Protect Your Suitcase from Scratches with a Pretty Luggage Cover

Welcome to the 506th Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? This is a long weekend for some folks since today is Columbus Day. It’s also Thanksgiving for our northern friends in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

I spent the weekend getting some things done I’ve been putting off–like spiffing up the screened porch for autumn. I haven’t done any decorating on the porch, yet–but I did take time to sweep it and give it a good mopping.

Cleaning Wood Porch Flooring


I continue to love my Mopnado! I was thinking this weekend, if I were to write a post featuring my favorite purchases over the past year, this mop would probably be a contender for the #1 spot. I absolutely love never having to touch the business end of the mop (hate squeezing out a gross mop-yuck!) and that I can just toss the mop head into the wash once I’m done.

If you need a great mop, I can’t say enough good things about this one! You can read the reviews here: Mopnado.

Mopnado Mopping System


A Travel-Related Before and After

My “Before and After” for this week’s Met Monday is travel related. For the past three years, this is the carry-on bag that has accompanied me on every single trip I’ve taken. (It’s still available here: Rolling Business Tote.)

I love it and I’m definitely not getting rid of it, but I’ve been intrigued by the Away bags I’ve been seeing on Instagram. I’ve always wished for just a bit more room in my carry-on, mainly so I’d have a little more space for bringing back souvenirs and such.


Recently I ordered a new carry-on bag as shared in this previous post: Away Carry-on Bag. It arrived this past week and I’m a little nervous about the “style” bag I chose. Away makes most of their bags in a very durable material that’s available in tons of pretty colors. But, nooooo. As usual, I had to choose the complicated option. Argggg!

Away Luggage Bags Come in Many Colors


I’m totally blaming it on Lydia! lol After I saw this photo of her on Instagram with the “aluminum” version of the Away bag, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Sooo shiny!

Away Bag, Aluminum Bigger Carry-On


My bag arrived this past week and it’s every bit as beautiful in person as it is in photos. These photos turned out a bit dark, it may look gold but it’s actually silver like Lydia’s suitcase is above.

Aluminum Away Bigger Carry-On Bag


The back…

Back of Aluminum Away Carry on Bag


You can see the true color a bit better in this photo below. One of the best features of an Away carry-on bag is the built-in battery. It will charge an iPhone or Android phone 5+ times before it has to be recharged. Love that feature!

Away Bag, Built in Battery Compartment


Access is super easy and the battery pops out if needed when going through security.

Away Bag with Built-in Battery


The Big Worry

My only worry with this bag is knowing the aluminum can dent if it gets harshly banged into something. I knew that before I purchased it but convinced myself it would be okay since it’s my carry-on, thus will normally be in my possession when traveling.

After it arrived and I started looking it over, I noticed it has “feet” down one side. I’m guessing those are for sliding the bag into the overhead bin on a plane. I was thrilled to see those little feet. I’m hoping they will help me avoid scratching it up when sliding it into the overhead bin.

In the past, I haven’t traveled a lot domestically. When I travel it’s normally overseas on a big plane with large overhead bins. During my upcoming trip to Egypt, at one point we’ll be flying on a smaller regional jet as we move from one part of Egypt to another. That has me worried because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to take this bag on board. Normally, the overhead bins on smaller planes are too small to accommodate a full-size, carry-on bag.

So, I had an idea.

Feet on Side of Away Bag


For that flight, I purchased one of the suitcase covers I’ve often seen on other bags when traveling. I doubt this cover will prevent any dents if the bag is dropped or handled roughly, but I thought it could help avoid it getting too scratched up.

Protective Luggage Cover for Aluminum Away Suitcase


Fortunately, Away has a very generous return/exchange policy. If you’re unhappy with your bag for any reason during 100 days after purchasing it, they will happily let you return it or exchange it. The Egypt trip will be the big test, glad I already had it scheduled. If my bag gets dented or damaged, I may take them up on the exchange offer and swap it for one of their other non-aluminum carry-on bags. I just don’t know if my heart can take my bag getting all dented up.

