A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with a Twist

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Last year I shared a beautiful “Sweet 16” Birthday celebration party put together by Selma, a lovely BNOTP reader and fellow tablescape lover. Selma is definitely one of us–she loves entertaining and setting beautiful tables for her family and friends. If you missed this wonderful table below, you’ll find it here: Sweet 16 Party with Fun, Jungle-Jaguar Theme.

Sweet 16 Party Ideas


Selma is also a kitty lover so I felt an instant camaraderie with her. If we lived near each other, I’m sure our conversations over lunch would be about cats, dishes and tablescaping all the time! lol Below you’ll see a cute photo of Selma with one of the Cornish Rex babies.

Selma with Cake for Sweet 16 Tea Party


I was planning on setting a St. Patrick’s Day table this week, had even gotten out my shamrock dishes and had started plotting, but when I received Selma’s email, I  couldn’t wait to share the two beautiful tea settings she created for what she affectionately named, a “St. Catrick’s Day” celebration.

Selma put this gathering together for all the staff at the specialty vet clinic where she takes her kitties. Selma said, “Given the fact that the clinic is the Completely Cat Clinic, I went with a play on St Patrick’s Day. :D”

Selma shared, “I did two tables, each table had a similar but different setting. My tables are always a mix of old and new, and often different china patterns on the same table. When I have a Tea, depending on how many, I have to mix and match–the most I have of any single pattern is 12, and sometimes I have 24 people, so I get creative!”

Elegant St. Patrick's Day


Selma said, “I also put my mom’s old tea cart from the early 60’s to use and just covered it with an old antique lace linen. We had an Irish Whiskey, ginger ale, and lime cocktail for starters. Our tea was the Best-Ever-in-the-History-of-Tea, “Ragamuffin.”

Beautiful St. Patrick's Day Celebration


About her teapot, Selma said, “The teapot is covered with an adorable cozy embroidered with a shamrock. It came from House of Claddagh online. It isn’t easy to find linen tea cozies like this, and when I saw it advertised in my Tea Time magazine, I jumped on it!”

Embroidered Tea Cozy


For the table Selma set in her dining room, Selma brought out her Royal Tara teacups and saucers in a beautiful shamrock pattern.

Elegant St. Patrick's Day


Selma said, “The placemats are beaded shamrocks that I bought this year on eBay and from “Craze About” online. The table linens are an old Ralph Lauren pattern I bought about 10 years ago at Home Goods.”

St. Patrick's Day Table, Tiered Server


“The napkins are Sferra “Emerald” and the glasses are a vintage pattern I found on eBay several years ago. The plates are Haviland, Golden Edge. The cute little clear clover plates are from my cousin, and she claims they are fairly easy to find and inexpensive (~$2 each).”

Lovely St. Patrick's Day Table Setting


Selma said the dish you see to the right is an old “double-jam” serving piece.

St. Patrick's Day Tea, Double Jam Server


“The silverplated napkin rings are borrowed and every napkin ring is different.”

St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Beautiful Place Setting


“The flatware is a combination of an antique English pearl-handled dessert set (also found on our friend eBay) and Gorham “Buttercup.”

Gorham Buttercup Silver Flatware


Selma described her centerpiece filled with beautiful flowers, saying, “The antique plateau is sitting on a modern beaded placemat with an antique epergne full of flowers, and there is a lovely old, green ruffled glass dish nearby. This one is fitted with clear and green ribbon glass.

Old glass work is really beautiful if you take the time to look at it. The craftsmanship is amazing. So many of these things end up at Goodwill or Thrift shops, it is rather sad that nobody appreciates them any longer. I do happen to appreciate them, though, and I will use them every chance I get! At my teas, I use these for jam, clotted cream, and lemon or lime curd.”

St. Patty's Table, Elegant Table


Selma said, “Sandwiches included cucumber with cream cheese and chives on white bread, mini Reubens on pumpernickel rye, smoked salmon, egg salad on oatnut bread, ham, Irish cheddar and arugula on rye, and some lox with pickled onion, capers and a sprig of dill on New York salt rye. The secret to really tasty tea sandwiches is to butter the bread before adding anything, including whatever spread you use. It adds a layer of flavor and keeps the bread from getting soggy. At this particular Tea, we used Irish butter.”

Special Party Foods for St. Patrick's Day Celebration


Selma said, “This is one of my favorite pictures because it shows my very favorite vet tech in the universe, Annie, giving up her seat to my dear 14-year-old Cornish Rex, Isadora, aka Izzy.”

Ha! Love that and it’s so like a cat! They always want to be part of the party and of course, we must make way whenever they arrive!


I will share Selma’s other St. Catarick’s Day tea table (and the wonderful desserts she prepared) in another post in the next few days before St. Patrick’s Day arrives next Wednesday. That table is just as beautiful and deserves its own post!

Thanks so much to Selma for sharing wonderful photos of this fun celebration! I love that we are all beginning to see friends and entertain again! I’ve really missed that so much!

Beautiful St. Patrick's Day Celebration


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. What a lovely post Susan! I can’t wait to see the other table. Have a wonderful week. XO- MaryJo

  2. Franki Parde says

    “Lucky” invite-teas!! Everything so well thought out & personal!! Catnip for the soul, lass! franki

  3. Love to see tea table settings. This one looked lovely.

  4. Oh, wow! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this tablescape, as well as the Sweet 16 Tea Party (I had missed it before.) “Where has she been all of our lives!” She is definitely one of us! I also want to order some of her Ragamuffin Tea!

  5. Warren Giering says

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I am going to borrow some of Selma’s ideas.

  6. Oh that’s lovely! And Selma’s theme is so cute! She’s so right about what you find at Goodwill too. I’m sad and grateful at the same time! 🙂 Thanks so much to both of you for sharing this beautiful and thoughtful table – can’t wait to see the next one!

  7. Pretty!

  8. Beautiful table setting!

  9. Truly lovely table. I love the rich greens and metals put together. And yes about Goodwill, there can be some real treasures found, such as vintage porcelain china, place settings, wine glasses and more.

  10. Bobbi Duncan says

    A really lovely table setting! Love the mirrored plateau–have to steal that idea for elevating a flower arrangement at our next party. I have found some pretty pieces, including a wonderful sterling silver shallow bowl w/ gorgeous rim design, at our Goodwill. It’s hit or miss but, when I find a quality item, it’s very exciting. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  11. Love the table setting, but I was really loving seeing the photo’s of the kitty’s! Would love to see more photo’s and info about this wonderful breed. I had Siamese growing up and after I got married. I sure do miss them!

  12. Very charming table! Love all the Irish details!

  13. Selma, thank you so much for inviting us into your home. Lovely table. And Izzy, I know that look..”It’s my mommy and my house. Who are you people and why are you here ?” LOL. Our GoodWill hasn’t had any great finds for some time because they go on their auction site. Plus, so many are buying things to resell online. But I still go..just in case.

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