Some Kitchen Updates: A Moen MotionSense Faucet and Soap Dispenser

I think spring fever has gone to my head! This week I’m getting estimates for tons of things I’ve been needing to get done. Not sure what all I’ll try to do right away and what will have to wait, but tomorrow is the start of a few of the updates.

The first update is here in the kitchen. The Grohe faucet I had installed back in 2001 when I completed a modest kitchen renovation, has been acting up over the last couple of years. It’s really bad about getting hung up between the stream mode and the spray mode, so much so I never use the spray mode at all now.

The Grohe soap dispenser you see on the right still works great, but over the years the white finish has gradually chipped off the end (note the brown tip), probably due to having dish detergent residue on it constantly from use.

Grohe Faucet & Soap Dispenser


Tomorrow morning, both the faucet and the dispenser will be replaced with a stainless Moen Motionsense faucet and a Moen detergent/soap dispenser. If you’re not familiar with the motionsense technology, it let’s you operate the faucet without touching it, something that really comes in handy when you have messy hands or have been handling something like chicken. You just wave your hand in front of the faucet sensor or over the top, and it automatically turns on.

The top sensor is used mainly for filling pots or when you want the faucet to stay on for a bit longer. The lower sensor works great for washing hands or when you just want the water to stay on for a short while. It will automatically shut off the faucet once you move your hands away.

Moen Motionsense Delaney Faucet


I’m one of those weird folks who doesn’t really care for stainless appliances…crazy, I know. But they don’t make this in white, which would probably look pretty weird anyway since it’s so tall/big. I thought about going with the shiny chrome model, but the brushed stainless finish is supposed to be excellent for not showing spots, so I’m trying to be practical since it’s going in the kitchen.


The Reviews Left Me Scratching My Head

I was a bit confused when I read the reviews online for this faucet because some folks raved about how wonderful it was while a few folks complained the handle leaked. So I called Moen’s customer service where they have reps who specialized in answering questions specifically about their motionsense line.

The Moen representative I spoke with said the first faucets did have an issue with some leaking around the handle, but in their second generation, they totally redesigned that part and it’s no longer a problem. She asked for the model number of the one I had just purchased and she confirmed that it’s the latest model so I shouldn’t have any problems.

Moen Delaney With Motionsense


One more thing to note about this faucet, the motionsense part works off battery power, but if you don’t want to deal with changing the batteries periodically, you can purchase a Moen adapter. To use the adapter, you need to have an electrical outlet underneath your sink. Then the control box plugs into the outlet via the adapter.

Moen Motionsense Delaney Faucet


I don’t currently have an outlet under my sink but I think I’m going to have one installed. I went ahead and purchased the adapter so I’d have it. I’ll use the batteries it comes with for now, but the plumber who will be installing it tomorrow is going to get an estimate for having one of their electricians wire in the outlet. It shouldn’t be too hard to add it since there’s already electricity in that area for the garbage disposal and the part of the basement directly underneath is unfinished.

If you have a faucet like this and are interested in the adapter, you’ll find it here: Moen Adapter. You can read more about the Moen MotionSense faucet here: Moen MotionSense Kitchen Faucet

Moen Adapter for Motionsense Faucet


Tomorrow morning will be busy since I’m also having three other faucets replaced: one in the guest/hall bath upstairs and two in my master bath. They are all starting to drip, which you would expect after 33 years of use. I’m replacing them with inexpensive faucets since I’m planning on renovating both of those baths in the near future and will be going with a completely different style faucet than what I had to buy to replace my current ones.

I’m also having the toilet replaced in the master bath. I had delayed on replacing that one when I replaced the other two in the house, because I want to do a big renovation in the master bath and had planned on replacing it then. But since the plumber will already be here, I decided to go ahead and get it done.

I’m going with the exact same toilet I purchased for the other two baths since those have worked great with zero clogs or issues. The one that I’m having installed is the Kohler Highline. You can read more about it in this previous post: Updating the Necessary Room.

The county I live in gives you a $100 credit off your water bill when you replace an old toilet with a watersense one, so I’ll submit my paperwork for that after the install. It was nice not having a water bill for many months the last time.

Highline Classic by Kohler


Anyone have the Moen Motionsense faucet and do you like it? Think it’s a smart move to go with the spot-resistant stainless, as opposed to the chrome?

Looking forward to sharing how it looks with you in an upcoming post. I’m also looking forward to sharing some of the other things I have planned, once I finalized those and know exactly when they will take place. Need to get all those estimates and plan first but I think it’s going to be a busy spring around here!

