Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Welcome to the 338th Tablescape Thursday!

Hard to believe St. Patrick’s Day is next Tuesday; this month is zooming by. It really feels like spring here now with the daffodils and redbud trees all blooming. Since the temps were in the upper 60’s here yesterday, I spent some time on the porch putting together a little St. Patrick’s Day table setting with dishes I’ve collected over the years.

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting


The only thing new in this table are the napkins which are actually little hand towels from the dollar store.

St. Patrick's Day Table


If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, I know you recognize this silly guy. I try to sneak him into a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape at least once a year.

Shamrock Dishes and Plates for St. Patrick's Day


The bowls and plates are by Mesa Home Products and were found in HomeGoods several years ago. Flatware was purchased on eBay a year or two ago. This is the first time I’ve used it in a St. Patrick’s Day table setting.

St. Patrick's Day China


I think the only other time I’ve used it was in this beach themed tablescape where I included a salad fork from another flatware pattern since it didn’t come with one. The striped teaspoons are really big, more like a tablespoon or soup spoon. (Beach themed table can be viewed here: Beach Themed Tablescape)

Beach Tablescape in Green & Blue


I was doing a little reading about leprechauns this morning. They are described as diminutive faeries who are shoemakers known to hide their profits in pots at the end of rainbows or may sometimes scatter them around in mountains, forests or rocks. Apparently, in Irish folklore they originally wore red. After green began to be associated with everything Irish in the 20th century, they began appearing dressed in green.

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Decoration


Looks like our leprechaun (who badly needs a name–why haven’t I named him before now?) has brought us lots of pretty treasure.

St. Patrick's Day Decorations


St. Patrick's Day Tablescape Table Setting


Recently I decorated the porch hutch in a nautical theme as seen in this post: Porch Hutch Gets a Summer Makeover

Porch Hutch Decorated with Nautical Theme Plates


I gave it another little makeover for St. Patrick’s Day using other St. Paddy’s Day dishes I already had but didn’t use in this week’s tablescape.

St. Patrick's Day Hutch Decorations


I love the sweet little blooms on this flowering shamrock.

Shamrock For St. Patrick's Day


The plates are also by Mesa Home Products. I’ve had them for many years, I think I originally found them in HomeGoods. I wonder if HomeGoods had them in this year, I haven’t been there in a while. If not, best place to find them now would probably be Replacements.com or eBay.

St. Patrick's Day Plates


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Shamrock and a 4-leaf clover? Though I look this up almost every year, I’ve usually forgotten again when St. Patrick’s Day comes around. So I looked it up again today and here’s what I learned: A shamrock is a clover, but with three leaves instead of four.

Gradually over the years, the 4-leaf clover, which is considered to be lucky, has started being associated with St. Patrick’s Day, although technically the shamrock (which St. Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity) is a national symbol of Ireland. You’ll find additional information about it in THIS article.

So, technically those are 4-leaf clovers on the plates, not shamrocks, if we’re being really picky about it. I guess that just means we have lots of good luck coming our way! 🙂

St. Patrick's Day Dishware


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Table


Need a 4-leaf clover napkin fold for your St. Patrick’s Day table? You’ll find a tutorial for making this one here: 4-Leaf Clover Napkin Fold for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting with 4-Leaf Clover Napkin Fold


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Susan, I love the idea of St. Pat’s on the porch. You have certainly gotten into the spirit of the day. Love all of the shamrock pieces. Thanks for hosting!!

  2. Hi Susan, thank you for hosting!! I love the Shamrock dishes! Your napkins are cute…I bought these at my dollar store, but (boring) used them in the kitchen! Have a super weekend and enjoy your beautiful weather. We still have snow on the ground in Ohio. Hugs – Christine

  3. Hi Susan-ADORABLE table!! What about Liam for your leprechaun? A little alliteration maybe? We are still under MOUNDS of snow, so hearing about daffodils makes me think maybe we’ll have some up here in NY at some point soon. Here’s hoping. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

  4. Lanita Anderson says

    Hey Susan,
    I LOVE your St. Patrick’s Day tablescape and hutch! The shamrock (or clover) dishes are my favorite…..both the green shaped ones and the plates/bowls with the design! Thanks for sharing – always love your tablescapes!
    Blessings to you,

  5. Wonderful St. Patrick’s Day tablescape! Thank you.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. You are such an expert at carrying out a theme! It is such fun to party with you each week and thanks for hosting.

  7. Hi Susan, hats off to you for the adorable St. Patrick’s table. I love the centerpiece fellow, so handsome in his green and all the bits and bobs in the plate. Pretty stems and love the green flatware. The porch looks so pretty!
    Thanks for hosting………..

  8. Love the combination of polka dots and stripes in your flatware for your festive St. Paddy’s Day table Susan! I’m always green with envy over your cute hutch and decorating fun on your porch 🙂 ♣

  9. Susan, I’m going to have to shop for some Irish china! I don’t have any, and you have so many wonderful patterns. I also really like your flatware. Makes me tempted to go looking around Ebay. I avoid Ebay, because I’m afraid I could get very carried away and buy a lot, which would be bad for my finances, but I’d also have a problem finding a place to store anything else. Great idea to use the towels as napkins. Thanks for the TT.

