Whimsical Art For The Office

Greetings this fine March day! How is your weekend going?

Unfortunately, I’ve been super sick all week with what I was pretty sure was a sinus infection. Actually it’s been going on a couple of weeks but got a lot worse this week. When I started running a fever on Wednesday while creating a St. Patrick’s Day table setting for Tablescape Thursday, I finally decided it was time to go to the doctor. It had gotten to the point where I wanted to sleep 12-14 hours a day. How can a sinus infection make you that tired?!

I took me and my swollen lymph glands to the doctor on Thursday and she confirmed what I suspected. An antibiotic (Augmentin) was prescribed which I had filled and started taking that day. Today I was thinking how odd it is that I’m really not feeling a whole lot better. I’m still as exhausted as ever and still feel like I need to sleep all the time. Plus, my lymph glands are still huge and painful.

As I opened the bottle to take today’s dose of antibiotic, I reread the label again. Duh! I’m supposed to be taking it twice a day, once every 12 hours. I’ve only been taking it once a day. What a dummy! I think I need a keeper sometimes because clearly I’m unable to follow instructions.

Thankfully, I’ve just been taking it a couple of days. I’m sure I’ll be feeling much better by Monday since I will actually be taking the antibiotic as prescribed this weekend. There’s a novel idea! I hope to send out a newsletter tomorrow but if I don’t, I know you’ll understand.

In the meantime, since I was too sick to post yesterday, I thought I’d share the only thing that’s made me smile the last few days: the whimsical art of Charles WysockiAre you familiar with his work? I came across one of his prints years ago but had forgotten about it until recently. He’s known for painting a lot of wonderful Americana type scenes, especially paintings depicting the New England area.

It made me sad to discover he passed away in 2002. I have this knack for finding designers, artists, authors, etc… a few years after they have passed and it always leaves me feeling that I’ve missed out big time. Do you feel that way when you discover someone’s work and absolutely love it, but you find it posthumously?

I am totally smitten by his adorable and funny cat paintings. This one is titled, “Mabel, The Stowaway.” If you have a cat, you get this. It’s the first thing cats do when you get out a suitcase to pack for a trip. They promptly climb inside for a nap! πŸ™‚

Mabel The Stowaway by Charles Wysocki


This one is called, “Max in The Adirondacks.” (Hit Control (Ctrl) + a few times to enlarge it and look at all the detail. Hit Ctrl 0 (zero) when done.) He puts so much detail into each painting. There are so many clever things to see and read. I ordered 8 of his blank greeting cards on eBay and each time I look at them I see something new. This would be the perfect card for the fisherman/woman.



This is one of my favorites (like they all aren’t!) and it’s called, “All Burned Out.”

All Burned Out by Charles Wysocki


I knew I loved his greeting cards before I ordered them but I was so surprised when they arrived and I saw the absolutely adorable envelopes that come with the cards! This is how the front of all the envelopes look. Do you see the faint kitty image hidden on the front? Each envelope has the “All Burned Out” painting in the lower left corner…and there’s even a cute kitty stamp in the right corner up top.

Charles Wysocki Front of Envelope


Can you believe this is the back of the envelope?! I’m going to have to order extras because there’s no way I can bring myself to actually mail the ones I have. I want to keep them all!

Charles Wysocki Back of Envelope


Here’s one more for those of us who love gardening.

Remington The Horticulturalist by Charles Wysocki


Charles Wysocki probably painted thousands of wonderful paintings in his lifetime, here are just a few more. I think this one is called, “Take Out Window.” Looks like Mr. Moose is placing his order.

Take Out Window


This one is called, “Love.”



Here’s one of the many New England scenes he painted. This one is called, “Cape Cod Christmas.”

Cape Cod Christmas 1982


I found this wonderful print for $27 on eBay. It’s called, “Classic Tails.” The books all have cute names like, A Few Good Mice, The Kitten Within, The Great Catsby, etc



I took it to be framed and it will go here in the office once it’s ready. It should fit nicely in the corner where I currently have a picture and a clock. I’ll move the picture elsewhere but the clock will probably stay.

