Critters on My Feet, Part II

Chipmunk Eating Peanuts

Recently I shared a photo of some adorable scuffs I had purchased for my daughter-in-law and for myself. I got the raccoon version for myself and the kitty version for her.   I've enjoyed these scuffs so much, I couldn't resist buying one more pair. This time I went for the moose! I took this photo outside because they are a subtle forest green that's hard to capture inside. I love wearing these scuffs when I'm home, they go on pretty much the minute … [Continue Reading...]

Deck “Before And After” with “Lodge Brown” Solid Stain for the Deck and Railings

Bottle Tree for Deck

Welcome to the 456th Metamorphosis Monday! Sorry this is going up a bit late. The painters are here finishing the staining of the basement door so I've been downstairs working with them this morning. The makeover of the two decks on the back of my home is complete. I like the brown railing a lot more than I ever thought I would. The stain color is Sherwin Williams, Lodge Brown.   Before, when the railing was white, it showed … [Continue Reading...]

A Closet Update: Hacking Shelves for Boot & Shoe Storage Solution

Boot and Shoe Storage

Years ago, shortly after my home was built in the early 1980's, the first owners turned the bedroom that's beside the master bedroom, into a dressing room/closet area. (Read more about that in this post: If These Walls Could Talk: A Mystery Alcove. The bedroom was around 12 x 13 feet and they closed off the door/entrance from the upstairs hallway and cut a large double opening from the master bedroom, into the room. They added two long closets with bifold doors … [Continue Reading...]

3 Halloween Table Settings & A Halloween Craft

Inspiration Setting for Halloween

Welcome to the 473rd Tablescape Thursday! Things are still a bit crazy around here with furniture still piled into the breakfast room and the deck furniture piled onto the porch. Fortunately, they are coming today to put everything back onto the deck now that it's dry. Looking forward to getting everything back to normal! Update: Sorry this post is going up a bit late...painters arrived while I was creating it and I had to help with moving the deck furniture … [Continue Reading...]

A Visit to Marie’s on All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween Lantern Lit Up at Night

I'm working on a little project inside one of the closets in my bedroom, and as usual, I've run into a little snag. It wouldn't be one of my projects without at least one complication popping up involving a need for a mere 1/4 inch. It's always those little quarter inches that get me! lol Looking forward to sharing this little update soon.   In the meantime, let's go visit my friend, Marie! Marie decorates her home for Halloween in the most amazing … [Continue Reading...]

Door & Deck Progress and A2 Milk Finally Reaches Georgia

Paint a Railing Brown for Easier Maintenance

Welcome to the 455th Metamorphosis Monday. During the summer of 2016, I visited my son and daughter-in-law in Ohio. While shopping in a nearby grocery store I learned all about A2 Milk and gave it a try, not expecting it to really "work." A2 Milk comes from cows that naturally only produce the A2 protein in their milk and not any of the A1 protein. From what I've read, milk from cows who naturally produce the A2 protein is easier for folks to digest since it … [Continue Reading...]

Wardrobe Additions & How to Keep Boots from Losing Their Shape and Falling Over

Frye Boots, Handbag and Tote

Work continues on the decks but they are getting close now to being done. The basement door-staining project inside has been a nail biter. I gave my painters a stained piece of trim (left over from when the hardwood flooring was installed in the living room) so they would have something for matching the door stain to the surrounding judges paneling. The first stain they tried on the door wasn't remotely close--like night and day. Next, they had the paint store do … [Continue Reading...]

Blue Willow & A Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece for an Autumn Table

Blue Willow for Fall Autumn Table, Orange Accents

Welcome to the 472nd Tablescape Thursday! We've decided to skip fall and winter here in Georgia this year. As you can see, the trees are still green and leafy in my back yard, and yesterday was in the 80's. Today we'll reach 85! I'm really not complaining, though. I love summer and love the heat. I wonder when fall arrives, if it will just hit all at once and all the leaves will change and fall off the trees overnight.   The deck work, painting, … [Continue Reading...]