If you’ve been thinking of buying one of these covers for your bags, they come in a lot of adorable styles and in sizes to fit all bags. I purchased this one here: Bag Protector.

Protective Luggage Cover for Away Carry-on Bag


I will keep it in my bag until I need it for the regional flight. It was super easy to put on. I just pulled it on and zipped it across the bottom.

Protect Luggage from Damage with Luggage Cover


Then I connected the little strap as shown below. It only took about a minute to put it on my bag.

Protect Your Away Bag with a Luggage Cover


I purchased this cover last night. I thought it would be good to have a spare and I love this design! This cover is available in a bunch of styles/patterns here: Luggage Cover.

Luggage Protector Cover

I leave for Egypt in one week! Yikes! I think I’m ready, almost time to start packing!

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Great idea for travelers! Thanks for sharing this, Susan. I especially like the idea that my bag will be extra visible on the luggage carousel. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing about your latest adventure!

  2. What pretty bags! We just saw the gold one in a store recently and my daughter was smitten. I said no way because I thought it would get scratched up easily. Perfect timing with your solution. Back to the store we go!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  4. I’ve seen the ads for the AWAY bag. Nice to really see someone using one! I love the idea of the bag cover. All these things come out when my traveling time is coming to an end!

    • I’ll be sure to report back how it works. Hope you still get some great trips in…so many places to see, so many things to do. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to read about your Egypt experiences! Thanks!! Liz

  6. Terri Santiago says

    Have a great Egypt trip Susan !
    I just ordered the Mop from Amazon.
    What cleaning solution do you use?

    • Hope you love it, Terri as much as I love mine! I normally just used really hot water but I did something different this time when I mopped the porch. I squirted a little of the Car Guys Super Cleaner into the water that I showed in this previous post:
      It says on the front label that it’s safe on finished wood trim so I figured what the heck. lol I’ve been so impressed with how well it works on my car’s leather seats and the reviews mentioned using it on many other things, so I decided to put a little in the water. Not sure I would do that on interior wood floors but decided to try it on the porch flooring. I took that photo just as the floors were almost dry.

      I just ordered this: . I regularly used a lot of other Weiman products in my home and they are always excellent. So I’m going to give this a try the next time I mop.

    • Okay, this appears to be the product for cleaning: . I just ordered it.

  7. Great idea about the bag cover. Have you seen the ones they make out of a picture of your face? I don’t think that would be for me! No big trips for me until next September for a very special trip to London. It’s my favorite place in the world and will be my 20th trip. Always booked it all myself but this time I’m using Virtuoso Travel who are planning a very special trip. Have a wonderful time in Egypt but don’t get sick on this trip!

    • lol No, I haven’t seen those…too funny! I can see grandparents doing that with pics of their grandchildren.
      Can you believe I still haven’t seen London or Paris. I need to visit one day. Where are your favorite places to see and visit when you go to London, Ginger? I would love to hear about your trip with Virtuoso and how you like it.

      • Sure thing! I heard about Virtuoso through Flyer Talk forums (where the real road warriors hang out.) Virtuoso books the really high end trips. I always booked my own trips but I read about how Virtuoso can really pull strings and get things we mere mortals can’t so I called an agent. She is terrific. You can’t book a flight on AA until 331 days before your trip will end but she is able to put a hold on the flights I want and that was important because I want a specific seat which is very popular. Splurging on Biz class this time since miles no longer gets upgrades or free seats. She is booking me for 3-4 nights to start at the Egerton House Hotel, voted #1 European luxury hotel in 2018. She assured me she will be getting all kinds of deals there (upgrades, freebies, etc.) plus the hotel is a block and a half from the Victoria and Albert museum. She can get cooking classes for me with Michelin Star chefs if I want it and I filled out forms listing interests plus all kinds of other info in case I run into problems such as medical or lost passport. Will be going back to Highclere Castle/Downton Abbey plus who knows what else, maybe rent to BuckingPalace and always Kensington Palace. After the hotel I will be in a rental flat for a couple of weeks. The fun is in the planning and the agent is only charging me $100.00 which is usually much more.

