Sharing 4 (Actually 5) New Updates For This Week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

Welcome to the 752nd Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was an awesome one! If you saw Saturday’s post where I shared Norma’s recipe for making this beautiful Tarte Soleil, you may want to revisit that post and print the recipe out again. Norma provided some additional details/corrections so I made a few changes, so definitely take a moment to print it out again if you would like a copy of it. You’ll find that post here: Tarte Soleil Recipe.

Tarte Soleil Appetizer, French Appetizer


Update #1: For this MM, I have 4 smallish updates to share. Some of these took place a few weeks back, including this first Before and After involving the Irrigation system for my front and back yard. When I renovated the garage recently, the wire running across the ceiling over to the irrigation controller was really bugging me. Do you see it there on the ceiling–running from the outlet above the garage door opener over to my ancient controller on the far wall?

Beautiful Lighting for Kitchen, Garage, Laundry Room


Here’s another view of that wire after the garage makeover was complete. That wire definitely needed to go!

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


The irrigation system was installed in 1992, 31 years ago. This was a state-of-the-art controller back then. Over the years it has badly yellowed but amazingly it still worked, although it always made a loud clicking noise even when turned off. I guess that was its internal clock.


I had hoped to update it back when the garage was being renovated, but the irrigation guy who installed the system for me back in 1992 said that first I would need to have an outlet installed on the wall beside or below the controller. Things have changed since 1992 and apparently, the new systems need their own outlet. The outlet was supposed to have been installed the day the electrician was here installing the new lights in the basement and the upstairs hallway, but he ran out of time that day and didn’t get to it. So another electrician came out recently just to install this one outlet.


Here’s how the new controller looks! So much better than the badly yellowed, 31-year-old controller with its wire running across the ceiling.


Irrigation controllers are definitely a lot more colorful than they used to be. Okay–on to update #2.


Update #2: When I last shared this basement storage room, there were two cabinets along this wall. I had planned to add a third one from the beginning but they were out of stock for a while.

Storage Room Renovation


They finally came back in stock and once again, the cabinet arrived in pristine condition. Ever since Amazon started having these cabinets delivered by two Amazon delivery guys, instead of one frazzled, frustrated UPS guy, they’ve been arriving in perfect condition. It really is a two-person job to deliver them in one piece. I like how three cabinets look along that wall. There’s easily room for three more if I ever wish to add them, but right now I don’t have any plans to do that. Three is plenty for what I need at this point.

Storage Cabinets for Basement Storage Room


Update #3: There’s been one more small update to this room. It’s not visible in this photo because it’s just to the left of the freezer.

Basement Utility Storage Room


In this photo of the semi-finished side of the basement (still needs flooring to be complete) notice the double doors there near the staircase. Behind those two doors live my new hot water heater and downstairs furnace. When the hot water heater was installed a few months ago, I mentioned to the plumber that I was going to have drywall added to the unfinished side of the basement. He commented that when I had that done, I’d need to have the doors replaced with louvered doors to allow for ventilation. Ever notice how one change leads to another? And another. And another. ~~~sigh~~~

Basement After Painting


I made a note to myself to remember that and once the drywall was installed on the unfinished side, which is now the storage room, I left the double doors partially open until I could have them replaced. In the meantime, I had an HVAC guy from the same company come out to install a new thermostat in the upstairs part of my home. I really like this company I’ve been using because they have three divisions–HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical, so they can easily see in their system all the work each division has done, and they all consult/work together. While the HVAC guy was here, I talked with him about the need for ventilation for the furnace/hot water heater room. He did some calculations that involved BTUs and other factors that were way over my head, then he consulted with their plumbing division. In the end, he said that I didn’t have to replace the doors, that he could install a “false return” and that would provide enough ventilation to that area.


At first, I thought the false return would have to be in a wall on the finished side. I was kinda dreading that since the only wall available was in a spot I thought could be used for a different purpose in the future. A false return in that wall would have messed up those plans. In the end, the return was able to be installed here on the unfinished side because the area behind the hot water heater and the furnace is completely open to this side of the basement. So here’s where the false return ended up–on the storage room side just to the left of the freezer. One more thing checked off my long “to-do” list!


Update #4: So remember that big island I had camping out in my entry a few days ago? When the washer delivery guys were here last week, I asked if I could pay them to help me move it to the basement. They didn’t even hesitate before saying, yes!


Here’s where it ended up–on the “finished” side of the basement and not on the storage side as I had originally planned. The island was too wide to go through the outside door to the storage side of the basement.

Small Island, Great Storage


Thankfully, when I had this basement redone in 2008, I had French doors added to this room. Before the French doors were added, that was a solid wall where they are right now, and the window to the far left was a single, half-lite door. I had that door changed into a window, which brought in more light than the door was doing, and had French doors added where you see them below. I like a daylight basement to be as daylight as possible. Those French doors really came in handy when we realized the island wasn’t going to fit through the outside door leading into the storage room side of the basement.

Basement Makeover, After Painting, Before Flooring


When I first had this basement finished back in 2008, I had this area under the staircase designed to hold a small refrigerator in the future. I thought it would be nice to have a bar coming out from the wall where the island is now. This would be a great family/TV/rec room for a future family…a place to watch movies, pop popcorn, and grab something from the fridge to drink.

Small Island with attached table


Placing the island here sorta gave me a full circle moment–envisioning how that counter/bar would have worked in this space. The wall it’s against was where I was worried that we would have to put the false return, but thankfully that wasn’t necessary so this wall can still be used for a bar/counter one day if the next family wishes to use it that way.

