Summer Shopping & A Big Sale

Whenever I visit with family here in Ohio, I stop by the local Talbots. I always pass right by it en route to my favorite grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market. If I ever move here, I would love to have a house within biking distance of DLM.

I have this fantasy of hopping on my future pink or aqua colored cruiser bike, you know, the one with a wicker basket in front and two baskets in back 🙂 and cruising over to DLM to pick up a few things, then biking back home. Doesn’t that sound like the most fun? You could never do that in Atlanta, it’s way too hilly, but I think it would work here.

Where was I before I veered off into that lovely Mayberry RFD daydream–oh, yes! Talbots has had a big sale going on the last few days and I’ve been hoping to take advantage of it before it ends. I was afraid I had missed it, but it looks like the 40% off code is still working today.

FRIENDS40 will get you 40% off any regular priced item, including all the recent arrivals. Everything else is 30% off with the code Friends30, including sale items! This is too good for me to pass up!

If you are heading off for vacation, this is a great time to pick up a few new things. I am in the works right now of planning a vacation to a very hot place. As soon as I finalize everything, I’ll be sure to share more. So I will definitely be needing some hot weather clothing.

If you are still experiencing chilly evenings where you live, this adorable dot sweater is perfect. I love the scalloped front. I’ve worn both my Talbots dotted shirts so much and have gotten so many compliments! So, I’m definitely adding this to my wardrobe. I really like that it would transition beautifully into fall. It’s available here: Safari Dot.


I have 4-5 of the Talbots linen tunics and live in them during the summer. In fact, I’m wearing my pink madras one right now as I type this. They are so light and comfortable! I love this aqua color, it also available in a pretty red. It’s available here: Linen Tunic in Aqua.


I have two that are similar to this style. They are feather light and wash beautifully. I always hang them to dry and they dry quickly. It’s available here: Linen Shirt. I love the longer sleeves because when you’re out in the sun, you can roll them down to keep the sun off your arms, but you still stay cool since it’s linen. Mostly I wear mine rolled up to just below my elbow, but I do love the option of being able to roll them down to protect my arms where I’ve gotten a lot of sun in past years.


This is very much like the one I’m wearing right now, except mine is bright pink with green, orange, yellow and purple mixed in. I need this one, too! Love madras for summer! It’s available here: Madras Tunic.


I love shirts with a travel theme and this one is so cute for a beach trip. It has an Italy motif, which I love! It’s available here: Casual Summer Shirt, Perfect for Travel.


This has to be one of the cutest dresses I’ve come across this summer, the colors are so pretty! The perfect dress for a summer party! It’s available here: Summer Dress, Beautiful Paisley.


So many of the summer shoes are on sale now, plus you can apply the extra 30% off for even more savings. I want all the shoes on the Talbots site! All of them! They knock it out of the park every season with their shoe selection! You can see all the shoes that are currently already on sale here: Adorable Flats. Don’t forget the extra 30% off with the code FRIENDS30.


Update: Just noticed they’ve extended the sale for another day.



Will do a post soon with great ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Eyeing this Messenger Bag Briefcase for my son. It’s available here: Messenger Bag.




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  1. Anne Shaheen says

    Oh my Susan, you really make me homesick now mentioning Dorothy Lane Market. Its amazing isn’t it? Especially the bakery! Have a brownie for me.

  2. That madras linen tunic really got my attention; off to check it out right now!
    Biking to a store sounds awesome in so many ways. Check out Elm&Iron store. They are in Ohio and have 3 stores, I think. Maybe one is near you.

    • I love it, too! I wear mine constantly so need to get a second one. Thanks Mia…I will look for one while I’m here.

  3. Linda Nixon says

    Did you ever watch Murder She Wrote starring Angela Landsbury. Her story is she is a mystery writer and because of that she solves many murders. It comes on late every night on the Hallmark Mystery channel. Anyway she lives in Cabot Cove in New England and in the story she has never learned to drive and goes everywhere on her bicycle like you described. One of my favorites.

    • I never got to see that, my MIL loved that show. That’s so cool that she biked everywhere…love that!

      • Linda Nixon says

        I should have mentioned in addition to watching the Murder she Wrote show we went to Ireland for Christmas a few years ago and coming back on the plane we were the only ones except Angela Landsbury on this huge plane. I have always regretted my not going over and speaking to her. Visiting Waterford factory was wonderful.

        • That’s amazing that you guys were the only ones on the plane!
          The Waterford plant only makes specialty pieces now, no longer make the glassware in Ireland. I still would love to have visited it.

