12 Cleaning Products I Would Never Want To Be Without

A few days ago I received an email from Jane, a lovely BNOTP reader asking about the furniture polish I use on my furniture. Today I thought I’d do an updated post sharing a lot of the products I use around my home for cleaning, maintenance and such. The ones I’m sharing are all products I truly love and enjoy…dare say, couldn’t do without!

This is the furniture polish I’ve been using now for several years. I discovered it a few years back while antiquing. The antique shop owners raved about it and said it was the only thing they used on their furniture.

I’m super picky about what I put on my furniture and have been very pleased with this polish. It leaves my furniture looking absolutely beautiful and I really like that you never have to worry about wax buildup. It’s available here where you can also check out the awesome reviews: The Original Bee’s Wax

The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish


This is my absolute favorite cleaner for stainless steel. I don’t have stainless appliances in my kitchen, but I do have a stainless steel grill and a large stainless steel tool chest in my garage. That’s when I first discovered this cleaner–when I was looking for something to clean all the fingerprints off the chest. It was driving me crazy since the chest is the first thing I see each time I pull into the garage.

You can see how it worked on my tool chest in this previous post: How to Clean Fingerprints Off Stainless Steel & Leave a Lustrous Shine. Definitely, an awesome product if you have stainless steel appliances…the reviews really tell the story for how well it works. You’ll find it available here: Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish


I wash all my nice shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc… by hand. Mostly the only thing that goes in the washing machine are jeans, shorts, socks, towels and sheets. I’ve found over the years, if I wash my tops, sweaters, dresses, etc…by hand, they stay looking like the day I bought them much, much longer. They retain their bright colors and hold their shape so much better.

This is what I use for those items I wash by hand (excluding wool & cashmere) and it works beautifully! Will never be without it! It’s available here: The Laundress Delicate Wash.


I hate the way clothes look after they’ve been dry cleaned. I haven’t been to a dry cleaner in many, many years. For all my wool/cashmere sweaters, I wash them with this wool and cashmere shampoo. Love the results…it works beautifully!  You’ll find ts available here: The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.


After washing sweaters or any top I’m concerned may not hold its shape while drying, I lay it flat on this drying rack I purchased here: Drying Rack. I like that the legs fold down so I tuck it behind the laundry room door when not in use.

Another item I will never be without is ColorCatcher dye-trapping sheets. They totally saved a favorite shirt of mine that I thought was ruined–read about that in this previous post: How Shout Color Catcher Saved My Favorite Shirt.

After that experience, I was in awe of this product! I don’t know how it works, but I use it religiously now when washing clothes that I fear may bleed or run, even when washing them by hand. Amazing stuff! It’s available here: ColorCatcher.


A while back in THIS post I shared a problem I was having with denim transfer on my car’s leather seats. Since they looked so awful, I boldly used 409 which helped a lot. Later, I followed that up with a very light scrubbing with a Magic Eraser. That helped a lot and removed the majority of the denim transfer, but I wouldn’t want to use that often on my leather seat.

A short while later I discovered this stuff and purchased a bottle since the reviews were really good. Wow! So impressed! It removed the remaining stain from my leather seats super fast. I have no idea how it works, but it’s amazing! From the description, it appears to work on a lot of things. You’ll find it here: Super Cleaner. Be sure and check out some of the customer images that have been uploaded. Pretty amazing stuff!

Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer



I shared this awesome device when I purchased it many months ago. I love it and use it often because I don’t want to drag out my big vacuum every time the kitchen needs sweeping. I keep mine connected in my kitchen fulltime since that’s the room I most often need to sweep, but it could be used anywhere. I’ve been thinking about buying a second one for the upstairs since I use this one so much downstairs.

If there are certain rooms in your home (like the kitchen) that you prefer to sweep often in between regular vacuuming, check it out here: Eye-Vac Vacuum Cleaner

Eye-Vac Vacuum Cleaner, Great for Kitchens


The other product I use and love for keeping my floors clean is this guy. I hate handling or squeezing out a disgusting, yucky mop, plus with my old mop, I never really felt like I was getting the floor totally clean.

The Mopnado is pretty awesome! I primarily use it for moping the flooring in my kitchen, laundry room and screened porch. It definitely makes the job go much faster and easier. You can read more about it where I purchased mine here: Mopnado.

