Where Are the Magical Un-decorating Fairies & Buying ALL the Tartan!

Happy Weekend to you! How is your weekend going? It’s raining here today so it’s a great day to stay inside and read, do puzzles or watch a good movie.

I’ve been running hither and yon since I returned home from my month-long visit to Ohio for the holidays. My son and daughter-in-law asked that I stay through my birthday, just as they did last year. That helps them with babysitting needs for the school holiday break and Christmas/New Year’s parties, and I love spending New Year’s and my birthday with them.

We always have a blast! On New Year’s Eve, the neighbors across the street come out into the street and bang pots and pans or anything they can to make noise. This year they had whirling rachet noisemakers, the kind you spin around and around. We tried to outdo them with horns I had leftover from a previous New Year’s party. It has become a hilarious yearly tradition now, one we all really look forward to!


The only bad thing about being away so long is unfortunately, magical fairies didn’t visit my house after Christmas and remove all the wreaths from the windows, undecorate my Christmas trees and put away all the holiday decorations. I removed the wreaths the night I arrived back home and I’ve put away all the decorations. Now I just have two trees to undecorate and haul back to the garage.

The suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is all done and put away, the mail is sorted and the birdfeeders have been filled. Life is almost back to normal. How boring! lol

After I returned home, I decided to scope out some of the after-holiday/end of winter sales. I know winter is not really over, but to the shops and online stores, it is. They all seem to be focused now on getting in their spring/summer wares so the sales are amazing right now. Just before I left for Ohio, I bought a tablecloth in this tartan pattern I love so much. I bought a gazillion of the tablecloths back when I had the bedskirt made, but I never bought any to use as actual tablecloths!

Tartan Red & Green Bedding


The tablecloths have all been reduced even more than what I paid, so I purchased a few more in other sizes/shapes. I now have them for both my dining room (in two sizes) and a round one for my breakfast table. I can’t wait to use them in a tablescape, maybe before winter is over for this year!  If you love this pattern as much as I do, you’ll find all the tartan tablecloths currently on sale here: Tartan Tablecloths.

Tartan Tablecloth


The matching napkins are half price now, so I purchased 8 of those as well. I’ve been using some tartan napkins that were similar, but I’m glad to have the actual pattern that matches my chargers now.


You’ll find the napkins on sale 50% off here: Tartan Napkins.

Tartan Napkins


If you love the tartan dinner plates you’ve seen me use so often, you’ll find them on sale 50% off here: Tartan Plates.

The tablecloth I just bought would have looked pretty awesome in this table setting. Too bad I didn’t have it when I created this table a few weeks ago!

Christmas Tablescape, Tartan Dinner Plate with Christmas Woody Car


The charger plates are also on sale, I love them and use them every winter, they go with so many Christmas dish patterns. You’ll find them on sale here: Tartan Charger Plates.

Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight Green Salad Plate


I love this table Martha created back in 2017 so much! These are the colors I love, love love for fall/winter and Christmas! See this table in more detail here: Mixing Plaids and Tartan for a Festive Holiday.

Christmas Table Williams Sonoma Heritage Tartan Plaid & Denver Plaid Plates


If you love tartan, you can see all of the tartan pieces that are currently on sale here: Tartan for the Home.

I hope they don’t discontinue this pattern after this year. I still love it so much and there are so many more pieces I would like to collect like this Le Creuset Cast-Iron Dutch Oven. It’s on sale almost half-off, too!

You’ll find it here: Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I just may have to splurge and get one during the sale this weekend. Wouldn’t it be cute paired with the tablecloth! ๐Ÿ™‚


I love the tartan on the lid! Doesn’t this just say “home!” If I had this piece, I would use it all fall and winter, leaving it out on the top my stove as a decoration when it wasn’t in use. I love how tartan warms up a home during the cold winter months! It’s really not just for Christmas.

le-creuset-tartan plaid dutch oven


Happy Tartan shopping this weekend!

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  1. It says that you canโ€™t use the 20% off code with things ending in 99 cents. So these things would not be eligible.

  2. Welcome home, Susan, and happy birthday! I’m celebrating today! My tree is down, but don’t have all the ornaments put away, nor other Christmas things that go into storage. It’s currently all in a holding pattern in a guest bedroom. I’ve been slowly organizing and packing, trying to edit out.
    I have a tartan alert for you. Our Tuesday morning has boxed sets of four tartan ramakins. They are great! I bought two sets and plan to use them for creme brulee, custards, ice cream, or what ever comes to mind. Great price. I’m thinking I may go buy two more sets to put back as a gift.
    Good luck with the deChristmas project! If you find any of those elves, please send a few other here.

    • As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’ve decided everything doesn’t have to be put away by a set deadline. No sense stressing ourselves! I’ve been doing the same thing the last two years, editing out the things that I no longer decorate with and just keeping those I truly enjoy and love.
      Thanks for the tip about the ramakins, I’ll check into those!
      lol Will do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing on this rainy, dreary day — reading! I’m reading an author new to me and so far, I’ve been enjoying her characterizations. While you’re busy working, I’m goofing off, lol. I needed a goof off day though, so I’m going to forgive myself.