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thanks Susan, i will certainly look. I think it would be great to live in a small town and ride a bike to the market.Have fun visiting with family and can’t wait to hear your next excursion.

    • Thanks, Marlene! I know, I think it would be wonderful to get away from the traffic in Atlanta. I drove in to Dalton today to take something to my son and I couldn’t believe how normal the traffic was, nothing like Atlanta which is insane. I heard on the radio recently that it rates higher than Los Angeles now for bad traffic.

  5. I just shopped the Talbots sale today. There is no store in my city, so I visit when I am in Montgomery or Birmingham or shop online. Your blog is what convinced me to check them out again, as I hadn’t shopped there in years! I LOVE their jeggings!

  6. Cynthia GARRETT says

    Can’t wait to hear about your next travel adventure!
    Could it be Egypt?

    • It just might be. 🙂

      • Cynthia Garrtee says

        We will be there on a Gate 1 tour in March 2019! If you go first, I’ll be so excited to see your pictures and learn from your tips. If you haven’t booked yet, check out the Gate 1 tours. They just started offering Egypt tours a few weeks ago and they are selling out fast.

        • A friend and I are hopefully going in October, she is planning it and finalizing the details this week. I’ll be sure to blog about it before during and after I’m sure. Overseas Adventure travel just started offering it again and it’s booked up for 2 years. We were thinking of going on that trip but we didn’t want to wait that long. The new Grand Egyptian Museum should be open by March, Google that and read about it it sounds amazing. I don’t think it will be open when we are there in October, maybe one section of it will be open.

  7. Outstanding selections…especially when ONE IS GOING AWAY ON VACAY! franki

  8. Hopefully you had one of the killer brownies. That’s actually what they are called 🙂 My favorite was the german chocolate one.

  9. I love the longer tops!

  10. Cecilia says

    I say turn that bike fantasy in reality and get a pink one as soon as you are in Ohio! 🙂 It is definitely fun!
    I have a white one that I use almost every day since it has just one basket in front and that means I have to cycle to the grocery store several times in a week and sometimes even in a day! [But, hey, it saves me the gym! lol Fortunately, I love riding my bike even in a headwind and of course, living in a city of “short” distances (it’s only 3,4 km to the grocery store and a little more km to more shops) helps a lot… haha]. Susan, did you know, some islands in Germany have areas where cars are not allowed, so you have to have a bike or to walk? I think you would love these places, too. ♥
    ~Hugs to you~

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    So many cute outfits! Don’t need any clothes right now, but those tops are tempting. I love my cruiser, I even have a cute bell to ring when on the bike trail to let walkers know I am approaching. We just came back from a great trip south and visited the Biltmore. What an awesome place, love the gardens and scenic driveway also, so very pretty. I can scratch off another state, NC, on my map! Eager to hear of your new adventure!

  12. You should be a cover girl for Talbots! I’m off to see what I might need! Thanks for the heads up.

  13. Beatrice says

    No more bicycles for me after next year…I’m driving one of these!

  14. Patricia says

    Hi Susan,
    I think you should seriously think about living in Ohio, a great state.
    I am a PA girl myself. Three years ago, my husband surprised me with a grass green three wheel bike with a big basket between the two rear wheels.
    It is the love of my life. I often daydream about having a grocery store and
    Coffee shop nearby, so I could just ride my bike there. We live in a golf course community and it has nice safe roads to ride my bike, but a destination to go to would be my dream.

    Everyone thinks that a 2 wheel bike gives you such a great workout, and it does but when my nephew took my bike for a ride, he came back and was surprised how hard it is to peddle. Only one back wheel is attached to the chain so you have to work to peddle and I find it much better for exercise than a treadmill which is hard on your feet and ankles. More fun too!

    Yes, my dream is to ride my little green bike to the store. It brings back memories of childhood. Good for our mental attitude.

  15. Laura T. says

    My sister-in-law has been going back & forth to Dayton from Illinois with her husband for his job. I’ll have to tell her to check that market out. I’ve never heard of it. They are only going to be doing that for a few more weeks. Is there anything I should have her bring home for me to try?

  16. Cheryl Rolland says

    I have been following you for several months now and love you posts. I had no idea you were traveling to my hometown when you were visiting in Ohio. I remember going to Dorothy Lane Market with my mother as a child. Now I visit it every time I go there which is one a year in May. Born and raised there.

  17. DLM is a fun store. I have trouble getting past all the pastries!! If you like fresh seafood check out Foremost Seafood (google it). It’s not too far from DLM. They supply fish/seafood to local restaurants but also sell to individuals. It’s in an odd location but the fish is very fresh.

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