Thanksgiving by Candlelight

Welcome to the 635th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

Sorry our Tablescape Thursday party is going up a day late. Hope you enjoy it even though I’m running a bit behind this year. Pssst: I’m sharing my three fave Black Friday sales at the end of this post in case you’re doing some shopping today or this weekend.

Just before everything was about to come out of the oven on Thanksgiving, I lit the candles to take a few quick photos of the table for Tablescape Thursday. A few minutes later my oldest grandson walked into the dining room and excitedly ask, “Can we eat with just the candles on?” He is such a little romantic at heart.

Thanksgiving Dining, Red Dining Room


These photos were taken with just the available light coming in through the windows, along with a bit of lamplight and candlelight.

Thanksgiving by Candlelight, 2020


Last year I used a large pheasant in our centerpiece. This year, Mr. Turkey is back in his rightful spot for our Thanksgiving table.

Candlelight Thanksgiving, 2020


Traditional Thanksgiving Tablescape


After these photos were taken, I removed the breakable stemware from both of my young grandson’s place settings, but I thought you would enjoy seeing the table with everything in place. They have been enjoying drinking out of the Christmas ornament glasses I shared in an earlier post.

Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving 2020


Rustic acorns tied with red ribbon worked well as napkin rings.

Spode Woodland for Thanksgiving 2020


Since I was running a bit behind, I didn’t have time to take close-up pics of the place settings, but here’s a photo from a previous year. This pattern comes with coordinating salad plates but they also offer the coordinating turkey salad plates that I’m using in today’s setting.

Spode Woodland Turkey Plates for Thanksgiving


Here’s how the dinner plate looks. The regular salad plate in this pattern includes different woodland animals. I love all the variations they’ve made for this pattern over the years.

Update: Just noticed this pattern is currently on sale for Black Friday. You’ll find it on sale here: Spode Woodland.

They also make it with both the dinner and salad plates in the turkey design. Love that! It’s currently on sale 50% off here: Spode Woodland Turkey.

Spode Woodland, Pheasant Dinner Plate


Mr. Turkey is from Pottery Barn several years ago. I passed him up the first year they carried him, waiting for him to go on sale. Unfortunately, he sold out right away and I really regretted that I had waited. When they brought him back the following year, I bought him immediately having learned my lesson from the previous year.

He is surrounded by Magnolia leaves and berries from my Savannah Hollies. They are covered in berries this year.

Traditional Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas


The stemware is Waterford. The tea glass is in the pattern Araglin. The champagne flutes are from Waterford’s 12 Days of Christmas collection. Each flute has an image representing one of the 12 gifts and each flute is in a different Waterford pattern. I love that they made them all different that way! I really wish I had purchased the whole collection when I first came across it in Dillards many, many years ago. Currently, I have days 1-6.

Thanksgiving Table Setting, Magnolia Tukey Centerpiece


It appears they still offer the flutes in 6 different patterns, just without the 12 Days of Christmas etched design. Ummm, I think I need those because they would be perfect for Thanksgiving and New Years’ when you don’t necessarily want the 12 Days of Christmas etched design on your flute. You’ll find the flutes on sale for Black Friday here: Waterford Crystal Flutes in 6 Different Patterns.”

Thanksgiving Table Setting, Magnolia Tukey Centerpiece


I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I know this year was a bit strange, hoping next year will be much more normal.

Thanksgiving by Candlelight, 2020


Are you shopping for deals this Black Friday? I’m planning to scope out some of the sales today. My daughter-in-law found some amazing deals yesterday, so the BF sales are already underway.

Talbots has everything 50% off! Everything! The sale ends at midnight tonight. You’ll find the sale here: Talbots Black Friday Sale.


L.L. Bean is offering 15% off all purchases. I just purchased my son two new pairs of their Wicked Good Slippers. He LOVES them so I always try to pick him up a new pair for Christmas. My daughter-in-law also loves them. I highly recommend them for anyone on your Christmas list because they are always a huge hit! You’ll find them on sale for men here: Wicker Good Slippers. and for women here: Wicked Good Slippers.