    Susan, I love all the tartan as well. Did you see all the beautiful choices in pillow covers? I love each and every color tartan. And I noticed those beautiful cashmere tartan throws are on sale too. How do you like yours? Is it as soft and sumptuous as you expected?

    Well, enough of that. Time to go goof off some more. :D:D:D Enjoy the rain, Susan. I always do. I think it’s cozy!

    • I saw one pillow but didn’t look at all of them. The tartan throw has been super tempting me, though! I could just see it tossed over one of the chairs in my bedroom, although that may be a bit too matchy, matchy. lol
      Thanks, Pam! The rain here is making me super sleepy, trying to stay awake. Have fun goofing off! Enjoy every moment of it!

      • I did enjoy it! Wish more days were like that! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Oh, my bad (as the kids say) I thought you had purchased a cashmere throw. I’ve never had anything cashmere and I’m curious to know if it’s as soft and luxurious as ‘they’ say. Looking forward to what you have in store for us today, Susan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. the Brussels sprouts look wonderful. Do you have the recipe

  5. Happy belated birthday! All the tartan is beautiful. Especially your bedroom set. You aren’t the only one with a few more decorations to pack away. Unfortunately! At least our seemingly never-ending rain has moved east and we saw the sun again today. Hope it will show up for you tomorrow. I was looking through a Vermont Country Store catalog a few days ago and they have lots of tartan plaid items. So many temptations, Lol

    • Thanks, Mary…that makes me a feel a bit better! ๐Ÿ™‚ It rained here all day yesterday but the sun is out now…so happy to see it today!
      I’ll check out Vermont Country Store. They do carry some really cute things!

  6. LOVE that plaid/tartan! I’ve always wanted some of those chargers – maybe now’s the right time to get them! So glad your life is settling back down to boring – I’d love that right about now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the great info, and hope you’re having a lovely Saturday!

  7. No one is going to be inside your home during Christmas soooโ€ฆ. take the trees down before you leave for the holiday. Leave the wreaths out so
    all neighbors will enjoy. I am glad you enjoyed your holiday. Now, get some rest.

    • I thought of that at one point but there was just not enough time with all the preparations of getting ready to leave, packing up more pieces of my son’s bedroom furniture to take with me, in addition to all the gifts I was taking. Plus, I think I would have been a little sad taking down the trees few days in advance of my leaving since Christmas was still over a week away. Same applies now, though, no one sees them or knows they’re there except me, so I’ll just take them down at my leisure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Welcome home! Yes, time to do some nesting with a good book or two with a nice fire going and just snuggle in. All my Christmas is put away except my dishes which I love and always hard for me to put away for another year, so that’s why I leave them out until now. Had intended to do that today, but a snow storm dumped about 5-8″ of HEAVY snow so my day was busy shoveling and snow blowing. Monday will be soon enough for the dishes. I have a few snowmen out to help January not look so bleak with the mantle still decorated in faux greens and iced berries with white lights. I love it as it adds to the coziness of these long Michigan winters. Soon we can add a few hearts to prepare for Valentine’s which is always fun to do. Take your time Susan, at our age, we have learned to enjoy the journey.

    • Yes, leave those dishes out and enjoy them all winter! I don’t think our holiday dishes get enough use anyway, so we should just take our time putting them back away.
      Wow, that’s hard work, Cyndi! How many times do you guys normally get a big snow like that each season? My son has to shovel his driveway each time they get a big snow.
      I was just thinking yesterday about creating a post with ideas for how to brighten our homes during the winter months and lights was the first idea that popped into my head. Light can really effect our moods so much.

      • Lol, Susan. You’re so cute, and so obviously southern. Yes, shoveling the driveway and walk ways every time there is a big snow is just a normal part of life in much of our country. ๐Ÿ˜€ Chip must like it though, as he’s settled down there. I bet the little guys love it. I know I miss it, myself. Of course, my notions of Snow are more of the peaceful, countryside version one admires from the windows of their lovely home whilst tucked snugly inside by the fireside, imbibing warm drinks like hot chocolate or buttered rum — and (importantly) where one needn’t risk limb and life to get out and drive in it amongst insane people. ๐Ÿ™‚ So yeah, there is that.

        I Love the idea of a post dedicated to decorating for winter. For years now I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate small lights, like white Christmas lights, into my everyday decor to add a bit of coziness. I hope you’ll do that post!

  9. Iโ€™ve seen so many posts about guilt in delaying taking down Christmas decorations. Well, guess what?? The Queen (yes , THAT one..lol) doesnโ€™t take hers down till FEBRUARY 6th. So, do what makes you feel good! If Itโ€™s good enough for the Queen, itโ€™s good enough for ME! However I agree with you, I just need to find the magical un-decorating fairies!


  10. Susan: Thank you so much for letting us know about the tartan on sale. I’m wondering if you’ve had a chance to wash your tartan linens. There have been some reviews stating that theirs shrunk by a lot…one reviewer’s shrunk by 6 inches! In any case if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to pay attention to the drying temp to be safe.

    • Thanks, Jeanne! I do remember seeing that in one of the comments. I wonder how she washed/dried it? When I wash mine, I’ll wash it in cold water and dry it on a delicate/low heat since it’s cotton/linen blend.

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