This 1970s Kitchen Just Got a Dramatic, Down-to-the-Studs, Beautiful Renovation!

Welcome to the 741st Metamorphosis Monday! If you love a dramatic Before and After, you’re going to love today’s reveal! My son and daughter-in-law live in an older neighborhood where many of the homes were built in the early 1900s. I think their home was built in the early 1920s, if I’m remembering correctly.

The previous owners did a kitchen update at some point, we’re guessing in the 1970s based on the design. When my son/DIL moved in, they had the walls and the dark brown accent wood trim that was throughout the kitchen painted white. When standing in one of the two doorways into the kitchen, this was the view. What you see in this picture was almost the entire kitchen–it was truly this small! When this home was built in the 1920s, kitchens were apparently quite small.

Incredible Kitchen Renovation, Before Renovation


Before the renovation that was just completed a couple of weeks ago, the stove/cooktop was crammed over in the far corner. The oven was located in the wall of cabinets just to the left of the stove. There was no great place for a trash can so it ended up in the corner partially blocking the cabinets where the cookware was stored. There was a small appliance garage there to the left of the wall oven. This kitchen offered very little counter space.

Incredible Kitchen Renovation, Before Renovation


If you turned and looked to the right, you would have seen the refrigerator and microwave. When they first moved in, the small apartment-size refrigerator that was in this spot didn’t work properly, so a new refrigerator had to be purchased. They would have loved to have upsized at that time to a refrigerator more suited for a family of four, but they were stuck purchasing another small refrigerator because that’s all that would fit through the two narrow doors leading into the kitchen. Plus, it was the only size refrigerator that would fit back in this small space. Emptying the dishwasher was always a challenge because it was impossible to reach the cabinets above where the dishes were stored if the dishwasher door was open, and there was very little counter space to place the dishes if trying to unload them first before putting them away.

Tiny Kitchen Before Renovation


The old kitchen had a small eat-in area. This design wasn’t great because the person who sat down first and slid over, could not get up without making anyone else who was seated on the bench get up first. My grandsons got really good at climbing over each over to get out. lol

Small Kitchen Before Renovation


The kitchen renovation was supposed to have been completed well before Thanksgiving of last year, but come January 2023, the contractor had not even started. He’s in demand in this area and was running way behind schedule, but he was finally able to get started in late January. Once the process started, there were additional delays as they waited on the appliances to arrive, and then again as the countertops were delayed. My son and dil set up a makeshift kitchen in their basement during the renovation since there’s a utility sink and a second refrigerator in the basement. They really took the drawn-out renovation in stride, so my hats off to them for keeping their sense of humor and sanity through this process. Here’s how the kitchen looked early on during the demo stage.

Kitchen During Demo for Makeover


The wall between the dining room and the kitchen was removed and the kitchen was taken all the way down to the studs. The wall you see there between the old kitchen and the dining room was the wall against which the refrigerator stood.

Major Kitchen Renovation, Down to the Studs


Here’s the kitchen completely stripped bare and ready for its makeover.

Kitchen Renovation, Stripped Down to the Studs


For the new kitchen, my son and DIL chose slate tile flooring and this beautiful white tile for the backsplash. Ready to see the “After?”

Kitchen Renovation, Tile and Backsplash Choices


Welcome to their long-awaited, beautiful new kitchen!

Amazing Kitchen Fully Renovated


What a dramatic difference removing that wall made! I don’t know how it’s coming across in these photos but this space feels sooo much larger! I hadn’t noticed before, but I learned this weekend that the ceiling in the kitchen was actually lower than it was in other areas of their home, so they were able to gain a good bit more height, as well. The whole family loves the eat-in bar! My grandsons eat breakfast and lunch here and my son loves working here on his laptop while my DIL is cooking or working in the kitchen. I love the bar stools my DIL chose, they are super comfortable!

Small Kitchen Opened Up in Major Renovation


I really love how the slate tile looks in this space! It feels really comfortable to walk/stand on and is so practical for a family.

New Floor for Kitchen


Gone is the tiny refrigerator! It has been replaced with a beautiful French-door Bosch refrigerator. My son/DIL already had a Bosch dishwasher and they like the Bosch refrigerator so much, they went with Bosch for all their appliances including the stove and microwave. I’m really crazy about their new fridge. There’s a huge ice tray that is always filled to the brim with small, pyramid-shaped cubes that never cup the side of the glass like the curved ones that my refrigerator makes. There’s also a water dispenser just inside the left door that dispenses great-tasting, filtered water.

