Change Can Be So Hard Sometimes

When I first moved into my home almost 30 years ago, I struggled to furnish it. As a faithful reader of Traditional Home and Colonial Homes magazines back then, I had fallen in love with classic-traditional furniture styles and antiques. I would regularly visit some of the best furniture stores in the Atlanta area--stores like Matthews Furniture, Beverly Hall, and Furniture Craftsman. I drooled over the beautiful inlaid Councill Craftsman dining tables, Baker … [Continue Reading...]

Making My Own Sunshine for This Week’s Tablescape Thursday

Vintage Table Setting with Metlox Poppytrail, Sculptured Daisy

Welcome to the 514th Tablescape Thursday! I think I may be living in England these days...or maybe I'm in Ireland. I've never seen so much rain, and this has been going on for much of the summer. It has been nice not having to worry about watering the plants on the deck, but I've almost forgotten how sunshine looks!   So please excuse the moody skies in the background. Today is definitely going to be a "curl-up-with-a-good-book" day. The … [Continue Reading...]

Geesh, I Knew It was Hot, But Never Expected This!

The Secret of The Handbag by Meredith Etherington-Smith and Caroline Clifton-Mogg

The eagerly anticipated Louis Sherry chocolate truffles arrived today. A bad feeling crept in as I opened the lid to the decorative tin and saw chocolate smeared on the papers inside the box. Uh, oh. Apparently, the truffles didn't survive the summer heat during the shipping process.   For reference, this is how the chocolates are supposed to look.   I had also ordered a tin of Louis Sherry Chocolates as a gift. I noticed via tracking … [Continue Reading...]

A Bit Like Having Your Own Personal Chef


Welcome to the 496th Metamorphosis Monday! Many years ago I read an article in the local paper about a woman who had worked her whole life in the corporate world. One day, tired of the intense stress under which she worked each day, she gave her notice and quit. She opened up her own business doing something she really loved: cooking! According to the article, she would drive to the home of her customer(s) and spend the day preparing 20 home-made entrees so … [Continue Reading...]

Living the Life of Reilly and A Luxurious Gift Idea

Reilly and His Gallery Wall of Art

Recently in a post, I shared some fun ideas for hanging art or small paintings down low where they can be appreciated while sitting nearby. (See that post here: Hang a Little Painting Where It Will Surprise and Delight.) Cindy left this comment on that post. A friend’s cat has his own art gallery at his level. Every visit, I check to see if he has added to his collection. Small pieces that are cat-oriented. Makes me laugh every time. I enjoy your blog. Keep up … [Continue Reading...]

Sea Life Table Setting in Beautiful Colors of Blue and Coral

Pelican Centerpiece for Beach-Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 513th Tablescape Thursday! I'm super excited to share a wonderful summer table with a fun, beach-sea life theme for this week's Tablescape Thursday! Sandra recently emailed and shared photos of a table she set for a family dinner. I immediately fell in love with the blue and coral color scheme of this whimsical table setting.   Sandra said she found the blue and coral-colored tablecloth while vacationing in Nice, France. What a great … [Continue Reading...]

Hang a Little Painting Where It Will Surprise and Delight

Dormer Window, Upstairs Family Room

Earlier in the spring I shared this wee painting of one of my tablescapes. (View this little teascape in detail here: St. Patrick's Day Tea.) The painting was a surprise painting done by a lovely artist and reader of BNOTP named, Fifi. After she let me know she had created the painting, I purchased it from her but never got around to having it framed.   Life got in the way and I never got around to framing it until recently. This was the frame I … [Continue Reading...]

Wonder If Goldilocks Ever Shopped for a Handbag Organizer

Hermes Evelyne III Handbag, Etoupe

Welcome to the 495th Metamorphosis Monday! Back around Christmastime, I purchased this bag when my SA called to let me know they had gotten one in the color I wanted. It took three tries, but I have finally found an organizer that works beautifully with this bag.   I really like a little organization in my bags, so I went in pursuit of a handbag insert/organizer as soon as I purchased this Hermes Evelyne III in size 29. This was the first organizer … [Continue Reading...]

A Tie for My Son, Summer Sandals & Starting My Christmas Shopping Now

Remember that time I was so obsessed with this polka dot shirt, I had to order it twice? I still love that shirt and wear it a lot, so I'm glad I have two despite the fact it tried its best to run on me. lol Pssst: If you've ever had a problem with colors bleeding in the wash, check out this previous post:  How Color Catcher Saved My Favorite Shirt.   I have a fave shirt for summer this year, so when it went on sale 60% off recently, I purchased a … [Continue Reading...]

Summer Garden Party Table Setting with a Limelight Hydrangea Centerpiece

Spring Tablescape, Kim Parker Floral Charger Plates, Bee Skep Tureens and Bee Flatware

Welcome to the 512th Tablescape Thursday! Announcement: If you are currently subscribed to receive BNOTP blog post updates via a Hotmail e-mail address, but they are not getting through to your Inbox, check your Spam folder. If they aren't in the spam folder, try subscribing with a different e-mail. Hotmail is notorious for filtering out emails that contain photos. Just Google and you'll find a lot folks on forums discussing this issue of emails not getting … [Continue Reading...]