Obsessed with Beach-Nautical Themed Tables & Flatware

Welcome to the 558th Tablescape Thursday!

Last week when I was setting a table for our Tablescape Thursday party, I realized just how much I love creating beach/nautical themed table settings. They are definitely a favorite of mine for summer dining. I also realized that over the years I’ve collected a fair amount of beachy flatware, starting with this ocean blue flatware purchased back in 2008 just before the screened porch was completed.

Beach-Themed Candlelight Table Setting


I had just bought this pretty aqua dinnerware from Kohl’s specifically with porch dining in mind, and the flatware was a great match to the colors in the dishware.

Aqua Blue Beach Themed Plates Dinnerware, Summer Dining


That must have started my love affair with beach-themed dishware and flatware.

Candlelit Dinner on Porch, Beach Themed Dining


I’ve continued to collect fun, beach-themed flatware over the years and for this week’s Tablescape Thursday I’m sharing some of my favorites. I’ll link out to any that are still available. I’ve added a few more designs to the end of this post that I’m eyeing and would love to add to my current collection. Many of these sets would work great for a lake house or boathouse, too!

Beach Themed Table, Candlelight Porch Dining


This silly shark flatware used in last week’s Tablescape Thursday is definitely one of my faves. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it available anywhere right now. Hopefully, it will come back in stock this summer. If it does, I’ll be sure to let you know If I see it online anywhere.

Shark Flatware for Nautical Table Setting


The flatware I used in this table setting may not have been specifically designed with a nautical theme in mind, but the pattern definitely makes me think of the nautical ropes you so often see on ships.

Nautical Beach Table-Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


It also makes me think of the nautical knots that sailors are so famous for creating. You’ll find this “rope” like designed flatware available here: Rope Design Flatware, Great for Nautical Table Settings. I love the weight of this flatware, nice and substantial!

Lobster, Crab Plates, Nautical Table Setting, Beach Themed f


Another one of my favorite beach/nautical themed flatware is this cute sailboat design. It would great for use at a lake house or beach house.

Warren Kimble Coastal Breeze Plates, Summer Table, Shell Charger Plates


Love, love, love! You’ll find it still available here: Sailboat Flatware.

Nautical Sailboat Flatware, Great for Beach House, Houseboat or Dining Poolside


Though not exactly nautical themed, I wanted to include this creamy-colored flatware in this post because I’ve used it so often in beach-themed tables. It’s a soft neutral that really suits any beachy table setting.

Beach-Themed Tablescape


Actually, I take that back, it does have a bit of a nautical theme/flair with its cute shell design on the handle. This flatware is available here: Shell Design Flatware.

Shell Design Flatware in Cream Color


What am I eyeing to add to my collection now? Here are few that I’m seriously considering.

Love this adorable anchor designed flatware, you’ll find it here: Anchor Flatware.

Anchor Flatware

I love this one too, although the color would limit its use somewhat. Also, I would definitely only handwash this pattern. It’s available here: Anchor Flatware in Blue.

Anchor Flatware in Blue Color


I came super close to buying this set a couple of weeks ago. I love how each piece features a different shell design. You’ll find it available here: Shell Flatware. Update: It’s also available in a set here: Shell Flatware.


Shell Themed Flatware


I also love this one! Which do you like the best–the shell design above or this design below? I’ve been torn between the two! You’ll find this fun seaside pattern below here: Seaside Flatware.

Seaside Design Flatware, Shell Design

Do you love a beach themed table setting? I think some of these flatware designs would work well for a lake house as well, especially the anchor designs. This makes me want to plan a beach trip right now! Do you have one planned for summer?

Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Always love reading your blog! I have some of the flatware you mention. I have found that unless the flatware is 18/10, the fork tines are sometimes very sharp. They haven’t been filed down well. I always check the tines now before I buy if the flatware isn’t 18/10 flatware.

    • Beth….
      I have no idea how to get to that info re 18/10 flatware? Could you share the “secret”?

