Shopping The Early Access Sale And A Favorite Out-of-Stock Item is Back!

Back in 2015, I made a small change to my front porch that had a huge impact. I changed out this dinky, not-so-nice-looking doormat for a bigger, better one.   I was amazed by how it transformed my entrance! What a dramatic difference a doormat can make! This one below looked beautiful for many years. After about 5 years, I decided to order a new one since the original one shown below was finally starting to fade a bit. I was so disappointed when I … [Continue Reading...]

Decorate Your Home for Autumn with Whimsical Touches of Halloween!

Welcome to the 715th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy New Week! I have a delightful fall decor makeover to share for this week's Met Monday! Jillian is all ready for Halloween and Autumn and the fun starts right here at the front door.   Please note: This area is designated for "Broom Parking Only, Violators Will Be Toad!" Ha!   Eeek! Bats everywhere! Love the cattail lamp!   Jillian has decorated her mantel so beautifully … [Continue Reading...]

My September Favorites–Some New Goodies and A Few Perennial Favorites

I have a variety of favorites to share this month. A few I have shared before, but they bear sharing again since I continue to use and love them on a regular basis. You may even spot a few great Christmas gifts in today's post. After setting last week's Halloween table setting for Tablescape Thursday, and using some Colonial Candle tapers in that table, I decided to check out what they had available for fall. I ended up purchasing one candle for myself and two to … [Continue Reading...]

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.” A Candlelit Table for Halloween

Candlelight Dining, Halloween Table Setting, Raven Themed

Welcome to the 732nd Tablescape Thursday! I rarely buy new dinnerware these days since I have plenty for entertaining and such, but every once in a while I'll stumble across some salad plates that steal my heart and I can't pass them up.   One of my favorite Halloween decorations, maybe even my favorite, are these spooky, blackbirds that I came across quite a few years back in Hobby Lobby. They had them in stock for a couple of years in a row and I … [Continue Reading...]

Where Would You Love to Live–Beach, City, Mountains–or Somewhere In Between?

Welcome to the 714th Metamorphosis Monday! I guess I've always been a city girl, not "hard-core city" like living in Atlanta, but more low-key city living, life in the burbs 25-30 minutes outside a big city. That lifestyle has worked well over the years, especially when my son was in elementary, middle, and high school. Back then, schools were the most important factor in choosing where to live. Recently, I've been thinking more about moving farther out, away … [Continue Reading...]

A Bit of Antiquing & An Update on the Beautiful Embroidered Fall Leaf/Acorn Cords

Yesterday, I stopped by a local antique shop to browse for a few minutes. I didn't have a lot of time to shop but I snapped a few photos to share. This dining table with 3 leaves and 6 chairs was marked at $650. The chairs are really pretty. Hard to see in the photo below, but the armchair on this end had some pretty carvings on the arms.   Do geese like carrots? I didn't know they were into carrots.   Stopped by Flourish Antiques while … [Continue Reading...]

Sharing a Few of My Favorites for the Autumn Table

Welcome to the 731st Tablescape Thursday! I've been scoping out the holiday dishware this week and there are some great sales going on right now. I did make a purchase that I can't wait to share with you in an upcoming table! I love the colors in this pumpkin dinnerware. This set includes 12 pieces, 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, and 4 appetizer plates. This is super tempting me! I already have some plates that are very similar to this, otherwise, I would be … [Continue Reading...]

5 Autumn Outfits, Embroidered Cords I Just Purchased & A Sweater I’m Stalking

Fall Fashions, Talbots, Ralph Lauren and Coach

It has been chilly here in North Georgia this week! I'm really getting excited about all the beautiful fall fashions. I just purchased these fall-themed corduroy pants today--caught them on sale.   I love, love, love the embroidered autumn leaves and acorns! Sooo dang cute! You'll find them currently on sale here: Corduroy Pants for Fall.   During the winter, I wear a lot of corduroy pants because I find them so much warmer than regular … [Continue Reading...]

Gone, Gone and Gone! Plus, Two Future Updates I Have Planned!

Garage, Cleaned and Organized

Welcome to the 713th Metamorphosis Monday! The painter finally finished with the painting here in the garage. Repainting the shutters was the last thing to be done.   I don't know why, but during the time he was here painting, it suddenly hit me that I didn't like seeing all the lanterns atop the cabinets across the back wall of the garage.   Not sure why but I just suddenly didn't like seeing them there. So you know what that … [Continue Reading...]

The Garage is Finally Done, Landscapers Who Hide Things & Very Hungry Bees!

Painting Plantation Shutters

How is your weekend going? I've been tidying up lots of odds and ends around here. The painter came back today to finish painting the plantation shutters in the garage. The first painter really botched them with drips and runs everywhere. The painter that came today had previously been out and sanded off all the drips and today he came back to paint them. They are once again in the windows of the garage and they look so much better now!   A couple of … [Continue Reading...]