2 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Tables—One Created By A Loving Hubby & One That’s Budget Friendly

Welcome to the 803rd Tablescape Thursday! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday! ❤️  I know for sure Brenda did because she wrote, "I wanted to share with you a Valentine's table setting my husband set all himself and surprised me. Normally I am the lead and he is what he calls himself “the beast of burden” carrying things in and out."   Brenda's hubby created the sweetest, most romantic table setting. I love the beautiful … [Continue Reading...]

A Festive Mardi Gras Tablescape With A Stunningly Beautiful Centerpiece!

Today was Mardi Gras! I didn't even realize that until halfway through the day. I bet if I lived in New Orleans, I would have been a lot more aware. I was curious about the dates for Mardi Gras—for some reason I was thinking it was normally in March. I did a bit of research and learned that the Carnival season always begins on Jan. 6, which is King’s Day (Feast of the Epiphany) and Mardi Gras day, also known as Fat Tuesday can fall on a different day each year. The … [Continue Reading...]

How To Make A Decorative Bee Skep For Spring Decorating Or A Spring Centerpiece

How to make a bee skep-decorative bee skep

Welcome to the 785th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy New Week! I have a fun spring craft for you this week! I don't know why but I always get a bit apprehensive when I try to make something I've never made before. I think that's the perfectionist in me coming out. Argggh! I've been working on an idea for a spring table setting, and for the centerpiece, I'd like to use a decorative bee skep. The prices of decorative bee skeps, especially larger ones, are pretty … [Continue Reading...]

My January Favorites + A Couple of Extras That Couldn’t Wait!

Happy Weekend! Okay, I'm cheating a little. This is supposed to be a January Favorites post but I want to share this with you now because I expect it will sell out pretty quickly. A few days ago I purchased this adorable Spring/Easter-themed LEGO set for my grandsons, and I thought it was so cute (and reasonably priced) that I ended up buying one for myself. I love that LEGO keeps coming out with these sets that celebrate the various holidays that occur throughout … [Continue Reading...]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting With Heart Cake Dessert & Spring Tulips

Tulip Centerpiece, Faux Tulips

Welcome to the 802nd Tablescape Thursday! With Valentine's Day just a week away, I decided it was time to bake some cute heart cakes. It has been ages since I made these for Valentine's.   I did the dumbest thing this time, though! I always, always grease and flour a cake pan when baking a regular layer cake, but for some crazy reason, I didn't flour the heart cake pan after greasing it this time. I couldn't remember if I had always done that in the … [Continue Reading...]

Cake Flour vs All-Purpose Flour, Swedish Pearl Sugar & Heart Cakes For Valentine’s Day

Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day_wm

Many years ago I made these cute heart cakes, filling them with raspberry filling. They were super easy to make and I really loved how they looked for Valentine's Day.   To make these, I used a Wilton Heart Cake Pan. (A printable recipe for these heart cakes is available here: Heart Cakes Recipe.)   I made them once again a few years later, that time filling them with homemade pink icing. I searched online to see if the heart cake pan I … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful, Dramatic Valentine’s Day Centerpiece That You Can Make In Mere Minutes!

Pink Gladiolus Floral Arrangement for Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Welcome to the 784th Metamorphosis Monday! Valentine's Day is just 9 days away. Could you use a fabulous, easy-to-make centerpiece to celebrate? My dear friend, Teresa, shared this stunning photo with me of a beautiful, whimsical arrangement created by a friend of hers, also named Teresa. I loved it the second I saw it! After a few text messages back and forth, Teresa, the owner of this lovely centerpiece and that amazing view you see in the background, graciously … [Continue Reading...]

Shopping The New Dinnerware Collections For Spring–So Much Inspiration!

Welcome to the 801st Tablescape Thursday! I am such a homebody, love being at home probably a bit too much. All the rain we've been having, combined with the cold, has made it easy to justify staying inside. But the sun is out again, at last! So I decided to head out yesterday to do a bit of window shopping, which of course often turns into actual shopping. There's a shopping center just 2-3 miles from my home that has a lot of my favorite stores like Talbots, … [Continue Reading...]

Best Purchases & My Must-Have Favorites Of 2023

Ugg Lakesider Boots for Women

I've been seeing a lot of YouTube videos this month where YouTubers have been sharing their favorite finds/purchases for 2023. I love that idea for a post but, Wow—this has been the most difficult post to write! I've been working on it off and on for a couple of weeks and it's been torture. Ha! It's so hard to narrow down all the wonderful discoveries and upgrades I've made over the past year to a reasonable number to share in a "Best Of 2023" list. So though I know … [Continue Reading...]

A New Addition To The Garage For The Rainy Days

Garage Floor Mat, Non-slip

Welcome to the 783rd Metamorphosis Monday! Thanks so much for all your amazing and much-appreciated comments on our 800th Tablescape Thursday post! I can't wait to see what the next 15 years holds. If it's half as fun as the first 15, I know it will be awesome! If you missed the Tablescape Thursday post, you'll find it here: Celebrating 800 Tablescape Thursdays & Looking Forward to Many More. No biggie updates around here for this week, just a couple of … [Continue Reading...]