Stylish Summer Sandals & Hard-to-Find, Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings

Earlier in the spring, I purchased this cute, wicker handbag. I have so enjoyed carrying it this spring. Everywhere I go people comment and ask me about it. I don’t think I’ve ever carried a bag that brought so many compliments! Even the sales associates in my local Talbots love it. At first, they asked if it was one of their bags. It looks like it should be!
Straw Bag With Leather Top & Bamboo Handle

Keeping my wicker bag in mind, I went online to shop for summer sandals. I found these and it was pretty much love at first sight! They have that summer, espadrille vibe, yet look pretty and feminine. I especially love the neutral colors–so summery and beachy.

Espadrille Wedges


Here’s how they look on. These pants are ankle pants, but I pulled up one leg a bit so you could see how they would look with a shorter pant style or a dress. I found they run true-to-size. I ordered my usual size 7. I maybe could have taken a 6.5, but I like my shoes to be plenty roomy.

I haven’t worn wedges since the 70’s (or was it the 80’s) but they are super popular right now! I keep reading everywhere that wedge shoes are the sneaky way to get the “heel” look, but without the discomfort that normally comes with wearing heels.

You can see how a wedge shoe does that in this photo. Even though these shoes have some height, my foot isn’t in an awkward, uncomfortable, high-heel position because of how the shoe is designed. The thicker sole makes all the difference! You feel like you’re wearing shoes with a small heel. Love that!

So if you would like summer sandals with more height, but without the pain of wearing heels, check out these shoes!


You’ll find them available here: Espadrille Wedges. Love how they look with my new bag, such a cute pairing!

Espadrille Wedges


Years ago I purchased a pair of Ecco Yucatan sandals. They wouldn’t win any awards in the “feminine” or “elegant” category, but they sure are comfortable! And they are very, very supportive…great for anyone who needs a really good, practical supportive sandal. They are the shoes I like to wear when hiking in the summer.

Ecco Yucatan Sandals

They were also the shoes I took to Kenya when I was there for safari and to visit Giraffe Manor. You’ll find them available here: Ecco Sandals. They may be available here for a better price, depending on the color you choose: Ecco Sandals.

I’ve enjoyed my Yucatan sandals so much, I decided to look for Ecco sandals for everyday wear, something a bit more feminine, but great for running errands or just wearing around the house.

Rothschild Giraffes, Giraffe Manor, Kenya


Years ago I had a pair of sandals that I loved so much, I completely wore them to shreds. Even after I quit wearing them because they were falling apart, I held onto them so I could remember how they looked. I kept hoping I’d find them again.

Have you ever loved a pair of shoes so much that even after they were worn out, you couldn’t bring yourself to toss them? I finally parted with them last summer when I cleaned out my closet. It was a sad day.

With those in mind I went searching and found these. They aren’t exactly the same, but they remind me of them. They have that cute strappy design that my old sandals had.

Ecco Sandals

Here’s how they look on, really cute and very comfortable. I purchased a size 7 and found these ran true-to-size, also.


They don’t have as much support as the Yucatan sandals that I wore on safari, so I probably wouldn’t wear them for hiking, but they are adorable and perfect for everyday wear. You’ll find them available on sale here: Ecco Sandals. Check out the reviews there for more info.

Love how they look with this wicker bag, like they were made for each other!

Ecco Sandals with Wicker Bag


I just checked and the bag is still available. You’ll find it here: Wicker Bag.

J. McLaughlin Straw Bag with Bamboo Handle


A Round Wicker Bag

I’ve seen this wicker bag all over Blogland. It was very popular with a lot of fashion bloggers this spring and it sold out right away.


I discovered today that it’s available again, after being out of stock for weeks. I’m trying to resist buying it because I have a wicker bag that I love. So tempting, though! Would it be wrong to have two summer, wicker bags? Don’t answer that! 😉 This bag is available here: Round Wicker Bag.

Circular-Round Wicker Bag

Fashion Earrings for Summer

Switching gears, have you been seeing these earrings around blogland? I’ve seen quite a few people wearing them on Instagram. They are by designer, Rebecca de Ravenel and are very hard to find! I was told by the owner of a boutique in Atlanta that they can’t keep them in stock. She said they sell out as fast as she gets them in. The one store that seems to have them available online is this one: Rebecca de Ravenel Classic Silk Corded Clip Earrings.