Mopnado Mopping System


Anyone else use this for cleaning their bathrooms? I love this product so much, I have one in each of my three bathrooms. I used to absolutely hate using a regular toilet brush scrubber because then you had to store that nasty thing. With this, you just pop on a cleaning sponge, clean away, then press a button to dispose of the sponge right into the trash. All you’re left to store is the nice, clean handle. So much better! Whoever thought of this product is a genius! You’ll find it here: Disposable Toilet Cleaning System.


I think everyone has probably heard about the Magic Eraser by now. I love these! Not only do they get marks off walls, I’ve used them on white cabinetry with great success, as well. You just need to go slowly since they are super effective. I always keep these on hand, they are amazing! You’ll find them here: Magic Eraser.Magic Eraser


I adore these microfiber cleaning cloths, mainly because they are like a sponge in cloth-form. In the past, when I wipe down the furniture on my screened porch, I would make a million trips back and forth to the sink to rinse out the rag I was using…or I’d have to take a big bucket of water out onto the porch to rinse the rag in.

I don’t how these cloths do it, but they hold a ton of water. Now I just wet 4-5 of them and head out to the porch where I can wipe everything down in one trip. I also use these in my kitchen for wiping down the counters and other surfaces.

They last a long time, I’m still using the first batch I purchased back in September 2017. I liked them so much, I bought a package for my daughter-in-law. I noticed the last time I visited, she was using them in her kitchen. You’ll find them here: Cleaning Cloths. They are also excellent for wiping off messy little hands and faces…had plenty of experience with that while visiting my grandchildren. 🙂

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Update: Just received an email from someone asking what silver polish I use. My absolute favorite and the only one I use is Hagerty. I’ve been using their products exclusively since I discovered that’s the only thing a very well-respected silver shop in Atlanta uses. They highly recommended it and I love how well it works.

They have several products. The two I use are their regular silver polish found here: Silver Polish.

I also love their spray silver polish, it’s probably the one I use the most. I love how it gets down into grooves and designs, those hard to reach places on silver. It’s available here: Spray Silver Polish.  Love this silver polish!

Tip: Always wear a mask when using the spray polish.

Bonus Product

Not exactly a cleaning tool, I had to include this product since the heat will soon be running again in our homes. I purchased two of these humidifiers several years ago and they are still going strong. I don’t use them during the spring/summer months, but during the winter months I used them every single day.

I run one all day in the office while I’m working, the other runs all night in my bedroom while I’m sleeping. It makes a world of difference in my comfort level during the winter months…could not survive without these guys!

Tip: To keep your warm-mist humidifier running for years and years, clean it about once a month during the fall/winter months. It’s super easy, I just soak the heating element in vinegar overnight and the mineral buildup comes off easily. I’m not big on buying anything that requires regular maintenance but these humidifiers so greatly improve my life during the winter months, they are totally worth the little maintenance they require. You’ll find them here: Warm-mist Humidifier.


I’ve probably forgotten some good things I should have mentioned. If I think of anything I meant to mention, I’ll come back and add it to the end of this post. Hope you find this helpful as we move into the holiday/party season in the months ahead!

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  1. Hi, I have read your posts for years. Love them. But speaking of cleaning products, do you have any advice for cleaning Brass.

    • Thanks, Patty! Great question! The brass pieces I have are all the polished brass that doesn’t tarnish and isn’t supposed to be cleaned (other than dusted) so I’ve never really had much experience with that. I’ve heard good things about Weiman Brass Polish, though. I think it’s available on Amazon. Maybe the BNOTP readers will have some other suggestions, as well.

  2. I love Beeswax too and have used it for years. It is wonderful for wood but also for glass, granite counter tops, etc. You can find it for $12.99 in many gift and kitchen shops and other places which is less expensive than Amazon and no shipping. While I don’t often comment, I love your blog and have gotten many great ideas from you. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Leigh! Yeah, I really love it, too…love how my furniture looks after I use. It’s almost like it’s nourishing the wood. Maybe it is. 🙂

  3. I see a few items I’ve purchased, and love using, due to your posts. I need a suggestion for grout–ugh!

    • I feel your pain! I’m not sure of a good one but if I find something with good reviews, I’ll come back and let you know. Maybe a BNOTP reader will know of good grout cleaner.

