Like It Should Have Always Been There

Party Light for Exercise Room

Welcome to the 528th Metamorphosis Monday! For last week's Met Monday I shared a console table I had ordered for storing the items I often need when taking a cycling class on my Peloton bike.   You may remember when the box arrived, there was a big gash on one side. It was the box you see below on the right. When I opened it, I found one of the shelves was badly dented. I started to return it immediately, in fact, I completed the return online with … [Continue Reading...]

February Favorites, Including a Long-Awaited Item That’s Finally Back

Beautiful floral pink phone case

Happy Weekend! I'm a little late, but today I'm sharing all my favorites from the month of February. If you missed my favorites post for January, you'll find it here: January Favorites. I have to kick off February favorites with an item I've been using and loving now for a few years, this porcupine boar and nylon brush by Spornette. I shared this brush in a post about a year ago, but unfortunately, the few they had at that time sold out quickly. It has taken them … [Continue Reading...]

The Midas Touch: Tablescaping in All Gold for a Special Birthday Celebration

Hutschenreuther Dinner Plates and Muirfield Crown Salad Plates

Welcome to the 544th Tablescape Thursday! Recently BNOTP readers, Warren and Kathie, shared some wonderful photos with me of a table Warren had put together for a special upcoming event. They make a great team since Kathie does all the cooking while Warren takes care of the table setting. Warren said, "We are having a party, this time in celebration of my sister-in-law’s 70th birthday." In honor of this special birthday, Warren set the table in all gold, … [Continue Reading...]

I’ve Made a Decision: I’ve Chosen My Carry-on Bag for Future Trips

Away Luggage with Away Everywhere Bag

Over the last few weeks, I've received several comments and emails asking if I had made a decision on a carry-on bag for future trips. You may remember I was looking a lot of different choices in this previous post: An Away Luggage Update & Help Me Choose a New Carry-on Bag. I am happy to say, I have made a decision. I've decided to go with another Away bag since I loved so many features on the one I took to Egypt last October.   It absolutely … [Continue Reading...]

I’m Pretty Sure I Hold the Title for the Most Botched Furniture Deliveries

Console Table, Book Shelves with Drawer

Welcome to the 527th Metamorphosis Monday! If they were giving out awards for the most botched furniture deliveries, I have no doubt I would be in the running for first place! So though I don't have a finished project to share, at least I can share a solution I have in mind for a small ongoing problem I've been experiencing.   Just off my master bedroom is a small dressing room. It was originally a bedroom but the previous owners of my home cut a … [Continue Reading...]

Flowers Upon Flowers Upon Flowers, Celebrating the Coming of Spring

Sunflower Centerpiece for Table Setting

Welcome to the 543rd Tablescape Thursday! A bit gloomy out today but I can't complain too much since we've had several days in a row of wonderful sunshine. Remember this photo I shared a while back of this Ralph Lauren plaid-on-plaid bedding ensemble? I had something like this in mind yesterday while setting a table for this week's Tablescape Thursday, only I was envisioning floral-on-floral and wondering if I could pull it off like Ralph pulled off his … [Continue Reading...]

An Uninvited Dinner Guest, AKA The Bear Who Came to Dinner

Bear checking out deck in Tennessee

Have you ever had an uninvited dinner guest? Recently I mentioned in a post about some critters who were trying to take up residence inside the grill out on one of my decks. Since I so rarely used my grill and this wasn't the first time that had happened, I ended up giving the grill to a friend. Linda, a BNOTP reader, occasionally has uninvited guests visit her deck, too. What would you do if you looked out your breakfast window and saw this?!   Oh … [Continue Reading...]

All My Favorite Beauty Products, Including Some Inexpensive Drug Store Favorites

Clinique Pep Start Moisturizer

Welcome to the 526th Metamorphosis Monday! When it comes to makeup, I've always just gone with just a few basics for daily wear. It's not that I don't love how a full face of makeup looks on others, because I really do. It's just that I don't have the patience to spend more than about 3 minutes on makeup each day. Also, as I've gotten older, I find that less is definitely better. For this week's Met Monday, I'm sharing what I use each day, especially a couple … [Continue Reading...]

5 BNOTP Readers Are Going to England + A Bucket List Upgrade for My Flight

Delta One Flight

From time to time I get comments or e-mails from Between Naps On The Porch readers asking if I would consider putting a trip together. I love that idea but I've never really planned a trip before. For all the trips I've taken, I've always left the details up to the experts. Recently Laura, a friend, and a retired College English professor, put together a 10-day Literary Tour to England with the help of a British travel agent. I almost didn't mention this trip on … [Continue Reading...]

Bunny Cottontails and Beautiful Florals: A Little Springtime Dish Shopping

Bunny Floral plates for spring and Easter

Welcome to the 542nd Tablescape Thursday! Yesterday I stopped by Pier 1 to see what new goodies they had in for spring. The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in the door was this fluffy pile of bunny ears and cottontails. lol   I had to see what they were so I looked a bit closer. Ohhh, they're little burlap wraps to go around the back of a chair. Sooo cute! Would love a set for my chairs on the porch! If you need some of these for your … [Continue Reading...]