Packing for Spring Break

So everyone is on spring break this week where I live–except me. Waaaaa! Even though I’m not sunning myself right now on a sandy beach somewhere, or shopping all the cute beach boutiques (a favorite pastime in places like Hilton Head) I had fun putting together a few outfits that would have made the trip if I had taken a beach holiday.

But first…

Before I share those with you, if you’re a fan of the movie Christmas Vacation and collect the cute Dept. 56 houses to display at Christmastime, I just discovered that they’ve added a new building to the Christmas Vacation collection. (See this previous Christmas Vacation table setting here: Christmas Vacation.)

Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs in Christmas Vacation Tablescape


The new piece that’s been added is the department store where Clark is seen Christmas shopping in the movie.

Christmas Vacation, Dept. 56 The Department Store


If you’re a fan of the movie, you may remember when Clark gets caught by his son, Rusty, flirting with a sales girl who is demonstrating the latest style of lingerie they have available. Ha! I love how they depicted the scene inside the building–too funny!

I purchased this piece from the Dept. 56 website HERE. I decided to get it now since these pieces sell for ridiculous prices once they are retired.


Thankfully the Griswold’s house hasn’t been retired yet, it’s still available here: Griswold Christmas House.

Griswold Holiday House, Department 56

Packing for a Summer Vacation

Okay, back to our summer vacation, the one I’m not taking, but wish I was! lol If I were headed to the beach, or any place hot and sunny, this is one outfit that would be sure to make the trip. I love a great Lilly Pulitzer dress! Some of their dresses are a bit too short for me, but some of their styles are cut longer like this one below purchased several years ago.

You’ll find all the Lilly dresses that are currently available here: Lilly. I have the urge to add a new one to my summer wardrobe this year…love all the designs!

I paired this dress with a pair of Jack Rogers sandals, the sandals Jackie Kennedy made famous when she wore them. You’ll find this style of sandal available in several colors, including one similar to mine, here: Jack Rogers Sandals. I also found them on sale here: Jack Rogers Sandals. You’ll find this sandal in a ton of other colors here: Jack Rogers Sandals.

I’m getting ready to switch over to my wicker bags for summer, love those! This round one is a favorite purchased last year. I noticed they brought it back and it’s available here: Round Wicker Bag. The sunhat is back again, too.

Lilly Pulitzer Dress, Jack Rogers Sandals, Sun Hat with Bow, Wicker Handbag


I love this sunhat and have it two colors/bows: White and Navy. The white ribbon/bow one seen above and in the photo below is available here: Sunhat.


Many years ago I purchased two pairs of casual, light-weight, linen pants from Talbots: one in navy and one in white. They were perfect for a beach trip because they had drawstring waists making them super casual and comfortable for all those seafood dinners. lol In the next few pics, I’ve paired both pairs of pants with casual linen tops.

Spring-Summer Clothing Ideas


This is the navy pair, paired with a comfy linen top, a favorite straw hat and fun navy/white gingham sneakers. It looks like Talbots has brought back their longer linen tops again this year. For some styles, they even added a collar. You’ll find the current styles here: Linen Tops.

I love linen! Yes, it does have to be ironed, but it’s light as a feather and so comfortable and cool for summer. I don’t mind ironing it for that reason. The sleeves roll up and button in place, so they can be worn that way, too.

Linen Shirt, Linen Pants, Blue Check Supergas, Sun Hat with Navy Bow


The sun hat pictured above is available here: Navy Sun Hat.


I’ve paired my white linen pants with a blue and white striped linen shirt, a yellow and white floral scarf, another favorite wicker bag and striped sneakers. The scarf is from Talbots last year and I still love it. They have the cutest scarves and currently they are all on sale here: Scarves.

Linen Striped Top, White Linen Pants, Blue-White Stripe Superga Sneakers, Wicker Dress


This adorable bag is back for summer, it’s available here: Wicker Bag.

Wicker Bag with Bamboo Handle, Summer Fashion



Another summer dress I’ve had for a few years that would definitely have to make the trip is this cute anchor dress by Hatley. I would wear it with another pair of Jack Rogers sandals, one of the wicker bags shown above and probably my sunhat with the navy bow, pictured above. These Jack Rogers sandals are back again this year and available in several colors here: Sandals.

Anchor Summer Dress, Jack Rogers Sandals


The navy linen pants would do double duty for evening walks along the beach while wearing a cozy, striped L.L. Bean rugby (purchased last year) and white sneakers. For daytime, a sunhat and these Jack Rogers sandals would work well. Sunhat is available here: Navy Sun Hat.

White Superga sneakers are available here: Sneakers.

