2 Beautiful, New Lamps–Unique in Color and Size, Crazy About Both!

Welcome to the 656th Metamorphosis Monday! Thanks so much for all your input on Friday's post! Appreciate all of your suggestions so much! After three weeks in Ohio, I'm back home now. The weekend was spent unpacking, going through mail, washing clothes, and all the catch-up stuff that usually needs to be done after a few weeks away from home. The two lamps I ordered prior to my trip arrived and I'm so excited to share how those turned out with you in today's … [Continue Reading...]

HomeGoods Shopping Trip: What Would You Keep & What Would Go Back?

A few days ago when I visited HomeGoods, I was surprised by how many things they had in for creating pretty tables and decorating for the holidays.  It felt like old times as I walked through and checked out the new offerings for fall. When I shop for items I may want to use in table settings or my holiday decor, I love to find pieces that aren't necessarily holiday-themed so that I can use them all throughout the year. Tiered servers like this one are great for … [Continue Reading...]

Tablescape and Holiday Shopping for Autumn–So Many Temptations!

Welcome to the 673rd Tablescape Thursday! Hope you are staying well and haven't caught this yucky summer cold that seems to be going around. Thankfully, my cold is much, much better now. Whenever I visit family in Ohio, I love venturing out to check out the tablescaping goodies in this area of the world. I made a fun and very productive trip to HomeGoods yesterday and picked up quite a few goodies that I'll be taking back home. I hope to share everything I bought … [Continue Reading...]

When I Move One Day, These Are Going With Me


Many years ago when I used to go out antiquing almost every weekend, I ran into a good friend in a local antique shop. I was so surprised to see someone I knew in this large, but kinda off-the-beaten-path shop. She was headed out the door with a big brass chandelier in her hands. I complimented her on her awesome find, it was a beautiful chandelier! As she made her way toward the door, she shared that she was in the process of moving. She had bought a lake home … [Continue Reading...]

Bow Lipstick Case Repair & A Tale of Two Throws

House of Sillage Bow Lipstick Collection

Welcome to the 655th Metamorphosis Monday! A few years back I shared these absolutely gorgeous lipstick cases by the House of Sillage. I think I first came across them in a post on Instagram and I was smitten!   House of Sillage periodically comes out with new additions and they are always beautiful. Over the last few years, I've added to my collection and I use them all the time. I use them in a similar fashion to the way I enjoy my perfume … [Continue Reading...]

2 Summery Table Settings & 1 Beach-Themed Hutch Makeover

Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Dinner on the Porch

Welcome to the 672nd Tablescape Thursday! Happy Summer! I hope you are staying well! Unfortunately, I'm sick with a yucky cold. When I arrived at my son's home, my youngest grandson was sick with what appeared to be a nasty, summer cold. I've been watching him this week while his parents are working so guess who has a cold now. Ugh. I had planned to go out somewhere yesterday to check out the tablescaping goodies in the local stores here--thought it would be … [Continue Reading...]

Warehouse Sale, Up to 75% Off, Ending in 6 Hours–Wish I Had Found It Earlier!

I just discovered a few minutes ago that some of my favorite stores have a huge Warehouse Sale going on and many things are 50-75% off! I wish I had seen the sale earlier since there are only a few hours left (6 hours left as I write this) and the sale ends today. Below I'm sharing a few of my faves and I'll add to this post as I continue to shop the sale.   I've always wanted a piece of Le Creuset, if for no other reason than just to have setting … [Continue Reading...]

A Hike to Possum Creek & Can You Identify the Vegetables Growing in the Garden?

Welcome to the 654th Metamorphosis Monday! Since I'm currently visiting with family, I don't have a Before and After to share from home. So how about a hike to Possum Creek today? My son, dil, and grandsons love going for long walks and hikes and I love it, too. This is the bag I always use when we head out. Last night we walk to a restaurant that's around 1-1/2 miles from the house and this was the bag I carried. I always stick my cell phone in the outside … [Continue Reading...]

My July Favorites & Today is the Last Day of the Sale!

Today is the last day of the Nordstrom sale, only 13 hours left and the sale will be gone for another year. I ended up purchasing these Mother-of-Pearl heart earrings after a friend of mine purchased them and said they were beautiful! (Thanks, Susan!) That was all the push I needed. Can't wait until they arrive! They are available on sale here: Mother-of-Pearl Drop Earrings. The other item I am still seriously eyeing is these Chelsea boots I shared … [Continue Reading...]

Planning Ahead for Autumn-Fall Dining and Entertaining

Welcome to the 671st Tablescape Thursday! Thanks for all your input on yesterday's post and all the wonderfully kind comments you left! Those are much appreciated and it's so nice to know that many of you still love the classic design styles as much as I do. If you ever wonder if you're alone in your love for traditional, classic decor, check out the comments left on yesterday's post HERE and you'll find that you are definitely not alone. ♥ I wasn't … [Continue Reading...]