New Addition To The Office: Walking Pad Treadmill For Getting My Steps In Each Day

Welcome to the 782nd Metamorphosis Monday! Hope your weekend was amazing! I spent part of mine working on a puzzle that I’ve had for a while and have been itching to do.

Best Affordable Walking Pad for Office


With the super cold weather we’ve been experiencing, this was the perfect weekend for snuggling down inside and working a spring-themed puzzle—a reminder to myself to hang in there because spring is coming! (Puzzle is available here: Spring Beachside Cottage Puzzle.)

Spring Themed Puzzle for Winter


Update…the finished puzzle. Loved doing this one!

Beach Cottage in Spring Puzzle


For today’s Met Monday, I’m sharing something I purchased recently that I’ve really been enjoying. A few weeks ago I purchased a walking pad/treadmill to use here in the office on those days when I feel like I’m doing too much sitting at my desk.

Walking Pad Treadmill for Office


I love the look/function of the desks I see online that are adjustable and can be raised or lowered, but that wouldn’t be a great option for me since I don’t normally work via a laptop. I have a smallish laptop that I sometimes take along when I travel or go see family, but on a daily basis, this is the way I prefer to work: a full-size tower CPU and three monitors.

Best Walking Pad Treadmill for Home Office


I’m really happy with the walking pad/treadmill that I purchased. It’s super quiet, has rollers for moving it, and comes with a remote for turning it off and on. It’s a bit heavy, but not so heavy that I can’t pick it up if I need to. Mostly, I just use the rollers, though. You can read more about it where I purchased it here: Walking Pad Treadmill.

Best Walking Pad Treadmill for Home Office


I also purchased an adjustable-height desktop that works great for holding my keyboard/mouse at the level I need to work while standing. It has a nice large surface that could easily hold a drink, but I’m so clumsy at times, I prefer to leave my drink on my desk rather than risk knocking it off. Ha! When I’m working, I slightly tilt the lower monitors upward for better viewing of those and that works great! I just noticed that I have the desktop pushed in a little further than I normally do when I’m working. Usually, I have it pulled out a few more inches away from the monitors.

Adjustable Height Desk for Working While Standing or Walking


This desktop is very sturdy and super stable which is important to me. I could not bear to work on a desktop that wobbled, even if it was just a little. I found an extra large mouse pad that was the perfect size to fit the surface. It works great for holding my keyboard in place and as a mouse pad. I always prefer working with an extra large mousepad, even when sitting at my desk.

Adjustable Desk Surface, Great with Walking Pad


So, how has this setup worked? Using a mouse while walking is a bit tricky, but doable if you’re patient. Typing is fine, I’ve had no problem typing while walking. Also, this has been great for those times when I want to watch a video or movie online but feel guilty about sitting so much. If you’re someone who has to listen in on conferences/training seminars, this would be great for that, too. If you think this is something you would enjoy having in your home, you’ll find the adjustable desk surface available here: Adjustable Desk Surface for Working While Standing or Walking. The large mouse pad that fits so perfectly is available here: Extra Large Mouse Pad. The walking pad/treadmill is available here: Walking Pad Treadmill.

Adjustable Desk Surface, Great with Walking Pad


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  1. Great idea Susan! Thanks for the party~

  2. You have such a great office setup, Susan. Thanks for having us over. Hope you’re having good weather. We have a sheet of ice outside!

  3. It has been so interesting to watch the evolution of your office over the years! Wow! Three monitors! I have all I can do to work with my laptop! I so admire your electronic ability, and I surely could never work and walk at the same time! Just like I have never been able to pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time ! (Ha!Ha!) Enjoy your week!
    Rosie M.

  4. Your office is so cozy looking but looks very functional also! I too prefer a desktop computer. I had 2 monitors at work and loved them. I now have one monitor but a tv above it. Can work on Cricut and watch a movie or a home improvement show at the same time. You inspired me to do this.

  5. I have always admired your beautiful office Susan. But you really got me with that walking treadmill. I love the size of it and I love how you are using it. I hope it continues to work out well for you! Now I’m off to check it out myself. With our winters, especially this week, I don’t go out much at all. I usually just walk the house but I have a small house so I don’t feel like I’m getting the good walk in. This would be great to have I think. Hugs, Brenda

    • Brenda, one thing to consider, I’ve found that if I don’t have a desk in front of me, it’s better to use a treadmill with handles so you have something to touch to keep you constantly aware of where you are on the treadmill. A few years back I purchased a walking pad similar to this one and placed it in over near the bookshelves to walk on while occasionally watching movie. I ended up donating it because I found myself constantly looking down to gauge where I was on the walking pad, so it wasn’t enjoyable to watch a movie that way. After that experience I purchased this treadmill with handles and it works great: . I still have it and like it to walk on if I’m not directly in front of a desk. It doesn’t appear that it’s still being made but you can see the treadmill they have available now here: .

      I don’t have any problems with this walking pad since I’m using it in front of my desk. It may just be me and others may not have an issue walking on a walking pad when it’s in the center of a room, but I didn’t like it…just felt like I could walk off it without realizing it so I was constantly looking down. Again, that could just be me though because they do show a video of a person using it while not having a desk or anything in front of them.

  6. Why do you use 3 monitors? Just curious as I’m not too tech savvy‼️ The walk pad is a great idea for watching a movie, etc. I might get one of them. With $20 coupon, it is a good price. I had a full size treadmill, but never used it bc it wasn’t in front of TV and I didn’t want it out all the time where TV was, so this is a perfect solution ; and I could slide under my couch

  7. I love the wallpaper you’ve used on your pc! Did you take the original photo and if not, where can I find it? I have serious office envy 🙂

  8. Susan,
    I really like that walking pad…Thanks so much for showcasing it!!!
    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that I truly appreciate it!! I hope you will have a great week! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

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