Easy Centerpiece for a Spring Table Setting

Welcome to the 141st Tablescape Thursday!

If you remember this Bottle Tree post, you already know I’ve been collecting bottles for several months in hopes of creating a bottle tree some day. Recently, I found the perfect tree for the bottles. It was just what I had dreamed up in my head. Unfortunately, when I checked on the price, it was much more than I wanted to spend. Rats!

In the meantime, I’ve been itching to play with the bottles in a tablescape. I don’t have any hot pink flowers blooming in my garden at the moment, so let’s pretend like these are real Gerbera daisies. Okay? Okay.

It’s been windy here the last two days and the breezes were flowing across the porch.
Porch with Sheers
Really breezy!
Add Sheers or Curtains to Porch for Movement

After a while they settled down and the picture taking began.

Summer Table Setting With Gerbera Bottle Centerpiece


A centerpiece for a table setting doesn’t have to be expensive. Just save those pretty colored wine bottles and line them down the center of your table. Fill each with a single flower for a sweet display.

If you’re worried about the height of your centerpiece interfering with dinner conversation, all the material I’ve read says it’s always fine to use a tall centerpiece…just set it aside when it’s time to sit down. Our tables would be a little boring if we only used short centerpieces on them, wouldn’t they? So have some fun and just take a few things away to display on the sideboard when it’s time to sit down.

I used two different napkin rings: floral and dragonfly. It’s always fun to mix things up a little.

Spring Table Setting, Kim Parker Emma's Garden Chargers & Salad Plates



You may remember when I used the dragonfly napkin rings previously in this: Spring Tablescape table setting. I love how they look with the Kim Parker Emma’s Garden dishware.

Spring Tablescape with Dragonfly Napkin Rings


The floral salad plate is part of the Kim Parker Home Collection, called “Emma.”

Spring Tablescape with Tulip Napkin Rings


The charger shown here is also part of the Emma pattern. Bee flatware is available here: Napolean Bee Flatware

Spring Tablescape with Kim Parker Emma's Garden and Dragonfly Napkin Rings_wm


French bee themed glassware was perfect for a springtime table setting and it worked well with the Napoleon Bee flatware shown above.

Spring Tablescape with Gerbera Bottle Centerpiece


A few candlelight pics…

Candlelight Dinner on the Porch


I was hoping to catch the Blue Hour and lucked out with my timing.


You can read all about the Blue Hour here:  Blue Hour Photography and Blue Hour Photography.


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables for this Tablescape Thursday!

Summer Table Setting With Gerbera Bottle Centerpiece


Chargers and Salad Plates: Kim Parker Home Collection, Pattern is Emma, found at Marshalls a year or two ago
Dinner Plates and bowls: Big Lots a few years ago
Glassware: La Rochere, Tuesday Morning and Marshalls
Flatware: Napoleon Bee, from Neiman Marcus/Horchow
Embroidered Napkins: Found antiquing
Dragonfly napkin rings: Pier 1
Floral napkin rings: Pier 1

Looking forward to your beautiful tablescapes!

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  1. Susan, this table is perfect in it's simplicity. I love the Emma plates.. they are lovely. Great blue hour shots too! Your green bottles are pretty cool. You are collecting blues and ambers too right? Can't wait to see your bottle tree. Thanks for hosting this exciting and lively party! Happy Mother's day.

  2. Great table setting, Susan. And you know what? If you had not told us the Gerber daisies were not real, we would never have known. They sure are dead ringers for real, to me, anyway! Great job! Take care. Susan

  3. Kathleen says

    Those dishes are so colorful and pretty, Susan! The bottles look great!

  4. Those pink daisies in the deep green bottles are so pretty, Susan. You know I love those plates. Love the colors, so springy…Christine

  5. Rettabug says

    Oh Susan….LOVE your capture of the Blue Hour!! It looks beautiful & how nice for it to be warm enough to be out on the porch. (as my furnace keeps running & running & running)

    How pretty your Emma pattern chargers & plates look together! Very spring-y!
    Beautiful linens, too.