As much as I liked them, there were two issues that kept me from purchasing a pair online:

1. They are only available in Clip-ons (What?! I definitely do not like clip-ons.)
2. The price, which is $295 a pair! They are made of silk cording, so I know that accounts for some of the cost, but I just wasn’t ready to spend quite that much for earrings that I’d probably only wear during the spring-summer months.Rebecca de Ravenel Drop Earrings, Silk

I decided to see if anyone else was making similar earrings and I found some! These are hand-made and also made with silk cording similar to the Rebecca de Ravenel earrings. You’ll see a lot of these type earrings for sale online, but most are not made of silk like these and the design isn’t the same. I love how much these resemble the Rebecca de Ravenel earrings. They come in both pierced and clip-on, I went with the pierced.

I also love the ombré design…the way the pink increases in color from light pink to a darker rose. The price was much better at $90. They are also available in a gorgeous blue ombré, but I stayed with the pink since I have a lot of summer clothes with that bright pink color. They are very light, not heavy at all.

You’ll find these earrings here: Earrings. If you don’t see these available on her website, just leave a comment/question and tell her what you want, the color, etc… I think she makes these earrings as they are ordered.

Rebecca de Ravenel Inspired Earrings, Hand-made with Silk Cording


Here are a few examples of the clothes I’ll wear them with. I’ve had both of these dresses for years. The one on the left is from Pappagallo and the one on the right is a Lilly Pulitzer dress from 3-4 years ago.


Love how they look with these summer dresses.


And I love how they look with these shirts I just purchased this summer. Shirts are available here on sale: Madras Plaid and Floral.

You’ll find these silk, drop earrings here: Drop Earrings.


Before I close out this post, had to share a sweater that I’m thinking of purchasing. It’s currently on sale in a few colors. It’s all cotton which means it will be perfect spring, winter and fall.  I love a Fisherman knit design–so classic! The ivory color looks so pretty with a plaid shirt underneath. You’ll find it available here: Fisherman Sweater.

Update: Just purchased it…too cute to pass up! I went with a medium since some of the reviews seem to say it runs a tad small.

Update: My sweater arrived and the medium feels too big, I’m reordering it in a small and will compare the two, but I’m pretty sure the medium is going back. So I recommend ordering in your normal size.

Cotton Fisherman Sweater in Ivory


Update: Loving this adorable bamboo clutch…so cute! It also comes in white. You can see it in 4 colors here: Bamboo Clutch.

Bamboo Clutch Bag in Natural, White, Blue and BlackThinking of buying this Barbour jacket for my upcoming trip to Ireland.  Love the color and that it has a hood, so important for those rainy days. It’s currently on sale HERE and HERE.


Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends!

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  1. Susan, I love that cute wicker bag and considered ordering one when you first shared it. I have more bags than I can use though, so hard to justify. Love the look with the espadrilles. I’m glad to see the wedge return. I used to wear wedges almost exclusively when I taught. They were the perfect heel in my mind. I just bought a cute pair of flat espadrilles in a black and white stripe with pompoms in bright colors. They are so cute for summer.

  2. I’d love to know where you found the summer dresses.

    • The pink one on the left is a Pappagallo dress, purchased many years ago, can’t remember where now. The one on the right is Lilly Pulitzer, purchased 3-4 years ago at Lilly Pulitzer online. I’m trying to remember the name of the style, because it’s one of her lines that’s made longer. So many of her dresses are super short, better suited for teenagers. But this particular style is just above the knee on me, so it’s perfect. I think the style is the Janice shift dress and the pattern is something like “Jellies Be Jammin.” If you ever want to order a Lilly Pulitzer dress online and you don’t want it super short like most of her designs, give them a call and ask which styles are longer. I think the Janice styles are longer, but it’s been so long since I bought a dress from them, I’m having trouble remembering.

      • Susan, I haven’t heard of Pappagallo for years. Speaking of wedges, I had a pair of red leather wedges from them that I loved and kept for special occasions. By not wearing them regularly, they deteriorated. Something about the gummy soles in the heat here.

  3. I think I might have to have those Eccos; they look so comfy but supportive. Ice flower looks summery. Thanks for sharing.

    • They really are comfortable. Ecco has come up with cute designs in the last few years. I think it’s hard for companies to make shoes that are both pretty and comfortable. And I want both! lol

      • BamaCarol says

        I have those same sandals in black, pewter, gold and now thanks to you, in brown! I have horrible knee issues and these sandals are one of the few that I can wear for any length of time.

        • They are so amazingly comfortable! They must be tremendously popular since they’ve been making them forever. I think there would be a mutiny if they ever discontinued them. lol

  4. Carol S. says

    I am sure you will want a Fisherman’s sweater from Ireland. They will be wool though which may be too warm for Atlanta. Love the earrings.

    • I definitely would love to buy one while there. I noticed the itinerary says that we will be visiting the Blarney Woollen Mills during our trip. We do get some really cold days during the winter in Atlanta, just not as many as to the north. Thanks, Carol!

