This App Saved Me Yesterday & Awesome Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Whew, long drive yesterday but I’m back home at last! Have you ever used the Waze app on a trip? My son recommended it to me a long time ago so I had added it to my phone, but yesterday was the first day I actually got around to using it. I’m a believer now, though! It saved me so much time yesterday. There was a huge backup on I-75 south for miles and miles. Of course, I didn’t know that was coming up but the Waze app did and it had me get off in Caryville, which made me laugh since that was the little town I randomly mentioned in a previous post.


Anyway, as the app took me down various roads that paralleled the interstate, along with a few more Waze app drivers, I could see the multi-mile-long back-up on the map. About 15 minutes later, the app had me get back on the interstate just a very short distance from where the backup was ending up ahead. Brilliant app and I highly recommend it, especially for long trips.


I’m a bit behind in sharing my fave ideas for Father’s Day gifts this year but I have some to share that I think any Dad would absolutely love. If your Dad (or the father of your children) loves hiking or camping, I think he would love a Yeti cooler. Whenever I buy ice to put in my son’s Yeti cooler, it literally lasts for 5 days. I filled it up recently and there was still ice in the cooler 5 days later! Truly amazing! This cooler is currently on sale in 7 colors here: Yeti Cooler.


I just recently purchased one of their cooler backpacks for my son since he and Nancy and the boys go on hikes almost every weekend. While I was visiting, they went out for a day hike by themselves followed by a movie (Maverick) while I stayed with my grandsons. They filled the backpack with some ice and a picnic to enjoy. You can put the ice right inside the insulated backpack and the backpack can actually be hosed down if it gets messy. Amazing how well it keeps things nice and cold. You’ll find the Yeti backpack cooler available here: Yeti Backpack Cooler.


I just discovered that Bose makes noise-canceling earbuds. These work with both Android and Apple phones.  No one does noise-canceling like Bose…love their noise-canceling headphones and I love the Bose Sport Earbuds I use when taking classes on my Peloton bike. I treated myself to a pair of these recently and they are excellent! I think they are going to live in my handbag so I always have them with me when I’m stuck waiting someplace and need to play messages or wish to listen to a book or music. I purchased them in the soapstone color but if you are buying them for the guy in your life, they are also available in two more colors including black. You’ll find them on sale here: Bose Noise Canceling Earbuds.

Bose Wireless Earbuds


My son loves Apple products so I just purchased Apple AirPods Pro earbuds for his birthday. They were showing sold out but they have just come back in stock here and are currently on sale here: Apple AirPods Pro.


If you have a dad who loves to cook, I can’t recommend this Air Fryer enough. I love mine with the double baskets. It lets me cook two different things at different temps at the same time. I find I use it more than my microwave! You’ll find it on sale 15% off here: Air Fryer.

Best Air Fryer with 2 Baskets


Magnetic Wristband

So I’m thinking about buying one of these for myself! This would have been so perfect when I was hanging heavy draperies in my bedroom a few months back. It has great reviews and is on sale 40% off here: Magnetic Wristband.


This one looks pretty cool, has great reviews, and is also on sale. Arggg, now I have to pick between the two. I’m definitely getting one of them…love this idea! You’ll find it here: Magnetic Wrist Band.


If your dad loves a cold drink, these Freezer Gel Beer Glasses have amazing reviews. I love the one with the green sleeve, but it’s available in 6 different colored sleeves here: Cooler Pint Glasses with Double Gel-Chiller Walls.



I am crazy about my DeWalt drill! I love all the tools I’ve purchased by Dewalt over the years.


This looks like an awesome price at just $99 for the drill, charger, and battery and the reviews are outstanding.  This set is available here: DeWalt Drill Set.



This is my favorite flashlight. I keep one in my office and use it all the time. I love that the battery is rechargeable and lasts a long time. It’s funny, whenever workmen are here and a flashlight is needed, I pull this one out and they look all impressed! lol It’s a great flashlight, check out the reviews! You’ll find it here: DeWalt Flashlight.



My son and daughter-in-love both adore their Wicked Good Slippers! The last time I purchased a pair for my son, I went ahead and purchased two because he lives in these during the wintertime so they make a great Christmas gift each year. Very much recommend these for Father’s Day or Christmas. You’ll find them here: Wicked Good Slippers.


Wow! Brooks Brothers has an incredible tie sale going on right now. Some of their ties that are $148 are not $35! I’m definitely going to pick up a few for my son for Christmas. Check out this incredible tie sale here: Tie Sale. It’s a big sale and the prices are great! You’ll find everything that’s on sale here: Brooks Brothers Sale.  I can’t get over the prices I’m seeing on their suits, coats, and boxers! Definitely, a great time to stock up.


