Still Dreaming About A Mountain-Top Home, Where Do You See Your Dream Home?

If you could live in any place in the world, where would that be and why? A few months back I mentioned how I’d love to live in the mountains. I’ve been giving that a lot of thought over the past year and I think I’d love to live so high up that when I looked out the windows or stood on my deck, I would find myself surrounded by clouds. Okay, maybe not all the time since it would be nice to have beautiful, long-range, wooded mountain views, too. I would go for a walk or hike every day to feel completely immersed in nature and soak up all that wooded mountain scenery. I’m going to look into renting a cabin with long-range mountain views sometime this spring–just to see what that’s like. I’d love to experience what it’s like waking up to the sound of nature and beautiful mountain views every morning.

Recently, I discovered a fascinating YouTube channel where an amazing guy named Shawn, built his own cabin, and he did it all by himself! The cabin even has a root seller that he dug out all by himself. It took him 2 years to build the cabin working on it almost every day–even through the freezing cold Canadian winters and snow! He continues to work on it even today. I just watched a video where he built a large bookcase and an end table for a small sitting area near his wood stove.


For 2023, he plans to build a detached kitchen. He has many more projects lined up, including a guest bedroom. You can check out his channel which currently has over 2 million followers, here: 2 Years Alone Building an Off-Grid Log Cabin. So amazing what one man has accomplished through hard work, determination, and incredible vision, not to mention some amazing building skills!


So back to my question: Completely forgetting about cost and all that other boring, practical stuff, tell me where you would love to live if you could live any place you wished. How would that place look? Where would it be? In this country or a different country? If in this country, what state? Would it be near the ocean, in or near a big, bustling city, in a snowy cabin in the forest, or maybe atop a mountain? What activities would you do every day in your dream locale? Or, do you already live in your dream location?

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  1. If money were no objet I would love to live in a cottage in the Cotswolds or in Scotland on a loch!

  2. Jean Sprimont says

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the introduction to the mountain man. Have lots of respect for and interest in his abilities. Let’s make it a root cellar.
    Wish we had the option of sending but not posting.
    With respect,


    • I know, I really admire his sticking to it. I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must felt in those really early days when he was digging that massive hole!

  3. Lynn Miller says

    Best thing we ever did was build a summer home in western North Carolina! Huge improvement over summers in Houston. It’s all you imagine it to be and then some.

  4. Hi Susan!
    I would also like to live in the mountains, but with access to stores, etc. We have very good friends who lived in Black Mountain, NC in an absolutely beautiful mountain top home. Their home looked out over the town of Black Mountain – so beautiful, especially at night with all the lights below.
    However, when ice hit the mountain, they would be house bound for several days (or longer). Their deck (up off the ground about 18 feet) companion was a black bear who made himself comfortable on their furniture and eating all the bird seed out of the feeders. He even opened their grill occasionally as well as sitting on the hood of their car if the garage door had been left opened.
    Our friends have now moved off the mountain into town and are settled in their new home.
    If you have a chance, visit Black Mountain, NC. It’s just outside Ashville. I would love to hear where you rent your cabin!

  5. We had a small place in the mountains for about 15 years. Our primary residence was and still is Saint Johns, Florida between St. Augustine and Jacksonville. At this age(77) I am content to stay put. All of my family is here with the exception of one grandson who teaches English all over the world. His next stop is Japan. After being transferred 12 times in our career, we have landed where we love.

  6. After my husband’s 21 surgeries and 6 joint replacements, I truly appreciate our one story SF Bay Area home (46 years in our starter home!), and one story golf course vacation home near the Wine Country! Our kids, grandkids and siblings are nearby which is a huge priority. I love the mountains, but we don’t do snow, and after the winter we’ve had in California, and a long fire season the past several years, weather is a big consideration. If you relocate, be close to good medical care. For years, I rented vacation homes, but am happy to own a simple getaway home 2 hours away.

  7. We have a one-room cabin in Northern New Mexico. It is totally off-grid, has a composting toilet, a catchment system for fresh water with a great filtering system. It has a woodburning fireplace, a window seat with a stained glass window that I designed, and built-in bookcases. It is my dream cabin on 10 acres. It has a canopy bed, a velvet loveseat with matching velvet cushions at the window, and a tiny kitchen with a gas stove. The deck is furnished for outdoor dining and we love to watch the hummingbirds and deer feeding nearby.