My daughter-in-law will be getting this style for Christmas. I have a pair and they are amazing! You’ll find them available here: Wicked Good Slippers.

I also bought my son another one of their snuggly sweaters. He loves the ones I’ve bought him in the past and wears them a lot during the winter. This pullover is currently on sale, plus you should get another 15% off at checkout with the Black Friday sale. You’ll find it here:  Fleece Pullover.



I love shopping Joules all throughout the year for myself and for my grandsons. They have the cutest, cutest sweaters for kids! For myself, I always love their coats and sweaters! Many of their clothes are in that classic English style that I’m so drawn to. Their Black Friday sale is going on now! You’ll find it here: Black Friday Sale.


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. That was a beautiful table and stunning in the candlelight! Glad you are having your son and family visiting!

  2. It must have been so fun to have the family there! Hoping you had that gorgeous chandelier on too. For the first time ever, it was just the two of us. Thankfully, one of us knows how to cook (not me). But I did set a very simple, yet appropriately festive, tablescape.

    • Sounds like you had a cozy Thanksgiving, Mia. I hope next year is normal for everyone. Sounds like you had a great Chef preparing Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. Susan, how special to have your son and family in your home for Thanksgiving. Love that little guy who wants to eat by candlelight! We did the same last night, but with our aging eyes, we also had dim lights above the table. Happy Holidays ahead!

  4. Dorinda Selke says

    Susan – wishing you and your family a blessed and delicious Thanksgiving weekend together. Your dining room is stunning!! I love all the autumn colors, so I’m happy I have them out for 3 months. But ho ho ho, away they go today and onto Christmas ❤️

    Hugs, Dorinda

    • Thanks so much, Dorinda! It’s badly underused…my dream dining room would be lined with bookshelves–turn it into a home library/dining room. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Yes, time to start thinking about Christmas, now.

  5. I love that Mr Turkey – so glad he’s back in his spot this year! 🙂 And how sweet of your grandson to request candlelight. There’s a guy who’ll have n0 trouble impressing his dates later in life! Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely too!

  6. Beautiful table and the close up pictures showcase everything in the setting. So nice to be able to enjoy the day with family. We drove 1.5 hours to be with our son and two grandsons and had a lovely dinner. Love your dining room!

  7. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Your table is stunning Susan and I bet the family enjoyed it too. I can imagine the boys loved drinking from the ornament cups, they are so cool and fun. I love that your little guy wanted to keep the candle light going for the meal, what a little romantic for sure! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My son and I had a nice meal too and enjoyed the day. Hugs, Brenda

  8. Hi Susan, I’m Christmas shopping and I thought my husband would love the jigsaw puzzle board you mentioned once. Could you share the one you like, and the one you didn’t and where to buy? Thanks so much.

  9. Such a gorgeous table Susan and that oldest Grandson of yours is apt to be very popular with the ladies as already is a romantic. Re Talbots sale; unfortunately I was too early when ordering a pair of their velvetEEN pants but paying the extra price was well worth it since I’ve been looking for a pair, now for a few years. As to Joules; I never heard of them before but just finished browsing their website and love much of their clothing. So thank you so much for the link. Sending warm wishes your way.

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! lol You could be right. Sometimes it’s better to order early. Seems like when I wait for a sale, often the size I need sells out. Velveteen pants sound beautiful! Sooo luxurious!
      I think Joules is definitely a hidden gem that not too many people here in the states know about. I love their coats and their children’s clothing is sooo adorable!

