Swimming With The Crabs In This Blue, White & Chartreuse Table Setting

Welcome to the 768th Tablescape Thursday! Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to use some of my older dinnerware pieces, so yesterday I dug way back in the cabinets and pulled out some plates and glasses that I haven’t thought about in a long, long time.

Summer Beach themed table


It’s always fun to see if I can incorporate some of the things I’ve purchased recently with things I’ve had for many years.

Beach tablescape in blue and chartreuse


It’s been a really long time since I brought out these blue and white, awning-striped salad plates. Can’t remember where I found those now, but I think it was HomeGoods back in the day. They are marked “Mesa Home” on the back. I just learned a new color name recently. I’ve heard of the color, chartreuse, over the years, but I was never really sure how it looked. I always pictured it as being a bright/hot pink. Well, that was totally wrong! lol I’ve really gotten into shopping for “Yeti” products lately (obsessed with all their fun colors) and they have a tumbler in the color, chartreuse. Turns out Chartreuse is a bright yellow-green! How did I not know that?!

I’ve been itching to incorporate these recently-purchased, green, “tropical plant” napkins into a table, and though they are not chartreuse, I like how they contrast with the other colors in this table. (Napkins are available here: Tropical Napkins.)

Blue and white striped plates with Chartreuse Crab


The blue, glass chargers were an on-sale find in Marshalls many years ago. So back to the color chartreuse, would you call the green in these plates, chartreuse? I looked it up late last night and lime was described as being darker green in color while chartreuse was described as leaning more yellow. So that’s why I’m going with chartreuse. Ha! What do you think?

Blue, chartreuse crab plates


Remember the palm tree flatware I shared recently in this post: 14 Beautiful, Whimsical Flatware Designs & A Strategy for Acquiring Them. The prices of the flatware I shared in that post were so reasonable, I ended up buying 4 place settings in three different patterns. I normally purchase at least 8 place setting when buying flatware, but I think some of the ones I purchased will be fun to mix/match in tables in the future.



Today, I stayed with just the palm tree design. I’ve been so looking forward to using this pattern in a table! (Palm tree flatware can be found here: Palm Tree Flatware.)

Palm Tree Flatware


So, these glasses looked pretty chartreuse to me, so onto the table they went! lol I think they were a Dollar Tree find, been so many years now it’s hard to remember.

Adorable Fish Wine Glasses


I’m always looking for an excuse to use these adorable fishy wine glasses. I love this fun design so much! I need to dig back through my previous postings and see where I found these–I think it was HomeGoods. I was just thinking about that last night–how it’s been ages since I shopped in HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls–all my old favorite haunts! I seem to do most of my shopping online these days.

Fish Glasses in Aqua and Blue


I may have used this pretty, blue and white candle holder/vase in a previous table in the past. Not sure where I found it at this point, but I can never resist a beautiful blue/white combination! Update: The sticker on the bottom shows the blue and white hurricane was a find in Target, back around 2018. It was made by “Opalhouse.”

Chartreuse Glasses, blue and white centerpeice


When I first set this table yesterday, it was very dark and gloomy out due to heavy storms moving through. So let’s see how this table looked in candlelight!

Beach table setting, blue and chartreuse


These next few photos were taken mid-day during the storm.

Candlelight Beach Nautical Table, Crab Plates, Blue and Chartreuse



I love dining by candlelight, everything sparkles and just feels a bit more magical.


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (Pssst: If you enjoyed this post, sign up to get an email when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

Candlelight Beach Nautical Table, Crab Plates, Blue and Chartreuse


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  1. I love this summery table Susan! The blue white and chartreuese is such a bright and pretty color combo! The plates are really cute and I love the fish glasses and your beautiful candle holder. The palm tree flatware was a wonderful find, I would love to have that. Thanks for the party and Happy Thursday!

  2. What a fun and beautiful table setting Susan! I love those dishes, and I would definitely call the yellow/green in them a chartreuse color. That palm tree flatware is gorgeous, reminds me of SC or any place down south or even CA. Just so fun! You always set unique and beautiful tables Susan! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! Now I just need a beach cottage to go with my flatware…although I would settle for a beach vacation! 😉

  3. Ha – yes! Your chartreuse is lovely! I love the color but I can’t see it without thinking of the first time a friend gave me some Chartreuse to drink! I didn’t realize how potent it was and took a big sip! When my friends stopped laughing, they said my jaw had dropped, my eyes popped, and they thought they saw smoke coming out my ears! 🙂 I’ll stick to beautiful chartreuse-colored tableware from now on! Thanks so much for the table inspiration and for hosting the party – it’s always so fun!

