My 2022 Winter Survival List & Something You’ve Asked About Is Finally Back!

Welcome to the 676th Metamorphosis Monday!

Every year I love to share a few of my winter favorites with you, those things that help me transition through the cold winter months a little easier. Before I share my winter faves, for those who commented or emailed after I shared this lamp update in the guest room, I noticed a few days ago that they finally have the lamp back in stock. I’ve been tempted to order a second one because of all the lamps I have purchased over the past few months, this one is my favorite.

Guest Room in Blue & White


I love everything about it–the shape, the color, as well as the quality of the shade. If you missed getting it the first time it was available, you’ll find it here: Blue and White Lamp. I wish I had an excuse to buy a second one, I may end up doing that anyway–it’s such a beautiful lamp!

Decorating in Blue and White


Okay, let’s talk winter survival! I was talking with my son recently and during our conversation, he mentioned being cold. His home office is in the basement of their home and the temps in Ohio have been really cold over the past couple of weeks so it was extra cold in his office that day. I ordered these sherpa-lined pants for him thinking he could wear them while working at home. While I was at it, I decided to order a pair for myself.

Oh my gosh, they are life-changing! They are so incredibly warm… the best way I can describe them is they feel like the equivalent of the Ugg boot for pants. Since they arrived and I’ve been wearing them during the day while at home, I’ve bumped my thermostat down a few degrees because the cold just doesn’t get through these pants!


I think they run a tad small. I purchased them in both medium and large since I wasn’t sure how they would fit. The medium was just a hair snugger than I like, although if I keep them and wear them, they will probably loosen up because the large size has done that a little since I started wearing them. Update: The mediums did loosen up a little so I prefer those over the Large size. I wish I had known about these long ago, they are so warm and comfortable! They are available here: Sherpa Lined Sweatpants. They also make a hoodie and a long tunic that I’m super tempted to order. You can see those here: Sherpa-Lined Hoodie AND here: Sherpa-Lined Long Tunic.



This is the sweater I love pairing with these pants. I just purchased it this fall and it is sooo warm, just like the pants. The sherpa-lined pants and this cozy pullover are my go-to outfit for when I’m home during these cold months, although they could easily be worn out, too. This top is currently on sale here: Fair Isle Fleece Pullover.


I shared these a few weeks back but have to mention them again. I’ve worn them several times and they have become my favorite jeans. The little bows are subtle but they are so cute when I look down and notice them or feel them. I just love, love, love these! You’ll find them on sale here: Jeggings with Flocked Bows.


I purchased a pair of these fingerless gloves/hand warmers recently for both my daughter-in-law and myself. She wanted the blue ones and I went with the gray. They come down pretty low on the hands/fingers so it’s only the lower part of your fingers that are exposed. I like that for using my phone, driving, etc… They may still be on sale, if they are, you’ll find them here: Handwarmers.


No winter favorites list would be complete without mentioning Cutemol. My daughter-in-law and I couldn’t survive winter without it since it’s the only thing that saves our fingers from cracking during the winter months. Cutemol is also excellent for dry feet/heels, transforms them almost overnight. Can’t say enough good things about it! Def a must on my winter survival list every year! You’ll find it here: Cutemol.


I’m still wearing and loving my favorite merino wool socks that I’ve shared in the past. They are incredibly warm and I live in them all winter. You’ll find them here: Merino Wool Socks. You’ll find the men’s version that I gave my son for Christmas here: Men’s Merino Wool Socks.


Love, love, love these adorable chickadee and pine flannel sheets I ordered a few months ago!

Chickadee and Pine Boughs Bedding


They are from Garnet Hill and rather than give you the link, it’s better to “Google” for them because, in the past, there was a link that popped up during the search that gave a discount. But if you have trouble finding them, here’s a link to the page where you’ll find them: Chickadee/Pine Flannel Sheets.

Bedding for Birders, Chickadee Bedding


Though not really winter-related, I wanted to mention how much I love these button covers I purchased a few months back. I just ordered more for my new bow-flocked jeans. I love how these protect shirts and sweaters from the metal buttons on jeans. When I put these on the buttons of my shorts last summer, it seemed to help prevent more holes from happening in all my Lilly Pulitzer tops. The first time I bought them, I purchased them in the clear color. This time I bought the package that has both clear and black covers since my new jeans have a really dark button.



They can be a little tricky to get on the button, but once you know how to do it, it’s not that difficult. I turn the cover completely inside out, place it on top of the button and then work it/stretch it over the button. That’s the best method I’ve found. Once they are on, you don’t have to ever take them off–they do great in the wash. You’ll find these available here: Button Covers.

