8 Spring-Summer Table Settings with Floral Centerpieces

Welcome to the 608th Tablescape Thursday! Since I'm not at home with access to my dishes, I thought this week I'd share an outdoor setting using this beautiful picnic basket I ordered recently. Unfortunately, it still hasn't arrived. I hope it arrives soon because I can't wait to take it on a picnic. (See more of this basket here: Picnic Basket.) So instead of a picnic, how about a floral celebration! Everything here has been blooming beautifully, so I … [Continue Reading...]

Nancy’s April Favorites and The Ones I’m Buying for Myself

Best Air Fryer, A Favorite

Each month I share my favorites from the month before, the products/ things I love and that add significant value to my quality of life. For this month's favorites, I thought it would be fun to share my daughter-in-law, Nancy's favorites. I ask Nancy for a list and after reading about some of her favorites, I've ordered quite a few of them for myself. Several of Nancy's friends have been singing the praises of this air fryer. Have you heard of air fryers? I had … [Continue Reading...]

Springtime Fun: Let’s Go On a Picnic!

Picnic Basket for 4, Insulated

Welcome to the 589th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently, we went picnicking in beautiful Smith Gardens. We had sooo much fun, we are hoping to do a lot more picnics this spring and summer.   I thought it would be fun to upgrade our picnic supplies, so this weekend I went picnic shopping and found the cutest baskets! I wanted a picnic basket that would work for four adults and found several that I absolutely loved! For this week's Met Monday, I'm … [Continue Reading...]

How We’re Zooming (and Escaping) While Stuck Inside

If you're stuck inside, my philosophy is you might as well have some fun with it. Over the past few weeks, my grandsons have had a few virtual meetings with their classmates, hosted by their teacher. After a couple of those, I got an idea. I ordered some fun backdrops for their meetings like the one shown below. I also ordered a couple I thought my daughter-in-law, Nancy, would enjoy for some of the Zoom get-togethers she has with friends every Friday … [Continue Reading...]

9 Spring Table Settings, Perfect for Mother’s Day, Too!

Mother's Day Tablescape with Floral Centerpiece

Welcome to the 607th Tablescape Thursday! Since Mother's Day is this coming weekend, for this week's Tablescape Thursday I'm sharing nine tables I've put together over the years that would easily work as a table setting for Mother's Day. These tables aren't just for Mother's Day, though--they would work well for a spring or summer table setting, too. This is going to be a really strange Mother's Day for so many because even though their mothers may still be … [Continue Reading...]

A New Bag for Walks-Hikes, Gifts for My Son and More Summer Wardrobe Updates

Welcome to the 588th Metamorphosis Monday! Pssst: I'm sharing some awesome deals I've scored on spring clothing the past few days at the end of this post, including some great shirts for the guys. So if that's of interest, check those out at the end of the post. A Bag for Walks and Hiking Whenever I visit my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, we always go hiking on the weekends and for walks during the week. Since I've been here, we've taken quite a … [Continue Reading...]

If Ya Gotta Wear One, It Might As Well Be Pretty

Face Masks, Lilly Pulitzer Style Fabric

Recently here in Ohio, the Governor made a strong recommendation that everyone wears a mask when shopping. Also, a business/shop (if they wish) can require that you wear a mask when shopping in their store. Regular masks have been impossible to purchase locally and online so I decided to look for something handmade (and hopefully pretty) online. I wanted something as cheerful and springy as possible. I ordered two masks made in a Lilly Pulitzer style … [Continue Reading...]

A Beautiful Blue & White Vintage and Antique Dish Collection

Welcome to the 606th Tablescape Thursday! A few days ago I shared Phyllis's beautiful living room renovation including the wonderful cabinetry her husband, Jerry, built to display her blue and white china and transferware collection. If you missed that previous post, you'll find it here: Stunning Room Renovation: Perfect Display Space for Beautiful Transferware. After seeing this gorgeous display, I asked Phyllis is she could share a few close-ups and some … [Continue Reading...]

A Spring Visit to Beautiful Smith Gardens, Oakwood, Ohio

Are you getting out for walks now that the temps are warming up? We've had a lot of rainy days but on the pretty ones, we love going for long walks. I love this time of year when the trees and flowers are all blooming. I'm sort of experiencing two springs since the daffodils and a lot of the flowering trees had already bloomed before I left Georgia to head to Ohio. When I arrived, the daffodils weren't blooming, so I got to enjoy spring all over again. For a … [Continue Reading...]

Stunning Room Renovation: Perfect Display Space for Beautiful Transferware

DIY Add Beautiful Cabinetry to Living Room for Display Storage

Welcome to the 587th Metamorphosis Monday! Good Morning! Hope you are staying well and enjoying some beautiful weather in your area. We've been taking a lot of walks, I think it does us all so much good to get out of the house, especially now that spring has arrived in our area. Last Monday, I shared Phyllis's amazing Before and After of the armoire below. She and her hubby, Jerry, have some serious skills!   This is how the armoire looked after … [Continue Reading...]