    I have the same two sizes of bee glassware AND the same bee flatware. I only copy from the best, ya' know. LOL (Honest, I didn't copy…I won the glasses!)

    I'm in love with the blue wine bottles with the view that you can see through. Its a Riesling & so very pretty both to look at AND to drink!

    Thanks for hosting the TT again & again. It is the best night of the week & the ONLY night I stay up so late, flitting from blog to blog.


  6. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Susan, Thanks for hosting TT. YOur table is simple and fun and very full of sassy color! I really think the idea of bottles and single blooms down the table is brilliant! Each flower is the star!
    Your dishes are adorable! so FUN!
    I would love to sit at this pretty table on a breezy spring evening!

  7. Ann@A Sentimental Life says

    would love to dine on your porch! love the idea of the lined up bottles. Recently someone gave me 5 old white milk bottle vases and I lined them up on the dining room table with tulips in them…like the different look!

  8. Hello, This is so very lovely – the colors are marvelous! I went to Tuesday Morning this week, saw they had the La Rochere glassware on sale – arrived too late! They're gorgeously displayed here – thank you for hosting this lovely party,

  9. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    What a lovely way to dine. I love the bottles lined up down the table, and your china and your napkin rings are perfect for this setting. Love the candlelit view. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  10. Love this idea Susan! Will definitely give it a try.

  11. tammylovesdishes says

    The green bottles look great as a centerpiece. I love Gerbera Daisies and these look wonderful with the green glass. The little dragonfly napkin rings are so sweet. What a fun table setting! It certainly speaks to warm weather and I am so ready for warm weather!

  12. ellen b says

    Susan! this table is so wonderful. It gives me hope of a true Spring with summer coming!!

  13. Hi, Susan! I just LOVE all of your tablescapes. The one with the Sculptured Daisy china forced me to go up in the attic and pull mine down–it was my Everyday China pattern when we got married 36 years ago!

    Question for you: is tablescape a mixture of acrylic pieces and china pieces? If not, do you ever mix the two?

  14. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Becky,
    Everything in this tablescape is ceramic or glass. I've never used any acrylic dishware in the tablescapes I've posted on BNOTP, but I'm not opposed to it. I just don't normally buy it since I can usually find ceramic or china for so little in thrift/antique shops and places like HomeGoods and Marshalls. If I had a pool in my backyard, I'd probably buy some acrylic to use out around the pool. It's also great for cookouts, picnics, etc… And it would be great to use on a porch, too.

  15. Oh my goodness, Susan. What an absolutely beautiful table setting. Gorgeous.

  16. Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack says

    Gorgeous! I like the green bottles for the centerpiece and the setting at night. Perfect for a summer party. So welcoming and warm!

  17. once in a blue moon says

    love the bottle, you took some great angle shots to make them pop~

  18. Your tablescape looks beautiful. Let me start with the porch itself, the breeze billowing through the curtains sets the mood, lovely. Next I think the contrast of pink flowers and green containers are really pretty. Well, I have to say I really like those dragonfly napkin rings, and it goes without saying I like the bee theme in your setting. After you lit the candles, Perfect!
    Thanks for hosting, its always fun…….

    The French Hutch

  19. Chatty Crone says

    Susan – I really liked this table scape! Very pretty. sandie

  20. carol ann says

    Your table scape is beautiful! I also love your porch and the blue hour!

  21. The blue hour wouldn't dare pass by until you had finished taking your photos. I love the look of the sheers blowing in the wind.

