Moonlight & Magnolias, Romantic Table Setting for Two

Welcome to the 299th Tablescape Thursday!

The magnolia trees are in bloom here in Georgia, I love their sweet “lemonade” scent.

Flowers for Summer Dining


It was warm out, but not too warm for a tablescape for two on the deck.

Summer Table Setting on the Deck


I cut a few magnolia blossoms for our centerpiece and tucked them down inside a white pitcher.

Summer Dining Outdoors for Two


Rarely do I find two magnolia blossoms really close together on the tree but the one you see that’s open and the one still tightly closed are both growing from stems that connect to the same branch. I cut one more (the one below) to complete the arrangement.

Summer Table Setting in Green & White


Southern Magnolia Grandiflora…love its big, beautifulย blossoms.

Magnolia Blossoms, Southern Magnolia Grandiflora


Almost time to fill the wine glasses…

Green Wine Glasses for Summer Dining_wm


Beaded, butterfly napkin rings for a spring-summer table setting…

Summer Table Setting Outdoors



Using Dario Farrucci’s, Ma Maison dishware and green bamboo flatware in this week’s table.

Ma Maison by Tabletops Unlimited


A bird’s eye view…

Summer Tablescape with Magnolia Centerpiece


I poured the wine and lit a few candles as it began to get dark.

Spring Summer Table Setting Outdoors_wm


Moonlight dining with the scent of southern magnolia in the air.

Candlelight Tablescape Alfresco


Life is good! ย Happy Summer, dear friends!

Summer Dining Outdoors for Two


Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Just gorgeous Susan, your magnolia blossoms are stunning~ and you used my favorite china of yours, which is so perfect for that setting. Love the shot from above!

  2. OMGosh!! I love the green and the dishes are just perfect!! Stunning!! You are so talented!

  3. This is beautiful, Susan. I love that plaid tablecloth and the sheer napkins. Those butterfly napkin rings are so pretty. It looks like a beautiful butterfly landed on the napkin. I miss our Magnolia tree from our previous house. This time of the year, I’m always tempted to sneak back over there and get a few blooms. laurie

    • Laurie,

      We had a beautiful old magnolia at a former house. It was in the front yard and just stunning. The last time we drove by, the owners had chopped it down and cemented in the front yard! What were they thinking????? Susan P

    • Thanks, Laurie! You are going to have to plant you one! They have smaller ones now that don’t require so much space.

  4. Susan, what a pretty and romantic spot to dine! I love magnolias, especially, when they are blooming. I, also, love that our summer still is fairly mild for Georgia. I have not uttered, “It is just too hot to live!”, a single time (yet!). You selected the perfect tablecloth for your outdoor setting – love the green in it!

    • lol It’s just June, I’m sure the heat is a-coming! I kind of like it though, sure makes you appreciate the AC when you come back inside! I’ll to remember that expression so I can use it in August! lol I like it!

  5. Susan your table for two is just wonderful. I love the colors and that little bit of purple just gilded the lily. Or should I have said magnolias?

    • Thanks, Madonna! I almost used a bright pink vase on the table…it’s the one that came with the Mother’s Day flowers from my son. But I decided it was upstaging the rest of the table and went with white. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Very romantic. ๐Ÿ™‚ Green and white, along with the purple from the flowers in the foreground is one of my favorite color combinations. I love the look, along with the plaid table cloth. It’s fitting for a sunny day, but also a dusky evening with candlelight. I hope you had someone special to share it with, Susan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    P.S. Your photographs are like post cards, Susan! You could probably make a living selling them. Seriously, they look so pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I agree, wonderful ph0tos! I love me some magnolias…..moonlight and magnolias, lalala

  9. Selma Kessler says

    Susan, two words: Love. It!


  10. stephany says

    Beautiful table setting and I love the Magnolia. I’m a transplanted Tennessee girl and so wanted the magnolia of my youth that I planted a 6 foot tall Southern Magnolia in my Ohio garden 6 years ago and I thought it had made it over the hurdle to survive in this climate but our harsh winter this year did it in. Looks pitiful standing there with no leaves but I can’t bear to cut it down I keep thinking by some miracle it will come back. Sad.

