My Favorite Christmas Dishes are Back & They’ve Added Two New Patterns!

Welcome to the 583rd Tablescape Thursday!

I’m super excited to share that the Better Homes and Gardens dishware is back again this year! I was in my local Wally World recently and they had a huge display. I’ve had heard from a few of you that they have a train plate this year, so I was dying to see it!

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Dishes


These are the ones I picked up this year. I love the sweet deer plates and couldn’t remember if I already had those, so I picked up a couple more. I didn’t have the horsey plates, they may be a new design this year, so I picked up some of those, too.

But the design that really stole my heart was the train. Since the train is all in red, I’m calling it a Christmas train. I just love it! I’ve always had a thing for trains. If I get stuck at a railroad crossing, I always roll down my window so I can really hear the sound of the train as it passes. I just love the raw power of hearing/feeling it rumbling by!

Christmas Dishware, Vintage Scenes


They’ve also included this adorable bunny plate in this year’s set of Christmas dishes. I love this one and collected quite a few of them when it was available a few years back. It must be a popular design since they’ve included it again this year.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dinner Plate


You may remember when I used it in this table setting. (See more of this tablescape here: Christmas Table Inspired by Nature.)


They’ve also designed a gorgeous platter with all the woodland animals included. Love it so much!

Christmas Platter, Woodland Animals


I sometimes hang my platter above my hutch on the porch. (See this full post here: Porch Decorated for Christmas.)



Sometimes I display it in my kitchen as seen here a few years ago. I no longer have a TV on the counter so it’s where the TV used to be right now.


I just noticed these Christmas dishes are available online here: Christmas Dishes.

Each set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls and one of each of the adorable designs including the deer, the bunny, the train and the horse with the foxes. The price is amazing for all of this!

I love this pattern so much, I hope they never stop making it! I’m looking forward to using these in a table real soon!


Better Homes and Garden Christmas Dinnerware


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I haven’t seen these dishes at Wally World, and it’s probably a good thing. I am at capacity as far as storage is concerned. They have really stepped up their game! I recently got a set of Mackenzie Childs flatware there and it’s gorgeous.

  2. Linda Page Gurganus says

    Guess I better get to Walmart and check out the new designs. I love these dishes! A wonderful friend gave me a boxed set to get me started!!

  3. Isn’t the new platter just gorgeous? I’m sooooo tempted, but it’s in-person only at Walmart. Rats. Thanks for the great post on this pattern, Susan. It’s one of my favourites, too.

    • Helen, I couldn’t find the platter online but I bet it will eventually show up online, too. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I see it online.

  4. Oh aren’t those the cutest?! I don’t have any specifically Christmas dishes, so I might start here. I totally love it with the plaid plate and white charger – a beautiful combination! Thanks for hosting Susan – hope you’re having a wonderful start to the holiday season!

  5. Well, Susan, I see a trip to Wally World in my near future. I bought a large platter in this style last year. It is probably lonely so I need to buy more pieces to go with it. I am looking forward to your ‘Christmas Vacation’ table setting. I think I need to see the movie again. Have a great day.

  6. Gah! Why do the retailers do this to us??!! Out of all the things I purged this past year, I have done really well to keep from creeping back, but dishes….there’s just something about them I canNOT resist! Trying to keep it down to just salads, I guess that’s an improvement. Thanks for enabling us, Susan. 😉 Sharing is caring.

  7. OK….now I need to ad a Walmart stop to my list for today! I bet you’ll be posting a fun “train table” for those grandsons! Thanks for always giving great tips!

  8. Thanks to you I have 8 place settings and several serving pieces of this wonderful Christmas set! When I first saw it on your blog I went right to Walmart and was thrilled to fine it. Love your blog! A umber of years ago I think it was you that bought a set of Haviland Bird of Paradise pattern.
    That was my grandmothers pattern that I’ve gifted to my girls!