  8. Back in the day, I would have chosen to be in the mountains. And I’d still like to have a second home (cabin) in the mountains, but I really love right where I am. I’m close to larger cities if I chose to go to them, which I don’t chose. I’m only 15 min to several towns, like Gettysburg and my own town, but yet I’m in the country with only 10 houses (5 on each side of the street) right by me. Open fields on one side of me and behind me. I love watching the crops grow in the fields my late husband used to farm and it’s peaceful here. Now, I look for that to change as most of my neighbors are elderly and not sure how much longer some of them will be around. Been here for over 30 years and have always loved it. Hugs, Brenda

  9. We were lucky to downsize 5 years ago to a one story home in a wonderful neighborhood that is 2 blocks from our daughter and her family. When her sisters and the cousins visit we can all walk between the houses to share meals, have sleep overs and the play in the pool. It is perfect! After years of vacationing in the Florida panhandle we purchased a condo 8 years ago. It has not been the dream I imagined. We offer it as a rental to offset some of the expenses and use it about 4-6 times per year. The vacation clientele have been difficult with excess alcohol, disrespect of others and their property and behavior that is downright dangerous. Sadly we plan to sell this spring. I hope your dreams come true and you are able to make wonderful memories with your family!

  10. Carolyn Price says

    We’re about 45 mins. east of Black Mountain and thoroughly love our mountain life. It is so quiet! We finished our home about 2 1/2 years ago. We had owned the lot since 2007. As a retired teacher, I thought my job would kill me before I ever saw my dream come true. If you would ever like to come visit, we would love to have you.
    As much as I miss putting out my birdfeeders, bears are exactly why I don’t anymore.

    • Aww, thanks Carolyn! Where you live sounds wonderful! One of the places I’ve read about doesn’t allow hanging birdfeeders for that same reason. Maybe I could become like one of those bird-lovers I follow on IG or YT who go out into the woods and feed the birds from their hand. Have you seen that done? Here’s a video of one person I follow who does that:

  11. Carolyn Price says

    Oh … the main idea!! I used to think I would like to live in Jackson hole, WY, but we were there again this summer after being away for 30 years and it is just too crowded now. Plus, it’s too far from our children and my husband wouldn’t care for those winters. LOL!

  12. We are very fortunate to own homes in Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe, CA.
    I cannot say which one I prefer, but I agree with you Susan, it’s very romantic being in the mountains looking over the evergreens and Lake Tahoe in the background. Oh, did I mention the occasional bear that likes to roam in our
    cul de sac looking for ice cream and chocolate sauce :-).

  13. Michelle B says

    I’d have to say my dream home would be in Italy. Somewhere on the Amalfi coast. It is the prettiest place I have ever been. The sun, the people, the food, the flowers, the lemons as big as your head. Ahhh.

  14. Grew up in the midwest, stationed on the East Coast for about six months while in the military, served in the midwest (different state), Rocky Mountains for college, first job was in upstate New York, back to midwest again, etc. Every place had pluses and minuses. My in-laws raised their family in the midwest but retired to New England. They had forgotten how cold the winters were and keeping their home warm enough for them as they aged became a problem. Lastly, as their New England friends and relatives retired to the south and/or died, they got pretty lonely. Your idea of renting a cabin is a good one; I suggest you rent one for the WORSE season of the year. If you like the worse season, and you know the other three seasons will be better; you may have found the right spot!

  15. Ocean in front of the house but also in the mountains. Where the weather is mild in the summer. Winters get cold but not too cold. Snows stick around for a couple of days then melt. Traffic isn’t bad. Grocery is close. Good restaurants nearby. Good hospital. Good wi-fi Well, if we are dreaming, let’s dream big. Beautiful fall color and wonderful spring blooms. Lots of wildlife to watch from the deck that is practically in the tree tops.

  16. We have a home in the high desert and a small cabin in the mountains of So. Cal.
    I really think you can be happy anywhere but if I could afford it I would live near my grand kids in San Diego county. I miss the beautiful weather there. My best case scenario is to get out of CA. Family is just more important than location at this point for us though.

  17. Charmaine Wolhuter says

    I would really enjoy living in Italy… one of the small villages. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa… it would be wonderful to live somewhere that is ‘clean’ and has less crime. At this stage of my life, it is impossible to move, so I will continue to enjoy living in my sweet home, behind high boundary walls.

    • I hope the crime improves, Charmaine. Thanks for reading all the way from South Africa. I’ve visited Kenya several years back and really enjoyed all the beautiful wildlife.