        • That sounds amazing…like my kind of trip, well except for the chef part since I don’t like cooking that much. lol
          I can’t wait to hear more about it! That’s awesome that she can hold a seat in advance. I dream of the day I can afford to fly Business or Delta One…that would be a dream! I’m currently silver with them and I may make it to Gold by the end of the year. Would love to get upgraded on a trip, I may just splurge and pay for the upgrade one day. I would LOVE to be able to actually lay down and sleep on a long, overnight flight.
          I would love to see Highclere Castle and the Palaces. Are you going alone or with friends/hubby?

          • I got spoiled with business class when you could upgrade with miles but they never let you do that now. Probably the last trip to England so I am going to splurge. About $3500.00round trip from Guadalajara to Heathrow and trust me, I never spend that on fares. No husband and probably the hotel part I will do solo but friends may join me for the other two weeks or parts thereof. Won’t know until much later but even alone there is so much to see and do plus no language barrier. Have to search more things to do. There is the Geffrye (a real house set up exactly as it was hundreds of years ago)museum, too plus mudlarking the Thames and all kinds of walking tours. I know you would adore it. One time there was an exhibit of the Queen’s hats, another debutants presented at court in the 20th century, Churchill’s war rooms. Just fascinating.

  8. Hi Susan! I read an article recently which rated suitcases – I believe it was in the Wall Street Journal, but I’m not sure. The Away bag was included in the article. I wish I had saved it, but at the moment I am not really traveling. It’s beautiful! And I love the Bag Protector. How ingenious. You always have the most informative posts. Have a fabulous trip to Egypt.

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! Oh, I’ll Google and look for that article…sounds interesting! I hope I enjoy this bag, will have to report back how it does. Just worried about it getting dented right now. Hopefully, that won’t happen.

  9. Wow Susan,
    just one more week, you must be excited!
    Love that bag cover you chose, such a cute and great idea!
    Plus, I just fell in love with that floral tote handbag! It’s very beautiful and sooo feminine! ♥

  10. Dawn Marie says

    Your AWAY bag is absolutely stunning. Love the gold. The cover is cute. Excellent idea.
    I am so looking forward to hearing of your Egypt adventure!
    I really like the blue/white bag on your checkered stool.

    • Thanks, Dawn Marie! I can’t wait to share it with you! The suitcase is actually silver but it looks kinda gold in the photos taken out on the porch. I think the shine of the silver was freaking out my camera a bit. lol

  11. Susan, if there is anything new or pretty out there we know you will be the one to find it. The bag cover is as pretty as the travel bag. Stay safe and enjoy your trip.

  12. Does the bag cover up the TSA lock on the bag? Could that be problematic if so? Another great idea from Susan!

  13. What a great idea, tip!

  14. The cover is almost like putting a onesie on a baby! Great idea and assume the cover is washable. You are perking my interest in the mop…if I only had space to store the bucket.

    • lol I thought the same thing! It is washable. I’ve been storing mine in the garage but I decided to keep it in the laundry room from now on.

  15. I have never thought of a luggage cover. What a fabulous idea.

  16. Hope you love your away bag as much as my family likes ours. We took a 17 day trip to Europe this with all our clothes and shoes in our bags. We had backpacks for toiletries and assorted items. Plenty of room left for purchases in both my bags. My white one looks great. We flew in and drove and place our luggage in and out of the back.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

  17. Love those luggage covers; I had no idea they existed. Hope the trip is smooth but exciting–just like all you others! (Well, except for that “teeny” blip on the river cruise). Take care OK?