    • @Mia: Re a grout cleaner that works like a charm and is user friendly; in a small bowl combine and mix the following —
      ½ cup Baking Soda/¼ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide/1 tsp. of liquid dish soap. It will form a paste that can be applied with a soft brush (like a tooth brush). Let sit for 10 to 20 minutes and using the brush lightly scrub. Remove residue with a soft cloth (or paper towel) then rinse. -Brenda-
      P.S.: I use this in my bathrooms where I have both ceramic and/or marble tile.

  4. What would we do without our go to person Susan ? Thanks for the info.
    Color Catcher is on my list. I don’t dry my clothes either. When I stacked some wet clothes to hang, brown transferred onto my black and white top.
    I don’t know if this would work on grout, but I have asthma and can’t tolerate things that smell, I clean with peroxide and Dawn. Found the directions on eHow last year. Works great. Can’t beat the price.

  5. The Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner is the best (I use the spray)! Therapy also has a spray granite cleaner that is the best I have ever used. Actually, I may have heard about it from one of your posts a few years back!

  6. Susan, I am not the best with computers so it might be a user problem. I can’t pin any of the products. I get a blank screen. Anybody else having problems ?

    • It doing the same thing when I try to pin. I wonder if it’s Pinterest messing up or the plugin I use for pinning on the blog. I think I’ll disable this plugin and try another one to see if that fixes it. I’ll let you know once I get that done. Thanks for letting me know, Myrna!

    • Myrna, I think there may be something wrong with Pinterest. I just added another Pinterest plugin and tried it…and it did the same thing. Then I visited another person’s blog and tried to pin something from that blog, and it did the same thing.
      I’m using Chrome as my browser. What browser are you using? Hopefully, it’s something on Pinterest’s end and they will fix it. I hope it’s not a Chrome Browser issue.

  7. Susan, if I log into Pinterest and pin one of the photos, I am okay. If I go to a blog and try to pin, blank page. It’s not just your blog.

    • That is so weird…something must be wrong with Pinterest.

      • Susan, I too am wondering if there is a problem with Pinterest this week as I was experiencing a problem with SPAM in my inbox which traced back to them. What was occurring; every time I opened/viewed one of my pins that was supposedly re-pinned by another user (under their bell icon) that is when it would happen. I reported it and have since took numerous steps to prevent it however not sure if they have rectified the problem at their end as have blocked what I can on their website but haven’t viewed any re-pins to avoid a repeat of the cycle. (Hope that makes sense.) -Brenda-
        P.S.: IF any one else is experiencing the same problem and using a desk top computer; check out the *settings* for your ‘allowed and collected addresses’ that are listed under your server as well as your anti-virus program.

  8. Iam definitely ordering 2 of the toilet brushes. Wow, I just was not thinking of the use and storage of a typical brush. YUCK!!!!
    I also ordered the Shout sheets.
    Thank you for all your handy dandy cleaning items.

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    Lots of good cleaning products I’ll have to try. Great post! Thank you so much.

  10. I just started using the Beeswax polish. It is great and worked well on my husband’s leather chair as well. (That tip was given to me by the gentleman that sold it to me. He cleans the upholstery at Augusta National.). I found mine at Scott’s Antique Market. It is really a super product.
    I am also fairly new user of the Laundress Detergents. The stain remover and non chlorine bleach are doing WONDERS on my sons baseball uniform…including his white pants that are Georgia clay red at the end of every game. I am a big fan of those products. And color catchers are a must!
    Just ordered the stainless cleaner and the leather cleaner for carseats. I am eyeing the Mopnado. We just had our floors sanded and refinished and I like how this seems to get so much water from the mop. Thanks for the tips!

  11. What do you use to clean water spots off of glass shower enclosure. I have been disabled for a month or so and did not squeeze off

    • Hi Esther. I use A-MAZ Clean & Green Water Stain Remover for water spots. It has really worked great for me! I posted a full comment about it further below. Hope this helps. …Julie in NC

  12. Love The Beeswax for furniture and also use it on my stainless appliances. Great stuff! The Clorox toilet wand are great and I buy them in bulk at BJ’s Warehouse. Will look into the other products also!

