A Mini-Lifestyle Improvement

Welcome to the 479th Metamorphosis Monday!

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! For this week’s Met Monday, I thought I’d share a mini-lifestyle improvement I made recently. You may recall me mentioning in an earlier post that I ditched my cable TV a while back. I rarely ever watched TV since there was never anything on that really interested me. I just couldn’t justify the expense when my cable bill went up yet again.

So I disconnected the TV part (kept the internet) and decided to try Acorn TV, having heard good things about it. I immediately got hooked on the Agatha Raisin mystery series. lol I usually end up watching a show on Acorn when I’m working on something at my desk–like sorting through photos for an upcoming blog post. I’ll have a show going on one monitor while I’m sorting through photos on the other monitor. I have to be multi-tasking when watching a show, just feels more productive.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


A week or so ago I got a crazy idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to ride my Peloton bike while watching a favorite show! I looked online and found this cool gadget that will hold a tablet or phone.Handlebar Mount Holder for iPad or Cellphone


Here’s how it looks in their “sample” photo holding an iPad.iPad Holder for Exercise Bike Handlebar


I don’t have a TV in my exercise room, so what I do is attach my iPad to the handle of my bike while I have one of Peloton’s “Scenic” rides playing in the background with the volume turned off. That way the bike will keep up with my ride, in case I want to log the ride and see how many calories I burned, etc…

iPad & Phone Holder for Peloton Exercise Bike


Here’s how my tablet looks attached to the handlebar of the bike.

So if you like the idea of riding an exercise bike while watching a favorite show on Acorn or Netflix, but you don’t have cable or a TV in your exercise room, this is one way to make it work. I guess you could even Facetime/Skype with someone this way while riding. There are a few vloggers I follow who post longer videos, so this would be a fun way to watch those, too. This little gadget will also hold a cell phone, which could come in handy if you need to keep your phone close by while riding.

iPad and Phone Mount Holder for Exercise Bike


When I want to take a spin class on my bike, the tablet, along with the top part of the holder, will lift right off the handlebar so I can easily see the screen. That way I don’t have to unattach/reattach the holder each time I want to take a class or a scenic ride on my bike.

How I use an iPad Holder Mount on my Exercise Bike


Here’s how the holder looks attached to the iPad. I used to carry my iPad with me all the time in my handbag before smartphones grew in size. I haven’t carried it in my bag in years, preferring to just use my smartphone when I’m out and about. So I’ll probably just leave the holder attached to the back of the iPad, although it’s easy to remove by just lifting up on the top of the holder.

Back view of Handlerbar Mount-Holder for Holding iPad onto Exercise Bike


I purchased my holder here: Phone/Tablet Holder.  Genius idea! So glad someone thought of making this little device! Just had to share it in case you would find it helpful, as well.

Happy Spring, dear Friends!

iPad and Phone Mount Holder for Exercise Bike


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. You are always coming up with something great, Thank you Susan!

  2. Julie Williams says

    And now we want to hear about your coloring and easel! Pretty stuff. jw

    • Thanks, Julie! That’s actually just a puzzle board. I love to have a puzzle going, especially during the winter months. The tilting puzzle board is a back saver!

  3. Looks like a clever, useful idea but I feel like I would get dizzy riding and watching a show! But so glad to hear that you are still pro Peleton.

    • Oh, yeah…I still love it. Well the good thing is your head stays still (mostly) while riding, so it’s actually pretty easy to watch. I was worried the scenic ride in the background would be distracting, but I get so into the show, I don’t even notice it at all.

  4. Linda Page says

    What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary Boger says

    Small things make big improvements. Love the
    What ya Raisin books. Such a treat to find a
    new one at the library. Enjoy your bike rides!

  6. Soooo….the Acorn has your recommendation… I so wish we had reliable “streaming” abilities out here in “rural America…” *sigh*…someday….someday…franki

    • I’m really enjoying it so far. I hope your streaming improves, Franki. At least you have the gorgeous countryside and wildlife to enjoy every day. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, we still have cable TV but I find myself watching Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV most of the time. I also subscribe to PBS through Amazon as I am hooked on Masterpiece and can access shows that are not included with Prime. I LOVE British television, especially the period shows like Downton Abbey (my favorite), Victoria and many more. I just checked out the lineup on Acorn TV and will probably be signing up for that as well. I noticed they have more episodes of Murdoch Mysteries and Doc Martin than Netflix and Hulu.

    It amazes me that the cable companies keep raising prices when so many people have been cancelling their services for other options like Netflix etc. I am sure we will eventually be cancelling ours at some point too.