Navy and White for Summer, Jack Rogers Sandals, White Superga Sneakers


A striped rugby like the one shown above is great for evening time at the beach when the temps tend to drop a bit and get chilly this time of year. Though my striped rugby is no longer available, they have brought back one that’s very similar here: Striped Rugby. I love it, too!


Last summer I purchased this adorable plaid sleeveless dress from Talbots. It would look great with a sunhat, any of my wicker bags and these Jack Rogers Sandals. I should have included my navy 3/4 sleeve sweater with this outfit, that would be sooo cute!

Plaid Dress, Sun Hat with Navy Bow, Jack Rogers Sandals, Wicker Handbag


I noticed Talbots is currently having a dress sale, all dresses are 30% off. Check out the sale here: Talbots. I love this lace jacquard dress available here: Dress. It would be really cute with a pair of white sandals.

Are you taking a beach trip soon? Oh, that sounds so glorious right now! ☀

Hope you find these ideas helpful for your next summer holiday!



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  1. Spring break sound like fun…. Lilly does have some cute things. The dresses are a little short but … could wear them as tunic. I see a lot of those this year and they are so pretty. I can’t wear the Jack Rogers sandals. Well, when this weather finally settles you will have an assortment of lovely things to wear. and I know you will plan a trip somewhere. Have fun.

    • The Lilly dress I have comes down to just above my knee. A lot of their dresses are quite short, but they do make one style of dress that’s longer for folks who like a longer dress. I wish I could remember what that style is called. Their maxi dresses are beautiful, too…and perfect for the beach. Thanks, Margaret! Hope you are having an awesome spring. It’s been so beautiful here the last few days!

  2. Dawne Marie says

    Everything is so darn cute. I have Lilly pieces I purchased at TJ Maxx. My family lives on Hilton Head Island. Too crowded there right now. I may visit in May. Bluffton growing by leaps and bounds, dangerous driving.
    I’m pining for the Griswold House. Then I think abut the 50plus Dept 56 Homes in the attic.
    I love your outfits! Straw purse and hat too! This post is a treat. TY.

    • Thanks so much, Dawne! It was fun to put together, even if a beach trip isn’t in my imminent future. lol
      I love Hilton Head, I would be visiting family there a lot! They would get tired of seeing me! 😉 We used to go there every year for our summer beach trip. It always seemed like every car had an Atlanta area tag on it, so I guess it’s still the popular spot for spring break, huh? I bet it is crazy crowded right now.

  3. So many cute things! But what a fun idea for a waiting-for-spring (or any seaason) to arrive day–pretend packing outfits!

  4. All the clothes and accessories are so pretty. My favorite is the navy and green plaid dress. When I was a teenager in the 1960’s I made a dress like that except for the trim on the center bodice. We called the pattern “shifts” and I used the pattern with more than one fabric. My favorite was the exact same plaid fabric in your picture. Wish I’d had the cute hat, purse and sandals back then. Guess it is true that everything old is new again. I need to find a similar dress for my granddaughter.

    • Thanks, Mary! You are so right, it’s amazing how everything comes around again. A few years ago, the only jeans I could find were cut down around my belly button and I hated that. Everyone was making fun of high-waisted “mom jeans.” Now those highwasted jeans are everywhere! I’m always late on the fashion trends, I just got into wearing jeggings last year. I hope they aren’t already. lol

  5. Beatrice says

    If you were of a certain social level when I was growing up, you HAD to wear Lilly in the summer…I think it was the law. I also think I had that wicker bag in the 60s. lol. We are planning to spend the first snowy Christmas in our Alpine storybook village, and I will finally set up the 1970 Maerklin Z-scale train on the massive oak trestle dining table so it runs around in an oval. It’s the cutest thing, and an engineering wonder. Wish I had some village houses to put around it, but luggage space is already spoken for…maybe next year!

    • Really? Too funny about the Lilly dresses. They are still so popular here on the east coast.
      Beatrice, I would love to see photos of your train…I love trains! Yes, you definitely need a few village houses, that would be adorable! Maybe you can order some and have them delivered or buy some there. That sounds so cute!

      • Beatrice says

        Susan, you bring up an interesting point: In all my years of living in Europe, I’ve never found an outlet for all the things you can buy in the US. I always have a full suitcase. Wayfair just came to the UK recently but I don’t know if they ship to the Continent. And now with the Brexit disaster in full swing, I don’t know that any outletter (Overstock, Wayfair, etc.) will tackle the EU market. So I’m limited to small shops wherever we go, or eBay.DE (Germany). I’ll be able to look around Lago Maggiore next month for some little shops, but I’ll have to spend some time this spring/summer on eBay to see if I can find houses in the right scale for the train. Or make my own–that might be fun!