      • Usually, the ad information will state if flatware is 18/10. For example, the shell flatware I linked out to in this post states that it’s 18/10. The 18 number refers to the chromium content and the 10 refers to the percentage of nickel it contains.
        I always buy 18/10 for my everyday flatware since it’s gets used a lot and 18/10 flatware is less prone to show rust spots. I often buy 18/0 for flatware that I don’t use that often since it’s usually a lot less expensive. I’ve never noticed any difference with the shape of the tines.

      • If I can’t hold it and check, (I buy flatware online quite a bit) I contact the maker and ask. Sometimes they don’t know what I am talking about so I don’t buy it. Imports tend to have a problem with this. The tines are a bit dangerous if they are too sharp, they can cut your lip!

      • I always learn something useful from you. I did not know about 18/10. So helpful. I am getting ready to replace my rust spotted flatware. I have used Magic Eraser to clean spots.

  2. I LOVE that Seaside Flatware (the 2nd one) and just added it to my Amazon Wish List. (I use that like a shopping list so I can find things when I’m ready to order.) I plan to set a “beachy” table later this summer even though I won’t be going to the beach this year, and these would be perfect.

    • Joy, I do the same thing, love that feature where you can save wish list items for later. I doubt I’ll get to the beach this summer, either…we just have to bring the beach to us, don’t we?! πŸ™‚

  3. I love all your beachy looks! Thanks for hosting and enjoy the weekend!

  4. So many great tablescapes! Coastal and beachy are right up my alley, so I love seeing your tables for inspiration. I don’t know if I will add more flatware to my collections, but you shared some great options!

  5. Jennifer says

    I was looking at all the sets thinking, honestly, I would probably tell myself I have enough nautical flatware. But then I saw the set with the individual different shells, and I thought, no, just one more! (Shell flatware)

  6. Love all the awesome tablescapes here. Great inspiration. Thanks for hosting the linkup.

  7. Want them all!

  8. I am a sucker for all things beachy, and soooo trying not to buy anything else and you’re not helping Susan! Thanks for the fun today!

  9. Each table is beachy keen! I think you need a beach house, Susan. I love a nautical theme and sometimes set a nautical themed table even though we are landlocked. There is something soothing about the ocean colors and just thinking about the sound of the waves and sand between my toes.
    No summer trips planned for us.

    • That would be sooo much fun, a beach cottage to furnish and decorate. I just need to win the lottery and I would totally do that! πŸ™‚
      I know, I feel the same way about soft, aqua blues. The older I get, the more I crave that color!

  10. I vote for the first shell flatware where the ends are different shells as I think it’s more interesting plus looks more quality. All the tables are amazing as always.

  11. Kathleen says

    Of all the flatware, the shark is my favorite. Who knew there were so many options available for a beach themed table? Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

    • I was so surprised when I found the shark flatware a few years ago. I wish they hadn’t stopped making it, I can’t find it now. Hopefully, they’ll bring it back…it’s so fun! Thanks, Kathleen! Have a great weekend! XX

  12. Loved the summer blue flatware best. Until I saw the sailboats, then that one. Until I got to the individual shell designs one; I might have to have those. Then I started reading the post all over again. So, you know, rinse and repeat:D But really love the little lanterns at each place setting. Perfect.

  13. The flatware with the different shells caught my eye too, I think Mfg by Reed and Barton but $$$$$ per setting.

  14. Darlene Gardner says

    Summer and beach just go together in my book! And there are so many ways to achieve that look and your tables prove it! I always love to see what you have done each week, especially in summer months. Beautiful – I especially love the mermaid!.

  15. The cool blues make such a relaxing table. It would be easy to linger at the table in the candlelight with so many relaxing beach table settings. It would be really hard to choose a favorite with so many cute flatware designs. The first ones with the blue handles are such a beautiful shade of blue. I saw some plates with the sailboats like yours on eBay a few days ago. That table setting and the one with the lobster/crab plates make me long for a trip to Maine.

    • I love candlelight, too…my fave for dining. I’ve never been to Maine but would love to see it. One of these day’s I’m heading up north during the summer to see that part of the U.S.
      Have a great weekend, Mary!

  16. I have a lovely ivory flatware set for 12 very similar to that and I love it !
    Thank you for hosting each week for us.
    Have a lovely weekend ahead Susan.