  10. kellywilliams2012 says

    I love seeing all your table settings and often wonder just how many sets of dishes you have! How in the world do you store all of them? I love dishes, but only have 4 sets: our cheap Walmart everyday dishes (which I actually love because they are simple white plate with a blue stripe on the edge); our wedding china (which I hate and never use – wish I had been more thoughtful about picking the pattern!); a large set of clear crystal plates (that I *think* I bought for an elegant party about 20 years ago); and a very nice Christmas set that tells the story of the Night Before Christmas (which I love so much I want to start using them at Thanksgiving!) I’ve thought about selling the wedding china because it just takes up space and it is Noritake. I’m not a pastel person and don’t know what I was thinking to buy a pale pink and blue set with a silver edging – so not my style! I guess it was just a very 1990’s thing to do. However, my daughter is a blue-eyed blond and those are her colors, so I’ll probably hold on to them for her.

    • I’m not sure since I’ve been collecting them for 35 years. Mostly I purchase salad plates since you can create a whole new setting with different salad plates. Kelly, you can see where I store my dishware in these two posts:
      Yeah, I wouldn’t choose the same pattern today that I chose when I was getting married…funny how what we like changes over the years. 🙂

      • kellywilliams2012 says

        Thanks for the links! I read both of them and you have even more dishes than I would have thought! How fun for you to be able to mix and match and come up with new ideas! It’s also funny how close your Noritake, Colburn dishes look like my wedding dishes. We both have Noritake, but mine are Rothschild. The main difference between the two is that mine has some pink in it. I’d be curious to know how close to 1990 you picked yours? I called Replacements.com today to see if they were interested in buying my Rothschild and they have so much in stock, they aren’t taking any more of it. They are selling one covered dish (which I have) for $250! I could make a killing if I could find someone who wanted it. I have 12 like-new place settings, plus much of the service dishes, etc.

  11. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful St. Patty’s Day table. Such a great leprechun. How about naming him Angus McPhee. Just kidding! Thanks for the pretty tablescapes.

  12. Hi Susan, When I see four leaved clovers I start humming the song “I’m looking over, a four leaf clover, that I’ve overlooked before, Plenty of sunshine and plenty of rain, and …” and then I don’t know the rest of the words! Your dishes are perfect for the season, three or four leaves, and they look great in the hutch! Linda

  13. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Love all of the cheery green! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Cute table Susan. I have yet to find some dishes with shamrocks that are reasonable. I wish I had a Home Goods store close by. One of these days I’ll find some! I like your leprechaun. Most of the ones I find are just little 3″ figurines. I especially like the cheerful flatware you used- it adds a nice whimsical touch! The hutch looks cute all made over.

  15. Love your table, Susan, it’s like the morning Spring, as the song goes! Yes, the clover plates are from HG, or TJMaxx is where I got mine. I haven’t seen them lately. I just have 4 dinners, salads, and a platter though. Love how your hutch looks decorated for one of my favorite holidays! My family will be marching with one of the Counties Tues. in NYC.

    As for the shamrock controversy, it is a religious difference. As a Catholic, we believe the 3 leaves represent the Trinity as you said. Now the Leprechaun is another story. When the Irish immigrants were shunned here in NY, there were many political cartoons using a leprechaun to mock the Irish. Times have changed, so it no longer is a derogatory term .

    I remember many stories my relatives told about how they were treated. My uncle, who was born in NY attended Catholic Grade School. When he and his classmates went to register in the local Public High School they were chased away and not permitted to register. They had to get a Police man, (probably Irish, lol) to escort them to the school and make the Principal register them. This was around 1915. Imagine, not allowing them in, and they were BORN here?
    Thanks for hosting!

  16. Hi Susan, thanks for hosting Tablescapes. I enjoy it soooo much and look forward to seeing your wonderfully decorated tables. This one is no exception. I think you should name your leprechaun “Money Bags”. he he

  17. Love this fun Tablescape! Sooo cute. Thank you for hosting and sharing!

  18. Now, who doesn’t love the Dollar Store!!! Great napkins and love the mix with the silverware. The stemware is such a pretty shade of green, everything is so springy and cheery!!! xoxo

  19. Susan your table is so cute!! 😀 I LOVE your new flatware! St. Pat’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate; we all need some cheer after this long winter. I really like your leprechaun — maybe you could name him Paddy? 😉

    Thanks so much for hosting Tablescape Thursday and have a wonderful weekend!



  20. So charming! And the 4-leaf-clover napkin fold is the crowning achievement. I also like Liam for your leprechaun. Fun tablescape!