  22. This is a beautiful tablescape! Loved the contrast between the green glasses and the pink flowers, just gorgeous!and the setting feels so romantic with those billowing white curtains and the candle light. Thanks for sharing and hosting the party.~Poppy


  23. Oh Susan, I think this is one of my Fav's you've done. But I think that usually about them all..LOL
    The thing about the vase scale… you could cluster them in the center then everyone can see each other fine when you sit. Just a thought..sorry the florist came out.
    I am just so excite dI made it this week. I'm off to visit………

  24. Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com says

    HI Susan, love your table. I just love that photo where the breeze is blowing through the curtains…wow…you feel like you are right there. What a beautiful place to be and enjoy a lovely meal. Have a blessed day.

  25. Pattie @ Olla-Podrida says

    I love the green bottles with the red blossoms. Such beauty in simplicity! Since joining Tablescape Thursday I've developed quite an appreciation for your photographic skills. It's not easy to get such great shots of table settings. Yours all look professional and I anxiously await each Wednesday night!

  26. I LOVE those gorgeous bottles! I'm going to try to collect more of the Italian wine bottles and carafes to do a similar 'scape in the future.


  27. Karin Şen Cankan says

    Dear Susan, another perfect table, I loved it, I even showed to my daughter Talya she loved the flowers in the bottles, she wants the same look in her room shes says but the bottles must be pink (as you can imagine)

    Thank you for sharing. Unfortunatly I am sick again and did not managed to participate this week hopefully next week.


  28. Great frugally bold centerpiece. I love the idea of just one bright Gerbera in each.

  29. OH!…Excuse me while I go get a tissue to wipe the slobber/drool!!
    Susan I think this is a fav,love the colors, and how simple yet eloquent!
    You always set the perfect tablescape.
    I was wondering,"How did you come up with this idea?,and How did you know that tablescapes would be so popular?When did you realize that thousands of bloggers would want to join this "PARTY",every week?
    This is one of our favorites!

  30. This is so lovely. I collect the cobalt blue bottles and display them on my windowsill. When I was out in Seattle two years ago we saw a house with several bottle trees (in blue) and they looked so pretty. I live in a townhouse so I'm not sure that would be okay. But maybe…

  31. lulumusing says

    Bottles….my very favorite vases. I love the creative options they provide plus they don't require great flower arranging skills which is something I'm short on. Your porch is very inviting, and I love the simplicity of the table.

  32. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    This is so sweet Susan. Love the bottled gerbers! That china pattern is, of course, a favorite of mine because of the pink and green combination. Thanks for the tassel tip — I just bought three (one for me and two for my Christmas stash!- shhhhhh…don't tell)

  33. Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl says

    Loving your table, Susan. I think we will all be glad to get outside for some great tablescapes! Your porch is beautiful!

  34. Curtains In My Tree says

    That is the prettiest porch I have seen for sometime.

    This reminds me of how I named my blog.

    I don't have a porch so I would set on my patio and hang lace curtains in my big tree hanging by my patio and let the curtains blow in the wind. I dreamed I was on an beautiful porch by the sea someplace like the caribean


  35. Love the bottles with daisies, a lovely start to your tablescape. The bee glasses are the bee's knees 🙂 Your porch is gorgeous and I enjoyed visiting. I don't do tablescapes {yet} but I really enjoy visiting the linky posts, thanks for hosting and perhaps some day I will also be able to link up!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  36. Sunny Simple Life says

    You have the most creative mind ever. Always something new and different. You never disappoint.

  37. Happier Than a Pig in Mud says

    Lovin' the fun centerpiece Susan! I had my hand on some of the bee glasses this week, love the weight and feel of them, maybe one day…:@)

  38. poppilinnstudios says

    Love the table scape and porch! Can't wait until it gets a little warmer here so we can enjoy meals and entertaining outside! I just bought a few decorative items for the porch this morning.

  39. Elisabeth says

    Susan, Your tablescape is just beautiful. I love the colors. The particular elements that were favorite of mine were the jars, napkin rings as well as the dinner and salad plates. I think that about covers the entire tablescape, doesn't it? 🙂 It was so nice!


  40. Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful says

    What a beautiful setting…the pictures of the candlelight setting are stunning! I wish I was invited to this party-:)
    I'll be following your blog now!