  13. Good tips, may need that mop and I need a “go to” grout cleaner as well as a shower door water spot remover. Its time consuming to use a cutting blade to scrape water scum off shower door glass.
    I’ve got 4 favs that I learned from some clever cleaners.
    1. A little dab or spray of full strength Hydrogen peroxide for stains like blood or mascara on sheets and napkins.
    2. Pour an inexpensive bottle of Alcohol in a small spray bottle. Spritz stainless steel on appliances to clean streak free and sanitize.
    3. The magic erase you mentioned is a miracle in a box for cleaning scuffs and fingerprints off walls.
    4. Pumice stone for toilet bowl rings or stains. Even with a whole house filter, I’ve noticed a ring where the water meets the bowl. Probably minerals in our well water. A $2 pumice stone and a little elbow grease makes my bowl look new.
    Looking forward to more tips.
    Thank you

    • Hi Teresa. I just posted a comment on what has worked wonderfully for me in removing water spots on glass shower enclosures… A-MAZ Clean & Green Water Stain Remover. My full comment about it is further down in the comment section. Hope this helps.

    • Teresa, my pumice sticks are on the way…can’t wait to give them a try on those faint rings that never go away. Thanks for suggesting those!

  14. I have a cleaning tip with the Mr Clean Magic Erasers. Clean your windows and mirrors with them. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe off afterward. Streak free!!! Every time!

  15. Do you hand wash your Talbots 100% cotton knit tops (T-shirt style)? I no longer buy them because I machine washed in cold and it didn’t matter if I air dried or machine dried they looked terrible afterwards.


    • Did you find they kinda lost their shape? I hate what washing machines do to clothes! That’s why I only wash towels, sheets, socks…those type things in the washing machine. I wash the majority of my tops by hand in a small tub, especially the linen and cotton tops I’ve purchased from Talbots. I love linen and cotton so the majority of my tops are either 100% linen or 100% cotton. I rarely buy knit tops because I don’t like how they fit and how poorly they breathe. So far, the few I have purchased have held up okay, but that’s because I either hand wash them or they go into the handwash basket in my ancient GE washing machine that is almost 40 years old. I’m going to cry when it finally croaks because I love its handwash basket. You can see the basket in this previous post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/20-products-i-cant-live-without-and-an-impromptu-linky-party/
      So far, washing my linen and cotton tops by hand has really worked well, they all look pretty much like the day I bought them. I was really pleased with how the floral “pansy” linen top I purchased from Talbots this summer kept it brilliant colors after every hand washing. I loved that top so much, I purchased a second one when they went on sale again.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Great tips Susan! Have added many to my Amazon list. I agree with the microfiber cloths, great for cleaning windows too. Thank you!

  17. Bobbi Duncan says

    Great list, Susan! I use most of these. I absolutely love the furniture polish-it seems to help repel dust, too, which means less time dusting. Hugs!

  18. Susan, Thank you for your recommendations! There are several products I am definitely going to get for my home. One thing I would definitely recommend are eCloths. You can get them on amazon and even Ace Hardware. The ones for cleaning glass WORK AMAZING! I have recommended them over and over to anyone who will listen to me. They are wonderful!

  19. For anyone wanting to remove hard water spots/mineral deposits on glass shower enclosures… I have used a FABULOUS product that WORKS! A-MAZ Clean & Green Water Stain Remover. I bought mine on Amazon, but I think it’s also stocked in hardware and/or home improvement stores. It’s inexpensive, non-toxic, biodegradable with no acids or bleach. It’s a paste…wipe it on (I used the A-MAZ Gripper Pad that came with kit), let it set for a few minutes, then wipe off with a dry towel. The cleaned glass is clear and smooth! Honestly, I was skeptical of it working as well as it states because we had so many water spots on our shower glass when we bought this house. We squeegee after every shower, but the spots were already there from the previous owners. No amount of scrubbing or scraping on my part got rid of these spots until I tried A-MAZ. I cannot recommend this product highly enough! The container lists all sorts of other surfaces that it will clean, but I’ve only tried it on our glass shower enclosures so far. Also, there are several You Tube videos out there that show how well it works, for anyone interested. I’m a visual learner :-), so I wanted to ‘see’ others using it before I purchased.