  6. EEeeekkk!! ALL those ensembles are SO DANG CUTE!! It rained “most of last week” in Hilton Head… Anyway, I LUV these “fashion fantasies” you’re having! 🙂 franki

    • Thanks, Franki! Hope it’s not raining there this week since it’s such a popular spot for spring break. I think half of Atlanta goes there during this time of year. lol

  7. Hi Susan!
    All the outfits look wonderful. I have several of the Talbots tops and the same striped LLBean rugby shirt which I absolutely love.
    Sometime this summer, I need to touch base with you about what to pack for Ireland and Scotland. We are cruising with Disney around the British Isles late August/early September.
    I’m ready for a trip to Hilton Head – how about you? That island is definitely my happy place.
    My son tells me the weather is warming up in Marietta! DC is slowly seeing some warmer temps and the cherry blossoms are blooming!

    • Thanks, Susan! Ireland is really pretty easy to pack for because the temps are very similar all year long. They don’t get extreme cold or hot temps/variances like we do here. When packing, think Rain, Rain, Rain! You’ll want to pack comfy shirts and slacks, and a few sweaters to layer, but most importantly, take along a good raincoat. I took two…one shorter long-jacket style and one that was closer to knee length. I used them both and enjoyed switching between them.
      Oh, and my favorite, favorite travel boot that goes with me on all my trips is perfect to take because it’s waterproof. You can see it here: . I wear it on every trip and have it in three colors because it’s so comfortable. It will keep your feet completely dry through any monsoon or torrential downpour. Buy it 1/2 size up though…it seems to run small. You can see what I packed for the trip in this post:
      I always take A LOT when I travel, so you probably won’t need to take as much as I did. I just love having a lot of clothes from which to choose when traveling.

  8. Oh Susan,
    I love your summer outfits, especially those dresses! They’re too cute! A few weeks ago I already enjoyed wearing spring/summer midi dresses and sandals in Italy and I felt wonderful 🙂 but now I am wearing coats and boots again, because in Germany spring still seems to be a utopian dream… lol
    Susan, I remember Clark shopping a Christmas gift for his wife but then back home daydreaming/fantasizing about that very “kind” sales girl at his pool… lol I love that movie and am already daydreaming about Christmas! Seriously! It is even going to snow in the next days in my neck of the woods! So sad… 😉
    ~Hugs to you~

  9. All those outfits are super adorable! Now if only the weather here in NewYork city would cooperate, I would be inclined to splurge on a new outfit! Looks like winter is still hanging around. It is rainy and damp. Need some sun but looks like some snow is coming out way. I hope you enjoy your weather and your new purchases!

  10. donna a zoltanski says

    You are a fashionista! Such pretty colors – Lily – and can never go wrong with a Talbots’ ensemble. I want that wicker bag so badly…….love the hats too. I must copy your ideas — for our little escape to Florida soon. I always enjoy your posts!

  11. Susan, you are an incorrigible optimistic with impeccable taste! I think that’s why I enjoy your blog so much! ☺

  12. We had light snow flurries mixed with sleet today which is even unusual for us, so needless to say I am still waiting for the arrival of Spring! To conclude; love your choice of ‘fun in the sun’ wardrobe Susan but may I suggest that for the shorter style of dresses you could always pair them up with a pair of light weight, short capris leggings (just below the knee often in a cotton spandex knit) and see if it works for your body type and/or comfort. As for winter garb wear the longer version or leotards. -Brenda-

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Darling outfits! Love them all! And YES, we are longing for spring! Only in the 30’s today with strong, cold winds and snow flurries! Enough already! Please Old Man Winter, go away!

  14. Patricia Morris says

    Clark lived in Chicago and at that time the store he shopped at was Marshall Field…now owned by Macy’s.

  15. Sigh…..we have over 8 inches of fresh snow here, and a low of 7 last night… Spring here. On another note, I did buy the Cutemol that you recommended and LOVE it. Thanks for that!

  16. I have to join with the other commenters above and give a big sigh. I just put our trash out and the temp with wind chill is 18 degrees. We had snow this afternoon and are having wind gusts of up to 55 mph. Yesterday we had thunderstorms turned to sleet and have had so much rain that major roads are closed (some indefinitely due to some bad mudslides and road buckling. All of that drama in Pa. Big sigh here. Enjoy your pleasant temps now because I know there is a price to be paid in the summer with some high temperatures and humidity. No place is perfect.