Prevent Holes in Shirts, Button Covers


Recently, Pam, a BNOTP reader, shared how much she loves this throw that she bought a while back. I love throws and have them all over my home during the fall and winter months. I even keep a few out during the summer months. In her email, Pam mentioned how well it washes, saying that it didn’t fade and the sherpa fringe even came out great. It comes in several colors–Pam has it in red. Thanks, Pam for telling me about it! I love how it looks! You’ll find it available here: Sherpa Throw in 4 Colors.


Another throw I’m eyeing is this adorable deer throw. I haven’t purchased it yet, but I love the design. It’s available here: Sherpa/Fleece Deer Throw.


Happy Winter! I hope you are staying snuggly warm this winter!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Those lined pants look amazingly warm. Cold weather just goes through me and natural gas has gotten so high this year I’m wearing “fleece” cuddle duds with another silky layer underneath. At least I can stand the cold now. Chickadee sheets are adorable. Stay warm and thanks for hosting each week!

  2. The fingerless gloves are adorable! thanks Susan!

  3. franki Parde says

    Oh, my…it’s a sherpa kinda day…I’m wearing mine today, too!! Cozy & Cute…how about that!! Warmest regards, franki

  4. those pants are very nice…I had ordered them for my Granddaughter(for Christmas) who has to walk outside to go to a pod building for a class at the high school she attends. Here in Illinois just like Ohio it’s really cold and she said they keep her warm. rls

  5. So many fun warm things! Since I’m still navigating the “power surges” and dress in layers all the time, I’m going to check if there are any zip-up sherpa options. Thanks as always for the great ideas, and for hosting! Stay warm over there!

  6. Being in a new house with winter being our first season, I could literally spend a wad and buy most these items, Susan! I love throws, they are my winter go to (that, or a bathrobe over jammies, lol). I love those fleece joggers and fair-isle fleece as an outfit too. We have heated floors on the first floor which are really nice, but my space is upstairs and I keep it cooler, so those pants would be great, thanks. (and great for walking on cold days like today and a few last week!). I’ve pretty much used all the lamps I had in this move, and may need to buy another so I can shuffle one or two of what I have. All of those you bought are really nice. You are a bad influence, lol!

  7. Hi Susan, I always love your tips for keeping warm during winter. A question regarding the Sherpa lined pants you bought for your son. Are they the same ones you got for yourself, or is there a male version? I’d like to get some for my husband who is always cold. Thanks for sharing!

    • These were the ones I bought for him:
      After I ordered his pant for him, I got curious if they made them for women and I ended up buying a different brand…the ones I bought for me were just the first ones I saw with great reviews.
      These appear to be the ones for men by the brand I purchased for myself.

      I forgot to mention this in the post, but I purchased the type that had straight-leg bottom, not the kind that gathers back in at the bottom like sweat pants so often do.

      My daughter-in-law washed my son’s yesterday so I don’t think he’s had a chance to wear them. I bought him two different sizes to try on but I think one pair got washed before he got a chance to do that. Hopefully, it was the pair that fits! lol

  8. Going to order the sherpa pants & top. Right up my alley since I’m always cold in winter. Thanks for sharing your great finds! I’ve purchased some of the hand warmers from Sundance and love them. Not only are they warm but so cute too.

  9. LOVE those Merino Wool Socks! Thanks for sharing that link last year. Keeping me warmer in Michigan.

  10. Susan, I don’t know how you find these things, but I love, Love, LOVE the idea of sherpa lined clothing. Brilliant. It makes so much sense. I was at home today, fully dressed and wearing my heavy winter robe over my clothes, lol! The pants paired with that Fair Isle top is a great look. I bet you were toasty and cozy. And seeing that picture of your bedroom has given me cozy-winter-bedroom envy again. I thought my bedroom was cozy, but yours now takes the cake. 😀

  11. Love my Merino Wool Socks! Wear them all the time!

  12. Always enjoy your Winter Survival List and really could use a few of them today as experiencing a cool one with temps at -14.8°F with a risk of frost bite if out longer than 10 minutes. Needless to say, this is when I plug my heating pad in to warm up my bed up prior to retiring for the night … lol!
    Stay safe and warm. -Brenda-

    • Wow! Negative 14.8!!! That is crazy cold! I can’t even imagine that! I would be afraid to leave my house. How do cars even work/drive in those temperatures?

  13. Great post….very cold here and switched to flannel sheets yesterday. These look so cute and will have to upgrade. Thanks for the tip on the Cutemol…we use an Avon product but when it gets very cold it doesn’t do the job. Stay warm and enjoy your week!

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