  21. Susan, What a beautiful and bright table to welcome Spring. I especially love the flatware and the napkins/dishtowels. They match a white w/green polka-dot bowl I once won at a Chrismas exchange. If possible, can you hint at which dollar store you found the towels? If the little guy lived at my house I would name him Shamus. When he has fulfilled his St. Patrick’s Day obligations, please send him my way. I could use my own personal cobbler.
    My shoe wardrobe is rather sad since I retired and do not dress-up everyday.
    Thanks again for all the beautiful tablescapes, house tours and book suggestions. Have great weekend. Ashley

    • Thanks, Ashley! Sure! I found those in Dollar Tree. Thanks for the name suggestion…love all the names folks are suggesting…way more creative than any I could think of. 🙂

  22. Susan, What a delightful way to prepare for Saint Patrick’s Day, thank you. Our temperatures are warm enough to melt some of the snow, but it will be some time before we get daffodils or redbud blossoms. I would like to join you for a taste of Spring. I think your little green man needs a very Irish name, perhaps Seamus or simply Patrick or Paddy. “My” Home Goods stores had very little for Saint Patrick’s day this year and I saw no Saint Patrick’s day dishes anywhere. I really don’t need more dishes, but it was disappointing to have nothing to window shop. Half the fun is seeing and dreaming…… Sending many Irish wishes and blessings, MM

  23. Dawn Pinnataro says

    Always enjoy your blog (and got a kick out of your ‘santa’ St Patrick). I have been looking & looking for a shamrock tea cup or pretty mug for weeks with no luck, and none in the thrifts. Dang. Won’t even be enjoying a St Pat’s dinner this year as I refuse to pay $4.99 a lb for corned beef! Maybe some corned beef hash from a can??? LOL. And no Home Goods stores in my area of SW GA, double dang! I lived near one in FL and miss that store SOOOO MUCH. All the best and enjoy your blog!

  24. ADORABLE! Did you find the shamrock towels at Dollar General when you shopped for your pillow? I certainly wish that I could come by and chill on your porch with some chardonney in th pretty wine glasses. Have a fun Saint Patrick’s Day!

  25. Susan, your leprechaun is charming. We aren’t Irish, but do enjoy bringing out the green for St. Pat. Thanks for hosting and sharing your pretty table. Makes me smile!

  26. Heaven… I never seen shamrocks things in Sweden, infact Ireland is just stone away from this country.

    To die for treasure.

    Happy TS.

  27. Everything is so cute, Susan, so full of whimsy. Love the display on the shelves too!…Christine

  28. You have many more things with which to make St. Patrick’s special than I. I just keep using the same things year after year. Years ago someone gave me a shamrock plant which through benign neglect continues to thrive.

  29. I do love your Saint Patrick, he is such a handsome fellow and he looks so good on the table. Have a lovely weekend and a very Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Thanks for hosting….. Candy

  30. Judy Lincicum says

    Why don’t we have a contest to name the leprechaun? sp I’ll start and suggest
    Shamus! Yes, Shamus McDougal! ha! LOL Love your table. Happy St. Pat’s Day

  31. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, this tablescape is just too cute–I love it! The flatware is adorable and adds a great touch of whimsy. I keep thinking you’ll run out of ideas but, girl, you never do–what an imagination! Thanks for hosting. Glad spring has come your way. We are much warmer here now, and you can just start to feel spring in the air. I can’t wait until we can walk among all the beauty of Longwood Gardens again.

  32. You always set the most fun tables, Susan! Thanks for hosting!!

  33. Have I said before that I love the idea of inexpensive kitchen towels as a napkin? So I will be venturing to the dollar store in search of some. Hopefully I will be able to fine some.
    Thanks for the great ideas as always

  34. Diane Westbrook says

    Not a bit of Irish in me, but I am a-lovin the table setting!! I think that Paddy O’Hara or Paddy O’Grady would be a nice name for that gentleman. Faith and Begorra tis a find name for that good man! Diane

  35. So darling. I think you should name your leprechaun “Pat”.

  36. Susan, I forgot to mention my favorite Irish artist, Sir James Galway, world renown flutist. I discovered him many years ago when he performed at the Fourth of July Concert in our nation’s capital. His music is very comforting and soothing any time of year. I am a little prejudiced as I played flute from fifth through twelfth grades, then as a member of “The Golden Band from Tigerland” marching band and concert band during my days at LSU. Those were some of the best years of my life. Rumor has it that we have Irish in our family but I am having a hard time tracing it beyond my maternal great grandfather who’s surname was Kimble. Thanks again for the charming and delightful St. Patrick’s tablescape. You are indeed blessed with creativity. Ashley

  37. Love this tablescape, you are so clever and stylish!! I really love your Tablescape Thursday parties. xo

  38. You have so many green “pretties!” I really like the flatware too.
    I haven’t done this in a while and almost forgot to post! Thanks for keeping it open a few days.

    Thanks for hosting!


  39. I love the the leprechaun where did you find him

  40. thank you love your table scape it looks amazing

  41. This is so cute. I love it. Where did you get your cute leprechaun?

  42. His name is Liam.

  43. Tonya Sullivan says

    A lovely setting. I have several pieces of the Mesa China but not nearly enough. It’s not available ANYWHERE. I’ve it tagged on EBay, Replacements, Mesa Products. It’s either not in stock or discontinued. If ever you wish to get rid of some of yours, PLEASE look me up

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