      • Re the Talbot pants. The thing is; FYI and in event your readers are interested they describe them as Velvet (Hampshire Ankle Pants) which they are not! The difference in laymen terms is; Velvet generally has a plush nap/pile whereas velvetTEEN has a short dense (cut) pile surface similar to that of corduroy but without the wale. Totally different IMO as the latter though still dressy they are ‘not’ over-the-top as are a tad more casual. (I wanted them namely to wear with a Chanel style fringed jacket and they work beautifully with it, as well as a few of my cashmere or knitted sweaters.) Extremely more versatile than the velvet would be. -Brenda-
        P.S.: I had made a comment on another blog I was looking for a pair and another reader kindly advised me about them and she was 100% correct in her description that ‘they are not a velvet’ as we sewers know such to be … ☺.

  10. Franki Parde says

    Just lovely! Brought back memories…we would be at a restaurant and when they would “dim the lights for dinner hour” our son, then probably six, would say, “ahhhm, romantic time!” The waiter almost dropped our water…he was such a little squirt and now has “squirts of his own.” Special memories…franki

    • Awww, I love that! Soooo cute! ♥ Definitely special memories! We never forget those moments!
      This evening my oldest grandson (age 6) fell asleep in the living room while watching a movie. His younger brother had been tucked in bed about an hour earlier.
      When my son and dil were picking him up to take him to bed, he asked if everyone was still here. He named each person in the family and included one of my son’s childhood friends who is here visiting with my son. My dil assured him everyone was here. He asked if his brother was already in bed and she told him he was. He replied, “All the people I love are here all together.” He repeated that several times before falling asleep–almost had my dil in tears. He’s so sentimental. Every time my dil donates or gives something away, like his toddler bed when he outgrew it, he always asks or reminds her to take a photo with her phone “to remember it by.”
      Children understand so much more than we realize, don’t they?

  11. Decided to order the Wicked Good Slippers for myself and my daughter, and they are back-ordered till Dec 30 AND no mention of 15% off (only if you use their MasterCard) 🙁

    • When I go to the website, I see a HUGE banner that says 15% off your order with the Promo Code Thanks15. I’m not surprised that they are backordered, they are extremely popular, especially as Christmas gifts. I purchased the two pairs I bought my son a couple of weeks ago. If I were you, I’d go ahead and order them just in case they catch up and get them in before then.
      Their Duck Boots are always popular, too. There was a 6 month waiting list for those a few years ago. They actually started a 3rd shift in their factory where they make those in Maine to try and lessen the waiting time.

    • Oh, and it says the 15% off with THANKS promo code ends on Tuesday, December 1st.

    • Bernie, just thought of something else. You may want to call some of the L.L. Bean stores because if they have the slippers in stock in the size you need, I’m sure they’ll ship them to you.
      That’s what I did when I wanted a pair of their duck boots years ago when they were quoting 6 month wait times. I called the L.L. Bean that’s in the Mall of America…a store in Bloomington, MN and they had them in stock. I paid for them over the phone and they shipped them to me. Here’s a list of their various locations:
      I wish they would put a store in GA.
      Be sure and mention the 15% off if you do order over the phone. Hopefully, they’ll honor that since the sale is through Dec. 1st.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Lovely table Susan, and Mr. Turkey is really struttin’ his stuff! Hehe. I’m sure he is showing off for the family and happy they are with you for this holiday season. Your grandson’s comment is so PRECIOUS! What a sweetie! I am glad you mentioned those slippers and that you liked them. A few days ago I ordered the very same pair Nancy ordered (even red) and I am excited to get them. I need an actual shoe type slipper as the ones without a counter slip too much on my feet and I feel like I am going to walk out of them. I was so disappointed when our Maine trip was cancelled last summer, I had been really looking forward to going and one of the stops was the L. L. Bean store, so I guess this is my consolation prize, lol. Oh, well, hopefully this coming year travel will be possible for all of us. ( fingers crossed!)

  13. Bobbi Duncan says

    Lovely tablescape, Susan! I know you’re having a wonderful time surrounded by you family. It was just Michael & I this year, but it was nice. We spent most of the day decorating for Christmas, and the house looks sooo festive…just love this time of year! Hugs!

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