    • I love British television, too. Seems like a lot of us do…had no idea how many folks loved it!
      I know, makes you wonder! I read that it’s growing rapidly…the number of folks disconnecting.

  8. I exercise the low tech way.. I stroll around the house during commercial breaks

  9. Looking into Acorn TV now – I love British films etc… and it looks like they have many of them. We have been so afraid to pull the plug on cable – I love my DVR but the bill is just crazy high.

    • I know, I don’t know how they can justify what they charge. I like my bill a lot more since I ditched the cable that was rarely watching. I should have done it a long time ago. Have not missed it at all.

  10. Hey Susan! Great to party with you today! We just unplugged from cable as well. We went with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. We never turned the tv on except for the news. I am still attempting to find my local news on there. My family gets exasperated with me after the third attempt. It’s a lot like blogging, it takes so many steps to get where you want to be.

    • I haven’t checked out Hulu…need to do that. I like getting my news online at the sources I trust, which aren’t very many these days.

  11. Kathy P. says

    Hi Susan, We are addicted to Acorn TV. We are currently making our way through Midsomer Mysteries. Other favorites include George Gently, Doc Martin, Vera, and the Shetland Mysteries. So many good ones!

    • Thanks for these suggestions, Kathy. I’m a wimp when it comes to watching mysteries, I don’t like them if they are too graphic/violent/show too much. How is Midsomer Murders…is it pretty tame? I’m thinking about starting on that one. πŸ™‚

      • Kathy P. says

        Midsomer Mysteries are very tame, and they take place in the most charming villages. I like to watch them just to see the beautiful homes and gardens, and the quirky characters in each village.

        • Glad you like Midsummer Murders-as someone who lives in a film location for it ( one house became a shop !) It’s very tame ( in fact in Thame five minutes from us they o midsummer tours) – there Is a fantastic doc on it discussing the number of murders in tbe countryside agatha raisin too -do you get death in paradise -great BBC drama or Lewis ( follow on from Morse

  12. Thanks for hosting each week!!

  13. Been addicted to Acorn for a year or so (hubby enjoys my BBC shows as well) – HUGE part of my recovery after my spinal surgeries πŸ™‚ Between that, Netflix, and Amazon, no real need for cable! We occasionally do Sling tv during basketball and football season, but that glitches so much, drives sons crazy!

  14. Susan, I too discovered Acorn TV & am addicted! If you haven’t already you must watch Doc Martin, my favorite series.

  15. We only get 40GB a month on our internet, no watch movies or tv for us. We talked to Metrocast again this week and the likelihood of getting them to come out to us is never. Sigh!

    • My internet is unlimited, as far I know. I didn’t know some companies restricted it that way. Ummm.

      • It is mostly in rural areas. Our choices are Verizon wireless or Hughes Net, neither offer unlimited services that are any where near affordable. We month on Verizon we went over by 10GB and it cost us $600. If we lived in town we would have more choices, but is still limited compared to urban areas.

  16. Diane Westbrook says

    Hi…oh, yes…another Acorn fan here….love them all…I am now watching “Goodnight Sweetheart” . It is wonderful and has so many episodes…I find myself staying up too late, because the next episode looks too interesting! Anything British is right up my aisle! Enjoy!

    • Oh, wow…so many good shows I haven’t even gotten to yet! I could see myself doing that, too. I did that with Agatha Raisin until I got through all the episodes. So addictive!

  17. Vicky Weathers says

    Hi Susan, this is my first reply on your wonderful site and it took Agatha Raisin to get me motivated to comment! I so enjoy everything you post and wanted to tell you, if you don’t already know, that the second season of AR will be shown soon! We cut the cord too and have all the aforementioned services and now have Brit Box off Amazon, as well. There seems to be a really large group of us enjoying the British shows!

    • Thanks, Vicky! Isn’t Agatha a hoot! lol
      Oh, I just checked out Brit Box and I see some favorites already! I used to love watching Keeping Up Appearances and The Vicar of Dibley on PBS. Thanks for mentioning Brit Box, will definitely look further into some of their shows! You’re right, amazing how many folks are ditching cable for much better quality programming. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, forgot to say, I was disappointed when I came to the end of all the Agatha Raisin episodes on Acorn, so I Googled and was happy to find they were filming another one. I can’t wait until it’s available on Acorn!