    • Oh, Stephany, that makes me sad, too. It sounds like my pitiful Gardenia bush. Maybe you can plant another one, hopefully that was just a freak winter and we won’t have one like that again for a long time. I don’t really understand the storm we had because during the 22 years I’ve lived here, during two ice storms, my magnolia lost it’s top. The weight of the ice broke the top out of it, but it always puts a new one back out again. In the past, the gardenia bush/tree survived with no problem This past winter, the magnolia was fine and the ice we had all but killed the gardenia. Isn’t that strange? I almost had to cut my gardenia down, but it had a few green leaves so I kept it. I did have to severely cut it back, though. I think it’s going to make it although it may be years before it fully recovers and has flowers again. Mother Nature doesn’t play fair some years! Plant yourself another magnolia, don’t give up!

  11. Wow….absolutely beautiful. Love magnolias and your sweet little table is gorgeous!!

  12. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    Very pretty and I like the glow from the candles!

  13. How sweet it would be to sit at the table with you, sipping wine and madly chatting!

  14. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    Very pretty and I also like the Magnolia – they do smell heavenly!

  15. bobbi duncan says

    Happy summer to you as well. The table setting is beautiful; tablecloth, napkins, china, and the green bamboo flatware, all complimented by the lovely, sweet-smelling magnolia arrangement is just perfect! I love green and white as it looks so fresh. Lady, there is no tablescape that you can not master–I want you to come to our home everyday just so we can enjoy sitting down to an artistically set table (of course, you would have to bring all your table settings as we don’t have as much as you. LOL.) I am so glad that magnolias grow this far north because I love to use the cuttings for holiday decorating. Have a wonderful day.

  16. I didnt know petunias come in a blue hue. I love the blue flowers, beautiful table scape!

  17. Such a pretty table Susan, I have always admired your porch dishes. MMMM….the magnolias smell divine….may I join you for a *spot of tea*?

  18. Susan,
    Romantic setting, indeed, dear friend!!!
    Perfect timing for “Mr. Ed” and I to celebrate our “45th”Wedding Anniversary!!!
    Blue & green were the two decor hues of our wedding year, also!!!
    The magnolia centerpiece is ethereal!!!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week!

  19. Linda Page says

    My 50+ year old Magnolia tree is in full bloom. Unfortunately, I had to have the tree severely trimmed and a very large trunk limb removed that was splitting the tree down the middle so I can’t reach any of the branches to cut the beautiful flowers for my house. Your table setting is beautiful. I love all of the green. I also love the picture taken from above. Don’t forget about that book we talked about!!!

    • I bet it’s gorgeous! I think my tree is around 25 years old so it’s a baby compared to yours. I’m glad you were able to save it. Thanks, Linda…I’ve been thinking about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Oh Susan ~ I think this is one of the prettiest of your tables capes. Such a charming reflection of a Southern Spring table. Magnolias are so wonderful. I have a huge old Magnolia in our front yard and I am enjoying it so much. In fact I can see it from the windows in my studio. Southern living is so lovely. Thanks for the party!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  21. Susan, This table is absolutely beautiful. The Magnolia is stunning! I can almost smell it’s perfume. This is my favorite place to be every Thursday morning.

  22. Beautiful Susan!! I could almost smell the magnolia’s!!

  23. Oh Susan, your tablescape is lovely and so romantic. I love to eat outside at dusk with the candles all aglow.
    Thanks so much for sharing. The magnolia’s are so very pretty.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Just beautiful Susan! Absolutely my favorite one so far!!

  25. Loving the magnolias, Susan! I was considering including them on my own table but the blooms were too high to reach. I sure got tempted to “lift” a couple off the bank’s though! My luck I would be on the 6:00 news with Local woman steals from the bank, but it wasn’t money. Stay tuned for details!

    • LOL Well, if you’re gonna make the 6:00 news for robbing a bank, it better be for something worth while! I love magnolia blossoms but not sure they are worth doing time for. ๐Ÿ˜‰ HA! Jan, you will appreciate this old post where I had the same problem…all the blossoms were too high that year:
      I lucked out this year and there are a good many blooming low enough to reach ’em.

      • Well you really were determined! and you triumphed, didn’t you!? I did a post including those bank magnolias, I just took the photos on the tree! I really didn’t want to go to jail! (and nobody knew it was the bank’s!)