  17. Bobbi Duncan says

    Beautiful table settings, every one! I have finally reached the point where I can pass on purchasing any more lovelies for the table. I counted our china the other day and was shocked that we have 25 sets, even after giving some away to our children! I am now planning to sell some or, at the very least, sell half as most are for 12 . There are so many things I wish to eliminate before we build our retirement cottage, and I don’t want to be saddled with that task close to moving time. However, I LOVE seeing all the ways you set your tables–you always have such fabulous mix and match ideas. Hugs!

    • My retirement cottage will need a big, Butler’s pantry or a large garage or shed where I can store all my dishware. Maybe what I need is a big screened porch and a huge dishroom with a little house attached. Ha! πŸ˜‰

  18. Susan, I particularly love the table-scape with the beautiful green margarita glasses. Would I care for a margarita, you ask? Yes, please! Also, the one with your shell chargers and the sailboat salad plate and sailboat cutlery. Adorable!

    As for the shell flatware, when I saw the first one with the individual shells I thought, how lovely! But then I scrolled a bit more and saw the other shell version and love that too! I understand your dilemma. After looking at the price difference on Amazon though, I’d probably go with the latter. But if price is no object for you, then the individual shells version is great too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Karen lyons says

    I love your tables I look forward to seeing them each week on tablescape Thursday I wish the bloggers pictures could be enlarged, like they used to be

    • When I was blogging on Blogger, I didn’t know any better and upload photos to my blog that came straight from the camera, so they were HUGE and I think Blogger did let you click on them to see them full size. Now everyone resizes their photos down to the size of the width of their blog so that the post will load much faster for readers.
      Karen, try hitting the CTRL + on your computer and that will enlarge the whole screen, then just hit CTRL 0 (zero) when you’re done. That may not be helpful if you’re viewing the post on an ipad or phone. I try to post closeups because I love seeing close photos when reading blog posts. I’ll try to do more of those, if you find that helpful.

  20. Loved this post today! I always enjoy seeing your beach-themed tables! The Amazon set really caught my eye and I’m very tempted to purchase it. I thought I was going to start down-sizing, but maybe just ONE more set wouldn’t hurt…….(wink, wink……)!

  21. You have so many beautiful flatware sets, Susan, I love all of them, especially the creamy-colored “Shell Design” and the twisted “Rope Design” ones! That individual shell flatware is beautiful, too but … I’d need to buy a lottery ticket, first! (And to WIN the lottery, of course!) πŸ˜€
    PS: How gorgeous is that mermaid and that aqua bubble glassware, please?! β™₯

    • Thanks so much, Cecilia! I love that bubble glass, too. It seemed so perfect with beachy china…having bubbles. πŸ™‚
      Have a wonderful weekend, Cecilia!

  22. Hi Susan, you may have answered this previously – did you make the shell chargers with the sea glass? Thanks

  23. I do love a beach/nautical theme for a tablescape! I prefer the shell flatware to the seaside flatware. It is pricey but beautiful! The seaside is fun though and I’m sure it will look great with your beach tablescapes!

    • It is super cute! Thanks, Vicki! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! It’s been so hot here but the last few days it has cooled down a little. I’m ready for some porch breezes!

  24. Brenda Lawrence says

    Beautiful table settings Susan. Such fun flat wear and dishes as well as accessories. I love it all! Hugs, Brenda

  25. Beverly Martin says

    Thank you for the. Info on BBB..with the coupon you do get a break. Your Coastal blog was wonderful. Do you have a off site storage locker for holiday and seasonal????

  26. Cyndi Raines says

    As you already know Susan, I love any beach themed tablescape! That mermaid is darling! I have the individual seashell flatware and enjoy them with my seashell / beach glass chargers and beach themed table. It was a hard decision between the shell version and the sailboat version, but I chose the shells to compliment the shell /beach glass chargers and I’m glad I did. All of the different beach flatware is so fun, hard to resist.

  27. Rachelle says

    Good info on the flatware.
    Love the mermaid table setting
    Pinned and following!

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