My November Favorites + A Few Extras

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! I just realized yesterday that I had never gotten around to sharing my November favorites. This time of year, Cutemol always makes the list as I'm using it at least once a day to avoid having my fingertips crack in the dry cold weather. Cutemol is a life-saver. My daughter-in-love loves it so much, she subscribes to it for monthly deliveries. It's also a miracle worker on heels/feet, and I'm not kidding! It can transform … [Continue Reading...]

Planning for More Storage in the Basement, Do You Recognize This Ikea Cabinet?

Welcome to the 725th Metamorphosis Monday! A couple of months ago I shared this photo of the semi-finished side of my basement prior to having it painted. Everything seen in the photo below was moved over to the unfinished side during the painting process.   In January, the walls on the unfinished side will be dry-walled/sheetrocked.   After talking with several drywall companies, the general consensus was to leave the two concrete … [Continue Reading...]

It’s Finished! Welcome to My Cozy Bookstore Book Nook

Books about Books with Booknook of a Bookstore

I should have known when I purchased a book nook kit I wouldn't be able to leave it alone until it was finished. I'm the same way when doing a puzzle. I'm always so eager to see it completed, it calls my name and haunts me until it's done. When I last shared this Bookstore Book Nook that I had just started, it was only this far along: a few pictures and a couple of shelves on one side wall, and a cute window scene on the back wall.   I had just a few … [Continue Reading...]

7 Centerpiece Ideas for Your Christmas Holiday Table

12 Days of Christmas Table with Goose Magnolia Centerpiece

Welcome to the 742nd Tablescape Thursday! Over the past few weeks, my internet has been cutting in and out. With all the rain we've had recently, it's gotten 10x worse. The cable company is supposed to arrive any time now so this post will be short on words, but hopefully, you'll find it helpful as you prepare your holiday tables this year. Sometimes the toughest part of setting the table is coming up with a centerpiece. Here are a few that I've put together over … [Continue Reading...]

3 Fun, Unique Gift Ideas, Including One for the Person Who Already Has Everything

I'm always trying to think of fun gifts for my friends and family. I usually try to give them something from their wish list, but I also like to sneak in something they weren't expecting--a little surprise, or maybe even a BIG one. Ha! Explosion Gift Boxes: If you have someone on your gift list who is impossible to buy for, one idea is an Explosion Gift Box. I purchased two of their Halloween Explosion Gift Boxes for my grandsons this past Halloween and OH. MY. … [Continue Reading...]

Building An Enchanting Book Nook

Welcome to the 724th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I got a bit of disappointing news on Friday--the drywall company that was supposed to start the drywall process in the unfinished side of the basement this week is putting me off for a couple of weeks. At the last minute, he had a huge job come in, a customer who is having him smooth out all the ceilings throughout her whole home. Here where I live, a lot of older homes have these stippled … [Continue Reading...]

Caught Some Amazing Sales Today & Finished My Christmas Gift Shopping

I've been shopping for Christmas gifts over the past week and I've found some wonderful treasures. If you've got a few friends and loved ones still on your list, I hope some of these suggestions will be helpful. So when you're shopping for gifts, you have to buy a little something for yourself, right? Hee, hee. I have been wanting one of these adorable book nooks for a long time, but the ones I always liked were more than I wanted to spend. I came across this one … [Continue Reading...]

Cozy Candlelit Dinner with Lenox Winter Greetings

Red Dining Room, Crystal Chandelier, Venetian Glass Mirror

Welcome to the 741st Tablescape Thursday! We're dining by candlelight in the dining room this week. Why do I have the sudden urge to insert "with Colonel Mustard" into that sentence? ;)   Most of these photos were taken by candlelight or the early morning light coming in through the windows, along with a little bit of light from the lamps on the sideboard. One great thing about taking these photos here in the dining room--it forced me to finally … [Continue Reading...]

Am I Skipping Christmas This Year?

Advent Calendar on Pillow, Christmas Pillow

Have you ever read the book, Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham--THE John Grisham who normally writes exciting mystery/adventure novels? It's a good one if you haven't read it. It was eventually made into a movie that was similar but not exactly like the book. So am I skipping Christmas? Well, not exactly, I did get my favorite Christmas decoration up--the wreaths. Those are always an absolute must, I just love how they look. I'm always sad when it's time to … [Continue Reading...]

A Few Updates For The Guest Room

Blue and White, Pale Yellow Walls, Guest Room

Welcome to the 723rd Metamorphosis Monday! It's dark and rainy out so I had a tough time getting some decent photos this morning. Yellow walls seem to completely freak out my camera. The walls in my guest room are a pale yellow, not the dark yellow they appear below.   This photo is a bit more accurate, but still too dark. The yellow you see above the secretary is a bit more accurate. I am thinking of having this room painted but not sure if I'll … [Continue Reading...]