Crowing for an Early Spring!

Welcome to the 648th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

A few months back during a long drive home, I stopped into a Cracker Barrel for a break and to stretch my legs with a little walk through their shop. During my visit, I spied this handsome guy and decided to bring him home to join the mini-menagerie of critters I’ve gradually collected over the years.


They look to be in serious conversation, don’t they?


I have been hoping to use Mr. Rooster in a table setting sometime soon and today was the day!

Sunflower Table Setting, Rooster Centerpiece


He looks a little annoyed at the noisy, crowing kid who has sidled up next to him. I don’t remember where I found the small rooster pitcher–have had it for many years.

Rooster Sunflower Centerpiece


I almost ventured out to the store to see if I could find live sunflowers for today’s table, but ultimately I decided against it since I don’t think this is the right time of year for those to be available in the stores. So faux will have to do for this week’s table.

Sumshine Table Setting, Sunflowers, Rooster, Sunflower Plates


We need a bit of sunflower cheer to get us through these last few weeks of winter. I was just prettying-up the calendar in my agenda with cute stickers today and was surprised to see we move the clocks forward in just a couple of weeks! We “spring forward” on March 14th. Seems like it was just Christmas a few weeks ago and soon we’ll be celebrating the first day of spring!

Sunflowers in Summery Tablescape Table Setting


The handpainted sunflower salad plates are by Maxcera. I can’t remember where I found them so many years ago–most likely Home Goods or Marshalls.

Summer Place Setting, Sunflower Plates


I miss browsing the stores just to see what’s new.

Sunflower Plates in Spring Summer Tablescape


The white chargers are from Horchow online back in 2008. I like how they create a nice backdrop for the colorful dinner and salad plate while helping to tie the place settings back to the roosters in our centerpiece.

Maxcera Hand Painted Sunflower Salad Plates


This photo taken in natural lighting really shows the true colors of the sunflower salad plates. Everything is always so much prettier in natural lighting coming in through the windows–harder to photograph, but prettier when it works.

Maxcera Sunflower Plates, Sunflower Themed Table Setting


The dinner plate is also Maxcera and the pattern is, Fall Rooster.

Colorful Rooster Plates in Summer Tablescape


I love using these colorful plates any time of the year, not just in autumn.

Maxcera Fall Rooster Dinner Plates, Colorful


A view of the dinner plate in natural lighting–such beautiful, vivid colors in the design.

Maxcera Rooster Plates, Fall Rooster


The rooster glasses are from Old Time Pottery many years ago.

Rooster Sunflower Centerpiece


The denim napkin rings were a little DIY project from a few years back. They are made from the waistband of old jeans. It’s amazing all the things you can do with recycled denim! There’s a touch of blue in the dinner plates–do you see it there in the berries?

Denim Napkin Rings, Red Flatware, Sunflower Plates


You’ll find a super-easy, no-sew tutorial for making these denim napkin rings here: DIY Denim Napkin Rings. I especially love using them in 4th of July table settings.


Denim Napkin Rings, Made from Old Denim Jeans, Denim Craft


Here’s a better view of the blue-colored berries in the dinner plate. The flatware is Hampton Forge Argent. I don’t know if this flatware is still available in red, but it is still available in a pretty cream/off-white color here: Flatware.

Red Flatware


Spring is coming! I can’t wait to see all the spring flowers in bloom! My daffodils are up several inches now so it won’t be long before they will be in bloom.

Spring Summer Table with Sunflower Plates


Hope this table setting brings a bit of sunshine into your life today!

Sumshine Table Setting, Sunflowers, Rooster, Sunflower Plates


For more barnyard fun, check out this rooster-themed table setting from April 2011 here: Country Rooster. Same dinner plates and glasses but everything else is different. Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Country Rooster Table Setting with Rooster Plates


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  1. Good morning, you were up before the roosters were crowing. I can’t imagine being woken every morning by those boisterous roosters. It makes me giggle when traveling and staying somewhere that has these early risers. A cheery table setting and nice reminder of your road trip. I like cracker barrels too.