Happy Shopping! See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Mary Ellen Murphy says

    Thank you for all the products you review & recommend. I have purchased several items you have recommended & have never been disappointed. My recent purchase is the Travelon anti-theft cross body bag. I will be using it on an upcoming trip to Scotland/Ireland. I’m now considering those cooler pint glasses. Nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day.

    • Oh, Ireland and Scotland sounds wonderful! I loved when I visited Ireland and would love to see Scotland one day.
      I know, I’m thinking of buying a set of those for my son.

      • Katherine says

        I have Bose earbuds that are not the noise canceling but they are still the best earbuds I have ever used! I bought my husband the noise canceling and he LOVES them!
        I have never seen that magnetic cuff! What a clever idea! I might need one of them!
        Thanks for sharing as always!!!

  2. Sandra D, Jol_Il says

    Lots of great suggestions to check out. Love earbuds but they never seem to fit quite right even with the different sizes they include. How does the Bose fit? That’s a lot of $ for something that keeps popping out of your ears but if they have a great fit, I don’t mind paying more for quality. I love my DeWalt driver/drill/oscillating tools. I have more Worx battery tools though and I love the SwitchDriver (I think it’s called). Put your drill bit and driver on the same tool and switch back and forth between the two with a press of a button. Recently did a big remodel on part of my shed for the feral cats so they have a cozy place all their own this coming fall & winter. I used the Switch Driver for the Phillips screws and the DeWalt driver & drill for the T25 so I’m glad I had both. I’m trying to buy all my screws with T25 or the T family from now on. I love my Yeti cups & mugs but I’m not buying anymore. Their customer service is terrible. I have emailed them numerous times asking them to sell replacement gaskets-no response. I guess they want you to buy a new cup/mug when the gaskets wear out and there are comparable ones on the market that sell replacement gaskets. If you come across any gaskets that would work, let us know! Thanks for all the suggestions.

    • The Bose earbuds came with three different sizes. They came with the medium size already installed and it fits perfectly for me, but there’s a bigger and a smaller size included.
      I have their sports earbuds and a wired set of earbuds that I purchased many years ago and they all fit great. They are super comfortable, too. When I’ve taken my older wired earbuds on trips, I’ve actually slept in them when I was in a noisy hotel, just didn’t have them turned on…they were that comfortable.
      The wireless earbuds I just purchased, when you place them in your ears, you twist them back and that’s how they lock into place. Incredibly comfortable!
      Sandra, check out the reviews…a lot of people mention in the reviews how comfortable they are. I think you would love them but you can def return them if they don’t work for you.

    • I was just thinking–I think the reason the earbuds are so comfortable is because everything that goes into the ear is super soft…not hard parts.

    • Did you know that RTIC is the same concept as Yeti? In fact R Tic was first in making the products and Yeti copied their design. I buy everything Rtic because it’s just as good and it’s cheaper!! I may not be spelling it correctly:)

  3. Cindy S. says

    I have the Waze app an we love it!! It is truly very fun to interact with your fellow travelers and I love the fact that I can warn travelers about the cops on the road or a vehicle or accident. Makes it very handy for travelers alone!

    • I like that, too! I was having fun clicking on the “Still There, Not There” link on the GPS. You could tell which drivers were using Waze because we all got off at the same exit. I didn’t understand at first why it was telling me to do that but then I saw all the red on the Waze map and got it! Cindy, do you use it around your home, too…or just on trips? I think I may start using it when I run errands here at home, as well.

      • Susan, I don’t usually use the app around my home but I live in a rural area. When I go to a big town on Dr. appointments or such I do use it. Mostly we use it on vacation or trips.

  4. I’ve used the Waze app for quite a while and love it! It has never let me down. I really love that it lets me know about debris in the road as well. I use it around town as well or to my FIL who is only 30 min away and it has come in handy!

  5. As usual I love your suggestions, gonna get the beer glasses and the magnetic wristband for hubby… I’m sure he’ll put them both to good use!
    One thing I just thought I’d mention in case anyone is gifting a father who has a pacemaker apparently magnetic bracelets or wrist bands aren’t recommended for anyone with a pacemaker.
    We purchased an induction range about a year ago and were told they’re also a problem for pacemakers because they use magnets to cook the food… neither of us have pacemakers so it wasn’t a concern.
    Anyways… thanks again Susan I was trying to think of a couple gifts and you saved the day!

  6. Brenda Hays says

    I purchased the deWalt flashlight after your recommendation not realizing I would need to purchase separate battery (I’m not very handy). Can you please tell me what battery I need to purchase to charge it?

    • I have one of their 20vMax Lithium-Ion batteries on mine. All their batteries will work with each of their tools. All the ones I see online at Amazon right now are priced really high…but this pair states it will work with De Walt tools.
      Not sure why they are priced so high on Amazon right now…maybe there’s a shortage of those like we currently have with computer chips. You can also buy their batteries at Home Depot and Lowes.

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