Home Water Softeners, Whole House Filters, De-Stressing & A Few Shopping Finds

Evening on the Porch

Welcome to the 486th Metamorphosis Monday! This past week while I was out of town was definitely a challenging one. It all started when I had a plugin update appear on the dashboard of the blog that turned out to be a bad update. You may have noticed some issues last week with Between Naps On The Porch. In the process of trying to fix the issues the bad update caused, my hosting company actually compounded the problem while trying to help. They ended up … [Continue Reading...]

The Great Dish Storage Experiment, Plus Some New Chargers & Napkin Rings

Storage Solution for Charger Plates, Napkin Storage

Welcome to the 503rd Tablescape Thursday! I've just returned from spending three weeks with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons. I had never planned to stay quite that long but due to various reasons involving a delayed refrigerator delivery, my return date kept getting pushed out. When the day came that I had planned to leave, my son and dil pointed out Mother's Day was only 3 days away. I hadn't even realized that. I'm terrible at keeping up with … [Continue Reading...]

The Elephants Who Came To Dinner

Welcome to the 485th Metamorphosis Monday! I've been visiting with family the last few weeks so don't have a typical Before and After to share, but I do have an amazing event to share that is a stunning Before and After. It only happens during the spring each year and draws visitors from everywhere. It makes me want to travel to Zambia so I can see it in person. Thanks goes to Winnie for sharing this with me a while back. Hope you enjoy this very short video. … [Continue Reading...]

Pagoda Umbrellas & Beautiful Cars

McLaren Car

This morning my son, grandsons and I attended a local car show. I love vintage and antique cars so I awoke early, super excited to go. We didn't see a lot of vintage cars at the show, but I still enjoyed it tremendously. Some of the cars we saw are those you normally only see in car enthusiasts magazines. My son recognized and named many of them all as we walked around, including the McLaren that goes for $200,000 to 1,000,000+ depending on the model. Do you … [Continue Reading...]

Dining Outdoors for Summer: A Mostly Child-Friendly Table Setting

Pagoda Umbrella for Outdoor Table, Outdoor Dining 2

Welcome to the 502nd Tablescape Thursday! I've been visiting with family the last couple of weeks and we've been having so much fun! We've been doing a lot of grilling, or I should say my son's been doing a lot of grilling. I'm obsessed with corn-on-the-cob cooked on the grill now, don't think I'll ever be able to eat it any other way. Yum!   With all this dining outdoors, I decided to surprise my dil, son and grandsons with a festive table. You … [Continue Reading...]

My 5 Essentials for Traveling Internationally

Packing for Travel

It's that time of year when a lot of us are thinking more about vacation and travel. Recently, a friend and I scheduled a trip for fall. (Read more about that here: Pyramids, Mummies and Cruising the Nile.) When I travel, sometimes there's very little time to prepare if I've jumped on one of the "last-minute-travel-deals" that some travel companies offer, but in the case of the fall trip, there's plenty of time for planning. I've received several questions … [Continue Reading...]

A Scam for Free Advertising

Welcome to the 484th Metamorphosis Monday! I've had to remove today's post. Sadly it appears to have been a scam to get free advertising. If you're a blogger, here's how this scam worked: I received an email a few weeks back that purported to be from a reader of BNOTP. The email was signed, Brenda and Bruce. In the email, Brenda and Bruce shared the makeover of their screened porch to a three season porch. This was the email I received with an attachment … [Continue Reading...]

Pyramids, Mummies and Cruising the Nile River

Happy Weekend! It is absolutely gorgeous here, the kind of day that pulls you outdoors. I'll be heading outside for a hike this afternoon with my son, dil and grandsons. They have so many natural areas and parks here to enjoy, all perfect for hiking. I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather, be it spring or fall depending on where you live. Back in 2015 when I thought I was a year away from turning 60 (I was wrong...can't keep up with my own age!) having never … [Continue Reading...]

3 Fabulous Themed Table Settings & A Brilliant Napkin Ring Storage Idea

Welcome to the 501st Tablescape Thursday! Between Naps On The Porch readers have some of the best ideas! Two lovely BNOTP readers came up with a clever idea for storing napkin rings: they both use pants hangers! Cynthia shared two photos showing how she stores her napkin rings. She uses pants hangers, the type that open out on one end.   You can store a lot of napkin rings this way and it makes it very easy to see what you have available when … [Continue Reading...]

Summer Shopping & A Big Sale

Whenever I visit with family here in Ohio, I stop by the local Talbots. I always pass right by it en route to my favorite grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market. If I ever move here, I would love to have a house within biking distance of DLM. I have this fantasy of hopping on my future pink or aqua colored cruiser bike, you know, the one with a wicker basket in front and two baskets in back :) and cruising over to DLM to pick up a few things, then biking back home. … [Continue Reading...]