Drama on the Drive Back and the Exploding Danger of Retread Tires

Damage to My Car by Retread Tire Coming Apart on Hub Group Truck 4

I wish I could say my drive back home from Ohio on Monday was uneventful, but unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. About 2-1/2 hours from home, as I was passing a red and green 18-wheeler truck on my right, suddenly one or more of its tires blew apart. With A LOT of tire tread headed straight for my windshield at interstate speeds, I braked hard and swerved to avoid it as much as I could while still keeping my SUV on the road. Several of the medium to … [Continue Reading...]

Tree-Lined Streets, Storybook Homes, Delicious Breakfast Casserole & Backyard Fun

Historical Home in Ohio

Welcome to the 545th Metamorphosis Monday! Beautiful Oakwood, Ohio is so picturesque with its tree-lined streets. It truly feels like you've stepped back in time to a much simpler life, one where the mailman still walks door-to-door to deliver the mail, slipping it into the little slot right beside the door.   I could drive around all day just oohing and ahhing over all the beautiful homes.   Love how our flag is so proudly displayed … [Continue Reading...]

9 Beautiful Themed Tables, A Dreamy Deck & A Big 4th of July Sale

Yellow-Themed Table with Lemons and Yellow Roses

Welcome to the 563rd Tablescape Thursday! Happy Independence Day to all my American readers! I'm under the weather right now with a yucky cold and soon headed back to bed, but I am looking forward to the pork roast my son is smoking right now for tonight's festivities. Just before I left to visit family in Ohio, I received the email below from Ruth. Hi from PA, Last week was our annual Hospital Auxillary fundraiser luncheon. There was a fashion show, a … [Continue Reading...]

Backyard Summer Fun, Favorite Summer Sandals & the Best Mosquito Repellent

Comfortable Sandals for Summer

A few weeks ago I shared some cute, white leather sandals I had purchased for around $45. They were so comfortable, I ended up buying them in a neutral/natural color, also.   I brought the neutral-colored pair along on my trip to Ohio and my daughter-in-law liked them so much, she ordered a pair, as well. She convinced me to also order the brown pair since I just recently purchased a bag in that color. I ended up also ordering a black pair since those … [Continue Reading...]

Loose Ends and Answering Your Questions

Stone Wall, 1920s Home

Welcome to the 544th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start! For this week's Metamorphosis Monday, I thought I'd tie up some loose ends--a few of the topics I recently shared in previous posts. As you may recall, I've been trying to help my son/dil find a permanent solution to the prickly weed that's growing prolifically in their flowers beds. Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on that previous post identifying … [Continue Reading...]

Dining Riverside in the Beautiful Garden of a French Cottage in the Loire Valley

Beautiful French Cottage with Blue Shutters

Welcome to the 562nd Tablescape Thursday! Recently Norma, whose tables I've shared here at BNOTP before, had a good friend visit from England. Norma and her hubby live in the Deux-Sevres region near the bottom of the famous Loire Valley, known for its many chateaux.   Norma lives is an adorable French cottage. Norma said, "The building with the blue shutters is our little cottage. It is only small, but big enough for us two. Actually, it is … [Continue Reading...]

A Thorny Situation & Seeking a Permanent Solution

Whenever I visit my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, I get a bit restless during the daytime while they are all at work and at school. I start looking for something to do and inevitably end up in the garden. I don't know why, but I find it way more enjoyable pulling weeds in their garden than I do at home. They have this one particularly evil weed that has the thorns from you-know-where! It grows 3 feet tall in the space of a few weeks and is absolutely … [Continue Reading...]

Celebrate the 4th of July: 5 Decor Ideas, 5 DIY Crafts & 5 Patriotic Table Settings

Screened Porch Decorated for Memorial Day

Welcome to the 543rd Metamorphosis Monday! The 4th of July is just a little more than a week away! Wow, summer is passing way too quickly for my liking! Do you have any special plans for your 4th of July celebration? For this week's Metamorphosis Monday, I'm sharing a round-up of some fun and easy ways to get ready for this festive, patriotic holiday. (Note: Click the title name of each post below for additional photos and detailed … [Continue Reading...]

A Beautiful Spring Table Setting in Vibrant Hues of Lilac Purple and Emerald Green

Lilac Floral Centerpiece for Dining

Welcome to the 561st Tablescape Thursday! A bit earlier in the spring, I received a lovely email from Warren whose tables I've shared here on BNOTP in the past. In his email Warren shared some beautiful photos along with information about a table setting he had created for a dinner party with friends. Warren said, "My wife, Kathie, wanted a simple but colorful tablescape for a small dinner party we were having for a couple of neighbors. I took the opportunity to … [Continue Reading...]

Dressing for the Cotswolds in July and Shopping the Summer Sale

Maxi Dress, Fern Design

In less than a month, I'll be heading off for a tour through the Cotswolds, my first ever trip to England. Laura, the friend and retired English/Lit college professor who put this trip together with the help of a professional travel agency, told me there are five BNOTP readers who will be joining in on this Literary Tour through the Cotswolds. I can't wait to meet everyone! I've been Googling the temps to see how the weather is this time of year. Of course, you … [Continue Reading...]