Which Frame Do You Like Best with The Governor’s Party by Chuck Pinson?

Welcome to the 617th Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters!

I had planned to share some holiday decorating on the porch today, but I didn’t finish the decorating since I stopped to wash the swing covers. That’s an older photo below from a previous summer when I removed the covers for washing.


So instead of a decorated porch, how about looking at some framing options with me. The beautiful canvas giclee, The Governor’s Party by Chuck Pinson, that I purchased about a week ago, arrived this past Friday. On Saturday I stopped by my favorite local framery to choose a frame. They have a million frame samples from which to choose, or at least it seems like that when you’re trying to pick one! The two below were my favorites of the ones we tried.

The Governor's Party by Chuck Pinson, Choosing a Frame


Here’s a closer view of this one.


And here’s a closer view of this one. These pictures were taken with the natural light that was coming in through the double front doors not too far away.

Frame for The Governor's Party Painting


I ended up bringing home three samples, the two above and a brighter gold frame. This isn’t the greatest photo since it was taken in my dining room under the chandelier. The pictures above show the two top frames the best.


Again, not the greatest photo, but this is the one I’m leaning toward. In the photo below, I have the painting resting on the top of the headboard. Of course, it will hang much higher when it’s actually framed and in place.

The Governor's Party, Frame Choices


A slightly closer view… At first I was worried it might overwhelm the painting but the frame shop assured me that once the painting is framed and the painting is completely surrounded by the frame, it won’t feel/look that way.

Framing for The Governor's Party, Chuck Pinson


The reason I’m leaning toward this one is I thought the brown accent running around the inside of the frame worked pretty well with the bedposts and other mahogany furniture in the room. I also thought it worked pretty well with the brown of the trees, horses, etc… in the painting.

Frame for The Governor's Party Painting


I like gold frames but a mostly all gold frame or a frame with too much gold kinda feels like it takes away from the painting. That’s why I nixed the third option down below.


Again, here’s a view of the painting and the frame I’m leaning toward in the natural light coming through the doors of the frame shop. Which do you prefer of the choices I brought home? Do you think this one will work or should I look again?

Frame for The Governor's Party Painting


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. You picked my favorite. It looks like an antique frame and looks great with your furniture. It will be lovely!

  2. I think either of those choices would look great Susan, but I like your idea about referencing the mahogany in the room. It’ll be lovely hanging over that beautiful bed! Happy Porch Decorating in the meantime, and thanks as always for hosting this great party! 🙂

  3. I like the one you’re leaning towards except I wish the outside edge didn’t have so much gold. The inner part of the frame echoes the snow collecting on the tree branches. If the gold on the outer edge could be replaced with a more reddish/brown tone then it would pick up the bricks in the buildings and the light torch.

  4. Susan, I like the one you chose the best too. That was the one I would pick out of the original two and I do not like the third choice for this picture.

  5. I like the one one the left. It looks older like it goes with picture.

  6. Frances Mooney says

    Check the above web site for different frames with the picture. You can get a better idea for the finished framed artwork.

  7. I love the one you chose. It enhances the painting and does not distract in any way. Can’t wait to see it framed. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Carol Liebst says

    I would second the one you said you are leaning towards. Shown on the upper left of the pictures in the two photos taken in the frame shop, shown at top of the photo of the three frame samples, and also the one shown in the pic above the bed on the upper right corner of the picture. It is a clear winner in my mind. I like the more subtle gold in this one. The second frame shop choice is too busy in my mind – it sort of fights with the picture.

  9. Maryann Marshall says

    This is my favorite frame. Love the picture, I live in Williamsburg

  10. I agree with your choice. The other brighter one seems rather busy and I agree will detract from the painting. Whereas the one you’re leaning toward does indeed complement the woodwork in your bedroom. I’ve used a very similar if not exactly the same frame for a lot of pieces large and small. A gallery type light above might be nice.‍♀️

  11. Agree with your choice – the second one fights with the picture.

  12. I went to the page above and liked F17. I think the gold picks up the candlelight.

  13. Jill from Southern NH says

    Such a lovely painting, Susan! I agree with your choice – the brown/bronze is perfect as it picks up on the woods in the posts, etc in your painting and will complement the color of your bedposts. I like the one you’re leaning towards as the details of the raised flourishes inside the frame are more subtle and refined – the details on the other brown/bronze frame had more of a ‘chunky’ feel that might take away from the painting. So yes from me on your preferred choice!

