So Many Signs of Spring

I just returned late yesterday from a week of visiting with family in Ohio. It was a gorgeous day as the plane took off from the Dayton airport. The pilot banked hard to the left and I found myself staring up at the gorgeous blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.

Clouds, Banking Hard


I’m always amazed by how different the area surrounding the Dayton airport looks as compared to the Atlanta airport.

Surrounding Area around Dayton Airport


It fields and fields for as far as the eye can see.

Dayton Airport Surrounding Area During Takeoff


I snapped a couple of photos of the view I had as we were about to land in Atlanta.

Surrounding Atlanta Airport


One of Atlanta’s nicknames is The City in the Forest. I’m sure it must be surprising to folks who aren’t used to seeing so many trees around an airport. It kills me when I see developers cutting down whole forests to put in a new subdivision. I hope the Atlanta airport always remains surrounded by trees.

Atlanta Airport Surrounding Area


Spring had already come to Georgia before I left for Ohio last week. Our daffodils and blooming trees had already bloomed. Actually, the daffodils were pretty much finished, but a lot of the flowering trees are still blooming. While I was away, the trees in my backyard began leafing out. This is the view from my breakfast room this morning. In another two weeks, it will be a solid sea of green.

Spring, Greening up in Georgia


It’s definitely pollen time! Those are my tracks from when I filled the birdfeeders yesterday. I’ve seen the pollen when it was much, much deeper, so I know this is just the beginning. Are you seeing all this sneeze-inducing, yellow stuff where you live, too?

Spring Pollen, 2019


Before I left for Ohio, I took down my tulip wreath briefly to add some additional pads to the back to make sure it wouldn’t scratch the front door. I found this wreath in Pier 1 last year. They have a beautiful yellow one this year here: Tulip Wreath.

Tulip Wreath


I especially love their hydrangea wreaths, this one is stunning! You’ll find it here: Hydrangea Wreath.  I may order it to hang somewhere inside. I love it!

They always have a really big selection of spring wreaths each year and it appears many of them are currently on sale. You can see them all here: Spring Wreaths.

Hydrangea Wreath


I got quite the surprise when I removed my tulip wreath to add the pads onto the back. Fortunately, there weren’t any eggs inside yet. I left the nest in place in case the owner is coming back. I’d rather they not build in my door wreath since the babies create a mess once they hatch, but I don’t have the heart to remove it. It’s truly a work of art! Birds are amazing!

Are you starting to see signs of spring where you live?

Nest in Spring Wreath

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  1. Anne Shaheen says

    Thank you from a mile high view of my homeland!!

    • lol You’re welcome! I was surprised to see that I could actually see the ground/houses, etc… pretty much the whole flight home. Guess we were never really that high.

  2. Awww…we, too, had a robin’s nest in the outdoor wreath…robin’s egg blue HAS TO BE my fav color of blue. Spring Is EVERYWHERE here at the lake…it really is an awesome site! E NJOY! franki

    • That’s so sweet! I need to buy some fresh mealworms tomorrow. I noticed the bluebirds are building in the bluebird house in the backyard. Enjoy all that spring that’s busting out around you, Franki!

  3. Kit Bright says

    I live in South Carolina, but not too far from Atlanta and the pollen here has already been extreme! I saw my first sign of spring over the weekend when I saw a copperhead slithering across my patio…ugh! Be careful…they are out!

  4. Spring has arrived in Texas too. I have a very similar tulip wreath and I also put padding on the back of it to protect the door. I found sheets of thin rubber at Hobby Lobby and cut them to fit the wreath and hot glue the pieces to the back of the wreath. What do you use? Any pictures of your pads on the wreath?

    • I always use the large pads that you can buy online at Amazon that can fit under chair legs. They come in all sizes and I use the really big ones for the back of wreaths. I also hot glue them on so they won’t fall off.

      Here’s a link to the ones I buy on Amazon.

      I will use either the really big round ones all around the wreath or something the strips depending on the size/shape of the wreath.

  5. Helene Reid says

    I have a wreath on my front door and have had robins build their nest there for 3 years. Love watching the babies grow. We try to avoid using the door until they have left the nest. Coming in through the garage is our usual entrance when we have been out in the car so we just use it while the babies are still in the nest. Enjoy, they really make very little mess for all the joy they give.

