5 Delightful Ways To Get Ready For Christmas

1.  Snowflake Swizzle Stirrers

I came across these “Swizzle Stick Ice Molds” in Williams-Sonoma recently and bought one set to try them out.



Here’s how they looked once frozen…cute!



They would be great for serving a mixed drink, or really any drink for the holiday season. I tried them out in some cranberry juice.

No, I don’t have my Fa La La plate out yet, just added it as a backdrop for the picture. lol I’m not sure if the swizzle sticks are available online, I didn’t see them online just now, but I may have just missed them. They came from my local Williams-Sonoma store.



2. Marshmallow Snowflakes for Hot Cocoa

Love these marshmallow snowflakes for hot cocoa.



They would be great throughout the fall and winter season, especially displayed on a hot cocoa bar or station. They are available HERE and HERE.



Speaking of Hot Cocoa Bars, when I was in Hobby Lobby recently, they had a whole section devoted to serving hot cocoa.



Thought these trays were cute.





If you would like to create a Hot Cocoa bar, check out the one I put together last year: Hot Cocoa Bar.

You’ll find the tutorial for making the “Hot Cocoa” sign here: DIY Hot Cocoa Sign



3. Christmas Pillows

Love me some Christmas pillows! I just picked up this one in Marshall’s recently during a shopping trip with my friend, Marie. If you follow BetweenNapsOnThePorch on Instagram, HERE, you saw when I shared it a few days ago. You can tell my mind is already in Christmas shopping mode.



Two Christmas pillows I often get asked about when they appear on the blog are surprisingly back in stock again this year.

Road Trip Santa Pillow and Tartan Bedding


This adorable pillow featuring a nostalgic woody car bringing home the tree is available again here: Christmas Pillow with Woody Car and Tree

Pottery Barn Woody Christmas Pillow


This one is also back this year, you’ll find it here: Santa and Reindeer Christmas Pillow. It makes me smile every time I see it. 🙂 Definitely one of my faves!

Road Trip Santa Christmas Pillow_wm


4. Real Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

Remember these beautiful preserved boxwood wreaths that I found last year for such a great deal?

Preserved Boxwood Wreaths at Target


They are back again and the price appears to be as good this year as it was last year! Plus, they’re currently on sale. Last year I purchased them in several sizes. The small ones are great for hanging on mirrors, door knobs, secretaries, highboys, etc… You’ll find this size on sale (with an extra 10% off with the code FALLHOME) here: Small Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Wreath Hanging From Mirror


I also purchased two of the large wreaths. One ended up here in my bedroom and I loved it so much, I never took it down.

Preserved Boxwood Wreath Hanging Over Bed_wm


I placed the other large boxwood wreath here in the bay window in my breakfast room. You may have seen it when I shared some of my Christmas tablescapes in this room. (Table setting below can be viewed here: Dreaming of a White Feather Christmas)

The large Boxwood wreaths are also on sale, plus another 10% off with the code FALLHOME, here: Large Boxwood Wreath.

If you want some of these, don’t wait too long. They sold out pretty quickly last year. They are the best price I’ve seen on real preserved boxwood wreaths. I’m glad they brought them back, I may add a few more to my home this year.

Christmas Table Setting in White with Feather Tree Centerpiece


5. Plaid Dishware and Whimsical Deer Plates

I’ve been stalking some new plaid dinnerware this season.



I’m in love with this pattern and was able to finally see it in person recently.



These whimsical stag plates are so cute, too!





The stag plates are also available in dinner-plate size. I love these and the plaid plates, both. Torture! I can’t choose! I may get the plaid dinner plates and some of the stag salad plates, although these stag dinner plates are adorable! Arrrgh, love them both!



The plaid dinner plates are available here: Plaid Plates. The stag plates are available here: Stag Plates. And the cute antler napkin rings shown below are available here: Antler Napkin Rings



Happy Holiday Shopping!