  5. NEPA Gina says

    Susan, you are amazing! I can count on you to do the homework for us followers out there! Love that wicker handbag and of course yiur new sandals. I had to chuckle about keeping a pair of your favorite ones forever! I was in our local Walmart a few years back looking for water shoes for kids. I spied some ladies sandals by Earth Spirit that looked nice with some good support & elastic around the back of the heel, which I need. They turned out to be MY favorite ones & I wore them to death. Recently looked to see if they had more & they did! In different styles & colors now. Who knew! These inexpensive sandals turned out to be a worthwhile purchase!

    • Thanks, Gina! You’re so lucky that they had more! That’s awesome! I bet they are a good seller for them.
      I think my favorite ones were by Ecco, and I even called the company to ask if they had anymore, even though I couldn’t find them online anywhere. I was hoping they still had some stashed away somewhere, but they didn’t. I got so many compliments on those sandals, too. So rare to find sandals that are pretty and so comfortable.

  6. Mary Boger says

    It could only be right to have two great summer bags…they’ll last
    twice as long!

  7. Those ombre’ earring are “da bomb!!” I was JUST looking at a pair of Royal Blue since that seems to be “my color” choice for the summer. Great selections you’ve chosen!! franki

    • Franki, I came so close to ordering the royal blue ones, too. She had them in ombre in the blue, as well and they were stunning. I don’t see them on the website right now, but I bet she could make them. I may eventually buy a pair of those, too.

  8. Sandra D, Joliet says

    I love your wicker bag but that circular one is more “me”. Love the Ecco Sandals but I need a wide width. It would be hard to choose a color

    • It is super cute! I went ahead and ordered it so I could see it in person. I’m not sure if they come in a wider width, but these feel pretty generous in the width.

  9. Juanita in OH says

    You are such a great shopper! I LOVE your classic style. I also LOVE shoes, like most women. I always wanted small feet instead, I got huge feet and little veins, lol. Funny espadrille story; as an adult I was on my way to a dance class. When I went outside my daughter and her friends were playing double-dutch, oh the memories, I asked if I could get a jump and they said “sure”. I jumped in and when I came down I landed on the side of my ankle-aren’t I smart? I stopped and went on to class. I danced for two hours, went home and got in a hot bath. I had to stay in there because my ankle hurt so badly I had to have my husband get me out. Thankfully it was just sprained and hurt for a long time, lol.

    • Oh, that sounds so painful, Juanita! I jumped down out of a tree when I was around 10 years old and landed with my ankle bent. I think I landed partially on the stump/roots. Anyway, I had a terrible sprain, couldn’t walk on it at all for about a week. Those things are very painful! I don’t know how you ever danced on it!

  10. Carmelee Thorpe says

    Have you heard any people complaining about decorative pillows being stuffed with feathers? Had some before and the pillows had feathers popping out continuously. Looked for pillows lately and most were filled with feathers. Had to pass up possible choices! Very frustrating.

    • Carmelee, I think it depends on the quality of the pillow insert. If the cotton fabric of the insert is thick enough, the feathers won’t be able to get through very easily. If it’s cheap/thinly woven fabric, the feathers will definitely get through. Amazon may be a good place to look for feather pillow inserts because you can read all the reviews to see which have the fewest complaints about that.

  11. Cynthia Raines says

    Hi Susan,

    Love all your choices , so very nice. Those earrings are such a match to your already pink clothing. The sweater will probably come in handy on your upcoming trip to Ireland in case it’s cold and rainy (like it is here at the lake today, but we’re still having fun.)

  12. Charlotte says

    Both sandals are super cute! The circle Bamboo bag is so unusual, it is a conversation piece for sure! Nothing wrong with 2 Bamboo bags – a girl needs options.

  13. Stephanie says

    Really you should have waited until you get to Ireland to shop for sweaters!
    We have relatives there and have shopped many times.
    Remember to ask the store if they ship ! Usually it’s posted. Save all your receipts for customs. Ireland loves tourists .
    Happy Traveling

    • Oh, thanks for that tip about saving the receipts, would never have thought about that. I usually don’t buy very many souvenirs when I travel, but I do want at least one sweater. Thanks, Stephanie!

  14. Stephanie says

    I forgot to mention that you get your VAT Tax back after you leave the country. So that’s why the receipts are important ! Sorry for the error. Go online for information.If you wear that sweater you bought here there, it might be charged with a sale of Irish goods (and they do look through your bags) FYI

  15. Suzanne Melson says

    Susan…love your posts….my friend went to Ireland and bought the most beautiful Fisherman’s sweaters….reasonable…you might wait for your trip…or buy it to take with you so you’ll be in style!

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne! I definitely want to buy one there. That may be the only souvenir I bring back. Gotta have a sweater from Ireland. 🙂

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