  20. Hi Susan-
    This may sound kind of silly, but would you post a tutorial on how you hand wash and wring out your clothes? Do you put them on a drying rack or on low in the dryer? Lehman’s sells those old-fashioned scrub boards of different sizes. One even comes in glass for delicates. They also sell a breathing plunger device that can be used to agitate the clothing. People swear by them. You are so good and efficient at these sorts of things. You probably do something else very simple but effective.

    Also, I’m in the middle of a garage make-over but I’m having trouble figuring out how to store things like half used spray paint cans. Should I even save them? Then there is linseed oil, denatured alcohol and other things like that. And those craft items like floral foam etc. Everything you have has a home. I love that! Creating a place for these things is so frustrating but for you, it seems to come so easily. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have a rather large plastic tub (can’t remember where I purchased it now) that I use. I just place it in my kitchen sink and fill it with cold water and a little of The Laundress shampoo/wash. If I’m washing a summer linen shirt, I don’t wash it a lot…mainly focus on the underarm area (where we sweat) unless of course, I’ve spilled something on it.

      Machines are so hard on clothes like shirts. They slosh/scrub around the shirt for several minutes when maybe it’s just the underarm part that needs a good washing. So I like washing my summer shirts by hand because they don’t get the over-washing they get in a machine. Hope that makes sense. lol

      If it’s a light-weight item I’ve washed…like my summer shirts, I hang them over the shower doors in my two upstairs bathrooms. Each bathroom has shower doors with long handles on both sides…plus I have a towel bar stretching across the back of each shower/bathtub area in each bathroom.

      So I will sometimes handwash several shirts or use the little handwash tub on my washing machine on “gentle wash” to wash a bunch of shirts in one go, then hang them all across the top of the shower doors, on the long handles on the inside and outside of each shower door and on the long towel rack inside the shower area…in both bathrooms. I’m really thankful for all those good “hanging” spots in both of my upstairs bathrooms.

      I don’t ever put any of my shirts/sweaters in the dryer, for fear they would shrink. Plus, I once read that people think fading happens in the wash, but the article said that most fading happens in the dryer. So I just hang everything up. I think most folks tend to overwash clothes in washing machines…between that and drying them in the dryer, clothes can start to look worn out very quickly. Dryers are really hard on clothes.

      When it comes to knits/sweaters or heavier items, I typically only wash one of those at the time since I only have one drying rack. I wash those in the same tub I use for my shirts and to get the water out when I’m done, I just squished them really well against the front side of the sink. I may gently “wring” out each sleeve…and then the body of a sweater…but I’m very gentle when I do that so as not to stretch the sweater. Mostly for wool/knit sweater, you want to bunch them up and press on them against the side/bottom of the sink to get out as much water as you can…then lay them flat to dry on a drying rack.

      They will obviously take longer to dry than shirts since they are so thick and you can’t squeeze out all the water, so you just have to wash them a few days in advance of when you plan to wear them. Sweaters don’t need washing very often at all since we normally (or I do) wear a shirt underneath. I can wear a wool sweater several times during the winter and never wash it (unless I spill something on it) since it never comes in direct contact with my body.

      I do save old spray paint cans if I know there is still a fair amount left in the can. I keep all my paint in the basement because a painter once told me that what ruins paint the fastest is storing it where it gets really hot or cold. He told me to never store leftover paint in a garage…doesn’t hold up well. So I keep all mine on storage shelves in the unfinished part of my basement where the temperature stays very moderate throughout the year.
      Regarding linseed oil and such, look on the container and see if it has a best used by date. If I were starting a big project that was important to me, like say wiping down all the Judges paneling in my family room, I would probably buy all new oil or whatever I was using, rather than risk using something that’s old. When it doubt, I would discard it…not worth ruining whatever you’re using it on.

      Also, Google to see how long those things last. I bet you’ll find some info online about that. When in doubt, google a phrase, like “how long does linseed oil last” and I promise you’ll find a ton of information. I go to Google 10 times a day, at least. lol

      I’m fortunate (right now) that I have a lot of storage room/a lot of closets, etc… When I downsize one day, I’m sure it will be a lot tougher to find places to store things. Just try to cull down to those things that you really need, I think we sometimes try to store too much.

      Ikea has some awesome storage furniture…like their Expedit which is now called something else. They have tons of cabinetry and their prices are inexpensive…so check out their website if you need something like that. It all does require assembly though…but it’s easy to put together.

