Eek! Uninvited Guests Crash Jackie’s Halloween Dinner Party!

Halloween Skeleton Dinner Party

Welcome to the 787th Tablescape Thursday! This is our last Tablescape Thursday before Halloween is here, and I have a very creative, fun table to share with you this week. Recently, Jackie had a special dinner party planned with friends, but before her dinner guests arrived, some uninvited dinner guests crashed the party! Yikes!   Jackie said, "This year the theme is ''An Evening with Hitchcock and Poe.' The Kitchen is “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful, Cozy Books: The Books I Crave When Autumn Arrives

When autumn arrives and the cooler weather starts moving in, my heart tells me it's time to bring out all the woolly throws, make a nice, steaming mug of hot cocoa, and pull a book from my shelves that I know will be filled with cozy imagery and charming stories.   In today's post, I'm sharing some of my favorite cozy "house" books--homes filled with beautiful warm, rich interiors. These are the books I crave this time of year--they are like a soft, … [Continue Reading...]

A Wonderful Dollhouse Before & After: The Restoration Is Complete

I'm back today with Part 2--the reveal of Elena's wonderful dollhouse renovation/restoration. If you missed yesterday's post, check it out first so you can see the condition the house was in before Elena worked her magic. You'll find Part 1 here: A Wonderful Dollhouse Before & After: The Restoration Begins. If you remember from yesterday, the railing and balusters of this porch area were broken and many were completely missing. Also, the opening to the porch … [Continue Reading...]

A Wonderful Dollhouse Before & After: The Restoration Begins

Welcome to the 769th Metamorphosis Monday! When I was growing up, I never had a dollhouse. Did you have one when you were little? I never even remember seeing a dollhouse when I was little, I guess none of my friends had them, either. I didn't really become aware of dollhouses until I was much older, but once I did become aware of them, it made me really wish I had had one growing up. One day many years ago while I was out antiquing, I came across an adorable … [Continue Reading...]

Fall-Winter Survival Favorites & What I’m Buying In The 30% Off Winter Clothing Sale

Happy Weekend! It has been quite chilly here the last few nights although I think we're going to warm up a little this week--just in time for Halloween. I've noticed the leaves are definitely changing now and starting to fall. The cooler temps have had me dreaming of cozy evenings inside, burning candles while sipping yummy hot chocolate. Every season has its own special moments, doesn't it? Though I'm always sad to see summer ending, as fall moves in I begin to … [Continue Reading...]

3 Whimsical Halloween Tables + A Gardening Project That Ended With A New Tablecloth

Welcome to the 786th Tablescape Thursday! I have not one, but three delightful Halloween tables to share with you today! BNOTP readers are so creative and I know you'll find these tables as imaginative and fun as I did. Recently, Norma, who lives in the south of France, was having some extensive landscaping and structural work done in her garden that required some very large equipment. Would you ever think a new tablecloth would come out of a large-scale … [Continue Reading...]

Whimsy In The Kitchen, My Favorite Lemon Pepper Seasoning & Incredible Cookware

Cute Toothpick Holder, Deer in tall grass

So, you all know that I'm a bit of a lazy cook. I do enjoy cooking/baking when friends or family are here, but the rest of the time, I go for the fastest, easiest meal I can make. My favorite food that I enjoy at least once a week, sometimes more, is Lemon Pepper Chicken. Over the years I've tried various Lemon Pepper seasonings and I've found them all to be about the same--until recently! Oh my gosh, have you ever tried Newman's Own Lemon … [Continue Reading...]

New Blinds For The Basement & A Minor Repair You May Find Helpful

New Wood Blinds for the Basement

Welcome to the 768th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Monday--how was your weekend? I hope it was awesome! I have two Before and Afters to share for this week's Met Monday--one is kinda small, but will hopefully, prove helpful, and another one that was a bit pricey but I'm glad to have completed.   Let's start with the pricey one--if you've been reading BNOTP for the past year or so, you know I've been working on finishing my partially renovated basement. … [Continue Reading...]

Adorably-Scary, Figural Halloween Pillows at Budget-Friendly Prices

A few years ago I came across these adorable fuzzy pumpkin pillows in Pottery Barn. Though they were a bit on the pricey side, I couldn't resist collecting one or two.   They came in three sizes/colors and I liked them so much, I ended up collecting the whole bunch. Hard to see but the smallest one is a deep green color.   They seem to end up in a different place in my home every year...I love trying them out in new … [Continue Reading...]

A Whimsical Halloween Table Set With My Absolute Favorite “Halloween” China

Halloween Napkins, Orange and Black Plaid Napkins

Welcome to the 785th Tablescape Thursday. It's gettin' chilly around here so I had to take advantage of the warmer weather today for at least one more table setting here on the porch.   This table is similar to the one I set for Halloween last year except for a few changes in the tablecloth, glassware, centerpiece, and its location here on the porch.   The arched-back, black-cat stemware is from Overstock a few years … [Continue Reading...]