New Bosch French Door Refridgerator


The granite they chose for their countertops pairs beautifully with the white tile they went with for the backsplash.

Beautiful Tile Backsplash and Granite Countertop


All the corner cabinets, both up and down, are designed with rotating shelves inside. Not sure if it’s called a Lazy Susan when it’s inside a cabinet, but that’s how it functions.

Rotating Storage inside Kitchen Cabinet


My Dil keeps her cookware in one of the two lower-corner Lazy Susan cabinets.

Lazy Susan for Kitchen Cabinet


Remember the DeLonghi Coffee Maker I purchased for them recently as an early birthday gift?

DeLonghi True Brew Coffee Maker, for the Serious Coffee Lovers


Here’s where it ended up in the new kitchen, just to the right of the refrigerator. They love it and my son definitely gives it a 5-star review.

Delonghi True Brew Coffee Maker


My favorite part of my own kitchen is the undercabinet lighting. I love how a kitchen looks in the evening when the undercabinet lighting is lit. I snapped this photo last night as I walked down the hall from the downstairs guest room into the kitchen. My, how the view has changed! The view used to be a wall that ran alongside the right side of the old refrigerator and now this is the view! Sooo pretty!

View of New Kitchen from hallway


A few more evening views…

Kitchen with White Cabinet, White Backsplash, Granite Counters


I knew my son and DIL’s kitchen would be more functional after the renovation, but I never dreamed it could look and feel so much bigger–and be this beautiful!

Beautiful Granite for White Kitchen with Bosch Applicances


This makes me want to go home and take my own kitchen down to the studs for a full renovation! Bathrooms have to come first, though. If you have a smallish kitchen that you’ve been hoping to renovate, I hope this dramatic makeover gives you the inspiration and confidence to move forward.

Beautiful Kitchen Renovation for Small Kitchen


One more look at the Before…

Incredible Kitchen Renovation, Before Renovation


…and how it looks today!

Beautiful Kitchen Renovation



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  1. Such a wonderful makeover, I know they are loving it now! Thanks Susan!

  2. What a beautiful transformation! I know they much feel relieved and grateful for such a beautiful outcome.

  3. Beautiful kitchen now that is more functional for their family. Taking that wall down was a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. WOW! That looks like it functions so much better, and the extra counter space is so wonderful. A beautiful room too, great choices for the finishes. I bet you are all over the moon with the results!

  5. franki Parde says

    KUDOS TO THAT KITCHEN!!! Truly captured the essence…just makes you wany to have a second cuppa coffee w/them!!! EnJOY to the max!!! franki

  6. Oh my goodness! Such a tremendous makeover! They did an excellent job choosing tile, back splash and countertops. I know that they all love it so much!
    Thank you for sharing. I love a before and after!

  7. Cheryl Gordon says

    I had my kitchen and master bath renovated recently. I have those same wooden lazy susan cabinets and I also use them for pots! I love it, no longer have crawl inside the cabinet to find things that got pushed way back. I know your family will love their new kitchen as much as I love mine.

  8. Snowflake281 says

    Any renovation of a kitchen or bathroom is almost always for the better. I think the best part of this reno is installing the rotating shelves inside the cabinetry. I have even used lazy susans in my bar area! Although the cabinets are very nice, that style & the color white seems to be the going trend these days. It’s a very clean look for sure. Enjoy your new found space! Good job!

  9. So happy for your son and daughter-in-law. Beautiful in every way. You always rave about her cooking so she clearly deserves a functional and beautiful space to work in! I especially love the flooring she chose. Congratulations to them!!!!

  10. Wow! Amazing difference and use of space. The planning, use of the potential and the added counter top are well done. It looks so much more spacious and bright. Congratulations to them.

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love everything about this new kitchen! I live in a home that was built in 1886. My kitchen is also small, but I am saved by the butler’s pantry. Every choice they made is lovely, but I am truly swooning over the new Bosch refrigerator!

  12. What a gorgeous renovation! Hope you had a lovely Easter, Susan. Thanks so much for hosting!

  13. Wow that’s beautiful! And what a great design. They must be so happy! Thanks for sharing – I do love a renovation! And thanks for hosting too. Hope you have a great week!

