Celebrating October with a Colorful Halloween Table Setting

Welcome to 680th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s been raining for days and days, but it’s been so warm it didn’t stop me from setting a table here on the porch this week.

Halloween Table Setting, Between Naps On The Porch


It still looks like summer in my Georgia backyard. Are you starting to see some fall color in your area?

Halloween Table Setting, Porch Dining


Last March, I found these candle holders in Marshalls and could totally see them in a future Halloween table.


They kinda looked like big, upside-down spiders to me. lol


The candle holders must have subliminally influenced the direction of this table setting because it ended up with a bit of a spider theme. Or, maybe it’s the HUGE spiders that have been building massive webs all around my home this fall. Have you had that in your area, too? I usually have one huge one out front, but this fall, I’ve had them all around the house–too many to count. I don’t mind them except when I accidentally walk into one as I did a few days ago! Eeek!

Halloween Decorating, Halloween Table


For my centerpiece, I tucked black, spider-filled roses into a pumpkin cookie jar I’ve had for many years.

Halloween Pumpkin Centerpiece with Black Roses


I love this spider tablecloth, it has held up really well over the years. (It’s still available here: Spider Tablecloth.)

Halloween Spider Tablecloth


I came across these spooky “portrait” Halloween napkins back in 2017. I don’t think I’ve ever used them in a table setting before. I love the design, though!

Halloween Napkins


I decided to mix them with these colorful, buffalo-plaid napkins purchased back in 2019.

Orange & Black Buffalo Plaid Napkins for Halloween


Here’s how they look together. The buffalo-plaid napkins are still available here: Orange/Black Napkins. The black and white Halloween “portrait” napkins are still available here: Portrait Halloween Napkins.

Halloween Tablescape, Halloween Napkins


I layered black tulle, purchased from a local fabric store, over the top of the napkins. I can’t remember where I bought the beaded spider napkin rings now, probably HomeGoods or Marshalls.

Halloween Napkins, Orange and Black Napkins


I love, love, love the patterns David Carter Brown creates and this one called Pumpkin Hollow is one of my faves.

David Carter Brown, Pumpkin Hollow Plates



Sooo cute!Pumpkin Hollow Plates, Davide Carter Brown


Each plate in this set of four has a different design.

Halloween Table with Halloween Pumpkin Plates and Halloween Napkins


They are all just the right amount of spooky. lol

David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Plates


A couple of the black crows I shared in a recent post have found their way into this week’s table.

Spider Tablecloth for Halloween


Another wonderful design in this pattern…

Halloween Table, Halloween Plates


Would you enjoy dining at this table? Wish I could have you all over for a big Halloween party!

Halloween Dinner Party, Halloween Table


The pumpkin-shaped chargers I’m using in this table setting were from Pier 1 back when they were open. I miss popping into the store that used to be near me–loved shopping there and loved their sales.

Halloween Plates, Pumpkin Hollow, David Carter Brown


The black cat wine glasses were a find online at Overstock several years ago. That always makes me laugh when I pull them out for Halloween tables.

Black Cat Wine Glasses for Halloween


This flatware was available but it appears to be sold out right now. (It was available here: Black Flatware.)

Black Flatware, Great for Halloween


Black Flatware for Halloween


Can you believe we are already a full week into October?! I’m getting excited about autumn! Even though spring and summer are my favorite time of year, every season has so much beauty to offer. Looking forward to autumn with you!

Halloween Table Setting, Porch Dining


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Hi Susan! I love this Halloween tablescape. Every detail is perfect. The DCB plates are fun and festive. Yes, I would love to dine at your table!

  2. Such a fun table! I don’t really have dishes specifically for Halloween (only fall) but how your grandsons would love this! Do you entertain someone every time you set a unique table? Just curious. I would always want to be on the “invite” list!

    • No, not every time. I really haven’t done any entertaining the last couple of years (except when family was visiting) due to how crazy things have been. Thanks, Toni! Appreciate that so much! 🙂

  3. WONDERFUL Halloween table! So many fun details to look at. I especially love the DCB plates. You outdid yourself with this table, Susan. Bravo!

  4. This is such a fun table, just the right amount of spooky details to give you the shivers! Those spiders that have invaded our Georgia yards belong in a horror movie, lol! Thankfully they’re not dangerous.