    • Oh my gosh, I have to look that drink up! I haven’t heard of it but it sounds dangerous. Ha! Thanks, Barbara! Happy ‘almost’ weekend!

  4. Your table looks so cool and refreshing ! I have the same candle holder ( that size and a votive size, too). Found them at Target years ago. I love them and use them all the time. You always spur me on to do a nice tablescape even though I don’t have as many “cool things” as you – but guests coming Saturday and I am going to try and up my game !!!

    • Oh, I bet that’s where I found this one. Thanks for that info, Ann! I have the worse memory of where I purchased things once a little time passes. Oh, I know you’re going to set a wonderful table! Hope you have a great time on Saturday!

  5. Snowflake281 says

    Nicely done! I really like the color combination of the blue & chartreuse. In my opinion I’d say that the crab design on your salad plate is chartreuse. Now, don’t take this personally, but maybe think about changing out the seat cushions to something more neutral, more versatile so as not to compete or contrast too much with your tablescapes? In any case, great job!

    • I know, those cushions are great most of the time, just not when I’m sharing tables. lol I leave them facing up on this side since the shutters stay opened back all spring and summer, so they are super duper faded now. The other side is still fine, so I can flip them if I’m having company and want to hide the faded side. I’ve been looking online off and on for new breakfast room furniture. I purchased the wicker set many, many years ago before I added on the screened porch, so I went with wicker to get my white-wicker fix. But now that I have a porch with tons of white wicker, I’d like to replace it with a completely different set, so that’s why I don’t bother with having them covered.

  6. I love your table Susan. Well, I love all your tables. lol. Chartreuse is a favorite color of mine and that’s so funny you had in your mind it was hot pink. You did a beautiful job of incorporating it with your blue, coastal vibes. It’s such a great happy table. Isn’t it sad we don’t shop in the stores as much now and do a bunch on-line. It’s a sign of the times guess. I still like to touch and feel and see things IRL so I hope they don’t all go away. My biggest one I miss is Pier 1. which know you can relate. Thanks for another fun party. XO- MaryJo

    • It is sad. The traffic in metro Atlanta is never great so I think that’s why I avoid shopping in the stores. I have to be in the mood. It really is nice to be able to actually touch something and see it in person…so true!

  7. Yes! YEs! YES! To your table. I love it! The color combination looks beautiful. That’s cute about not know what color chartreuse is. 🙂 This is one of your best tables.
    And, now that someone has delicately mentioned about the cushions, I’ve wanted to mention it, too. Sweetly and nicely, but didn’t want to offend. It is time to find a neutral cushion. I think you will be happy when you do and it will be more pleasing to the eye when you create all the beautiful tablescapes.

    • Thanks, Anne! lol Well, I still love those cushions, especially the flip side that’s not as faded. They do fight some table settings for sure. I don’t want to replace or cover them though because I’d like to just replace that entire breakfast set with something completely different…and without cushions. I found a breakfast set I loved online once, but it was from a previous year and no longer available. I need to look again.

  8. Bobbi Duncan says

    As always, your color combinations are spot on. A very fresh & cooling tablescape for hot summer days. We’ve been traveling quite a bit, but I did play catch-up w/ the blogs the last few days and have to say that all the work you’ve had done on your home looks beautiful! We’ve just begun the process of having a good amount of refresh done around here as well. Hugs!

    • Thanks, Bobbi! My list is so long, feels like I’ll never get it all done. lol May take a couple of years but I’m determined! Hope you had some wonderful travels!

  9. Love this table! Chartreuse is my favorite color and you’ve used it perfectly for a happy summer table! Bravo!

    • It is a great color! That color is so fresh…like the spring-green we see pop out on the flowers and trees when they first start leafing out each spring. Thanks, Rosie!

  10. Elena M. says

    A while back I asked your opinion on the Urban Villa napkins with the bees, and I finally ordered them last week – you were right! They are a very nice material, and the bee print is very sharp and bright, I’m glad I got them. So now I’ll ask your opinion on the flatware – I loved all the patterns from that Towle line but I noticed they are 18/0 stainless steel – I always assume they might be too lightweight or sharp on the edges – so how are they? The price is really attractive, so I would like to get 2 sets of tropical themes, but please let me know how you like them, again, I trust your opinion!!

    • They are a little lighter than my 18/10 flatware, but they felt pretty sturday and I haven’t noticed any sharp edges. Definitely check out the 870 reviews at Amazon, including any of the lower reviews. It has 84% 5-star reviews, which sounds pretty good. Elena, keep in mind that if you order and you don’t like it, you can return them and returns are free. That’s why I never hesitate to order from Amazon because almost everything on the site has free returns if it turns out to not be what I expect.

