Realistic “Beeswax” Resin Candle Covers for the Office Chandelier

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you may remember when I changed out all the yellowed, plastic, candle covers on my dining room chandelier for resin covers that look much more like real candles. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Sparkle with a Touch of Whimsy

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape in Red Dining Room


I love the look of the “dripping wax” sliding down the sides of the faux candles and it definitely beats the look of the plastic, badly-yellowed ones that were on the chandelier before.

If you missed the post where I shared all the details about this transformation, you’ll find it here: Transform Your Chandelier with Resin Candle Covers and Silk-Wrapped Bulbs. I will link to that post again at the end of this post because it has a lot of good information and comparison photos.

Chandelier with Resin Candle Covers


Here’s a closer view of the resin covers. The reason I went with resin and not actual wax covers (another alternative) is because wax covers limit the wattage of the bulb you can use in a chandelier. I really don’t like that. If I’m remembering correctly, you can’t use anything hotter than a 25 watt bulb when using actual wax candle covers.

Also, wax covers can be difficult to clean or dust because the dust tends to cling to the waxy surface. I love the realistic look of the resin and love that I can use any watt bulb I wish. Plus, they are easy to keep clean.

Chandelier with Resin Candle Covers


I liked them so much, I replaced all the plastic candle covers on the chandelier in my bedroom, too.

Tartan Plaid Bedding


Just love them! They really do transform a chandelier! So much prettier than the plastic ones that have a terrible tendency to yellow over the years.

Crystal Chandelier for the Master Bedroom


A few days ago I noticed the tole chandelier in the office was super dusty. As I began dusting it, I realized I had never changed out the plastic covers on it.

Pottery Barn Office Furniture for Home Office


Here’s a better view of the chandelier shortly after it arrived and before I had it installed. I found it on eBay after a long search and one failed attempt to win another chandelier. Glad I didn’t win the other one because I liked this one much better in the end. (Previous post about this chandelier can be found here: Tole Chandelier for the Office)



I ordered the covers from my favorite store for purchasing these, Lumiere Candles. I measured the existing cardboard covers and they were 3-1/2 inches tall, so that’s what I ordered. Lumiere will cut covers to whatever size you need, but in this case, one of their stock sizes worked fine.

A long time ago when I first ordered from them for the dining room chandelier, they noticed a bunch of orders coming from the blog to their shop. The owner e-mailed and nicely offered a 10% discount to the BNOTP readers with the code BNOTP at checkout. So when I ordered my covers for the chandelier in the office, I tried that code and it does still work. (This isn’t a sponsored post, just sharing this info in case you ever order from Lumiere.)

I also ordered satin-wrapped bulbs, but one broke in transit, so I’m waiting on a replacement bulb. You can see the new bulbs and one of the new resin candle covers below on the candle closest to the camera. Sorry this picture is a bit dark but it was raining and dreary outside so I didn’t have any natural light coming in through the windows. I wanted to take a photo with the chandelier off so you could get a good look at the covers. For comparison, you can see the old candle cover in the background, although I had already replaced the old glaring clear bulb with one of the satin-wrapped bulbs.



Here’s a view with all of the new resin candle covers in place. I could have ordered these in a smooth finish that doesn’t have the wax drips, Lumiere carries that style, too, but I love the look of the drips. It’s just so romantic, romantic without the mess and the fire hazard of real candles! lol



Here’s how it looks on. So happy to have this chandelier done, well except for that one bulb on the other side that I still need to replace. The satin-wrapped bulbs are so much better than the clear, glaring bulbs I had here before.

If you would like to know more about the resin candle covers and would like information about where I purchase my satin-wrapped bulbs, please check out this previous post where I go into a lot more detail: Transform Your Chandelier with Resin Candle Covers and Silk-Wrapped Bulbs. You can also see how a real wax candle cover looks in that previous post, too.


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  1. Very pretty, Susan. Glad you got all your chandys changed out!

  2. Nancy Elizabeth says

    Beautiful chandelier with the floral design. You are a big help in so many ways. I enjoy your blog very much.

  3. I remember when you got that chandelier, Susan! And the new covers and bulbs look fantastic!

  4. Hi Susan!
    I learned about Lumeier Candles several years ago through your blog. I ordered them and the silk wrapped bulbs and love love love the look for my new home. Lumeier also has other items such as a socket adapter for the use of a chandelier bulb into a medium base socket along with an assortment of decorative bulbs.

    • So glad you like them, Liz! I’ve been so impressed with the quality and how fast they arrive once I order. I explored their site a long time ago. I should check it out again to see what else they have.

  5. I hope that at least one of these gorgeous chandeliers moves with you to the future cottage one day.

    • For sure the dining room one will since I stalked it and waited years and years to buy it. I may leave the bedroom one, unless I have a high enough ceiling in that cottage somewhere. lol I doubt I will, though. I do want to take the office one, too. Will have to do some replacement light fixture shopping when that time comes!

