Springtime Dining on the Porch with Dario Farruccci’s Ma Maison

Welcome to the 657th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

Happy spring! As you can see in the background, the trees are have all fluffed out! I love seeing all the spring green, such a beautiful time of year! I hope you are seeing fluffy trees in your area now, too!

Spring Dining on the Porch


Yes, I’m back with tulips again this week. lol I’m a little hooked on tulips right now and wanted to try them in the teapot that goes with the dinnerware I’m using for this week’s Tablescape Thursday.

Screened Porch Dining, Spring Table


It’s almost impossible to be sad when there’s a vase (or teapot) filled with tulips in the room…even if they are faux tulips. 🙂

Spring Table with Tulips


I tucked a tulip underneath the napkin ring at each place setting.

Spring Tablescape, Porch Dining, Ma Maison Dinnerware


I’m using my favorite spring/summer dishware in today’s table, Ma Maison designed by Darrio Farrucci. This dishware stole my heart big time when I ran across it in HomeGoods so many years ago. The HomeGoods I was shopping in had a limited amount, not enough for 6 place settings. Fearing it wouldn’t last long in the stores, that same day I drove to 3-4 other HomeGoods in my area and purchased additional pieces so I’d have enough to set a full table here on the porch.

Spring Tablescape, Spring Dinnerware, Porch Dining


From time to time I get emails inquiring about where to find this dishware. The only place I know to look for it now would be on eBay. It was only available in the store for a skinny minute. It was just luck that I happened to go in the day it was there. I haven’t shopped in HomeGoods in a very long time now. I wonder if they have any new, cute things in for spring.

Ma Maison, Darrio Farrucci


I love this cloud-filled bowl! I wish life was like this every single day, nothing but sunshine and blue skies with white, fluffy clouds!

Cloud filled bow with bow motif


The images around the side of the bowl are just as uplifting and adorable. There’s a garden bench…

Ma Maison Bowl, Cute Designs


…and a cute kitty near a flowering shrub. I wonder if that’s Ellie heading outside to sharpen her claws on a nearby Blueberry Tree. 🙂

Ma Maison Dinnerware, Bowl with Garden and Kitties


There’s also a pretty gardening hat, watering can, and butterflies!

Ma Maison Bowl, Cute Design


The salad plate depicts the most adorable cottage!

Darrio Farrucci, Ma Maison Dinnerware, Salad Plate


I love, love, love how the trees arch overhead, almost hugging the cottage in a loving, protective way.

Green and White Check Napkin, Butterfly Napkin Rings


The dinner plate depicts pretty, flowering planters.

Dinner Plate, Ma Maison


The white chargers are from Horchow online back in 2008.

Ma Maison Dinner Plate


The beaded, butterfly napkin rings were a find in Pier 1 many years ago.

Spring Table, Butterfly Napkin Rings


The dark green napkins are also from Pier 1–and I think the green and white check napkins were from there, as well. Been so long now, hard to remember. I’m bad about forgetting where I purchased things once a few years go by.

Butterfly Napkin Ring, Green, white check napkins


It looks like I was hanging from the ceiling fan to capture this view. lol I was just standing in a chair, arms outstretched overhead.


I’m still obsessed with these realistic-looking, faux tulips! If you need some of these in your life, you’ll find them here: Faux Tulilps. I added in a handful of the cream tulips I purchased last year to make this bouquet extra full. The cream ones are available here: Cream Faux Tulips.


The porch hutch is dressed for spring with a few additional pieces of Ma Maison. I completely emptied the hutch out yesterday and washed everything inside. It went a lot faster than I had expected. Felt good to get that done yesterday. The porch is now officially open for summer dining!


Are you seeing wonderful spring weather in your area, too? The temps are so perfect here this week, my dream weather for sure! I love this time of year so, so much! Happy Spring dear Friends!

Spring Table with Tulips


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! ♥

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  1. Beautiful table – and those dishes are darling! Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Gayle Kesinger says

    Susan, I bought very pale limey green tulips on your recommendation. They are fabulous. No one can believe they are not real. Several people thought I should add water (vase is clear) before they realized that they were faux. I am going to buy some more for two of my friends. Many thanks. Your table is wonderful. Love the dinnerware.

  3. Helen Carol Matthews says

    Beautiful Tablescape!!! I especially love the photo taken from above (Be Careful!) Wish more people would do that.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jane Kelly says

    Oh my gosh what adorable dishes!

  5. That pattern is adorable Susan! I love how you’ve got it in the hutch as well as on the table. I, like Helen, love the overhead shot. I try to get good ones for M&T but I think I need a taller ladder! 😉 Thanks so much for the dose of springtime – we’re getting some lovely sunshine and flowers too. Thanks as always for hosting this excellent party!