Office Library


The clock is one of those silly bird clocks that plays a real bird singing at the top of each hour. My sister gave it to me because she knew how much I love birds, so it reminds me of her.

It’s pretty funny when it goes off and I’m talking to someone on the phone. The volume of the bird call automatically adjusts according to how much light it senses in the room so it’s very quite at night. But it can be super loud during the day when the sun is pouring in through the windows. No telling what folks think when I’m on the phone and they suddenly hear an owl at high noon hooting away at the top of his little owl lungs. πŸ™‚

The print is the perfect size for this spot and I think it will look cute alongside the office bookcases. I found the best frame for it. It’s kind of antique looking, like the bookshelves in the print itself. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it with my cell phone.

Do you have any of Charles Wysocki’s art in your home? You’ll find his online store (run by his family) here: Charles Wysocki

Office Art


Okay, I think I’m going back to bed for a bit. Stay healthy out there and I’ll see you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I love his work…I used to have his Cape Cod Christmas as a puzzle. It was fun to do!

  2. ooops….Sorry…meant to way I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Edith Bice says

    I love the works by Charles Wysocki, especially the cat subjects. Used to buy his cat calendar every year. Not sure why I haven’t done that the last few years. Will look for one. They always make me smile. Hope you have a speedy recovery! You need to be well before the pollen count in Atlanta hits a zillion…haha! I don’t miss that about Atlanta!

  4. Joyce Fowler says

    Sorry for your illness, have had something like this too and not getting much done either. It will be Spring someday. Anyway noticed in your office you have the same little wreaths I have. Do I need to spray them with water to keep them fresh? Love them and want them to stay looking good. I have also had a puzzle by this artist and it was fun to do because of all his detail. Love your blog and all the ideas about lots of different things.

    • Thanks, Joyce! Hope you feel better soon! I did spray the wreaths one time but they ran green dye pretty badly. So I asked the owner of the shop where I purchased them online (Bella Marie) about it. She told me that she never sprays the ones she uses in her own home and they have done well. Of course, they won’t last forever, but she said they have lasted a long time. So I quit spraying mine. If you do mist yours, do it on a surface that won’t be ruined by the green dye, in case it runs. Oh, another reason I quit spraying mine was I was worried they would start molding. So, it’s a personal choice I guess, but I decided to not spray mine.

  5. Diane Westbrook says

    Oh, I hope that you will be back to good health soon! I spend some time each year with my Brother and Sister-in-law. They have many Wysocki prints and puzzles, as well. Love to do the puzzles! One can look at the prints or puzzles for a long time and see something different each time. Have not seen the cat art, nor did I know about the blank cards…time to seek those out!

    • Diane, his puzzles look like so much fun. I would love to see your bil and sil’s Wysocki art collection. I ordered one on Amazon last night. Don’t know when I’ll find the time to do it but I couldn’t resist trying one. I haven’t worked on a puzzle in years!

  6. Thanks for introducing me to Mr. Wysocki.

    Hope you are well soon. I have been under-the-weather too. I always feel like it is time I won’t get back.

    • I know…I have forced myself to do some things around here, but I was afraid to do anything of importance since I obviously haven’t been thinking clearly. I hate being sick…slows me down! Hope you feel better Madonna!

  7. Linda S. in NE says

    Ahhhh, I’m sorry you are not feeling well. Your comment about perhaps needing a “keeper” was not lost on me. Many a day!! I have really enjoyed seeing the Wysocki prints in today’s post. Just like you, I admired his work years ago, and then it kind of got pushed to the background when I discovered the art of Stephan Lyman. I wondered how your new print would look hung on one of the vertical dividers on your bookcase in your office? Believe me, there is no decorator here, I’m just thinking out loud.