  18. Subhani Wimalaratna says

    I would love to live in a valley with lots of wildlife, (Except for snakes of course:) )

  19. I love living in the Greenville, South Carolina area after living in the mountains of North Carolina for 15+ years! We are in close proximity to the mountains, good medical facilities, shopping, airport, and Amtrak! We have a fantastic church family, and a comfortable one-story home with a sweet bunch of neighbors! God is good! I wish all of these things for you, too!

  20. franki Parde says

    Susan, Susan…you slay me…THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE…for the most part… On a lake, w/i a day of our kiddos, cleared under 2 acres…ourselves (trees…left many (70ft+) brush, etc) Merle built (w/my supervision ) 1,000 sq ft first floor, lower level changed from car/boat garage to living space…log cabin. We’ve worked 35+ years. This week I got a “longed for stained glass skylight…he did.” He’s built, in that time, a garage, gorgeous boat house…I’m proud if it (& we get lots of compliments which I do appreciate.) Now…if he would just get that tin ceiling done in our revamped guest shower…it’s gonna be so nice…GO FOR IT, SUSAN…no time is “the perfect time”… xxx. franki

  21. Susan, It is so hard to not consider the boring details when considering where I would like to live. I guess that comes with age!?! 🙂 But, that said, I would LOVE to live in Northern MN, by the lake (which DOES look like an inland sea), amid the tall pine trees. I love cold, snow and ice….I could stare at a snowy landscape for hours. Of course, the house would have to be up to date and have state of the art EVERYTHING. It is fun to dream, isn’t it!?!? Enjoy your day!

  22. Tina W Reynolds says

    I have this fantasy town/village that evolves in my head! I guess I want everything to be perfect, lol! I’d love for it to be a place with a nice hospital/health care. Another thing I often think of is easily accessible shopping with drugstores, groceries in a town atmosphere rather than having to get in the car and drive in aggressive traffic. Of course, I’d love a neat place for cultural events and pleasant concerts. Restaurants are nice, but I think they would naturally come along with my cute, clean, pretty flower and tree-filled imaginary village! Safety is a huge deal and like you, I would want to wake up to the sounds of nature—birds and water! I’m looking, but a lot depends on where my grandson ends up landing. I never want to be too far from him or from my son. They are “onlies”–as in only son and only grandson! I ALWAYS enjoy hearing about the places that others are considering. And, I will check out the mountain cabin you wrote about.

  23. Linda Lennard says

    Use to live in Western NC. We loved it but not the winters. I was good until the 2nd snow then I needed warmth! Sixty percent of land in our county was forest which means it was damp. Our house did not have A/C and we fought mildew even with dehumidifiers. It has been since 1996 and now when we go back to visit, it is an entirely new world. Lots of people. Mountains being destroyed by homebuilders. So much for development.

  24. I would love to have a one story beach house where I actually had a view of the ocean and could hear the waves. I do look forward to downsizing from my large two story house with large yard but truth to tell I would always want to live near my son. It’s no problem at present as he moved back in to attend graduate school. He has one year to go then who knows where life will take him! My older son lives in Finland so I do want to be near this one.

  25. Lindas as imagens!

  26. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Susan, you would be the perfect person to build your own home because of your attention to detail and your ability to research and track down almost anything!! I think I’ve mentioned before that we are currently building our dream home, which entailed a move from a sunny Southern California beach town to four-season Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. My husband says he wishes he had tracked how many hours I have put into this project – researching the heck out of everything from door hardware to roofing materials to fabrics to appliances! I think thousands of hours would be a low estimate! The one warning I would give about a home or cabin in a snowy area is that you must consider how snow and ice will affect your ability to get to the grocery store and medical appointments. We are in our 70’s and while we are currently able to shovel, snowblow, and snowplow our future walkways and driveway, I know there will come a day in the future when we will need to hire a service to perform those services. Just something to think about!!

  27. Becky Sager says

    Hi Susan,
    I love your posts and to answer your question about where I’d live, no question for me, I’d live back in Vermont where I grew up (I’m in Virginia now). There is an area just south of Burlington, where I grew up, where there are full panoramic views of both Lake Champlain, the Adirondack Mountains to the West and the full Champlain Valley including the full view of Mt. Mansfield and Camel’s Hump (Green Mountains) to the East. It’s the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen and you get all season’s there. I miss what my Mom & Dad used to call, “God’s Country”. It truly is. Enjoy your search!

  28. My dream home would be a log home…located near the mountains in Western Canada. I live on an Island…but have no interest in the beach or beach life. We are transplants here…it’s never truly been home to us. But daughter & family are here…and it would be hard to leave them. And we are at the age where access to stores, doctors, hospital, dentists, etc…is preferred. Living in a remote area would not be a dream of mine….

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