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  1. Susan, my PB pillow with Santa and the reindeer in the Woody arrived this week. So glad they offered it again this year. Now to find the Target one with the reindeer driving. ‘-)
    Thanks for sharing this post. I bought the boxwood wreaths last year and will add some more this season. The little mini ones are perfect for hanging off a knob on the Welsh dresser or the pine cupboard. They are also perfect for a place setting.

    • When I was in Target, I looked for it for you, but didn’t see it. Still keeping my eye out, though! I love those wreaths, too! Hope they keep bringing them back each year.

  2. What lovely products. The plaid is my favorite.

  3. I have those PB pillows and love them too…..and got to get those swizzle sticks….and the marshmallows and the wreaths!….Cannot believe that we are all thinking about Christmas now….time flies!!! Have a great weekend Susan!!

  4. I purchased some Christmas pillows at Home Goods and when I went back none of them were available, so pick them up when you see them. I have been going thru the Christmas decorations and realize how much my taste has changed, so some will go to the ReSale shop.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I’m feeling better today.

    • That is so true. The HG and Marshalls near me, usually only get around 2-4 of each style and when they are gone, they are seriously gone. I’ve learned that the hard way on a few things.
      I know what you mean, Carol. I got rid of 4 faux topiary trees this past summer, just decided I want to go with mostly “natural” elements for the front porch. It’s funny how our taste changes over the years.

  5. Carol Anne says

    Looks to me like the frozen snowflake swizzle sticks would melt all over the table or your lap if not held in a vertical position away from the rim f the glass. Just an observation.

    • Don’t worry Carol Anne, under normal use they’ll be down inside the glass since they are designed for stirring. I just balanced them on the side of the glass so they would still be visible in the photo. 🙂

  6. Snowflake marshmallows and frozen swizzle sticks! You find the best things, Susan!

  7. I can hear the cash register going cha ching cha ching!! Those snowflake icicle swizzle sticks would be great anytime and definitely impressive for a party! The hot cocoa station is such a cute idea. I have to get out my hot cocoa mix and enjoy some again. I love marshmallows sprinkled on top and those snowflake marshmallows are so pretty. That would be a treat at Christmas to serve those. Loving those white tartan dishes and the stag ones too. Darn it…I thought I’d get away with buying nothing this year!

  8. Soooo cute!!! I “hit” “Tuesday Morning” this morning…fa la la la…it was so FUN!! franki

  9. Oh, Susan, those plaid dinner plates have me literally drooling all over my keyboard! They are beautiful!!!! I wish I could justify adding them to my tablescaping stash, but right now it would be difficult. Grrrr…..Thanks for all the links and ideas: especially the swizzle sticks and snowflake marshmallows!! I can’t really think of Christmas yet, although I know I should. We’re planning a wedding vow renewel for Dec. and I’m hosting Thanksgiving, so my attention is elsewhere. Keep the wonderful ideas coming, though! Rosie

    • Rosie, I know…torture! I may have to cave and buy a couple of sets…love that pattern!
      Congrats on the wedding vow renewel…how awesome is that! 🙂

  10. I love all of the wonderful Christmas ideas that you shared. I’ve been adding to my Christmas decor lately and can’t wait to decorate! I hope that you have a great weekend!!!

  11. Thank you for the scoop on the boxwood wreaths! I love them and can never find any! And Susan-ALWAYS remember one can NEVER have too many dishes! Especially plaid! Kelli

  12. Becky O'Brien says

    Susan, it’s downright dangerous to subscribe here. I end up loving everything and making the registers go “cha-ching” every time. LOL, your impeccable taste gets me “revved” up for the holidays.

  13. I used to love just wandering around Williams Sonoma when we were in the States. Here in France, no Christmas decorations out yet, we will have to wait a couple more weeks before we start getting into the Christmas spirit!

    • I do, too! On my last trip there, they had two very fancy French stoves/ovens on the floor. Forgotten the brand now, but I had always wanted to see one of those in person. I was so surprised by how small the ovens were.