  9. Hi there, I almost didn’t read the post because I have so many sets of dishes, but so glad I did. The last two years, I’ve gotten several plates from there in the same bunny and deer pattern. I love them and they are so reasonable, they make great gifts too. Thanks for sharing-I’ll be heading there this weekend.

  10. Love these Christmas patterns. About six years ago, I bought them in the red amaryllis pattern. Maybe I need companion pieces? lol

  11. I found these plates on eBay & got them! They have not arrived yet – have always wanted some Christmas dishes & these weren’t expensive but looked elegant!

  12. Going to WM today to see if I can get a couple of train plates to add to my “collection”! Thanks for the tip. I checked a couple of weeks ago but they hadn’t arrived yet.

  13. Susan! I had sent you a comment saying I was using casual dishes and these are the ones. I am so excite to go get the salad plates to add. My goodness. I’m going to need more cabinets! We downsized our home 3 years ago and I just don’t have the storage I had in prior home. Glory! This could get expensive.

  14. Oh man!! I didn’t see the horse plates at our Wally World. Now I’m going to be obsessing on getting them. And the main reason I want them (other than my collection) is that my neighbors are 2 absolutely gorgeous Belgium workhorses, and a red barn they stay in. What a joy it is to watch them out my sunroom window everyday. Especially on the cold snowy days, when they gallop across the snowy field & you can see their breath!

  15. Those dishes are beautiful. They are so special for Christmas. Enjoy.

  16. Emily Ann Mayer says

    These are neat! I bought some fawn and bunny plates like these at WalMart a few years back, and paired them with Fiesta Ivory, Sage and Scarlet for Christmas a couple of years ago. So cute! I have some horse and sleigh plates already, but that platter is tempting! We probably won’t get nice things like this in my local WalMart, we normally don’t, which is sad. Just because we live in remote North Central Montana doesn’t mean we don’t like nice things! Thanks for sharing, your vignettes are pretty!

  17. I found the train plates the minute they hit the shelf! My husband is a retired railroader and I know he will be happily surprised to see them on my Christmas table.

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh what a temptation! That train is awesome! A few years back I just bought the salad plates with the bunny and the tree and I thought they also had a fawn one and I have a few of those, I’ll have to double check….I’m trying to stay strong. They are so reasonable priced and being dishwasher safe it is hard not to cave, but I’m determined to stay strong… I think. Ha

  19. Jean from Georgia says

    Thanks so much for the info. I looked last week at Carrollton Wal-Mart and no dishes were in stock. I wish I had collected them from the beginning of production. My Christmas dishes at Johnson Brothers Merry Christmas, which have been collected since 1966, but I am always open to a new look.

  20. Chugged over to Walmart ASAP when I saw the train plates, thank you for the post. Our family is “blessed” with an anything trains member….no, not writing about a cute grandchild, this is my husband, train rider and modeler extraordinaire! You have made his Christmas dinner!

  21. Linda Gomoll says

    Fortunately, our LaQuinta WalMart had all the dishes (and serving pieces) in stock this morning. I’ve also managed to snare the placemats and table runner that accompany this pattern last year. And yes, my bunny will have a place of honor as a centerpiece. Thanks for all the great tabletop tips – I so admire your creativity.

  22. I was wanting to have this dish pattern. But i guess it’s not to be my Wal-mart does not carry any of it. 🙁 Guess I will have to beg someone to see if they can find me a platter somewhere else.

    • Cindy, do you think they just haven’t gotten it in yet? You can buy it online at the links in this post, unless it has sold out. I hope you can find it!

      • Susan your a life saver !!! Yes I went online and bought 3 sets of the plates so I now have service for 12 !!! So happy I am jumping up and down. But they were still out of the large platter but I got on the waiting list for some of the other pieces!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!

  23. I have a lot of these dishes too and use them for my everyday Christmas season dishes. I have tons of the salad plates but will HAVE to get a couple of the train design too! I am finally back to blogging so will be joining your parties on Mon. and Thurs. now. Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving with your family!!! XO

  24. I have some of these. My big complaint is that they chip so easily. I wish the quality was better

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