    • I love that idea but I think it may be too wide. After it’s framed, it will be 21 1/2 wide…and probably pretty heavy. I love seeing pictures hung on shelving that way, though! I’ll have to check Stephan Lyman! Thanks, Linda!

  8. So sorry to hear you are ill. We never would have guessed it from your cheerful postings. Augmentin is one of those antibiotics that can be hard on your GI tract. Make sure to eat lots of yogurt and/or take a probiotic.

    What is it about cats and suitcases!?! I had seen some of this artwork before but did not know the artist. Makes me a little sad too to hear of his passing, but what a wonderful gift he left for all of us. Feel better SOON!

    • Thanks, Roxanne. I usually take a probiotic each day but I’ve increased it to two while I’m on this antibiotic. I know…cats are so funny. I think they just like to get inside anything, even if it’s way too small for them. I hope his artwork lives on forever because it really touches the heart.

  9. lenda davis says

    Get well soon, know it s a drag. Love all your info and such.

  10. If you are reading this, then you are not resting. Walk away from the computer–posts and email can wait. Pamper yourself.

  11. For many years my sister has gifted me with one of his beautiful calendars each Christmas. It hangs on my fridge as a revolving piece of art and we all enjoy it. His work was magical and evokes a feeling of being an intimate observer of the eras and scenes his work depicts.

  12. Pat Francoforte says

    Hope you are feeling much better soon! I have loved Charles Wysocki for years. I always bought his calendar and framed the holiday prints…Christmas, Halloween, etc. A friend used to decoupage them on wood for wall hangings, selling them at craft shows. I no longer have any, but still love his work. As an immigrant he loved America, so very often you will find an American flag in each picture!

  13. Hi Susan, I also hope u are feeling better soon. I am very lucky to have one of the 12 signed and numbered different prints in his Christmas series, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. I wish there was a way to attach and share a picture because the framing is fabulous, very vintage like. We display it December through February. I had always hoped to have one for each season – one can dream!

  14. I feel your pain Susan. I had the mother of all sinus infections about a month ago. In addition to the antibiotic I FINALLY was able to get from the doc, an over the counter nasal inhaler from Walgreens helped open my head up so I could actually breath through my nose. I hope you are feeling well by Monday. As for the goof up with the meds I’ve done the same thing in the past. It actually scares me a bit when I have those duh moments – what will tomorrow bring? I love the art of Charles Wysocki and did one of his puzzles at Christmas. How could you not love a picture with a kitty named Max in it? Fix yourself a mug of hot tea with lemon and honey and take it easy. Vikki in Va

    • Sorry you were sick too…amazing how many folks get these awful sinus infections. I know, I noticed that kitty was named Max…I sure miss my Max.

  15. I grew up and bought all his calenders every year! I am likely much older than your “posters”, but the cat art is the best! I still own an address book with all those memorable cat illustrations. I met him and had a calender signed by him at some event…what a lovely man! Who knows where that calender is!?! Darn…never really thought a new generation would be appreciating him now…but he is a classic artiste, non? I know as I am a retired graphic designer and dreamed of being such a great well known artist. Love your site!!

  16. PS just a thought for you as I have been what you are going thru…use a netti pot salt wash, I use a squeeze bottle…also have you seen an ENT? Also, if you are stuffy jump on a rebounder…

  17. Elaine in Laguna says

    Hi Susan, I love Charles Wysocki! He’s a Southern Californian by way of Michigan. I had his calendars for years. Also a few puzzles. Thank you for highlighting him today. I will put a reminder in my office about him for 2016. Am I the the only one who thinks it’s funny you’re hanging the cat print next to your birds? Haha. Hope you feel better very soon! Stay curled up in your beautiful tartan bed with some nice tea!

    • Elaine, I thought about that, too…the birdie clock just above it. I think Charles Wysocki would have approved since he included some birds in the print itself. πŸ™‚

  18. Hope u feel better. My whole family had it-ugh. Worst was my daughter-in-law. They were travelling to their next army base..4 days in the car with the fever and cough (as well as 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats). Sort of a Noah’s arc on wheels.

