2 Beautiful Tables, A Snowy Christmas Mantel & A Lovely Hand-crafted Church

Beautiful Snowy Winter Themed Mantel

Welcome to the 690th Tablescape Thursday! Jackie shared her beautiful Thanksgiving table just after Thanksgiving. It was so pretty, I couldn't wait another whole year to share it with you!   Being a Thanksgiving table, Jackie went with a color scheme in beautiful autumn browns, reds, creams, and deep greens for this tablescape.   Of course, being Thanksgiving, there had to be a sassy turkey strutting his stuff down the center of the … [Continue Reading...]

So, You’re Not Going To Believe What I Just Ordered!

Beautiful Display Case for LEGO Home Alone House

Initially, I tried to resist, but in the end, it was futile! Soooo, a month or so back I tripped across this new, just-out LEGO set while shopping for Christmas gifts online. These days, I never look at LEGO sets unless I'm specifically shopping for a gift for one of my grandsons. I used to buy them all the time for their dad who loved them as much as they do now. This new set caught my eye because it features one of my favorite movie houses (if not my favorite) … [Continue Reading...]

Wow! Amazing the Transformation Curtains/Drapes Can Make in a Room!

Velvet Drapes for the Bedroom

Welcome to the 672nd Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Monday Morning! I hope your weekend was amazing! This past week I've been working here in the bedroom.   After adding this Charles Pinson Giclee painting over the bed recently and seeing the way it really transformed how this room looked and felt, it got me motivated to make another change in this space that I've thought about doing for many years--the addition of fabric window treatments. I already … [Continue Reading...]

A Small Upgrade That Functions Better & Looks More Professional

Coming up back Staircase, Upstairs Living Room

I made a very small change recently here in the upstairs family room and thought I'd share it in case you have a need for something similar. A while back I shared a new lamp I had just purchased for this room.   You can see the new lamp there on the left atop the old, book-bound Macon Telegraph newspapers my sister, Glenda, gave me many, many years ago. To read more about the new lamp and how Glenda came to collect these very old, bound newspapers, … [Continue Reading...]

All The Things! A Gift Giving Guide for Christmas & the Holidays

How's your Christmas/Holiday shopping going? If you're struggling a bit or looking for some last-minute items, here are some of my favorites. You hear me rave about L.L. Bean's Wicked Good Slippers allll the time because my son and daughter are always asking for these when their birthday or Christmas rolls around. They are crazy about them! They come in a ton of different styles.   This is the style my son prefers (below) and my daughter-in-law … [Continue Reading...]

Toy’s Delight, A Fantasy Christmas Table Setting

Christmas Table with Toy Centerpiece

Welcome to the 689th Tablescape Thursday! Merry Christmas! I hope your December is going amazing and is not too stressful. I had a rather stressful day yesterday involving a delivery gone very wrong--can share more on that later in case you're interested, so this table didn't get set until very late last night. Some of the photos were taken last night but I was also able to snap a few this morning. I love it when I can take pictures in natural light since those … [Continue Reading...]

November Favorites & One of These May Surprise You

Arriving Home by James Farmer

Any post sharing my favorites for this past month has to include the cute Chickadee and Pine Flannel Sheets I tripped across a few weeks back. After they arrived and I saw how nice they were, I immediately ordered another set. Love 'em! If you need a cozy, heavy-weight flannel sheet for your winter bed, you'll find these here: Chickadee and Pine Organic-Cotton Flannel Bedding. Of course, this beautiful, nostalgic giclee painting of the historic Governor's … [Continue Reading...]

25 Beautiful, Festive, Fun Ways to Decorate & Prepare for Christmas

Make this Pottery Barn Inspired Garland for Your Home

Welcome to the 671st Metamorphosis Monday! Here they are, rounded up all in one post, some of my most favorite ways to get ready for the Christmas holidays! I hope you find this helpful as you decorate, craft, cook, and prepare for Christmas! You may want to bookmark this post for future reference if you see something you would love to make or do as Christmas draws closer. Also, please feel free to pin any of the images to Pinterest if you find that helpful … [Continue Reading...]

Repurpose Your Old Record Albums Into Unique, Exciting Wall Art!

Repurpose Old Record Albums or Record Album Covers

When I visited with my friend, Teresa recently, this was the bedroom where I stayed. I was absolutely enthralled with how she had decorated above and around the bed!   Instead of tossing out or donating her old record albums from yesteryear, she turned them into exciting wall art!   Do you still have all your old albums from days past?   I love this idea so much! Old record albums often have really interesting covers and … [Continue Reading...]

New Drapes for the Bedroom, What Do You Think?

Worn Green Velvet Drapes for Bedroom

A few weeks ago I shared this Chuck Pinson Giclee painting that I added above my bed. Not sure how it comes across in the photos but in person it completely transforms the feel of this room. It adds so much beauty and warmth to this space and I love seeing it every time I walk into the room.   As I mentioned in that previous post, if a painting can do that to a room, maybe it was time I got serious about adding drapes to the windows in this room, … [Continue Reading...]