Small Island, Great Storage


I’m glad to have the island out of the laundry room. The washer I purchased recently will be picked back up and returned tomorrow morning, then I’ll be heading over to buy a Speed Queen in the next few days. I’ll share more about how I arrived at that decision in another post, in case you find that helpful. There will be more updates coming in the next few months–looking forward to sharing all those with you!

Small Island with attached table


Update #5: One more update I forgot to mention–I swapped out all the beige outlet covers for these pretty white covers. I got two quotes from two different electricians for swapping all my beige outlets to white outlets and they both quoted over $1,200 for 14 outlets and 6 switches! That was way more than I wanted to spend for such a simple change. I’ll have an electrician change out the switches, but these covers work beautifully for hiding the beige outlets. If you have beige outlets that you wish were white, you’ll find these covers available in packs of 5 here: Outlet Covers.

Replace Beige Tan Outlet Covers with White Covers


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  1. hi Susan, you attention to detail continues to amaze me! Your finished basement is a thing of beauty! The Tarte Soleil looks incredible, I’m off to read about it~

  2. ellen clairmont says

    We had a Rain Bird installed in 1994 in our old house and that wire always bugged me too! It’s amazing how good it feels to have those little irritating things taken care of. You have such a beautiful home, Susan. The next family to own your home will love all the thought and care you have given it.

    • Thanks so much, Ellen! Thanks for telling me that, makes me feel better knowing your system was installed the same way back then. I guess that was just the standard at that time. I was so surprised when he said I needed to have an outlet installed. I’m glad they do it that way now even though that definitely added to the cost!

  3. Susan, I didn’t know that area where the French doors are located was originally just wall. It was one thousand percent the right thing to do to put the French doors there. That whole wall is so pretty and lets in so much daylight. And it keeps the room from feeling ‘basementy.’ Honestly, you think like I do. I love the idea of the recessed fridge and the bar. All of those details are the difference between a ‘house’ and a ‘home.’ They are what make people fall in love with a place, because they make so much sense and actually make their everyday lives in the house more pleasant. Not to mention, adding value! If you ever sell, I think I’d like a shot at buying! Lol. I know how well you take care of things and how well thought out and nice things are in the house. (And I’d love to get my hands on that Someday Library,) 😀 Although, you’re tweeking the house to the point it’s going to be so perfect, you might never want to leave! Great post. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Pam! I love those kinds of details, too! Isn’t that the way it always goes, we do a bunch of stuff to our house, then move. Ha! Hopefully, I’ll be here a lot longer so I can enjoy the changes. 🙂

  4. Judy Hubbard says

    Unbelievable how much work, effort,and money you’ve had to put into your home! All of these changes make such a difference!

  5. Wow – you’ve been busy! The cabinets in your storage room look great, and congrats on figuring all that other stuff out. Sometimes it’s just getting your head around it all that’s the biggest problem! The solutions are lovely as well as practical – the best kinds! Thanks as always for hosting, and hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks, Barbara! Everything always seems to be a bit more involved once you get into it, but it’s worth it to get it done right.

  6. Helen R. Peterson says

    Susan, I am giggling in solidarity. After reading your thorough washing machine research, I am not surprised that you are going back for the Speed Queen. Look forward to that post. And love today’s updates. Blessings.

    • Helen, I was horrified when I ran my first wash in the machine I purchased. OMG, it was so bad listening to that impeller grind into my barely wet towels. I had to stop it…couldn’t bare to listen! The washer was picked up today, so it’s gone, thank goodness! I’m trying to decide if I should buy just the Speed Queen washer and wait on the dryer since my current dryer still works, or just go ahead and get the matching set and donate the dryer.

      • If your dryer is older – keep it! That’s what my repairman recently told me.

        And, I’m so glad for your sake you’re not keeping the LG! In my area (US southeast coast capitol city), most repair shops will not work on LG or Samsung appliances. The last couple of times I’ve called for a repair, one of the first things they’ve asked is the brand of the appliance. If it’s one of those two in this area, it’s a no-go. I’ve noticed some are even putting on their websites they won’t repair them.

        • Wow, that says a lot doesn’t it, Ann?! Yeah, I’m very glad it’s gone now! Thanks, Ann! I am super tempted to keep my dryer since it does still work, but it would be easier to replace it now just because of where it’s located in the room. The washer will have to be moved out in the future to fit the dryer in, once it does croak.

      • Go ahead and get a new dryer. I did when I had to get a new washer. I don’t regret it one bit. And, someone will really appreciate your donated one.

  7. Michele M. says

    WOW! That’s all sorts of great news, Susan! Gosh it sure looks good over there!

    I love that cabinet downstairs now – All I can envision is that it would make the BEST gift wrapping station! And that “closet” where a fridge could one day go would be a great craft/wrapping paper storage area! I really cannot believe how huge your house is. And I didn’t realize it was YOUR genius design to put those basement French doors in that way – genius, pure genius, lady! It MAKES the entire space. Love love love and happily sweetly jealous!

    • Thanks so much, Michele! That’s a great point! I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe I’ll use it for that come Christmastime.
      Funny story, I was working outside my home when the basement was finished back in for the 2nd time–the previous finishing in was terrible so I had it ripped out long ago. Anyway, I came home from work in the middle of the day to check on the house progress and the French doors were installed waaaaaaay off-center. They had them all the way over near a window. I caught it right away, and of course, made them fix it. For some reason, they had been drawn into the plans that way which made no sense at all.

  8. Susan,
    The cabinets look great!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  9. You wear me out! Do you ever rest? Your preparations before projects and all the finishing details make for perfect end results!
    The basement looks great. Happy 4th.

    • Lol, I wear me out, too! I’m not sure why but lately I feel driven to get a ton of things done around here, like it’s a race with the clock. Thanks, Carmie! Happy 4th to you, hope you have a wonderful one!

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