    • That would have been tough…stuck in a car all that time. I hope everybody is much better now! So cute…Noah’s Arc on wheels. πŸ™‚

  19. I truly enjoyed this post. I happened upon Charles Wysocki’s work in the early 1970s. My uncle worked for Shell Oil then, and he got calendars through them and gave them as gifts. I loved Wysocki’s primitive style then. It looked like the houses and hills were stacked on top of one another. Perspective was very different, but quite charming. I followed his works throughout the years. Someone always got me his calendar for Christmas. I purchased a couple of books about him, and we started doing puzzles of his designs.

    Wysocki’s painting morphed into a bit more realistic style over the years but still maintained its charm. The cat pictures reminded me of a favorite puzzle I did of a cat laying in the middle of a sewing table with an old Singer sewing machine, thread and whatnot strewn all over the place. My husband framed that one for me. Looked great in my sewing area.

    Get better!

    • I read something about the Shell Oil calendars last night. That’s neat that you actually got to see those! I think one of the cards I purchased is like the sewing kitty puzzle you did. I’ll see if I can add the image to this comment. The card is called Maggie The Messmaker. Maggie the Messmaker

  20. Susan, I’m sorry you are still feeling bad. Sounds like you need total rest.
    I love Wysocki’s work. He is new to me, so thanks for the introduction. I’m going to order a set or two of the cards. They are adorable!
    Do you know the New England artist, Ralph Calhoun? His work features mermaids. If I had a home on the coast, I’d add some of his paintings. Well, copies. I priced his originals when on Nantucket. Not in our budget. ‘-)
    Get better soon……….Sarah

    • No, but I’m going to look him up. I’m so glad I did this post because I’m learning about some wonderful new artist. Thanks, Sarah!

  21. Dear Susan, Hope you are feeling better. Augmentin is a good antibiotic, but it can aggravate your tummy. If you are coughing try
    Vick’ s on your feet with thick socks at bedtime. It works! I enjoyed all of the Charles Wysocki prints. I once had a calender of his with quilts in it; i.e., hanging on front porch walls and clotheslines, draped across swings and rockers. I especially love that he always included the good old Stars and Stripes in his paintings of villages and towns. I think I will look for one of his puzzles. I love working on puzzles in the evenings, but have not done one in a few years. Rest and take care. Ashley

  22. Susan, so sorry to hear you are so sick. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. You really need to listen to your body and rest! Also try the netti pot. I went through this virus a couple of months ago. I absolutely adore the cat cards, have seen his work before. Must go and check out the site.

  23. Hope you will be feeling much better soon Susan…Hope you will listen to your body and rest as much as you can!….Charles Wysocki…an artist that I have admired for many years…I used to get his fabulous calendars every year…love his whimsical art….I did not know that he had passed away…such a great talent….

  24. Hi Susan,
    Hope you are feeling better and those meds are kicking in. I am the proud owner of Maggie the Mess Maker signed by Charles Wysocki….we were lucky enough to visit his gallery in Lake Arrowhead Ca. And met he and his wife very nice couple and a cute gallery wanted to buy everything. Also met him at the Nixon Library they were giving away pictures and he was signing them.
    I was so sad when he died have loved his work for years. Love the detail and in the Maggie the Mess Maker there is a golden retreaver under the sewing table so cute. Take care Susan, love ur blog!

  25. I’ve always loved his work, used to get the calendars and have many of his puzzles. Love every bitty detail…….in the ‘fishing’ pic there is a soda can that says…..’dialaworm’ , what wit!!! There’s a children’s book, think its ‘The Eleventh Hour’, forgot the author……..anyway, there is so much detail in each picture, when you look again there is always something new to see!!! It’s a mystery book.