      Hope this helps some, Yolie. I love organizing “stuff.” lol It’s a disease! 🙂

  21. I have tried many products for cleaning a glass cooktop but still have stains that will not go away. Any ideas!

  22. Thanks for all the ideas for cleaning, etc.!!!

  23. Curious what you use to clean your wood floors. Also, do you ever polish or wax them? Always enjoy reading your suggestions…thank you for sharing.

  24. Luv all your cleaning suggestions! what can I use to remove the film from my glasses that have been washed in dishwasher?? Have tried several things and they have not worked. Help!!!!

    • Pat, unfortunately, once they get that film, I don’t think there’s a way to fix them. My son and dil live in Ohio and they were having the same issue with their glassware. They discovered their whole house water softener machine wasn’t working properly. After they got a one, the problem with glass issues stopped. It turned out it was high mineral content in their water that was causing the problem with the glasses. It was also leaving a film on the inside of the dishwasher…that went away too after they had the water softener installed. You may want to try Jet Dry or a similar rinse aid in your washing machine but if it’s the mineral content like it was my son/dil’s home, you’ll probably have to have a water softener installed to completely eliminate it. Nothing would help their old glasses, once the film happened, it was there to stay. So they donated those and bought new ones. So far, they are staying clear now that the water is being treated. Not sure if that’s the issue for your glasses but that’s what worked for them.

  25. Love your products posts! Glad to see a humidifier. Does it have any nooks/crannies that are hard to reach/clean? Last year I bought a fairly expensive one with good reviews from Amazon. I cleaned it every week as directed with white vinegar. It got pink buildup in places that nothing (including skinny brushes) would reach. Soaking it just wasn’t enough. The company offered to replace but they only had 2 designs and the design was the problem. I got one season out of it and had to toss it. I am considering the Vick’s line this year since it looks you can reach your hand inside a lot of models to clean.

    For cooktop cleaner, I love Bar Keeper’s Friend Cooktop. Locally I can only find it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    • I have noticed anything like that, have always been able to reach the places I need to clean. You are good…cleaning once a week. I do good to clean once a month! My sister used to swear by Bar Keeper’s Friend…she used it on the copper bottoms of RevereWare and lots of other things.

  26. Do you find you need to iron your cotton knit tops after hand washing? I used to hand wash my better items but now I wash on delicate and put in dryer on low for 4 minutes only (have to set a timer so I won’t forget) to get the wrinkles out. Then I dry on a rack. Some cotton ones need an iron touch up. Sweaters just got to hard to handle so I put them in a mesh bag and wash on delicate. I liked Delicare but they don’t make it anymore. Thanks for the delicate wash product tip; will be ordering it.

    • I have only a few knit tops, and I don’t ever have to iron those. I just hang them up to dry. Mostly I have a lot of 100% cotton or linen shirts, and those do need ironing after they are washed. It’s worth a little ironing though to get that light-weight, breathable fabric for our hot, humid summers here. I don’t put them in the dryer, for fear they will shrink or fade…just hang everything to dry. Thanks, Sandra!

  27. Dear Susan,
    I enjoy your blog and this post is brilliant,reads like a Heloise book.
    I actually have 2 products to recommend for the film on glassware.I actually discovered it by chance
    1.Is Cascade platinum dish pods -I have a whirlpool dishwasher and never got our dishes clean but since using these OMG the difference is amazing If you are using it everyday be careful not to use it on dishes with designs on it
    I have noticed it fades over time.
    2.I found is Millard Citric acid that I use in place of jet dry.It cleaned the same dishwasher,which is now working really well.
    Got both from Amazon and please read the reviews there are many tips there.
    I even learnt I can put a bit like a tsp citric acid add Hot water in a spray bottle and spray on shower doors the soap scum slides off!
    Thank you again !

  28. Susan, I ordered a bottle of “Therapy” stainless steel polish, bought it from Amazon. I can’t believe how much better my stainless steel refrigerator looks! I had been using Wiemann’s Stainless Steel polish for many years, this is what our house cleaning service had recommended. Wiemann is okay, but I was REALLY surprised how much better the Therapy polish made my stainless steel look. It was amazing!! Now I think I might try the wood polish you recommended. I just use Pledge right now, and I’d like to see if there’s a big improvement with the Original Bees Wax wood polish. Thanks for these helpful hints!

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