  14. What a remarkable transformation! Both beautiful and functional. They must be thrilled to pieces!

  15. Michele M. says

    Oh my goodness! How can that possibly be the same kitchen, Susan?!!?
    WOW WOW WOW – it is stunning. What a remarkable reno! I am so happy for them. They just added sooooo much value to their home, too. Just awesome.

  16. What a transformation! Around here old homes had a small kitchen because they had what was called a “summer house”. That is where all the canning and such went on in the summer months. It could be a completely separate building or it could be attached to the house, like on a porch. You would have thought because people rarely ate out back then and cooked all the time that the kitchens would have been more functional. But they weren’t. Funny how that works. I love how the new kitchen looks and I’m in love with that fridge! The kitchen definitely looks way bigger and has a nice layout with lots of counter space! Funny how taking down a wall can make such a huge difference. Just moving a wall a foot or two makes a huge difference as well. I bet your DILove can cook up a storm now in that gorgeous kitchen! Hugs, Brenda

  17. I really like all the materials they chose for the surfaces. How do you like the stainless pot that comes with the coffee maker? I have considered one since I get tired of the glass ones that break so easily. I have heard pros and cons about the stainless.

    • My son hasn’t really used the carafe very much. He said that since the coffee maker will make a fresh cup of coffee in about 45 seconds to a minute, he doesn’t make it by the carafe but instead makes a fresh cup during the morning whenever he or my DIL wants one. They even do that on the weekends since it makes it so fast. He said that he’ll only use the carafe when they have family visiting and he needs to make several cups, like 4-5 at once.
      One thing I’ve read is if you’re making it in the carafe, they recommend warming the carafe up first since there’s no heating element to keep it hot–that way it will stay warm. But as fast as it makes a cup, you may find you never use the carafe.

  18. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Would love to know more about the bar stools…brand? Where purchased?…cost?
    Thank you!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Teresa M. says

    That is an amazing before/after. Makes you love your home more when it’s completed. I give them kudos for living through the reno with kids, pets and company! What will they take on next?

    • They would love to do their bathrooms next. I love the tile in their bathrooms, it’s all original, so I’m not sure how much of that they’ll be able to keep.

  21. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Their kitchen turned out just beautifully – it was worth the wait!!

  22. Sabrina Holmes says

    I feel so happy for them, especially your D-I-L who loves to cook.

  23. What a beautiful makeover! Everything goes so well and the space they have now looks amazing. I’m always so happy when I see such gorgeous transformations that you just can’t imagine before, and then voila! I hope they enjoy their new lovely kitchen for many years to come. Many sweet memories are on the horizon.

  24. The heart of the house looks stunning!! What a long process, but well worth the time.

  25. Susan,
    Happy Easter!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  26. What a fabulous makeover – your son and his family must be thrilled with the results! And how amazing that they made a make-do kitchen in the basement while the reno was happening. They are probably thrilled to get their house back too! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely week.

  27. Their kitchen renovation is beautiful and so functional for a family. So inviting! So glad you could share it with us.

  28. An absolutely beautiful and functional kitchen space! So much fun to see the transformation. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Wow! Stunning improvement in both function and style! Looks brighter, spacious and more efficient. Love it!

  30. What a fabulous renovation! I bet they just love it! It so lovely that you were able to go enjoy it with them during your visit!

  31. Beautiful renovation. They gained so much counter/storage space and eating space too with the bar. Great choices in countertop and backsplash and flooring. Hard to believe what the eat in kitchen area used to be. We had a 1950’s house with a u shape kitchen. No room for a dishwasher and no countertop area. It had a little eat in area but it was broken up with a walkway from the dining area to the back porch. Everything was small, even the closets! I was looking at a Bosch refrigerator. They look really nice. How does your son like opening the door every time for the filtered water as opposed to the refrigerators that have the water/ice on the outside of the door? I will never buy another refrigerator that has the icemaker inside the refrigerator….takes up too much room and I won’t buy one with the pull out snack tray drawer as it is a big waste of space. (Just my two cents!)

  32. Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing!

  33. This looks stunning! After all the delays they had to deal with, the end result is just beautiful!

  34. VICKIE H. says

    My goodness!!!!! They have got to be ecstatic!!!

  35. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh Susan, how wonderful for the whole family! A beautiful transformation! It is beautiful!

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