    Now, girl, you need to be in bed and really resting. Try Zicam, it clears your sinus so you can breathe. I also hang my head over steaming water with a towel over my head to make a tent……and breathe in all that vapor, nose will start running big time!!! Get better!!!

    • I hadn’t realized it until you mentioned it but it looks like when I scanned in the pictures, my scanner partially cut off the bottom of each picture. I just rescanned and replaced the fishing pic and now you can see the can a bit better. Apparently, it’s some kind of can for holding worms and when you crank the handle, it makes a worm come out. lol It says on the side of the can, “Just half a turn and there’s your worm.” Check out the photo again, you can see it better now. I’m glad you mentioned it…didn’t realize it had cut off the lower half of the picture.
      Thanks, Cleo…I actually can breathe okay, it’s just the exhaustion that’s been getting to me. I know that will get better in a day or two.

  26. This has to be one of my favorite posts of yours because I’m a big fan of Mr. Wysocki’s art. I fell in love with it years ago when I first saw the cat on the bookshelf piece. Always hate to mail out one of my note cards . . . haha. Coincidentally, I also have a bird clock! Get well soon.

  27. Linda Page says

    I used to buy his greeting cards and calendars but haven’t in a long time. Thanks for reminding me of his wonderful work. Headed to St. Francisville on Thursday and a tour of Greenwood Plantation. I wonder if Rick Barnes will be there to provide the guided tour again??? Wouldn’t that be great!!

  28. crumpety cottage says

    Aww, Susan, I hope you’re feeling better soon. I know it’s got to be hard on a ball of energy like you to be laid up so many hours each day.

    I have loved Charles Wysocki’s work since I discovered him decades ago. It’s right up my alley, as they say. However, I did learn something new from you today — I have only seen his town scapes, never these whimsical animal themed pictures. I love that he was a cat lover. πŸ˜€ And that one with the moose at the light house is so cute! What a great talent. Like Norman Rockwell, he seemed to take the essence of what was there, and make it better.

    I can relate to your need to ‘buy’ more of his greeting cards (I’ll be doing that as well. πŸ˜‰ ) Because I have a stash (a rather large box, actually) of cards by Susan Branch and Mary Englebreit stationary and cards that I can’t seem to part with, lol. I’ve had it for years and it goes against all of my personal “rules to live by” regarding clutter. πŸ˜€ I can’t possibly define it as clutter though, as it’s all so beautiful AND useful. The fact that I bought these items to give as gifts and then couldn’t part with them can’t be helped.

    And discovering someone posthumously — yes, I discovered a comedian who I thought was so quirky and likeable and funny, only to find he had passed away several years prior. πŸ™ Some lights shine brightly, but briefly.

    • He must have been a kitty lover because he definitely catches their personality and antics. lol Mine used to wedge themselves into the strangest sleeping spots…the more crowded, the better.
      I know, the greeting cards are like little pieces of art…hard to part with!

  29. Good morning Susan, I hope you are feeling better today. I do love Charles Wysocki and have framed pictures from his calendars for the seasons. So much detail. I’m going out to look for more prints. You have shown a few I don’t recognize. Love your bookcases! and look forward to all of your posts. Thanks for writing! Anne

  30. Hi Susan,
    I am so sorry to hear you have a sinus infection. I can relate since I had a severe one myself which resulted in many trips to an ENT doctor. It wasn’t until a good friend suggested taking Mucinex that the inflammation in the sinus went away. I hope your antibiotic is doing the trick. I love the cat prints, especially the fisherman, gardening and sewing. So much beautiful detail. Thank you for sharing it at a time you are not feeling so well. Take good care of yourself, have some tea and surround yourself with things you love to make yourself feel better. Get well quick.

