My July Favorites & Today is the Last Day of the Sale!

Today is the last day of the Nordstrom sale, only 13 hours left and the sale will be gone for another year. I ended up purchasing these Mother-of-Pearl heart earrings after a friend of mine purchased them and said they were beautiful! (Thanks, Susan!) That was all the push I needed. Can’t wait until they arrive! They are available on sale here: Mother-of-Pearl Drop Earrings.

The other item I am still seriously eyeing is these Chelsea boots I shared previously. These will be great for fall and winter! You’ll find them on sale in several styles/colors here: Chelsea Boot on Sale. You may find them for an even better price here: Chelsea Boot.




I don’t have a lot of favorites to share from July but below you’ll find some of the products I really enjoyed last month.

This past week I was visiting with my son, daughter-in-love, and grandsons. One evening while we were relaxing in the backyard, something had a good time munching on my feet. I ended up with 5-6 bug bites and they itched insanely!

My son/dil had this anti-itch cream in their medicine cabinet and I was shocked by how fast and how well it worked! Normally when I’ve used some of the anti-itch creams in the past, they never helped at all. This cream is steroid-free and worked immediately! I couldn’t believe how fast it stopped the insane itching from the bug bites! That night I ordered some to take back home with me…will always make sure I have it on hand after seeing how well it worked! You’ll find it where I purchased it here: Anti-Itch Cream.



I’ve done a gazillion puzzles this summer, I really should do a whole post dedicated to just puzzles because I’ve worked so many beautiful ones the last few months. This was the last one I did right before leaving to visit family. I loved everything about it, including how it included not just one, but four American flags. If you love puzzles, you’ll find this one here: Hometown America Puzzle.


We’ve been getting so much use out of the Yeti cooler I recently purchased for my son and dil.


It gets filled every Friday and the ice lasts well into the following week! Amazing! My son snapped this photo as he was filling it up this past Friday. I plan to buy one for myself sometime soon. Very impressed with how long the ice lasts, plus I love the long handle for pulling it when it’s full and ready to party! lol You’ll find these Tundra Haul Yeti coolers available here: Yeti Cooler.


The stepladder I purchased recently had to make this month’s favorites list. I knew it would come in handy for assembling the cabinets I added recently to the guest room and it did. I like this 4-step ladder so much, I’m planning on buying it in the 3-step version for when I don’t need to reach quite as high and don’t need the shelf attachment. Great ladder! You’ll find it available here: Stepladder. Update: The green one isn’t available now, but it’s still available in gray.

Great Step Ladder for Household Chores


Happy weekend shopping! Don’t forget about the Nordstrom sale since today is the last day. You’ll find everything that’s included in the sale here: Nordstrom Sale.

See my previous post sharing items I was eyeing in the sale here: My Favorite and Best Finds in the Once-a-Year Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

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  1. Great favorites! On a different subject, I just noticed the thumbnail of your post about the screen doors you ordered from Maine. Did you ever get those installed? If so I must have missed the post. I was anxious to see how they turned out. Please post the link if I missed it! Thanks!

    • Not yet. The painters came out and did a second coat of paint on them and then I started trying to find someone to install them. All the door companies I called said they would only install doors purchased from them because that way if something went wrong with the install, they could easily replace them…but not so with doors purchased elsewhere. I tried a company that builds screened porches and they wouldn’t do it. I tried a repair guy that a friend recommended and he was covered up with work, plus I wasn’t that impressed with how he sounded on the phone anyway.
      Then I just gave up. I need to get back on it–I had hoped to find someone at the start or spring/summer–that didn’t happen. I will probably have to call some handyman service but I’m just worried about not getting someone who really knows what they are doing, which is the reason I really wanted a door company to install them. Whoever installs them will need to cut out the place (on the doors) where the hinges will fit. Those doors were expensive, so just want to make sure I get someone good.

      • Wow! I’m sorry you are having so much trouble finding someone reliable to install them. Maybe you could try to find a really good carpenter/handyman that has references for woodwork and door installations. My neighbor has one but I am sure you are out of his area. He is a retired carpenter who knows a lot about a lot of things and just does it to stay busy. He’s a perfectionist who takes his time but does beautiful work. That’s what you might need.