  18. I love Acorn TV; you’ll enjoy it, especially while keeping fit! Thanks for hosting, Cheryl

  19. Can’t wait until July when I can cancel my cable. I have been addicted to British mysteries and comedies for years. I have Acorn TV on my computer and tablet. About the only thing I watch on TV is GPB which also shows all the wonderful British shows. Excited to hear the 2nd season of Agatha Raisin will be available!

  20. Cyndi Raines says

    I can’t wait to get out my “cruiser” bike with the fat tires which I need on our country roads, but lately I am preferring bike trails. It will be spring eventually in MI , lol and it will be great to go for a nice long ride. ‍♀️

    • Hope you see spring soon, Cyndi! It’s hear now in the south…we hit 80 degrees today, but the rest of the week will be a bit cooler. It won’t be long and the warm temps will arrive in MI!

  21. Tina Reynolds says

    We love Acorn! We had ditched cable, then ditched the satellite that replaced cable and was even worse! Netflix and Acorn got us through a bad year while my husband endured three major surgeries in less than 9 months.We watched so much during the subsequent, long stay-at-home recuperation. Ha! We just may come to the end of every series! Sometimes I have watched so much I feel as if the characters could cross over from one series to the next—to help out those characters!

    • Wow, that’s a lot of surgeries. Glad you guys had some good TV to watch during all that.
      Too cute about the characters crossing over…that would be so fun to see! πŸ™‚

      • Tina Reynolds says

        You are a ray of sunshine! I discovered your blog listed at the bottom of the Table For One Tablescapes blog, which I enjoy so much. All’s well that ends well—my husband is back to work and continuing with his therapy. (two total knee replacements,very successful, but then a very bad fall necessitating another more difficult surgery). We still catch an episode or two of our favorite Acorn or Netflix series every evening! Up past our bedtime like two mischievous kids! I love and envy your entire office set-up and decor! Lovely! A great place to work and dream…

  22. Agatha Raisin with blonde hair! Hamish MacBeth not a ginger! No, no, & no…why not Sherlock Holmes in a top hat?! I will stick with reading Marion Chesney’s books.

  23. Hi Susan,
    I love the posts here — it’s always nice to find others who love British television! Discovered Hyacinth and her “Royal Doulton with the handpainted periwinkles” in the 90’s, along with Midsomer Murders which, as others have said, isn’t gritty at all. I personally like the early ones with John Nettles as Barnaby.
    Try Rosemary and Thyme if you can find it — currently on Amazon Prime and Britbox. Two ladies who do gardens for gorgeous Britain homes and public spaces, and always find a dead body when they start digging…
    I’ll have to get Acorn because you got me started on Doc Martin and I have to find out what happened — where, oh where did they find that sweet baby that looks just like Martin Clunes?!
    Root canal for me on Tuesday — send good thoughts, please, I need them!

  24. Greetings, Susan! I love British TV, too, and we use Acorn. Hubby and I have a date every evening to watch together. I enjoy all mentioned above, but my fav of all is Where The Heart Is. Sweet, wonderful characters that I grew to love, and I cried when the series ended. Second, we loved Poirot with all of the lovely homes, cars, and clothing from the 1930s. We love mysteries and love all mentioned above, but the one that kept us staying up till midnight was Line of Duty. A real nail-biter for sure. We eagerly await another season.
    I’ve been binge-reading your blog today with my feet up and a warm cup of tea. Oh, I’m also binge-watching P. Allen Smith on Create tv at the same time. (I’m a multi-tasker, too.)

    We gave up cable a long time ago, and use ROKU to access Amazon, Acorn, and Netflix. Here’s a tip for those wanting to cut the cord. Get a high-power indoor, long range antenna or one for outside. Works for us – we pick up all the local channels (if we “must” watch the news) plus some great old-school shows from the 1950s – 1980s. We get about 60 channels through the antenna, including two home shopping ones. Ugh! I have to avoid those because they “make” me buy things.

    Love your blog, especially the travel posts. My only trips abroad have been to Israel, which I wrote about on my blog. Wonderful experience. Would love to know more about the trip to Cornwall you mentioned since I love all things British.

  25. I finished Agatha Raisin 2nd series after I finished Ashley Jensen (actress in A Raisin) in Love, Lies and Records that I loved! I found all the Brit TV on my free library streaming service called hoopla. Where I live I can stream thousands of choices…12 items per month + I have Netflix…however, so many shows that are on Netflix are on FREE hoopla. I am weaning myself away from cable…haven’t cut the cable yet. I just use my HDM1 cable from my laptop and get excellent reception. I think I hesitated because I thought I needed ROKU or something….new learning curve….catching up with you now that I am recouping from hernia surgery!

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