    • Thanks, Marsha! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through this, too! I’m a huge fan of Muscinex D because it actually saved me from sinus surgery! In the past I had sinus infections almost constantly, antibiotics would never totally get rid of it. That went on for a couple of years until my primary care doctor recommended me to an ENT who wanted to do surgery. I refused, it sounded horrible! Then my primary care doctor told me about Mucinex D. I started taking it as soon as I thought a sinus infection was coming on and it worked…I didn’t get a sinus infection for like a year which was good for me. So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few years, taking 1 Mucinex D (the dosage is two but usually one works) anytime I felt like I was headed toward another sinus infection. I don’t know why, but this time it didn’t work. Maybe I waited too late. I feel so much better today, so I think the antibiotic is working.

      I was listening to a book last night about hypothyroidism (which I’ve had since my late 30’s) and it said that one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is frequent sinus infections. I hadn’t realized that. Ironically, on my last doctor’s visit to my endocrinologist about two weeks ago, he said my blood work showed I had slipped back into the hypo range and he increased my thyroid Rx (Synthyroid) so maybe that’s why I got this stupid sinus infection. I sing the praises of Mucinex D to everyone I know! It saved me from having sinus surgery which never seems to work for very long, anyway. I have several friends who have had it and still get sinus infections. Mucinex D is the only thing that seems to keep me from getting 3-4 sinus infections a year. Sorry if this is TMI! πŸ™‚

      • Hi Susan,
        Yup, surgery was recommended too. I always try to go a natural route first. If that doesn’t work, I then use the prescribed medicine. The surgery seemed to be too severe without trying my friend’s recommendation of using Mucinex D. (Although doctor’s do not want to prescribed a decongestant if there is high blood pressure.) I am so happy I listened to her first. For me, my sinus infections were attributed to my seasonal, pet and environmental allergies. Since our pets have passed away and we relocated, my infections have lessened. I just felt awful trying to talk to students while being entirely stuffy. I really hope with your medicine adjustment, antibiotics and the trusted Mucinex D, it will clear this all up in a day or too. It is way too long to feel sick with a sinus infection. I sympathize with you and really wish I could do more to help. Would a neti pot with distilled or sterile water help? If you don’t know what it is, check on webmd at http://www.webmd.com/allergies/sinus-pain-pressure-11/neti-pots?page=1. Feel better soon……

        • Neti pots kinda scare me. I tried to use one, one time and oh my gosh…the pain was horrendous. I felt like I was having a stroke or something. It was like that intense pain you get when you sip too much of an icy drink too fast, only 10 times worse…and it took about a full minute to go away. Intense pain! I was really afraid I was having a brain aneurysm, it hurt so badly. So ever since then, I’ve been afraid to use one. I know they help a lot of folks, though. I wish I knew what caused my sinus infections. I think some of it may be food allergy related because as I’ve gotten older, I can’t eat certain foods with having strange reactions. It’s crazy the stuff that you become allergic to as you get older. I also run a heater under my desk in the winter and I think that may be causing issues. So guess I won’t do that anymore, just in case. I found an article online the other night that listed like 20 things that can cause sinus infections from viruses to overly dry air to allergies to hypothyroidism…and a bunch more. I’m glad yours has improved since you moved. Georgia is one of the worse states to live in when you have allergies.

          • You are right, Susan, the saline or nasal salt can be painful. Could you post where you found the article about what can contribute or cause sinus infections? If I knew some of the causes, it may aid in prevention. Take good care of yourself, Susan. I hope to hear you are back to full health soon.

            • Sure! They list 13 causes. Just click on each picture to read about each one: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/thumbnails/0,,20472158,00.html
              I was just sick recently with a viruse so maybe that’s what caused mine this time. I’m also suspicious that running a heater under my desk is not good since dry air is listed as one cause. I just ordered an electric throw on Amazon to put over my lap so I can stop using the heater on my always cold feet.
              Here’s another good article: http://www.webmd.com/allergies/sinusitis-and-sinus-infection

              • Thank you Susan. I read the articles. I knew some of the causes from my previous reading, but did not know that fungi could cause sinus infections. The WebMD article is informative too. Thank you for sharing it with me. I hope you are feeling better today. Take good care. —–Marsha

  31. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Another big Wysocki fan here! This print, Supper Call, hangs in my entry hall during the autumn months: http://www.fine-art.com/members/34587/images/File8351462621.JPG

    Get well, you hear?