  14. Susan, I love all of your ideas! I do have a love for dishes…need to stop looking! I looked at pillows yesterday at Home Goods, so many to choose from! Have a great weekend! Pam @ Everyday Living

  15. So glad to see you talking about Christmas, Susan! I love your posts. You have such fabulous ideas! I already have my garland up on the mantel piece and have fairy lights entwined through it. I don’t care that it’s early – it’s really pretty and I love it. Roll on Christmas!

  16. The silly stag plates are so cute. I have a lot of Patience Brewster ornaments…a little tree with them and these plates would be cute. I love Williams-Sonoma. I even worked there for two christmas seasons when we spent winters in Palm Desert. I bought so much that one fellow employee joked that I must have a store I was stocking. Well, set for life now, but a special place in my heart. Fun working there.

    • Jillian, that would be me if I worked there or at Pottery Barn. I would never make anything. I’d probably end up spending more than I was making there. lol Would def be a dangerous place to work but what fun!

  17. All such neat ideas! The swizzle sticks could be used with fruit juices and such. They would look so pretty in a glass of champagne, but I can’t think what to use–don’t think water would be good. Any ideas? But definitely see snowflake s’mores in my future! Love the shape of those. Do more shopping for us 😀

  18. Great ideas for Christmas decorating! I always love how you style your bedrooms so pretty for Christmas and Winter. I think it might be a little over the top for me in Florida. I love those boxwood wreaths, I could use those all over the house!

  19. Thanks for all these tips and links! I am ordering a large boxwood wreath….or 2:) Thanks again!

  20. As always, love everything ! In your last picture, with the antler napkin rings, I noticed the fur like place mats ! Where did they come from ? Your site is wonderful , dangerous , but wonderful ! Thank you !

  21. Linda Page says

    Those stag plates are just too cute to leave in the store. I heard one of them whisper to the salad plate that they are tired of being on display in a store and really want to go home with YOU!!!! Can’t wait to see a tablescape done with them!!! Did I just give you a challenge???? lol Made a flying day trip yesterday to College Station, TX (home of the Texas A&M Aggies) with a friend to visit a friend that we used to work with. Seven hours driving total! In one day! I was pooped especially after the 3 day Waco trip earlier in the week. I slept 7 hours!!! I think that must be a record for me. Love your post.

  22. Susan do those boxwood wreaths happen to be two sided? We use fresh ones every year for our double front doors but they don’t hold up well in this heat. The top portion of the doors are glass so you see the backs inside the house. Thanks

    • I just looked and it’s not two-sided. The back appears to be a light-colored straw wreath. The boxwood continues on the sides, though. The one that I hang in the center of my bay window in my breakfast area looks fine from the outside. Seems like if it had boxwood on the back, wouldn’t the boxwood leaves get all squished and crushed against the glass window?

      • Lol…yes they do have a tendency to get squished against the glass, but it also keeps the glass from becoming scratched from the wire used to attach the greenery. If it is straw on the back though I would think that wouldn’t scratch the glass. Thanks for taking the time to look, I do appreciate it. Take Care

  23. PLEASE: just by ALL the plates!!! Just think how much you will enjoy them! You worked hard your entire adult life. Reward yourself.

  24. I have to confess I went into American Sales(christmas section) yesterday to be inspired. Since I missed Halloween, I thought I would get my mind set on some ‘think-ahead’ for the Holidays. Great post, and I always love your ideas, Thanks, Sandi

  25. Beverly Harris says

    Where did you find the Santa to go in the tub. I have been unable to find one.

  26. Love your wonderful ideas! I have a question for you. When you decorate for the holidays, do you also change out the bedroom drapes?

    • Thanks, Lorri! I don’t have drapes in my master bedroom, just plantation shutters. I’ve never been able to find any I really liked for that room, even before I purchased my winter bedding. I’d like to find drapes that would work with both my winter and summer bedding, something in solid color.

  27. Love it all, Susan! Also, I especially like that you changed your house photo at the top of your blog for the seasons.

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