Bonnie’s Beautiful New Year’s Eve Celebration

Welcome to the 591st Tablescape Thursday!

I’m posting Tablescape Thursday a bit early this week since I’ll be spending all day Wednesday on the road. Gonna be a long day tomorrow. Thank goodness for Audible!

I was so excited when I came across this beautiful table my friend, Bonnie, shared on her Instagram feed. I’ve shared several of Bonnie’s tables in the past and they are always a delight!

New Year's Eve Tablescape


Bonnie caught the Blue Hour when she took these photos! Love that! There’s nothing like the Blue Hour for adding beauty and drama to a scene! The snowflake ornaments hanging from her beautiful chandelier look so pretty against that Blue Hour sky!

(Read more about the Blue Hour in this post: The Secret of the Blue Hour.)

New Year's Day Tablescape with Snowflake Santa Decorations


Can you believe this beautiful dinnerware?! It’s truly perfect for a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day celebration! I love the champagne glass design and the wording “to friendship” on each plate. Friendship is definitely worthy of a toast!

New Year's Dinnerware, Party Ideas


Bonnie shared where she found this beautiful china saying, “The dishes came from a stationary store that was going out of business,
McWhorters.” On the back of the dishware is the wording: Rosanna, Made in Italy.

Bonnie found the linens, flatware and napkin rings in either Marshall’s or Home Goods.

Rosanna, Made in Italy New Year's China


Our Blue Hour sky has faded into the darkness of night, now. Regarding the stemware, Bonnie said, “The glasses are Mikasa “Antique Lace,” purchased at the Mikasa outlet.”

New Year's Eve Dinner Party Ideas


Love the greenery and the snowflake decorations for this New Year’s Eve dinner party!

New Year's Dinner Party Decorations


For her centerpiece, Bonnie used one of her beautiful Pam Schifferl Santas. Bonnie collects pieces by this artist and this Santa dressed all in white works beautifully in this white, gold and silver table setting. For her New Year’s Eve celebration, Bonnie added a sparkly gold pocket watch ornament to her Santa’s arm. Love that extra bit of whimsy for this delightful New Year’s table setting.

Pam Schifferl Santa Figure with Lantern and Clock


Thanks so much to Bonnie for sharing this beautiful New Year’s Eve table for Tablescape Thursday!

New Year's Eve Celebration Table Setting


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Stunning table! I like the snowflakes on the chandelier and Father time clock. A Beautiful setting for an intimate gathering of friends or family. A great start to a New Year. Safe travels tomorrow!!

  2. Love, love, love the snowflake chandelier!

  3. Very pretty! I especially love those snowflakes sparkling over the table. Have a safe drive tomorrow, Susan!

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    What a beautiful table! Stunning for sure! Glad you will be home before our weather takes a turn, MI is expecting another storm by this weekend. I believe our unseasonable warmer temps are soon to be over and our real northern winter weather is on its way. Will pray for safe travels for you Susan.

  5. Love the dishes! So festive.

  6. Beautiful………..sparkling snowflakes, dinnerware, and Christmas tree!!

  7. Linda Page Gurganus says

    What a beautiful and sparkling table setting! Perfect to bring in the New Year! I love the Santa. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!

  8. Hi Susan!

    I know you’re on the road today, but I thought of you when I was cleaning my toilet. Lol. Because I bought that super awesome item that is a wand w/ little disposable head things. Love it. I’m going to buy a second one for the master bath.

    I also bought the awesome car cleaner you recommended and love it too.

    I was thinking that maybe you could do a post on all of the cleaning products you love.

    I’m thinking of buying a knock-off roomba for my second story, but I’m nervous. I wonder if they really work.

    Have a great January!

    Wendy in Suwanee

    • lol Well, I’m glad to be thought of at any time, even during toilet cleaning. 😉
      I know, aren’t they awesome! I went back and bought two more of the wand kits so I’d have one in every bathroom.
      I sorta did a post like that a while back. I should probably do another one since January seems like a good time to clean after the busy holidays. Here are two posts I’ve written in the past where I shared some of my fave cleaning products:

      Oh, just found one more post, I think it has some repeats that are in the other posts:

      I had a Roomba many, many years ago. It’s probably been 15 years ago or longer. It didn’t work out for me for a few reasons:
      1. It can’t handle tassels and I had three rugs on my downstairs level that had tassels. I still have two rugs on that level, one in the living room and one in the entry. Maybe they’ve updated the Roomba and maybe it can handle tassels now. If you have rugs with tassels, check on that. It could handle going up onto a rug without tassels, but with tassels, it would get stuck in them.
      2. It was a nightmare to clean out. The little reservoir where the dirt landed had to be cleaned after every 2-3 cleanings and it took about 20 minutes each time. Ugh. It was hard to get to and I remember there were brushes inside that had to be cleaned. I had a Golden Retriever and 3 cats at the time, so their fur made the process even worse.
      3. It could not navigate/deal with all the legs on the three barstools at the eat-in bar in my kitchen, so each time I ran it, I had to put stools up on the counter. I had small stools without backs so that worked okay, but it was still a pain to do.

      If you research them and find out they can cope with tassels now and are a lot easier to clean out, please let me know. I loved the concept! It did a great job of re-docking itself to recharge when it was finished each time. I remember I had these little devices that I had to place on either side of the dining room door and the living room door to keep it from going into those rooms when it ran since it would get stuck in the rug tassels in those rooms.

    • Wendy, also read some of the reviews on Amazon before buying a robotic vacuum. They reveal a lot of the pitfalls.

  9. I’d never heard of the blue hour before. Thanks for the link explaining it. Interesting that we can’t see it, but can film it. Just like when we went to Norway to see the Northern Lights; they are so pale until you see them in a picture.

  10. Just gorgeous!!! franki

  11. Love those plates! And what a great idea to add the pocket watch to Santa.

  12. Oh I love that gorgeous place setting – the plates are beautiful, and perfect for New Years! So nice that Bonnie would share with us! Hope you have a lovely and safe trip!

  13. Bonnie Short says

    Thanks for posting this, Susan! I’m always thrilled to see my tablescapes on your blog! Happy New Year!

  14. Such a beautiful winter table, thanks Susan!

  15. Susan, I always enjoy tablescapes. Thanks to Bonnie for sharing this one. Is it possible to follow her on Instagram? Under what name?

  16. Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my cozy style for my home this winter. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  17. Susan, glad to know you’re home, safe and sound.

    We haven’t seen one of Bonnie’s tables in a while, and this is a good one. You’re right, the dishes really are ideal for New Year’s!

    For a second when I first saw the thumbnail, I thought that Santa was a cake! (A la you’re famous Snowman cake.) It’s a very pretty Santa and I too love the addition of the watch.

    The tablecloth is gorgeous, as are all the crystal elements and that cozy, wintry looking Santa. Thanks, Bonnie for sharing. I love that you caught the Blue Hour!

  18. Sabrina Holmes says

    Bonnie’s tablescape is stunning !

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