    • Oh, that is beautiful! I love it!!! Charles Wysocki was an amazing man to dream up such beautiful scenes! What a big heart he must have had!
      I will, I feel soooo much better today, almost totally normal. Amazing how well an antibiotic works when you take it as you’re supposed to! πŸ™‚

  32. When I lived in Ohio, Charles Wysocki came to a local frame shop to sign prints of his artwork. He brought some of his original oil paintings which were on easels throughout the store. If you pre-bought a print you could wait in line for Charles to personally sign it. His prints were not cheap and my husband and I saved to buy one and get it signed.

    There was a mother and grandmother with a young child waiting in line ahead of us. The child was out of control and had a melt down. He knocked over one of the originals and in the chaos that ensued, Charles said he would not continue with the meet and sign. He was too upset. So, everyone was told to leave.

    He ended up signing the prints before he left town and came back for a couple years after that for print signing. We have 5 Wysocki prints and 1. Artists Proof. Three prints are signed.

    • I wonder if the original got damaged? It would be painful to see something you worked weeks or months on get damaged or possibly ruined. Obviously the mom should have taken the child outside until he/she could calm down. Maybe she was afraid of losing her place in line. Glad you got your print signed, Pam! What an experience that must have been!

  33. rattlebridge farm says

    Hope you feel better soon. A few winters ago, I had the same thing, and it took 2 Z-paks and Medrol dose packs to get back to normal. I consumed menthol cough drops by the pound and drank gallons of hot tea with honey/lemon. I can identify having a caretaker. Since my accident, Bandwidth writes down when I take Tylenol and when I give insulin to Zap. When I’m down for the count, memory fails and I’m not to be trusted!

    • Michael, if it makes you feel any better, today I went to the refrigerator to get a boiled egg out for breakfast. I had just bought a package of them the day before at Publix. I couldn’t find them in the refrigerator and had a bad feeling that I’d left one of grocery bags in the car…but I thought I had brought them all in. When I couldn’t find them, I happened to think to look in the freezer and there they were. Of course, you’re not supposed to freeze them. They looked sooo strange inside the package, freezing them made the white part see-through…and you could see the yolk inside. So weird. So, I’m definitely not thinking right when I’m sick! I need to slow down and think about what I’m doing! I hope you are feeling much better now! Don’t push yourself!

  34. Hi, Susan,
    Totally enjoyed your post today (except to hear you were under the weather!). I love the art of Charles Wysocki and it was a treat to see so many of his pieces today. His work is sure to put a smile on one’s face: a great way to start the morning. Thank you for sharing (can’t wait to see the print you ordered: you’ve found a perfect spot for it!). Please take care of yourself. Rosie

  35. I am one of his biggest fans. I HAD TO HAVE his calender for years and then I would frame some of my favorite pictures in the calendar. I still have some of his old calendars that I can’t part with.

  36. Feel better soon, Susan. Sending good vibes your way.
    About the clock – have you tried placing a tiny square of painter’s tape on the light sensor?

  37. Not a cat fan, but love Charles Wysocki’s work. I’ve done many of his jig saw puzzles.

  38. I too love and admire his work as IMO he was a master of detail. -Brenda-
    P.S: Hope you feel better real soon, Susan. I had similar last Spring triggered by allergies and it lasted for about ten weeks. (The coughing spasms I had at night were ridiculous.) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again as those two and half months were a blur and our seasons are short as it is. ☺