  6. I’m such a big fan of your bedroom with the plaid coverlet. One of the best rooms on the internet, bare none!

  7. Are the lightbulbs LED? The EU banned incandescent light bulbs and we have been switching to LED as our old ones burn out. I have to admit I’m impressed with the LED results. Now we have a lot (over 100) of light bulbs to buy for the chandeliers in our renovated apartments, and I want them to be gorgeous. I will look for silk wrapped here. I also like your dripping covers; ours are like that, too. Your chandeliers are beautiful, and so is that Venetian mirror. Oh-la-la!!!

    • Thanks!
      I’m not sure, I don’t think so. I like LED, too. I’ve replaced almost all my lamps throughout my home with Cree LEDs that last supposedly 22 years. The first two I purchased lasted a year, not 22 as the package stated, but they replaced them free of charge since I still had my receipt.
      This is where I buy the satin wrapped ones for my chandeliers:

  8. What’s the difference between a satin- or silk-wrapped bulb and a regular frosted bulb?

    • The satin wrapped literally have threads of fabric (I guess satin) around the bulb. Here’s how they are described here:

      “String bulbs simulate the feel and charm of an old style gas light. The unique, silk-like threading wraps around the bulb and distorts the image of the filament into an elongated glow. Perfect for use in outdoor lanterns and exposed bulb chandeliers. The Satco S3404 satin string bulb is a great option for antique restorations. The candelabra base on this bulb fits into most chandeliers and other candelabra sockets.”
      Frosted bulbs just have the frosted glass, so just a different look.

  9. Dorcas Bess says

    I also ordered these covers for my chandelier after you shared them in your original post. They are beautiful and well-made and I love them. Thank you for sharing the information.

  10. Cynthia Lambert says

    LEDs have come a long way. They are now dimmable, and have the same warm glow as an incandescent. They come in bulbs that look like the old Edison bulb, and now in two different types of flickering candle that really look like a candle. They don’t actually flicker. That would drive me crazy, as I like a steady light. The flame portion moves and bobs around like a real flame. Pretty amazing to see. The Metropolitan Museum uses them in all of their chandeliers in the period rooms. But there is another one that has just come out that is even more realistic, modeled on the ones Disney uses. Bare light bulbs have an unfinished look, so I put “hats” (shades) over them, or use the realistic candle flame bulbs. Either of them are so elegant.

  11. Linda Page says

    That’s great that you could replace your office chandelier covers. Looks good. Also good that the discount still is in effect!!! Almost like an early Christmas gift!!

  12. deborah klopf says

    I love your site and have bought some things that you have shown.Love the candles. Could you tell me how you organize your xmas decorating? I feel like I’m running from room to room. Anything you can share?

  13. Love all your chandeliers. Can’t wait to get one when I finally move.

  14. Very cool, I will have to change some over in the house also…grins and thanks, Sandi

  15. We found the resin covers at a place on the other side of Atlanta. I think it was on Howell Mill Rd. They have all kinds of covers, bulbs, lamp shades, etc.

    • I know the place you’re talking about…they set down in a hole kinda, off the road. I went there first, that’s where I picked up the actual wax candle cover that you can see in the other post. I got the worse customer service. The guy who helped me acted like he couldn’t care less. I think he was much more interested in talking with customers who were buying light fixtures. I remember they didn’t have any resin covers in the size I needed, nor in the real wax ones. I bought that one wax one to just how waxed ones looked. I’m not sure if they will cut them to size or not.

      • Yes, they didn’t have too many resin ones in the size we needed, but enough. If I remember right, either they or we cut a couple down so that they would fit. We had trouble getting someone to wait on us too. LOL. I love the look of them though. We bought an antique chandelier at Dupree’s from David Puffer, and he had the resin ones on it. We liked them so much we switched out some on other new light fixtures we had.

        • David was the first one who told me about them, too. He repaired the chandelier in my bedroom recently when it had a few lights that weren’t working right. He just repaired a lamp in my living room, too. I hope he never retires! πŸ™‚

  16. Juanita in OH says

    The chandeliers have gone through quite a transformation, they look soooooooooooooo good! Who would think that changing the bulbs and the candle sections would be almost a metamorphosis . You did a wonderful job in showing us what little changes can do. I am curious about your office chair…I bought one from Pottery Barn, with the silver round arms and, I LOVE it. Do you have a different one now or am I just confused as I usually am? lol. Your paint colors are beautiful. TFS

    • I can totally understand why your confused because it’s been musical chairs with my office chair! lol
      Juanita, check out this post because it has an update about on that. πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much, I really do think the candle cover upgrade is worth it. I didn’t realize how sad those plastic covers looked on my chandelier until I got the new ones. It never really dawned on me that the lights of today are imitating the candles that used to be in chandeliers way back when. Aren’t we glad we don’t have to deal real candles every time we want light now?! They must have been really busy making candles a lot back then!

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