How I Clean My Travel Tote and Protecting It From Damage on Future Trips

De Vesi Bag Protects Your Bag During Travel or at the Beach

When I traveled to England earlier this summer, I had an experience while going through security that sent me on a search. Whenever I fly domestically, or even sometimes when traveling via car, I use this blue and white bag as my travel tote. It holds everything I need and is the perfect size to be my "Personal Item" when flying. I decided to use it on an international trip for the first time when I traveled to England this past summer. It worked great but I was … [Continue Reading...]

Halloween-Thanksgiving Dinnerware Shopping & What I Couldn’t Leave Behind

Pheasant for Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Welcome to the 574th Tablescape Thursday! Yesterday I stopped by two of my favorite stores to check out the autumn dishware offerings. At first, I was completely underwhelmed, every table I saw was done in neutral tones. There were at least four dressed that way. I didn't take photos of all of them because I was really in the mood for some gorgeous fall color.   If you love neutral colors for autumn, you'll find this pattern available here: … [Continue Reading...]

A New Addition for the Master Bedroom

Best Way to Store Handbags for Easy Access

A while back in a previous post, I shared Elaine Hau's amazing handbag storage system. (See that previous post here: Great Storage Idea for Handbags or Collectibles.) I don't have a handbag collection large enough or worthy enough to need this much storage, but wow, I sure do love how it looks! If you're a handbag lover as I am, you probably feel like some handbags are little works of art, art that you get to actually carry and use anytime you wish. I love … [Continue Reading...]

Proof I Will Never Grow Up, As If You Needed It

Dinosaur Bookends

Welcome to the 555th Metamorphosis Monday! Remember the dinosaur bookends I bought for my grandson's bedroom...   ...when my daughter-in-law and I completed a full makeover of their room?   Yup, I'm talking about the ones there behind the dinosaur eggs. lol   I loved them soooo much when we did the makeover...   ...I decided I had to have a set for the bookshelves in my home office.   Here … [Continue Reading...]

A Bit of Autumn Wardrobe Styling and It’s Almost Flannel Season!

Autumn Clothing, Frye Boots, Hermes Cashmere Houndstooth Scarf, Orvis Cashmere Sweater

Just popping in for a quick update for the fashion lovers. I'm starting to get super excited about shopping for a few new winter clothes. If you are following me on my new Instagram account, UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias, you probably saw this posting where I shared a new scarf I just purchased recently from Hermes. I paired it with a few old favorites that I'll definitely be wearing again this year. Pssst: You'll find me on Instagram in these two places: … [Continue Reading...]

The Only Place I Really Feel Comfortable Shopping for Pre-loved Designer Handbags

I had never purchased a pre-loved or pre-owned designer handbag until this past spring. Even pre-owned, designer bags can be a bit on the pricey side, so I was always leery I'd get a bag that wasn't as described, or worse, a fake! What finally prompted me to take the plunge was discovering a pre-loved site that gives you a full 30 days to decide if you like the bag enough to keep it. I had been toying for a while about buying a particular handbag and was on the … [Continue Reading...]

One Last Beach-Themed Tablescape for a Late Summer Dinner on the Porch

Screened Porch Dining, Summer Dining Outdoors

Welcome to the 573rd Tablescape Thursday! We're back out on the porch this week for Tablescape Thursday. I've noticed that it's starting to get dark out earlier and earlier each day.   I'm going to miss those long summer days when it stayed daylight all the way to 9:00 pm.       The blue napkins were the starting point for this table setting. I bought those on sale back earlier in the summer from Pottery … [Continue Reading...]

My August Favorites & My First Unboxing at “Under Moonlight and Magnolias”

Candlestick Brass Lamp

Thanks so much for all the kind comments left on my post about creating a new Instagram page for sharing some of my fave fashions, handbags, perfume, etc... I've had a few folks who expressed concern in the comments of that post that I would no longer be sharing those things here on the blog.   Please don't worry because nothing is changing concerning what I share here at the blog. The new Instagram account (Under Moonlight and Magnolias) is just an … [Continue Reading...]

A Blue Painted Chest for a Beach-Themed Upstairs Family Room

Upstairs Family Room, Antique and Painted Furniture

Welcome to the 554th Metamorphosis Monday! I'm not sure why, but every time I order any kind of furniture from Amazon, my local UPS always delivers it busted up and damaged. Remember the multiple ordering attempts I made when trying to get cabinets for my garage? I ended up ordering them via Walmart and had them delivered to my local Walmart Market where I picked each cabinet up in my SUV and delivered them to my home myself. It was the only way I could get … [Continue Reading...]

Under Moonlight and Magnolias: Beautiful Fashion, Handbags, Jewelry & More!

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, So Colorful

Recently I shared a little passion of mine, collecting Hermes perfume atomizers in pretty colors.   In that previous post, I also shared the perfumes I have inside each of the atomizers. (Find that previous post here: My Hermes Perfume Atomizer Collection and the Perfume They Hold. In that post, I mentioned my collection was mostly complete and that the only other colors I would love to find were a pretty yellow and an Augusta green, the green … [Continue Reading...]