    • I love the heat, Iris…even the humidity. I’m always cold and freeze every where I go, including other people’s homes. It’s really not that bad here in Atlanta, not like further south or along the coast. Savannah…now that’s some serious humidity! The only month that gets really hot here is August and I don’t even mind that. Now winter…that I really dislike. When everyone is ooohing and ahhhing over snow, I’m cursing it. Can’t stand snow or being cold, but I’m learning to enjoy the time inside during the winter months…and wooly sweaters and Ugg boots! lol I hope you see spring really soon! I know you have to be ready for some milder temps!

  17. I got new clothes for Easter but with the ice and sleet I wore winter clothes. We did see the sun today but more ice on the way.

  18. Hi Susan, loved the outfits you put together… sure you’re not a professional stylist ??! but we would have loved to see you wearing the clothes! I find your selection very appealing. Hope you have a chance to wear the outfits at the beach soon ….and dazzle!!

  19. Beatrice says

    All the complaints above reinforce our itinerant life. We simply follow the advice of the old Harry Nilsson song (Everybody’s Talking), “going where the weather suits my clothes.”

  20. Jill from Southern NH says

    Love seeing these pretty, sunny picks! It’s 30 degrees here in New England right now. I can’t wait to wear pumps to work again – my tall dress boots have long outstayed their welcome this year! Susan, you have both of the J McLaughlin bags I want! Do you know if they ever have percent off/sitewide discount days? I’m not sure if I should buy one because I never had a chance to wear my Talbots rattan & navy clutch last summer (no parties to go & it was cloudy the one time we planned to eat by the ocean and ended up going somewhere else indoors!) But I really want the lidded JMcL bag with bamboo handle. Maybe I can line it with flowers for a summery kitchen table setting if I don’t have a place to wear it!

    • Jill, I wear everywhere during the summer…the grocery store, UPS, everywhere! It’s not a special bag that you need to worry about…just enjoy the heck out it! 🙂
      Regarding a discount, I think those bags were on sale when I purchased them. J. McLaughlin runs sales occasionally. I’ll keep my eye out and if I see them on sale, I try to mention it in a blog post. Since it’s early spring, I guess the sales haven’t started yet, but I bet they’ll have some soon.

  21. Patricia says

    Susan you are a great tutor in the value of acquiring timeless pieces that can be used year after year. Lilly makes cute solid pieces that are fun to accessorize with one of their printed scarves. I love a good imaginary trip to the beach!

  22. Can u tell me again where u got the adorable blue striped tennis shoes?
    I AM headed to beach soon…need those sneakers!
    Just gotta tell u how much I LOVE all of your informative posts. I’ve used so many of your suggestions and you always make me spend money!!!!! Hahahahaha! I even now have clean armrests in my new car that my leather jacket scuffed up!!!! I travel a lot and I’ve used so many of your suggestions. So thanks!!

    • Thanks so much, Janey! Sorry about that money-spending part, though! lol I’m so glad that worked on your armrests…that’s awesome! Was it the Magic Eraser sponge that worked?

      I found those sneakers in Talbots…either last year or the year before…forgotten which now. They are Superga sneakers. I just googled to see if anyone has them. Zappos has similar ones in a darker blue stripe…you can see those here:
      What’s really weird is I just found them at 6PM online, a site that I know a lot of people shop on for shoes…but they are listed as men’s shoes. I don’t think that’s right because I don’t know any man who would wear those sneakers! lol You can see them on 6PM here:
      Supergas are sometimes considered unisex sneakers, so maybe that’s why they are showing them in supposedly men’s sizes at that link above…but even the sizes don’t look like men’s shoe sizes. They look women’s shoe sizes to me. By the way, that’s an AWESOME price at 6PM, lower than I think I’ve seen them, so it may be worth the risk to order from them if they allow returns.

  23. Just finished shed reading all the comments. WOW! I’m in the Deep South…Loosiana! And we’ve got 80 degree days. I cannot even imagine the cold temps everyone is talking about…in April??? Just so foreign to me. But as some said….the humidity in the summer is tough. Miserable. So yes….never perfect anywhere…except at the BEACH!!!!

    • It’s been nice here, too…the usual bouncing around but mostly great temps. I love Atlanta and Georgia for that! I love living in the south where we have all 4 seasons, but mostly not the constant snow. I couldn’t deal with that.

  24. Patricia says

    Hi Susan. Did you see the Lilly items at PB? So many cute patterns. Oh and alert- Laundress products are on sale at Saks ( friends and family sale)!

    • No, I need to check that out…thanks for letting me know, Patricia! Good to know about the Laundress items, I love their wool/cashmere laundry stuff. 🙂

  25. Bobbi Duncan says

    Lovely paired outfits, Susan! I am in dire need of some nice spring/summer things now that our beautiful weather is imploring me to go shopping. I love new outfits, but hate shopping for them. If it’s something to make the house look pretty, though, I’m right on it. Hugs!

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