    • I was…very rare for me! I know, don’t think I would like that on a daily basis, especially on a weekend when you’re trying to sleep in. Maybe after a while, you get where you no longer hear them. lol

  2. Love the colors and theme in your tablescape, Susan. I remember those napkin rings, they are simply adorable. Happy Thursday and end of February!

  3. Calypso in the Country says

    Love those roosters and all the vibrant colors! Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. I love this table, Susan! It is so bright and cheerful. The colors just jump off the photos. Those rooster dinner plates are mini works of art. Bravo!

    • Thanks, Rosie! Can you believe I only paid $2 each for those. I wonder if Marshalls still has deals like that? I haven’t been shopping in person in so long, I’m not sure.

  5. Franki Parde says

    Ohhh, I’m “a browser,” too…I luv seeing imaginative store windows, such talented creative staff do not get nearly enough recognition, IMO. It is a double win as I got walking exercise in as well…luv your “happiness tablescape!” franki

  6. Such a cheerful table! Love the denim napkin rings, the tutorial will be easy to follow. I’ll be making some of these. Thank you!!!

    • Have fun, Toni! They are really easy to make–just fun. I need to buy some more Fabri-tac. That stuff is amazing–they call it a glue gun in a bottle.

  7. Debbie Flynn Hitt says

    While not a blogger myself, I peruse several tablescaping blogs. Yours has always been my favorite because of your clean, balanced sense of style and use of color. Your tablescapes are imaginative without being cluttered no matter the theme. I host a weekly ladies’ Bible study in my home, and set up a refreshment table with a different theme each week. I’ll admit to pirating a few of your ideas, adapted for our casual setup of simple snacks, rather than full meals, served buffet style. Keep those wonderful ideas and beautifully photographed tablescapes coming! Blessings to you, Susan.

    • Thanks so much, Debbie! Please, do pirate away! I’m so glad you’ve found some of my Tablescape Thursday posts helpful. Makes my day to hear that! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  8. That beautiful table absolutely DID bring a little sunshine into my day! What great plates, and I love your rooster. Thanks, once again, for all the wonderful inspiration – I learn so much from you every time!

    • Yay! I’m sooo glad to hear that, Barbara! It’s so pretty out here today, lots of sunshine! I hope you are seeing sunshine your way, too!

  9. What a difference in lighting; natural light really brings the plates to life. Counting the days, and soon the hours, until the end of February. It won’t be warm yet, but will still cross off another winter. Yay!

    • I know, it’s shocking isn’t it! I wish I could stick the entire table outside on the deck. lol In my previous home, I had big French doors off the breakfast room. Imagine if I’d had a table on wheels in that home–I could set the table and just roll it right out the door for photos, then roll it back in when I was done. lol
      Natural lighting can be so tricky. Sometimes when it’s coming through the windows, it can be so bright that no matter where I stand, the photos turn out over-exposed due to the way the sun is reflecting on the plates/glasses. So you never know what you’re going to get.
      I do love how beautifully the natural lighting shows off the gorgeous colors in the plates when it’s coming in just right through the windows.

  10. Tina W Reynolds says

    Pretty gosh-darned cute table! So cheerful, too. We have sun and 36 degrees, we’re headed for some 40 degree temps so our snow is melting—and that makes me want to crow!

  11. I love those two roosters as a centerpiece! And the rooster glasses, too. Such a bright and pretty table.

  12. warren giering says

    I love the colors — nice job.

  13. Lots of sunshine; love it. When you lift the sunflower plate you get a surprise with the rooster plate which is really pretty. I do miss your browsing through stores and sharing your pictures as you always find neat things to share. Mr. Rooster looks dapper with his check bow!

    • Thanks, Kathleen! I’m going to try and get out more soon and share a few trips. I miss visiting some of my old haunts!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Such a bright and cheerful tablescape Susan! I love the sunflower plates and the roosters are adorable – so hard not to smile when you see them. A great way to send February on its way! Happy Thursday to you!

  15. Such a beautiful table setting. Sunflowers are favorites of mine. Can’t wait for spring to arrive!

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