  39. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I would have written sooner but we were out of town for a few days. I am sorry you’ve been so under the weather, but hope today finds you much improved. My oldest son has sinus issues quite often. When he visited last month he told me he has been using a saline injectable device that forces the saline into the sinus cavities far better than a netti-pot. They are available at most drug stores, but just be sure to use distilled water as tap water has bacteria that can actually cause a severe sinus infection. I know what a hard worker you are, and will overdo even when sick, but we can just wait for your posts when you are better. PLEASE take care of Susan because it’s awful feeling sick and lethargic. Sending healing wishes out into the universe for you, sweetie. I love the art works of C. Wysocki! I’ve done some puzzles, had some note cards, and many calendars throughout the years, but no prints as yet. His work could be so detailed–he had an amazing eye. It is unfortunate that he, along with Linda Nelson Stocks– another artist I love–are no longer with us, but they both left behind such a legacy that will endure forever. Your kitty print is too cute and will go together, comically, with the birdie clock. Hugs!

  40. We used to do a Wysocki puzzle every Christmas, just left it out on a table and whoever stopped by would put a few pieces in. I also have that black cat picture you have hanging on your wall, its over our fireplace!

  41. Hi Susan,

    Hope you feel better soon. This season has been a bad one for my sinuses! Must be something in the air.

    My mother has always loved Charles Wysocki’s paintings. Maybe because she’s always been a big Grandma Moses fan, and they paint about similar topics? We had his calendars for several years, and I seem to remember a coffee table book, too.

    Feel better soon!!

  42. Judith Ann says

    Poor you, Susan. I hope you feel better soon. What a winter it has been; it snowed here again on Cape Cod last night, so our world once again looks like Mr. Wysocki’s “Christmas on Cape Cod” you showed above!

    If you ever come to Cape Cod, please visit the Cahoon Museum located in the historic 1775 Crocker Homestead near my little house — I think you may like the work of primitive artists Ralph and Martha Cahoon who lived there for many years, supporting themselves as decorative furniture artisans. Later, Ralph began to paint meticulously detailed Cape Cod scenes with sometimes saucy mermaids and sailors. Here’s a link to some of Ralph’s art — I have a print of “Bon Appetite” in my kitchen, with mermaids making Thanksgiving dinner (note the granny mermaid in pearls): http://www.cahoonmuseum.org/ralph-cahoon.paintings.php

    From the museum website, “… Ralph’s polished style was all but synonymous with mermaids. Typically, his scenes had New England seaside settings, often with a lighthouse on a spit on the horizon, a clipper ship out on the water and a hot-air balloon or two in the sky. His slightly raunchy wit won many enthusiasts. Using a somewhat more muted palette and a gentle playfulness, Martha charmed her admirers with nostalgic country scenes and pictures of shorebirds in their natural habitat. During the Sixties and Seventies, the Cahoons’ work was collected by such notables as Jacqueline Kennedy (who drove over to their studio from the Summer White House in Hyannis Port), Jean Kennedy Smith, Maxim Karolik, Marjorie Merriweather Post, Lily Pulitzer, Joan Fontaine, and several members of the Mellon and duPont families.”

    Hope you find this of interest–come visit soon!

  43. Sandy Young says

    I only work on Charles Wysocki puzzles, yes, I am a puzzle snob. I just love his work. My brother and sister-in-law met him when they were back East and they said he was very nice and didn’t act put out when they were gushing over him. I never thought to look online at his art work so thank you for suggesting that. I collect moose so I am going in search of “Take-out window.” Hope you get to feeling better.

  44. Hey, hope you’re feeling better! (and rested)

    I love Charles Wysocki, my mom collected some of his work in the 70’s. But I never knew he painted cats because those were not a subject my primitive-loving, Americana decorating mom would have had. I discovered those only when he passed away and they were featured in the memorials. “Root Beer Break” is probably one of my favorites.

    • I love Root Beer Break, too! Wonder why he named it that? Maybe all the kites are temporarily parked for a root beer break inside. πŸ™‚ I think I saw that one in a puzzle when I was looking at all his puzzles.

  45. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh Susan, I hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this. I hate sinus infections – seems to be a lot of them going around now. I also hate taking any sulfur antibiotics, they’re so strong. Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery!

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