        • That’s exactly the kind of person I need, someone who’s a perfectionist! 🙂 I need to take the time to start working on that again. I want to see them installed!

  2. Peggy Hawkins says

    I buy a lot of things that you recommend and have been happy with every single one of them. But I LOVE the step ladder that I bought after seeing it on your post. Thank you!

  3. I buy a lot of things that you recommend and have been happy with every single one of them. But I LOVE the step ladder that I bought after seeing it on your post. Thank you!

  4. carol springsteen says

    Susan I want these heart earrings and I can’t get on the website. Are they Kendra Scott. I think they are sold out and I called Nordstrom customer service and they could not locate them. Do you know if they are available.

    • They were showing available earlier when I added them to the post and I just ordered mine a day or two ago. Unfortunately, they are now showing sold out. 🙁 They are by Baublebar. I just did a search but don’t see them available anywhere else. Carol, I would check that link again later today in case Nordstrom restocks them today. I’m sorry they sold out so quickly. That’s frustrating!

  5. Great recommendations – I’m especially loving the Yeti cooler! Thanks for reminding me I really need one of those! Happy Weekend!

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    Really like those mother-of-pearl heart earrings, but now sold out. Thanks for telling us about the anti itch cream. This year the mosquitos are really bad and it seems each year I get older I swell up more and more from their bites and from those rotten ‘buffalo gnats” that we get in early spring. I trust your recommendations Susan, thanks so much for sharing all the good sales and tips. Enjoy your family time and hopefully the northern climate will be a bit cooler and refreshing as summer is moving fast.

  7. I have been curious for some time as to when a pair of boots became just boot. Why? Is it a fashion industry thing that everyone just copied. It seems to me that 2 boots, 1 for each foot, is a pair of boots. And a pair of pants. Why suddenly pant. Help me. Am I so out of touch with changes in Webster’s and my elementary teachers that these words have changed. And, no, I am not trying to be a smart mouth. I truly don’t understand it.

  8. It has been a long while since I visited here. I smiled at the Nordstorm sale. Two of our children work for the company in different areas. They like their jobs. is my second home heeheehee – youngest son worked at the warehouse for sometime. It is very close to our home so I am able to order groceries from them. We have such a heatwave I have no desire to go out in it. Since being forced into an early retirement in 2014 and not making the money I had hoped before retiring I have made the best of it and enjoy my life. I am happy as a clam and have the pups and my big boy kitty to entertain me during the day although two of our kids and one SIL live here and they all work from home. So life is always busy. Plus my sweet husband is still in the work force and I try to make his life easier by getting lots of projects done around here. You share great products. Our youngest daughter in Western NY and her husband have a Yeti cooler and love it. They also have an Igloo which they love. They travel to National Parks when they can and enjoy that lifestyle. It was good to check in with you and glad you are here and still blogging. So many have fallen away from it in favorite of social media and all the ridiculous nonsense. If I can remove my personal photos there I will kick it to the curb as well. Not my cup of tea. Take care and hope you have a wonderufl new week.

  9. Frances Gomez says

    Hi I really enjoy your blog thank you for sharing
    When you devote a column to the puzzle hobby, please include the table you use, as I am starting to work on puzzles, and would like a neat workspace solution
    Thank you Frances

  10. Tina W Reynolds says

    I enjoy escaping with your blog! Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without it. This week we lost my mother-in-law. She was 92 and had a long and wonderful life. I tell you this because she was a “super-shopper”! She lived in the Roswell, GA area for many years and exploited all of the wonderful shopping that Atlanta has to offer. She would have loved you and shared your exquisite taste in handbags! Thanks for taking me shopping with you!

    • Thanks so much, Tina! I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law’s passing. She sounds like someone I would have loved to have known. ♥ So wonderful that she had such a nice, long and wonderful life! Atlanta does have some enticing places in which to shop! Thankfully it’s far enough away from me, I have to really be intentional and want something specific to make the drive. No impulse shopping when you have to drive 40-45 minutes through insane traffic each way!
      Always appreciate your lovely comments…thank you for those!

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