  41. Stephalicious says

    I have been following your blog for awhile and always love Thursdays for your table settings. I have to say that this one is my favorite! I love it's simplicity.

  42. Tardevil says

    Just look at all the pretty tablescapes featured this week. I was just in Savannah/Tybee Island last week, and I thought about you b/c I saw something that looked like it would make a good short bottle tree, and I thought about you and wondered if you had ever found one. I also saw a rug in the PB catalog called the 'terra-cotta floral rug and the drapes called 'vanessa printed neutral' that reminded me of your office. I took some pics on my phone a few weeks ago in Tuesday Morning that made me think of you. Isn't it funny how you always think of other bloggers when you shop?

  43. Richard Cottrell says

    Love your porch, especially the curtains, reminds me of the south with there netting. I tried all day to link to your blog, could not. I am slow I guess. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  44. Summerland Cottage Studio says

    I love the simplicity of the green bottles
    and gerber daisies !

  45. Tanya@takesix says

    Susan your table is so pretty. I have used old glass coca cola bottles and daisies down the center of my deck table in the summer. I love the bright colors of your plates!

  46. 3generations says

    Three things:
    1) I am insanely jealous over those floral plates 🙂 Pretty!!!
    2) My daughter Emma was thrilled to find yet another pattern to try and collect.
    3) My littlest one (age 8 and my newest fellow tablescaper) was reading your page today for the first time and was enthralled with your pictures and your pretty yellow house on the banner. She said, curling up next to me on the bed, "Oooooh! I want to take a nap on her porch!"
    -Andrea, Tablescapex3 🙂

  47. Richard Cottrell says

    Ms. Naps, I tried,I tried and I tried. I linked and I linked and I linked. It just will not let me. So people come by and see my tablescape post at http://www.myoldhistorichouse.blogspot.com Thanks for trying. Richard

  48. bcp.....My Life says

    Thanks for inviting me to your party! I always get great ideas and enjoy reading every post!

  49. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Andrea…tell her she is welcome any time. 🙂 Yes, Emma definitely needs to collect the Emma pattern! Hopefully Marshalls will get it back in some time…it was very reasonable there.

  50. I love, love the centerpiece! So simple and I would have never guessed they were faux! Ha ha! Awesome. So simple and nice!

  51. Just lovely…..I love the little dragonfly napkin rings.

  52. Hi Susan,

    I love this table; I'll have to add it to my list of favorites that you've done! I really like the Emma plates and those dragonfly napkin rings are great. And it's wonderful to see a fresh new idea for centerpieces. Those green bottles and pink Gerberas are perfect for this table. The bright colors really pop and everything just says "Springtime". Have a Happy Mother's Day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  53. Happy Cottage Quilter says

    I love your tablescape. It looks so relaxing on your porch. What an enjoyable way to welcome Spring 🙂

    Jocelyn @

  54. Miss Janice says

    Love catching up with you and seeing this beautiful tablescape on your porch. I agree with your point about the centerpiece height:)

  55. L-O-V-I-L-E-E as usual Susan.
    Hugs -Brenda-

  56. That was SO pretty. I love BOTTLES! 🙂
    The flowers really are convincing, aren't they? Your "Emma" dishes look so good with the other selections. This is one of my favorites!

  57. http://tabletwentyone.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/tall-toile-yall/ says

    Hi, Susan! I missed this post last week. So glad I took a look back. The table is beautiful. I agree…a table doesn't always have to have a fancy centerpiece to be beautiful. Simplicity is so nice, especially in the warmer months. The colored bottles with Gerberas…perfect! I will be moving to your neck of the woods (Savannah, GA) in exactly 2 weeks, so I hope to be able to catch that "blue hour" like you do. I never seem to be able to do that here in Kansas City. Have a wonderful weekend!

  58. your place is amazing! and the green bottles with the flowers look gorgeous, the colours really compliment each other.


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