  11. Dori Stevens says

    Hi Susan,
    I love the colors of this tablescape. Thanks for sharing with us. This table seems to light up the rainy day. I have a question for you. Do you plan your tablescapes for appearance/theme or for functionality? I often want to set a beautiful place setting but find that we really don’t need all of the dishes or have space to place the dishes and accessories when we start eating. I have in the past collected the non functional plates or accessories, flags, pumpkins, glass animals, etc. right after the guests are seated. I have to admit, this feels a little bit awkward. Have you and your readers had this happen? If so, how do you and your readers handle this?
    PS – I have also had guests who assumed some of the themed accessories were “party favors” and innocently took them with them or asked to take then when they left. Have you had this happen?

    • Thanks, Dori! It changes all the time. If I have friends or family here, I may set a particular table that I think they will really love, especially when my grandsons are here. A lot of the tables I post for Tablescape Thursday are inspired by something new I may have just purchased and am excited to see in a table–like new napkins or new flatware. Sometimes it’s the mood I’m in. I love, love, love beach-themed tables and I have to almost force myself to not just set nothing but beachy tables all spring and summer. lol
      I can honestly say, I’ve never had a guest assume anything on the table was a party favor to take home. I don’t often have those types of things (favors) on the table but when I do, I make sure to mention that they are welcome to take them home. But I’ve never had anyone do that with something that wasn’t for them to take home. I wonder why they would think that. Too funny, but as you mentioned, also very awkward. I’d probably just let them take it, especially if I knew I could replace it, to avoid any embarrassment. lol

  12. Susan, your table is lovely – the blues, greens, white, and yes, the chartreuse too all have a wonderful beachy, tropical feel! Those blue and white plates are really unique and isn’t it fun to pull out something you haven’t used for a while and make a whole new table? Thanks so much for hosting – your parties are always so much fun. Happy almost weekend to you!

  13. Great table! Everything. The colors. The stripes. The napkin combo. The palm flatware. The sparkly fish on the glasses. And then you upped your game with candlelight. During a storm!!

    • Thanks so much, Mia! ♥ We’ve been having a lot of storms lately, my grass is thankful for it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  14. Too funny that you thought chartreuse was a shade of pink! A yellow-green, tending more towards yellow. It is a fun shade to use as a punch of color. I have those chargers. I finally found 13 (really 12+1) during 3 different hunting expeditions over several years. They’re either Bormoili or Vietri (I forget). I love them! Green & blue can’t go wrong with that combo.

  15. Michele M. says

    Such a fun and whimsical summertime tablescape, Susan.

  16. Carol Norton says

    I wonder if you thought chartreuse was bright pink because of the sound “fushia” makes? Both have that funny “U” sound.
    Either way it ended up, it’s another spectacular table. And no one mentioned those great napkin rings!

  17. Very fun table! I learned the color chartreuse and cerise (that hot pink you were referring to) from when I was in 5th grade! Those were the colors of my dance recital costume, and one of my favorite outfits, which I wore for my 5th grade picture, lol.

    • Thanks, Rita! Now there’s another color I’ve heard and had no idea what it was. I just did a search to see the color and I love it! So this week I’ve learned the names of two colors! I’ll feel very fancy calling something Chartreuse or Cerise! 🙂 Would you describe cerise as being kind of a raspberry red?

  18. I love every single element on this table! I have the fish wine glasses and I got mine at Marshall’s. Yes, that is definitely chartreuse and nothing looks as good with chartreuse as blue! Your water glasses are just perfect! What I wouldn’t give to find a centerpiece candleholder like yours. I’m a knockover for those, too! Here in Memphis, we have been having horrific, straight line damaging wind storms for the past 2 weeks. I was caught out driving recently in 70 -90 mph winds and torrential rain, and I don’t think I will ever be the same again. I plan to be inside with a pretty table and candlelight the next time bad weather is forecast! LOL!

    • Thanks so much, Martha! Oh, I bet that’s where I found these glasses since I used to shop there a lot. I just took a photo of the bottom of the hurricane vase and it looks like it is from “Opalhouse” and I purchased it in Target…has a date of 2018 on it. Here’s a photo of the sticker on the bottom. Maybe you can find it on eBay or just do a search for it online. Hope one pops up!
      That storm sounds crazy and scary! We are currently in a pattern of getting big storms every single afternoon. My plants are loving it but the storms are loud and scary! I def wouldn’t want to be out driving in one of those. Glad you made it home safely!

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