    • Barbara, that’s awesome you’re seeing spring in your area, too! Glad you like the overhead shot, I always like to see the whole table from above when possible.

  6. Susan – I absolutely LOVE the precious dinnerware! You did a beautiful job putting that tablescape together. Love the green check napkins also. I’m sad the dinnerware was only available for a “skinny minute!” Would love to have that pattern. Thanks for sharing your lovely table with us!

  7. Thank you Susan! I have always loved your Ma Maison dishes, so so cute! Love the tulips and butterflies and checks!

  8. Elinda Turner says

    Susan, There is a place here in North Carolina to look for different dishes. On line replacements.com. They show all of the pieces to this set you are showing but are all sold out. One can sign up for them to try and locate any dish or glass pattern. Love the tablescape !

    • Yup, they never seem to have them in stock there and when they do, they are quite pricey, unfortunately. I wish HomeGoods would carry it again. Thanks, Elinda for that reminder about Replacements.

  9. Jacquelynn says

    Just beautiful….. The “Summer Breeze” sign is adorable. My song back in the day. Did you make it? Also the tulips inside the napkins are so cute. Thank you…. “ summer breeze , makes me fine……”

    • Thanks, Jacquelynn! 🙂
      No, I purchased my sign from a store called, A Classy Flea, when they used to be in business, but there’s a company online that makes/sells them that I think are identical and around the same price as what I paid. I wouldn’t be surprised if A Classy Flea didn’t buy the ones they sold from them.
      Here’s the online site where I’ve seen them available: https://www.sawdustcityllc.com/summer-breeze-makes-me-feel-fine-seals-crofts/
      They make it in a gazillion colors including a blue color like mine. Click on the down arrow under “Sign color” and you can see them all listed. I don’t know why they don’t show an example of each color like they used to.

      • Jacquelynn says

        Susan, thank you ever so for the link and the information. I appreciate the response. Happy weekend ☀️❤️.

  10. Helen Peterson says

    Everything is magic, including the napkin rings!

  11. Pretty dishes, Susan! I know that feeling of accomplishment, it’s such a good feeling. I cleaned my balcony of all the pollen yesterday and washed the outside of the picture windows this morning. Ready for some outdoor sitting!

    • It did feel really good to get that done! It didn’t get done last summer since I wasn’t here much of that time. You’re inspiring me to clean my deck railings tomorrow…they really, really need it! I hope you got some outdoor sitting time in today…and will again this weekend! I think I’ll be digging out weeds. lol

  12. Susan, you inspired me to finally start collecting a Ma Maison set for 8, in spite of the current prices and rarity of available pieces. It’s been a painful, EXPENSIVE one-piece-at-a-time process on Etsy, Ebay and Poshmark over the past several weeks. I have 11 salad plates (LOL, I accidentally bought too many!), 7 dinner plates (4 round, 3 square), and 4 charger (square) plates–enough to set a nice table for 8 on Mother’s Day! I also found the salt and pepper set on Ebay and the large pitcher from Poshmark (I’ll be putting fresh flowers in it as a centerpiece). I’m going to use the beautiful Williams Sonoma Spring Jacquard tablecloth and napkins in the color Blue Bell–bringing out the very pretty blues in Ma Maison. I’m so excited! Thank you for inspiring me with your wonderful collection of Ma Maison. And thank you again for another BEAUTIFUL Tablescape Thursday! XO!

    • Elena, that’s awesome that you’re finding pieces out there! I have exactly 7 dinner plates, too. I’d like to find one more. I have a bunch of the round and square salad plates. I remember those were the easiest to find when I drove around to all the HomeGoods stores back on the day I discovered them. I bought a bunch so I’d have them for dessert. I have two of the large square serving plates, I think that’s what you’re referring to as chargers. Do you have square dinner plates, too? I only have round, scalloped dinner plates. I don’t think they would work very well on the square serving/chargers, although I haven’t tried them to see. I just used the large square plates as serving dishes. Kudos to you for finding all those pieces, I know it’s not easy. I only paid $3-5 each for the plates back in the day. Actually, prices in HomeGoods and Marshalls have gone up a good bit over the years so not sure what it would be if they had them in stock today.

