheless. I am so glad your gorgeous tables caught my attention because I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs.

    • lol Diana, you made me laugh this morning! I wonder how often we all do that, pass folks in a store or on the street that we know from Blogland, but don’t realize it’s them. 🙂

  6. Fabulous as always!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. Susan,
    You certainly set some beautiful tables this summer….Thank you for hosting this great party…and I like the way you have it set up to rotate us…liking it better each week…thanks for doing that..
    Love, Mona

  8. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful summer tables again, thanks for the party!

  9. Such beautiful and fun table settings. You do a great job Susan in designing them all. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks, Peggy! XO

  11. It’s fun to see your posts clustered together like this and to reflect on the season they represent. I enjoy all of your presentations. Thanks for hosting!

  12. Summer isn’t over, school doesn’t start here till next Monday! Plenty of good beach days left. Not ready for Fall decor yet, it will be here soon enough!
    Thanks for the review of your tables, all so pretty! Thank you for hosting!

  13. Your tablescapes are all so creative and stunning, Susan….Christine

  14. Wonderful tyo see your beautiful Summer tablescapes all gathered together…you are so talented Susan. I love them all, but I adore the 4th. of July one with the jean pockets! I guess you all in the USA will have to embrace the beautiful Fall weather and colors. Have a blessed Autumn. Thank you for the awesome party.
    Big hugs,

  15. Love them all!! I really love your denim pockets…they are like mine…sooo cute and fun!


  16. I’ve loved them all! What a great job you’ve done and it’s nice to see them all together!

  17. Thanks for hosting, you have had some wonderful tablescapes this summer! I know you have had an eventful personal summer so I hope you are doing well and looking foward to Fall. I have been thinking about you ~Jennifer PS We went to all 3 stores you recommended in ATL they were great!!

    • Definitely one of the worse summers I can remember…hope to never have a repeat. So glad you like those stores. You were putting down some tracks if you made it to all of them…good going! 🙂

  18. Susan, what fun to see your summer tablescapes together! However, the entire time that I was enjoying them, I was wondering how you ever got those gorgeous shots with all of the rain that we had this summer. You truly are a fabulous photographer! All of the tables are wonderful, but I think my favorite is little table outside – I loved that one, when you posted it and still do!!

    • Thanks so much, Diane! Two things saved me this summer because you are right…it was dark and dreary every single time I needed to take photos. The first thing that saved me was shooting in manual, sometimes with ISO turned up a good bit. My camera can handle a pretty high ISO and the pics don’t turn out too, too grainy. The other thing that really, really helped are the two soft boxes I purchased a few years ago at Wolf Camera. You can see them in this old post: I just point them at the ceiling of the porch (not directly at the table) and they help a lot. My backyard has so many big trees that even when it’s sunny out, it’s still too shady for taking pics on the porch. So I use the soft boxes all summer. I don’t need them in early spring and in the fall when the leaves are off the trees but they help a lot during the summer and on rainy days. They also help inside when I’m photographing darker rooms. 🙂

      • Susan, thank you for your reply. I have read about your soft boxes previously and have considered buying some. If I use a high ISO, my photos do look grainy. I have a really nice Canon camera, but I prefer my small Power Shot one. I supposed that I do need to commit to buying those light boxes!

  19. I realized recently I haven’t received your postcards from the porch that I had been getting since you started it. I wonder if I’ve been knocked off the porch. 😉 No worries – I’ll sign up again. I’m glad you did this recap, because I noticed a couple I’d missed – heading off to check them out. Thanks for hosting each week – Met Monday, too. Such fun, visiting all these linked blogs! Hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

    • Kim, So sorry about the newsletter thing. I quit sending it out when Max became sick. I was just so sad and stressed during that whole time, I just concentrated on blogging and temporarily stopped the newsletter. I want to restart it but I may move to a different company because the one I was using is pretty expensive. Do sign up for it, if you haven’t because that way when I restart it you’ll be on the list. So glad you enjoying Met Monday! Makes my day to hear that! 🙂

  20. Dear Susan,

    I’m actually very glad that you did the synopsis for summer….I’d missed the utterly delightful 4th one….I love love love LOVE the entire thing…those denim pocket holders are adorable…..that photo w/ the closeup of the plates/denim holder should be wildly popular on Pinterest….when I’m on my computer that has that pre-loaded/the Pin button I’m going to definitely Pin it….

    I am so happy to be back again this week sharing some dishes/a vignette perfect for tablescaping and a poem…had to eventually work in a poem after having finished my MFA…..trying to sneak it in and encourage everyone to read poetry……of some sort….anyway…..

    Love to you/hugs/blessings,

    • Oh, I love poetry, Lana! What is your linked titled so I can visit it? Thanks! I had a lot of fun with that 4th of July table. 🙂

      • Dearest Susan,

        Thank you soooo much for your reply–you made my entire day!!! I’m THRILLED that you love poetry. While I studied a ton of contemporary poetry in my Master’s program, I’m still a traditionalist at heart, evidenced by the poem in this blog post.

        If you’re interested in reading some other neo-traditionalists (far better/far more accomplished than I am with their Pulitzer-prize/and/or other big prizes) then I highly recommend Claudia Emerson’s Pinion or Late Wife and pretty much any book by R. T. Smith. I love his Ireland-set books the most, with Trespasser at the top of my list.

        I think Trespasser (or one of the other Ireland ones) even has an ode to Waterford crystal….I need to put that in a tablescape post with my crystal from them.

        I have been so blessed to have studied with Claudia and an interview I did (I moonlight as a journalist–HA!) with R. T. just came out in the Chronicle this year. These two writers are just fabulous and accessible and narrative, very traditionalistic.

        I don’t get any “kickbacks” or anything for someone ordering their books….it’s just that I want to share wonderful poets with the rest of the world.


        Oh, almost forgot: Here’s the link to my post with my poem in it:

  21. It is fun to look back at all the wonderful tables! I think my favorite of all of your beautiful settings was Dining on the Deck. That photo from above the table that shows the plaid tablecloth with that gorgeous placesetting is just so pretty!
    Thanks for hosting another fun party!

  22. Your settings are all wonderful, but my favorite is still “Dining on the Deck”.

  23. I really enjoyed seeing all of these again.

  24. Beautiful tablescapes Susan! It was fun seeing one last look!

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