  14. Definitely the one you chose. The hints of gold in the frame highlights the candlelight in the painting. And nothing says Williamsburg more than candlelight!

  15. well, my first question is are you going to put a mat around the picture? if so I think you’d want to pick out a color first before a frame. If not I truly think a darker frame would bring out the picture better sometimes a decor frame is what your eye would see first. But you know what, it’s your picture do what you want and what you want to live with.

  16. Mary Jo Bulawa says

    Love your choice- that would be mine as well. I thought the gold was a little overwhelming too! Can’t wait to see the end result!!

  17. Snowflake281 says

    I prefer the frame in the middle of the photo with all 3 of your choices. What I did notice in all three might be picky on my part and something that the framing people can’t do anything about is where the frame comes to meet at the 45 degree corner, the pattern of the frame doesn’t seem to flow correctly and, in my opinion, disrupts the look of the frame, kind of like when you see something made with a plaid pattern that is not sewn correctly and the pattern doesn’t match up. It makes the item look like there was no thought put into making it. Like I said, it may not be that way when it actually does get framed though since you are just looking at samples. Good luck!

  18. You have chosen the one I like best as well. In my opinion, an overly ornate, goopy gold or heavy frame is too ponderous looking. Williamsburg is about elegant simplicity. I always find it best to suit the frame to the picture first and foremost.

  19. I really think the ones you have picked out kind of overpower the picture. I would go with one more like FN4 on the page above, it gives a more subtle lighting effect along with blending more with you mahogany in the room already. The others are just to ornate for my taste. But you chose what you like afterall it is your room and you have to look at it all the time.

  20. I agree with your choice & look forward to seeing it hanging there.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Go with the one you’re leaning toward! I like it best!

  22. Susan, I immediately chose the exact frame you finally selected right off the start! Great minds…….Happy Holidays!

  23. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Yep, the one you are thinking of is the one I am loving. It is understated but still beefy and beautiful. The color goes well with the picture and with your room. I think that is the winner! Hugs, Brenda

  24. Terri Santiago says

    Susan, beautiful painting.
    I would choose one in upper right hand corner.

  25. My preference would be to choose a light-colored mat before choosing the frame. One of the lighter colors in the painting would give some relief between the darker colors of the painting and the dark frame.

  26. Sorry to say I like the one you don’t care for, the too much gold. I think the third one is beautiful and it is on the plain side and yet elegant. The others are gaudy to me. I’m sure it will look beautiful with whatever you choose.

  27. I like the one you picked I think it goes well with the wood on your bed. I like the idea of a mat also.

  28. Susan, your choice is the best one. Beautiful.

  29. Linda Page Gurganus says

    Of the three samples lined up, I prefer the top one but all are beautiful. That’s a great picture!

  30. Thanks for another great party Susan. I love the picture. My personal preference is for the frame in the middle. I like that it has a light color in the middle that will pull from all the whites on the canvas and your bedding and even the wall behind it. It lightens it up in my opinion and makes it pop otherwise I feel like all the darks are very heavy. This is just my preference and you honestly need to do what pleases your eye since you will be looking at it every day. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s all said & done. I’m also looking forward to seeing your porch. Happy Thanksgiving!

  31. Definitely the one in the last picture. With the darker boarder on the inside. I’m super picky with frames and to me, that is the best choice! Love it!

  32. Love the artwork and would choose same one you did and for same reasons.

  33. I like the frame on the right. I also love how you covered the swing chains!

  34. Franki Parde says

    Your first choice is “spot on!!” What a lovely addition to your bedroom!!! franki

  35. Good choice. Tying it into the other furniture works well.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  36. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, I agree w/ your choice of frame, and for all the same reasons. It will be beautiful. Hope you and the family will have a lovely Thanksgiving. I certainly count you among the many blessings in my life to be thankful for, dear friend. Hugs!

  37. I like the one you chose. Very pretty!

  38. Linda Sitton says

    I agree with your choice. The muted gold on the frame is a better choice than the shiny gold of the other frame option. Go For It!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  39. Of the 3 you showed. I would go with the one you were leaning towards or the bottom of the 3 lined up. The center one (or one on the right when you had one on the right corner) is too heavy and busy looking. A framing store once told me that the frame should draw your eye to the picture, not to the frame. I think you could even go with something slightly simpler to do that but I like something with a hint of gold as there is a lot of that in the picture. One mistake people can make is matching a frame to surroundings rather than to what highlights the picture the best. It will be lovely because you always have good tastes.