      • $3 to $5 for Ma Maison plates? Incredible, I’m not worthy!!! I have 4 round and 3 square dinner plates, and I will be happy if I find the fourth square dinner plate. The salad plates I bought were $35 to $40 each (all round), dinner plates were between $40 and $60 each, and the charger plates were between $60 to $80 each. And that does not include shipping charges MEHHHHHH! I would have had six charger plates, but two arrived from Poshmark shattered—double MEHHHHHH. I’m probably the reason others can’t find Ma Maison via the internet right now; I’ve been an Apex Predator on the prowl lately, and my husband is not amused LOLOLOL. I can hardly wait to set my Mother’s Day dining room table. :0)

        • lol Apex Predator…so funny! Yeah, back in the day, salad plates were always around $3.99 and a dinner plate was normally around $4.99 in both Marshalls, TJ Max and HomeGoods. Then over the space of 2-3 years, the prices went up a good bit. They still are not as high as in department stores, but have def gone up over the years.
          Ugh, that’s awful about the shattered plates from Poshmark. I never understand why sellers don’t pack dishes with tons of padding because they will for sure get thrown around during shipping. I had no idea they made square dinner plates in Ma Maison! How did I miss that all these years! I can’t wait to see the table you create with your Ma Maison dinnerware, Elena! I know it will be over-the-top beautiful!

          • I will try to take good pictures of my Mai Maison Mother’s Day main table. I don’t have the great photography skills nor the cameras you have, but I’ll do my best. For the kids’ table (I always have to set one) I’m not going to even try to do anything that’s pretty and consistent with lovely Ma Maison. I’m going to go crazy/silly/outrageous and break out my Godzilla tablescape for the kids! Yes, I actually made a cool Godzilla tablescape for my grandson a couple of years ago–he loved it. Since “Godzilla vs. Kong” is the number one movie in the country right now, perhaps a Godzilla tablescape is quite appropriate LOL. :0) I’ll send you photos of that tablescape also. XO Have a great rest of your day!

  13. This is one of my top 10 of your tablescapes. Beautiful and love the hutch.

  14. Great table. Love your story of driving to all the HomeGoods in your area to complete the dish set. I have done that with both HomeGoods and TJMax. A couple here, one there, etc. But it paid off in the end. Your table looks perfect. Adding the tulips on the napkins is a nice touch.

  15. Susan, when you first started posting tablescapes with the Ma Maison pattern, I fell in love with it. I collected 12 place settings from eBay and added many of the accessory pieces. It is on my hutch in the sunroom right now. I use it so often and never tire of it.
    I agree with you one the tulips; they are so realistic! I so look forward to Thursdays and your tablescapes. You never disappoint!

    • Wow, that is awesome and amazing, Martha! That could not have been an easy feat…finding that many place settings! I know exactly what you mean–it’s just the happiest pattern. I still love it as much today as the day I first spotted it in HG.
      Thanks so much, Martha…appreciate those sweet words!

  16. Diane Egbert says

    Love those dishes . Home Goods is my favorite store.

    • I used to shop there all the time and now haven’t been in ages. I think I’ll hop over there for a few minutes this weekend. I despise shopping wearing a mask but I may brave it for a few minutes to get my HG fix. lol

  17. Susan, I just love those dishes, and every time you set a table with them I fall in love all over again. So pretty and so unique and the table is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, and, as always, thanks for hosting!

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Such a great pattern for your awesome porch. We were just saying our whole house needs to be power washed. We will be getting rain over the next few days and then maybe we can start some of our outdoor projects bit by bit. Glad the deck was restained last year! Aww, the joys of spring / summer! Hehe

  19. The Ma Maison Dino Ferruccio dishware is wonderful! It is such nice artwork on every dish, and pretty unique. I can see why you went to such trouble to get it! It was well worth it. And I love your green and white napkins. I have similar placemats and get compliments on them every time. They are perfect for spring. Your table is beautiful!

  20. Hello Susan……
    I always love your table when you show the Ma Maison dishes, really pretty. I am thinking
    today that I hope you sometimes eat on those dishes. They are too pretty to just use for a photo. I think a piece of cake would taste wonderful on the lovely plates. i have been addicted to tulips this spring too.

    I purchased a beautiful angel statue from Home Goods yesterday to give as a gift to the daughter of a lovely lady who sadly died of Covid this week.
    I was so relieved when I walked into the store they were putting out garden
    statues and there was this perfect angel. It was a blessing from heaven because many of the stores near me which have garden items have closed or are not supplied like they used to be. I really don’t know what we would do without Home Goods. I would have had to order an angel on line, but because of Home Goods I was able to deliver it to the family yesterday.

  21. That is a lovely table and the dishware is adorable. So many pretty details. Hope you have a wonderful week Susan and enjoy all the Spring-yness sprouting all around. XO- MaryJo

  22. Brenda S Lawrence says

    Our trees are all fluffed out here in PA as well. Love it! And speaking of loving it, I love your table setting. It’s so springy and just makes one’s heart happy feeling. Beautiful dishware and the tulips go so well with it. Love how beautiful this setting is. Hugs, Brenda

  23. Hi Susan,
    Oh my I just am in love with your dishes. I love the whimsicalness they display. Just a very pretty and fun table. I love tulips as well, and yours even being faux are just delightful, loved all the colors. Hope this finds you doing well. Been awhile since I have been by, not doing as many tables these days.
    Blessings, Nellie

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