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  1. Since you don’t like stainless, does Moen have this faucet in either black or the brushed bronze that is so popular? I saw a piece of your counters in your photo and the faucet in either of the dark colors would go very well with your granite. You’re going to live with this faucet a long time – you need to like the finish. Just a suggestion …..

    • It does come in an oil rubbed bronze but I think that would be too much contrast with my white sink. I think the orb would probably be pretty with a copper sink or a dark sink, but just don’t think I’d like it with my sink. Thanks for that suggestion, though. The stainless should be good for resale one day. I probably get used to it after a while.

  2. NEPA Gina says

    I have to say Susan, you are my “go to” gal if I need to purchase anything! Since reading your blog for the past few years, you have given out some great information and with such detail! I’m a detail person, so I especially like reading your posts on purchases you’ve made or are planning on making. And I LOVE when you do your “favorite things” list. Because of that list, I’m loving my Lands Star Fish Pants, Uggs, flannel sheets & know a lot more about bird feeders! Thank you and good luck with those renovations!

    • Aww, thanks so much Gina! That makes my day to hear that! I really enjoy sharing the things that make my life easier…so glad it’s been helpful. I have to give the BNOTP readers credit for the UGGS. They first told me about those in the comments on that first Favorite Things post, and I love the two pairs I bought several years ago. Amazing how well they last! Thanks! I’ll keep you posted on how the renovations are going!

  3. I have the very same faucet, minus the soap dispenser. I didn’t realize at first that only hot water comes out of the faucet using the motionsense feature. To get cold water, you have to do it manually. You can manually adjust the temp moving the arm up or down, but the motion feature temp is controlled under the cabinet. All in all, we really like it, but there are times it’s annoying. If I try to pick something up in the sink, the motion causes it to come on and soaks my sleeve. Reaching over to flip the light switch on the wall, the top sensor is activated. I would probably buy it again, but there was a learning curve. 🙂

    • Not any more. The Moen rep told me you used to set the temperature control underneath the cabinet and you could set it on any temperature you wanted, hot or cold. They changed that…not sure when that change was made. Now, whatever position the handle is left in, that’s the water you’ll get when you put your hands under the faucet. In other words, if you left the handle on hot, you’ll get hot. If you left it in the middle, you’ll get a mix…or warm. Janet, look underneath and see if you have a dial on yours that you can adjust the temperature. I saw a video on YouTube the other night showing that dial and how to adjust it. Let me see if I can find it. 🙂

    • Janet, here’s the video I saw that shows how to adjust the temperature underneath:
      But now it just turns the water on in the position/temperature wherever you last left it.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Happy for you! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new purchases. It’s always fun to update, but I agree with the white appliances — I have them too and love their clean look. My stainless steel faucet for the sink looks just fine.

  5. I guess I’m ‘weird’ too, because I’m not a huge fan of stainless either. Reminds me of a morgue.

    If I was replying a faucet in the kitchen that’s the one I’d want. Love the look, as well as the practicality.

    • lol It does have an “industrial” feel. I just love the fresh clean feel of white. Actually, my favorite “color” for appliance is no color. I like it when they are hidden behind panels and look like a cabinet…they disappear! 🙂
      Thanks, Doreen! I’ll have to do a follow up post a few months out and share how it’s working. I think it will take a little getting to used to.

    • When I read the comment from Doreen I had to smile; I am always saying that stainless appliances remind me of a morgue! Having said that, we just updated our house prior to going to market and have put in the stainless appliances that so many love. I will say that every young person (sons and friends) who has seen the “new” kitchen loves the look! I put the white appliances (fridge and dishwasher) downstairs in the pre-existing wet bar area to add to its functionality (also replaced the too small wet bar sink with a full sink). BTW, I did go with a stainless faucet two years ago in the upstairs kitchen (same reason; leaky faucet), and I do enjoy the “no fingerprints” finish!

  6. Mary C. Levier says

    I have this faucet without the motion sensor . The only thing I not happy with is it is a water saver . It now takes forever to wash dishes or clean the sink. But they tell me I’m saving water. I guess that’s progress.

    • I think the Grohe one that I have is also because the water pressure was never good coming from it, not even in the beginning. I’ve heard a lot of folks complaining about that problem with the new bathroom faucets, too…crummy pressure and taking forever for the hot water to start coming out. It reminds me of the first water saver toilets they came out with that were so awful, folks had to flush 2 or 3 times for them to work. Great water savings there! Hardly!

  7. I was going to get that faucet to replace my 4 year old faucet that will not stay tight. My contractor talked me out of it. He said he’s installed several and they have mixed reviews. I cook a lot and thought it would be good. I’m sure you’ve read all the reviews.