        • HA! I bet they would let you have a blossom. I once cut berries from a bush that was between a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and an empty lot. It’s was on the edge of the road between the two lots so I couldn’t tell if it was KFC’s bush or what. I kept waiting for someone to come out and ask me what I was doing or a policeman going by to stop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. What a beautiful and romantic setting for two! I love magnolias and I hope to be able to have one in my yard when we make our southward move this summer. Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. Love the tablecloth and how beautifully it coordinates with the napkins, dishware and stemware! Would love to be sitting at that table as the sun goes down and the stars shine. Aaahhh, summer! Thanks for hosting TT!

  28. Grandmom says

    Beautiful table, Susan. Your yard provides you with so many beautiful centerpieces. Still hoping the Ma Maison dinnerware to show up one day…

  29. Your magnolias are MAGNIFICENT…matched only by their scent!!! franki

  30. Life is awesome! You created the perfect mood with this romantic table. Thanks so much for hosting and have a great weekend.

  31. The magnolia blossoms are gorgeous and I can almost smell the magnificent scent they usually have! Thank you for sharing such a romantic table for two and for the great party.

  32. I love magnolia blossoms, the smell, the creamy petals, the glossy leaves. Your table setting is beautiful and I love those dishes! How did you manage the bird’s eye view? I would love to sit at this table in the evening and drink a glass of wine with dinner.

    • Thanks Laura! lol I risked life and limb standing on the little, metal chair that goes with the table. The tricky part is getting down while holding the camera and not turning the chair over.

  33. Susan, your table for two is charming. I’ve been enjoying the magnolias and their wonderful fragrance on my morning walks. Such big, beautiful blooms too.

  34. Magnolias, candlelight, wine outdoors: you captured a summer evening so perfectly. It would have been a sin if you didn’t get to enjoy it after photographing:)

  35. Girl, you’ve got it goin’ on! **sigh**
    I still adore the Ma Maison dishware, its gorgeous! The entire table is inviting and romantic.
    Beautiful job!

  36. Merri Jo says

    What a lovely table, Susan–your gorgeous magnolias are breathtakingly beautiful!! When our son was at grad school at OSU in OK, I would ogle those marvelous trees when we visited him! We have saucer and stellar magnolias up here in z5, which are pretty, but they just cannot rival the magnificent grandiflora!
    **i was inspired by you using ornaments, etc to make napkin rings–I bought some pretty dragonfly napkin rings & transformed them into planter ornaments* :-). Thanks for the idea!

  37. Hi, Susan,
    This is a absolutely beautiful post! I am drooling over your plaid tablecloth and how beautifully all the colors coordinate! I clicked on your previous post of your 100th Tablescape Thursday and had forgotten what an exquisite table that was. We followers have been so fortunate to be treated to your consistent creativity, eye for color, lovely photography, command of language, hilarious sense of humor, unlimited energy, and desire to share your knowledge. Thanks, Susan. Rosie

    • Rosie, you are a dearheart! Appreciate those kind words soooo much! I appreciate you stopping by and reading! โ™ฅ I just realized today that next week is our 300th Tablescape Thursday! WOW! How did that happen?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Pam Smith says

    Wow, Susan! Another beautiful table set again with your wonderful dishes. The plaid tablecloth is so pretty, and makes everything pull together beautifully especially with the all the flowers. Love it! Love it!

    I didn’t comment on your Oak Alley post, but I was there last month, too. It was fabulous ! Your pictures were so much better than mine. I’d like to go back and visit other plantations in the area. I can’t imagine wearing those long heavy dresses without AC. I’m thankful for the conveniences of today, but love seeing the past that’s been preserved. Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

  39. How lovely, romantic! I adore your wonderful dishes. Magnolias are so beautiful

  40. This is truly one of my favorite tables of yours. Love the fresh, summery colors with magnolias. Score!

  41. Hi, I absolutely love your Moonlight & Magnolias, Romantic Table Setting for Two-can you tell me what brand that tablecloth is–it’s so pretty.

    • Thanks, Joann! It came from either HomeGoods or Marshalls…most likely HomeGoods. They often have summery tablecloths in the spring and summer.

    • Oh, just realized you ask what the brand was. I just checked and it doesn’t have a tag on it. Knowing me, I probably cut it off. I usually cut all the tags off of napkins, tablecloths, etc…

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