    • Have you ever seen so many spiders?! I had two humongous webs on each side of my front porch, so 4 big webs. I also had two huge webs on one deck and one up near a bird feeder by the road. What’s really weird is each web has multiple gigantic spiders in it, not just one. I’ve never seen this many at one time in my yard, ever! They look like those big garden spiders, I guess that’s what they are. A neighbor has them all in her yard, too. I jokingly told somone I didn’t to decorate for Halloween this year! My front yard is already decked out with gigantic spiders everywhere!

      • Yikes! That does sound bad. Sounds like you’re in the middle of an Alfred Hitchcock movie — Invasion of the Giant Spiders.

  5. SO fun – a very subtle nod to the spiders of fall! Now that I’ve made the switch to autumn, I can’t wait to see the leaves turning in your yard – it’s so beautiful! Thanks for another lovely party!

  6. Susan, so many detailed elements to this table! Too many to mention! And no, we don’t have spiders, but we have wasps. Eek! is right, either way, lol.

    The expression on the pumpkin cookie jar made me smile. The flowers made it look like he was wearing a hat — like something ‘Mrs. Drysdale’ would wear — from the old Beverly Hillbillies show , lol.

    You find so many fun things. I love, love, love your black candelabras, but then you go and find these fun upside-down-spider candle holders! And I love the way the colors of the napkins work together. Looks perfect. The David Carter Brown plates are good because they’re not too scary. Kids would love them.

    It’s still warm here too (hence the wasps) but signs of fall are all around. Hope you have a great week-end.

    • lol Love that hat image! Yup, still warm here, too. Not complaining, though!
      Thanks, Pam! This was a fun table to create, will have to see how else I can use those candle holders in the future.

  7. Very cute table! I love the pumpkin chargers!

  8. franki Parde says

    SPIDERS, spiders…we have them, too!! Truly, have never seen this many AND, varieties! Be truly wary of “anything brown”…bad news! Our leaves are changing..&, oh, my…the pyracanthas are LOADED…& w/b put to use in “some kind” of tablescare. You’ve done a “smashing job!! franki

  9. SO fun, Susan! I especially like the new black candle holders…very nice. Up in MN, we have a lot of leaf color, in fact, some trees are/have been shedding leaves like crazy. I am sure some of the loss is due to the drought. But it looks VERY fall like here….love it! Ready for Halloween…I need to get my plates out.

    • I wish I could send you some rain, Rosie. It has rained soooo much this summer. I wonder if we’ll have a pretty fall due to the rain. If it doesn’t stop, it will a soggy one. lol
      Glad you’re enjoying some beautiful fall color, now!

      • Thanks Susan! I will take your rain 🙂 , whenever we can get it. Ponds that are normally brimming this time of year are bone dry. We birdwatch, and one wetland had absolutely no water visible. It is surreal in some areas! We did get some much needed rain in September, and that was good for the trees, shrubs and lawns…better late than never, but not enuf to resupply ponds and marshes. Hope you get some good color and cooler weather there soon!

  10. This is THE most perfect Halloween tablescape! Every detail is enticing. I love, love your Tablescape Thursdays and have for many years! I, too, mourn the passing of Pier I. The online version is nothing like it used to be. A nasty old Auto Zone is in my old Pier I location. I can barely bear to look at it when I pass. Have a wonderful fall, Susan!

  11. No autumn colors here Susan. For being in the North, we are still warmer than we should be. 70’s and sometimes 80 degrees and very humid. I mowed today and only saw brown leaves on the lawn, so the trees aren’t even turning colors. Not sure if they will or not. Time will tell. I’ve even had to use my air conditioning in Oct! That is unheard of this time of year for us!!

    I am so in love with this table setting! I love those dishes, how fun and beautiful are they?!! The black spider web table cloth is so cool, love those napkins….well I love everything about this one! lol I too, love spring and summer and always hate to see summer leave. But I really do enjoy fall, the colors, the crisp night air, the sunny warmish days. I even like winter, just need it to be short and the snow to melt within a few days after falling. lol In a perfect world…..Hugs, Brenda

  12. Those colorful plates are so cute and just perfect. You are too clever with the napkin combo; the prints go together so well. I miss Pier 1 too. It was so close and I could count on it for my fix of seasonal sights and scents.

  13. I love this halloween table Susan. So many great details. I really love the silhouette napkins and flatware. I miss Pier 1 as well. The current on-line version doesn’t even compare. Have a wonderful weekend. XO- MaryJo

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