    • Thanks for that info, Kathleen. Was that close to when it first came out…their first generation? I called Moen about those earlier reviews, you may have missed that part in the post. Here’s what she said: “I was a bit confused when I read the reviews online for this faucet because some folks raved about how wonderful it was while a few folks complained the handle leaked. So I called Moen’s customer service where they have reps who specialized in answering questions specifically about their motionsense line. The Moen representative I spoke with said the first faucets did have an issue with some leaking around the handle, but in their second generation, they totally redesigned that part and it’s no longer a problem. She asked for the model number of the one I had just purchased and she confirmed that it’s the latest model so I shouldn’t have any problems.”
      Hopefully they have the kinks worked out now since the latest reviews look pretty good.

      • No , it was a few months ago. I love the one I have but all of a sudden the base won’t tighten so I have to replace it. I wonder if Moen is standing by the product that they found to have glitches, because as you know , it is not only the faucet cost but installation. It gets very expensive! Good luck with yours! It’s a great concept. I’m constantly cleaning mine from touching with messy hands!

        • Do you have the base with the plate like shown in the picture on the box? I couldn’t use that plate since one of my sinks curves inward so there’s no place for the plate to go. I didn’t need it anyway since the installer said it was really for folks who are covering up other holes that aren’t needed.
          It took two people to install it…one guy under the sink tightening it into place while the other guy stood up beside the sink with a tight grip on it so it wouldn’t turn. I wonder if maybe whoever installed yours just wasn’t able to get it good and tight. Were their two folks, one to tighten and one to hold?
          I believe they are standing behind it from the comments I read at Amazon. Folks were saying that Moen sent them parts, etc.. That’s one of the reasons I let Lowes install this for me is because if anything went wrong, I knew they would come back out.
          The only weird thing I had happen was that I was having to hold my hands or a glass really close to the sensor to make it work. I called Moen and they knew exactly what needed to be done. I followed their directions and it corrected that. It had to do where the faucet was positioned when it was first activated…too much for a comment but I may do a post about it in case anyone else has that issue.
          Definitely call Moen! They have a dedicated extension that you press just for the MotionSense line and the two times I called to ask questions, they were excellent and knew their stuff.

  8. I’m with you on the stainless appliance craze too; not in our budget to have them hidden behind cabinets so the white appliances just blend in better with my white cabinets. A couple of years ago I had a serious fall off a ladder – while washing pollen off my screen porch of all things! – and was non-weight bearing for almost 5 months. My husband had a plumber come out the next day and install a Kohler Highline toilet because I Was not allowed to put my foot down. It is taller than a normal toilet, and to this day I love it! So easy to get up and down! Why don’t they make all toilets “comfort height”? It sure is perfect for baby boomers who are now developing knee and hip issues. Good luck today!

  9. SuSan

    Im with you about the stainless steel , and it is getting so hard to find white appliances, hopefully my will hold on for awhile longer! I think they are beautiful in others kitchens, but just not for me!
    Enjoy all your updates !!
    Have a blessed Easter week ,

  10. I’m with you Susan, just NOT on the SS-band wagon. I guess I like my traditional white too much–it’s such a timeless classic and ALWAYS in style!
    I have been interested in that faucet myself so I’ll be anxious to hear what you ultimately think….

  11. Glad you picked the spot resistant stainless faucet. I love mine. I have the same granite as yours but, in my bathroom. Do you have any problems with the water leaving like white residue around the faucet ( on the granite) ? They tell me its caused by “hard water”. If so do you have a trick to removing it? Thanks in advance

    • I haven’t had the white residue issue on the granite in the kitchen, but I do occasionally have some around the faucets in my bathrooms. I can usually get it off with one of those scrubby sponges that is supposed to not scratch up surfaces. I bet it is minerals and such in the water. Yeah, I really do like the spot resistant finish. I’m not wild about stainless/metal, but it will be nice to not have to worry about spots. Thanks, Vickie!

  12. Katherine G says

    After reading this post I asked my plumber about these faucets and he said even with the adapter you will still need to change batteries. Is this right?

    • I don’t think so. In reading the reviews for the adapter on Amazon, they are saying it takes the place of the batteries.
      Check out this page at Moen:
      You may want to call them at the number shown on that page just to verify that. They were super friendly and helpful when I spoke with them via phone.
      I ended up returning the adapter to Amazon because I read in several of the reviews, folks were saying that the batteries last a long time. So I decided to give it a try with just the batteries and if I find I’m having to change them more than I like, I’ll order the adapter again.

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