    • Oh, you mean when I almost died in Germany! Ha! I can laugh now, but definitely wasn’t laughing then! Thanks, Mia! I may wear a mask on the plane over and back…a little paranoid after my last trip. lol

  18. I have a Mopnado too (thanks to you!). I like it except for one thing. Maybe I’m just not doing it correctly. I found that I have to mop in a side-to-side direction only. I would prefer to go forward and back, like you do with a sponge mop. But when I do, the head tilts and the green plastic part that holds the mophead scrapes on the floor. Does that happen to you?

    • Mary Anne, I think you may not be retightening the handle after you rinse/spin–you know how the handle has to be loosened when you rinse/spin? Once you’re done rinsing and spinning the water out, retighten the handle and you should be able to mop any direction that you like…then loosen it again once you’re ready to rinse/spin.

  19. I’m looking forward to seeing how your new bag works out. I looked it up with great interest because those aluminum bags are gorgeous, but when I saw how they look after they are dented – well, for me, not so much. Especially when they said dents were to be expected. I’m going with color.
    It’s great that you have a return option. I know what a perfectionist you are. But I really appreciate your willingess to branch out and go for it and try something different and even a little risky. You will look very stylish on your travels and I know you will get lots of compliments, which though not necessary, are fun all the same.

    • I know, that photo on the Away website made me cringe. I may be swapping mine for one of the “normal” Away bags…not sure I can take the dents. Also, it’s about 4 lbs heavier than their regular bags. We’ll see how it goes on this first trip. Thanks, Yolie!

      • Sharon Walper says

        Hi Susan,
        Not sure if I missed a post/reply on your Away bag. How did you like it?

        • I loved it but found the aluminum version was too heavy for me to lift by myself and place in the overhead bin loaded down with my laptop and other heavy items that I often carry in it. So I returned it and I’m thinking about buying one of the non-aluminum Away bags. I will get the same size again…the larger carryon…the size was perfect.
          If you always travel with a guy and he’s pretty tall, he could manage the aluminum bag which is heavier than the other Away bags. I loved the bag, I just need the non-aluminum version. Also, I got a couple of dents in it on my first trip, which bothered me, too…so another reason I’m not going to get the aluminum version again.
          I loved the bag and being able to charge my phone anywhere…even did it standing in the line to board the plane. I had so many passengers asking me about it when they saw my phone sitting on the top of the bag charging as I pushed it along in the line.

  20. Cyndi Raines says

    Only 1 week away, oh my! How exciting! What wonderful sites you will see. The pyramids have always captured my attention. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Take lots of sunscreen, right? Lol Your new carry on is very pretty and so is the cover. What a smart idea!

  21. Karle Dickerson says

    Love your posts. I went to Egypt a few years ago with a group of women, wandering the markets, taking in the pyramids, the museum in Cairo, floating down the Nile on a vintage-look dahabiya straight out of a Agatha Christie novel sipping hibiscus tea. You might consider packing one of those ice/chilly neck wraps for hot days. (And be sure to dress in something you love for your photo on a camel in Giza or Nubia. Bonus points: choose the camel with an colorful,exotic saddle blanket.) I think you’re going to love Egypt! Have fun!

    • Thanks, Karle! I wish the new museum was going to be open but it doesn’t open until next year, I think. That sounds sooo cool…the ride on the Dahabiya. I saw some photos of those online. I probably won’t ride a camel this time since I did that in Morocco not too long ago. I may go for a hot air balloon ride, though. Not sure yet…may chicken out. lol

  22. Hi Susan! Karle is right about the ice neck wraps — they’re great to keep you cool. Mum bought me a couple from QVC years ago, and I use them when I’m doing yard work in the TX heat. They really work.
    What are you bringing to read on the plane to Egypt? Have you ever read Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George? A wonderful book. But get it on your kindle; the hard cover could be sold by the pound…
    Have a great, safe trip. And hubby loves your new bag, so maybe I’ll get one for Christmas!

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