An Appliance Slider Tray For My Kitchen, Love How It Works!

Great Pull-out Appliance Tray for Mixer, Toaster or Coffee Maker

Welcome to the 742nd Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? Hope it was a great one! Last Monday I shared a full, down-to-the-studs kitchen renovation my son and daughter-in-law just recently completed in their home. If you missed that post, you'll find it here: This 1970s Kitchen Just Got a Dramatic, Down-to-the-Studs Renovation.   As part of a yay-we-have-a-new-kitchen and early, joint birthday celebration, I gifted them a new coffee maker. For … [Continue Reading...]

Successful Bird Rescue & Finally Finding That Perfect Beachy, Aqua-Blue Top

Best Linen Shirts, the perfect linen shirt for summer

Oh my goodness, what a day! I spent almost two hours today rescuing a baby Wren that somehow managed to find his way into my chimney/fireplace. That rarely happens, like once every 10 years. Instead of going out the wide open door onto the porch, a door he hopped right by several times, he kept hopping behind various furniture pieces. He was so cute talking to his Mom who was chirping for him outside. When she chirped, he would chirp right back. I was finally able … [Continue Reading...]

Ma Maison, My Favorite Dinnerware For Porch Dining

Ma Maison, Favorite Porch China Dinnerware

Welcome to the 759th Tablescape Thursday! It's been ages since I've flown anywhere, so a long time since I've been through the Atlanta Airport. Instead of taking the Plane Train, I decided to walk to the baggage claim/pickup area and was surprised to come across this beautiful scene!   I felt like I was in a tropical forest. I wish more of the ceilings throughout the airport were done this way! It truly felt magical! Have you been through this area of … [Continue Reading...]

Pull-out Appliance Tray/Stand, Protects Kitchen Cabinets & Undercabinet Lighting

De'Longhi True Brew Coffee Maker on Pullout Tray

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments left on Monday's post where I shared a dramatic, long-awaited kitchen renovation my son and daughter-in-law just completed in their home. Just as their renovation was coming to a close, I came across an awesome coffee maker that I was pretty sure they would love, especially my son who has been literally searching for years for the perfect coffee maker. I am thrilled to say that he absolutely loves this one and it has … [Continue Reading...]

This 1970s Kitchen Just Got a Dramatic, Down-to-the-Studs, Beautiful Renovation!

Incredible Kitchen Renovation, Before Renovation

Welcome to the 741st Metamorphosis Monday! If you love a dramatic Before and After, you're going to love today's reveal! My son and daughter-in-law live in an older neighborhood where many of the homes were built in the early 1900s. I think their home was built in the early 1920s, if I'm remembering correctly. The previous owners did a kitchen update at some point, we're guessing in the 1970s based on the design. When my son/DIL moved in, they had the walls and … [Continue Reading...]

A Ray of Sunshine On A Beautiful Spring Day!

Spring Easter Table in Yellow and Green

Welcome to the 758th Tablescape Thursday! I'm currently visiting family and it has turned cold again! I jokingly told my son and DIL that their weather hates me because it was in the 70s just before I arrived and goes back up to the 70s the day after I leave. Hope you are seeing some sunshine and warmer temps where you live! Recently I heard from Norma, who lives in the south of France. Norma said, "I am sending you a recent tablescape that I shared with friends. … [Continue Reading...]

A Spring Table Setting With The Most Adorable Bunny-Themed Dinnerware

I have a wonderful spring table setting to share with you today! Brenda, a lovely BNOTP reader, set a beautiful table for Easter and I found myself wanting to collect everything I saw on her table. lol I know you're going to love it as much as I do!     In this photo, we get a glimpse of the dinnerware Brenda chose for her table--do you see the adorable bunny bowl?   Beautiful floral Centerpiece! I asked Brenda about the … [Continue Reading...]

2 Before And Afters: 1 For Plant Lovers And 1 For The Puzzlers

For Puzzle Lovers, Attaching Clips to Puzzle Board

Welcome to the 740th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was great! I have two little updates to share for this week's Met Monday. You may remember last winter, I attempted to winter over the geraniums I usually have out on one of my decks during the spring/summer instead of just letting them freeze and purchasing more the next spring. Last year was so successful, I decided to try it again. I'm happy to say, it worked great again this year, … [Continue Reading...]

My Go-To Style For Easy Summer Outfits

A few days ago I purchased two more pairs of white jeggings from Talbots. I really love their jeggings because they don't fit super snug, they are a bit more of a relaxed jegging fit. They have a good sale going on right now: Buy 1, get 1 50% off, so I purchased two more pairs here: Regular Fit White Jeggings.   If your waist is a good bit smaller as compared to your hips, I really recommend their curvy fit. I often buy those in their slim-leg pants, … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Tables–So Much Inspiration From Aris

Welcome to the 757th Tablescape Thursday! Aris, a lovely BNOTP reader, enjoys entertaining. She has a wonderful group of friends who love gathering for her fabulous dinner parties! Recently, I heard from Aris and she wrote: Dear Susan, I thoroughly enjoy your tablescapes blogging, but I don’t do any social media myself. I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of what I’ve done with inspiration from you and your tablescape Thursday gals. Included with her email, … [Continue Reading...]