  40. Thanks so much for taking the time to host each week!! It is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  41. Hi Susan, I was leaning towards the one in the upper right corner — it seems less heavy, and the inner rim picks up the lines of bricks in the buildings.
    But you answered my next question: Which frame best matches the wood in your furniture? And that would be the decider for me. So I agree with your choice. Just beautiful!

  42. Virginia Lehmann says

    In my humble opinion, for what it’s worth, I agree with your first instinct in that these are a bit overwhelming for the picture. The picture is lovely and busy, and the larger heavy frame detracts from the picture. I like the idea of coordinating with the wood color, not matching, but a much simpler frame. Plus the larger heavy frames makes the picture look old and out of style, but maybe that is the look you are going for. Just my humble opinion.

  43. I think your choice is the one I like too. It’s perfect !
    Thank you for hosting.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Susan.

  44. I love your choice! I also love your picture! May I ask what size you purchased? I have a beautiful frame, large as your picture looks and I don’t like the painting that is in there now! I have no idea how to choose, which to buy! Any knowledge is more than mine! TY and also always for hosting!

  45. Hi. The heavy one reads very dark speaking to the dark parts of your room and painting.
    The second choice brings out the sparkle and light of the composition of the painting light which brings the painting to life. You could pay more by having a dark filet added by the framer to the bright frame, a narrow added inner layer of finished wood built by the framer.
    The flat dull finish of the first frame you are considering also does not support the Britney’s and vivacity of the composition.
    I used to work in a high end frame store but my remarks are imho. You have to live the end results. Maybe if the art is a print a bit of white could be left around the picture by the paper it’s printed upon. That would give a transition from lighter painting to dark frame and still highlighting the bright colors and sparkle of the brightest highlights of the composition of this iconic painting print. Trust your eye.

  46. What ever happened to your post of what happened at the emergency room visit in Ohio? I love to read your stories when something crazy happens (like your adventures in Egypt) even though this might not be funny. Did you post it already and I missed it?

  47. My honest opinion…. The one you are leaning to is my favorite and it’s gorgeous with your painting…. I’m not just saying this because it’s your favorite.
    The design looks antique and I love the darker color contrast.
    Two thumbs up!

  48. I was delighted to see you had picked the one I liked best! I’m sure the piece will look wonderful framed and hanging on the wall.

  49. The one you picked is the one I did pick
    I gave my daughter and granddaughter last year paintings that a good friend had painted and the frames on them were different but also similar to what you picked for your painting

    W Chester Ohio

  50. I think it should be matted and will this be hanging above the bed in the summer months?

    • Thanks, Ila…but I really don’t want matting for this picture, I do like matting on prints but I think since this feel more like a painting (since it’s a Giclee) I prefer to just have it framed. I do plan to leave it up all year. I don’t mind that it’s a Christmas scene, it’s just such a romantic beautiful scene, I love having it there fulltime.

  51. You’ve picked the perfect frame! Thanks for hosting a fun party.

  52. Yup, the top one in your picture of three. Enhances the painting without going over the top.

  53. I like the one you chose, Susan. And do you do the trick where you make a very small circle, peep hole you might say, with your hand and then look through it with one eye so as to only see the frame and small piece of the picture? Everything else is blocked out. This gives you a better idea of how the frame and pic will look together. Let me know if you do this. If not, you must try it.

  54. The painting is gorgeous. In my opinion, all those frames are too heavy for that painting. They are dark and heavy and detract from the picture. Colonial Williamsburg would not use Renaissance heavy frames I would not think. Just my thoughts.

  55. Linda Palmer says

    Of course I can’t tell the colors exactly from your photo, but in my opinion the outside edge of your first choice is too dull and the lines are more copper than “gold,” which distracts from the lights glowing in the picture. Also, with 3 stacked trim patterns, it is too busy for the picture. I prefer the middle one because it is a bit more narrow, less busy, and doesn’t detract from the glowing lights. It still picks up the tree and horse colors even if it’s not the exact same. Only you can see the frames in true color, and only you can choose the frame that feels right to you.

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