    • That’s so wonderful! I wonder if it’s the same pair each year? I normally come and go through my garage but I think they built the nest when I was having a lot of work done in the front yard and was coming and going a good bit. Not sure if the mom came back while I was in Ohio. I need to go take a peek.

  6. How nice you got to visit those grand kids recently–and got to fly instead of driving. Our cherry trees just leafed out the last 2 days, and red buds are in bloom. Plus lilacs. Once the process starts, it goes by so fast, and then boom, it’s summer!

    • The trip goes quickly when flying but I hate not having a car up there. I’m going back in a few months and I’ll be driving since I’ll be there much longer next time. I know, I wish we could slow down spring a little. I love this time of year!

  7. Susan,

    I hope you get can over to Brook Run in Dunwoody. The daffodil display they have is unbelievable. I’ve never seen so many daffodils. Somebody is seriously committed to daffodils!

    Love both airport pics. And I know: it’s sad to see the forest cutting they’re always doing.


  8. Glad you got home safely. Hope you had a great visit with your family. I am sure Mama Bird is glad you left the nest alone.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Just little sprouts popping up here which is fun to watch. Tomorrow we are supposed to have possibly up 1 inch of snow, ugh! Enough already! Glad you had a great family visit and are home safely. Happy Spring!

  10. Michele M. (Finch Rest) says

    Hi Susan! Oh dang, another lost opportunity to meet you in person – I am in north Columbus – so only a couple hours away from Dayton.

    Perhaps one day – if we try.

    Happy spring – my daffodils and forsythia are in bloom and other small signs of life – it is supposed to be nearly 80 degrees tomorrow – so it looks as though we, once again, have no spring or fall. Just super cold damp and wet to super hot humid and unbearable.

    Oh well – still nice spring has sprung.

    Btw- that pollen is awful – my husband would DIE with his allergies there!

    Also – love love love that hydrangea wreath! It would be gorgeous on a huge dining table as a centerpiece, too, wouldn’t it? May be too large but, hey, we’re dreaming, so I say dream big or go home, haha.


    • I know, we need to meet up one day, for sure. When I was in Oakwood, the weather was wonderful! I love seeing Forsythia in bloom. Michele, do big Southern Magnolia trees grow there? I don’t remember seeing any during my visits to Ohio. I hope they do, just in case I ever do move that way…would love to have one in my future yard. 🙂

  11. Daffodils are done here and now roses budding. Huge pink jasmine blossoms. Everything still green! Love your idea for the pads on the back of the wreath; would not have thought to use furniture pads. Your ring doorbell didn’t catch the birds? Glad you had a wonderful visit with your family!

    • That sounds beautiful, Kathleen! Jasmine smells so wonderful!
      You know, maybe it did and I just missed. I had a few days where I noticed a gazillion notifications, but when I looked at the video, I didn’t see anything. I thought it was just the wind blowing the boxwood topiaries I have planted in front the columns. Really windy days will cause those to move and I’ll get Ring alerts. But maybe it was birds. Not sure if they are quite big enough to set it off.

  12. Spring!??!? We just had about 7 inches of snow, followed by sleet…followed by wind….now starting to sleet again…..the snow is plastered to the house, and there is NO going out today for me. Hard to believe it was almost 70, 3 days ago. I think I would rather have pollen right now! 🙂 Still….love Minnesota! I do worry about the birds though, this will be hard on them. Love your sweet nest find, hopefully, mama bird will find it again. Enjoy your day!

    • Yikes! I bet your spring is going to be spectacular when it arrives for good, Rosie! That sounds like some crazy weather…Georgia does that sometimes…extremes in just one week’s time. I hope Mama bird comes back or maybe another bird will use it.

      • This was one crazy storm, just heard on the news that the layer of dirt on top of the snow is actually all the way from Texas!!! The winds were unlike anything I have seen up here. Yes, despite the snow, Spring will most likely be beautiful, just hoping the little kinglets that were here already found some shelter, and found something to eat. Good luck with your bird nest, too!

  13. You can measure the pollen on our porch right now. I’m wearing a mask whenever I venture outside. I think the dogwoods are the prettiest this year that I’ve ever seen, and the redbuds too. Nothing is prettier than Georgia in the Spring!

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