Spring Temptations & Should I Spray These Before Baking In Them?

Welcome to the 681st Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope this Valentine’s Day finds you feeling much loved and appreciated!

I probably should have waited and shared the display case today instead of on Saturday, but I was too excited to share how it turned out to wait. lol So, I don’t have a Before/After to share but I do have a few ideas for spring and Easter from a recent shopping excursion.

So you know how there’s always that period after Christmas when the stores are bleak and the shelves are mostly empty. Apparently, that time is over! I stopped by Marshalls yesterday and they had a lot of spring and Easter goodies in stock.


I picked up a few things and could use your advice on using one of them…more on that in just a sec.


I was super tempted by this guy. There were two of them and I considered purchasing both, but the quality just wasn’t the greatest. They almost felt like they were made out of paper mache, so very lightweight. This one wasn’t sitting very level and kinda wobbled on the shelf. It could have been the shelf, not sure. The other one had a pretty bad paint job with the blue jacket paint going down onto the white part and it was pretty noticeable. They were priced at $29.99 each and for that price, I felt like they should have been better made, so reluctantly, I passed. If they are still around and drastically marked down in a month or two, I may consider them again because they would be really cute in the centerpiece of a table setting.


I did pick up a few things, though. I love the rich, grass-green color of this thermos, it’s my favorite shade of green. The carrots feel wonderful to the touch, like a soft, wide-wale corduroy fabric. I have something in mind for them.


I also purchased these silicone baking trays. I’m wondering when I bake little egg cakes in them, should I spray them with something first? You awesome bakers out there, any tips for using these?


A few days ago I popped into Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. Once again, PB only had all white table settings, so bland! But Williams Sonoma had color–I crave pretty color for springtime!


I love this beautiful collection!


This says springtime and warm sunny days!


The dinner plates are really pretty!


There are quite a few pieces in this collection, you can see them all here: Spring Dinnerware with Butterflies and Birds.


This table reminded me of my visit to Capri several years back. That seems like a lifetime ago now.


So pretty! (See more of this collection here: Lemon Dinnerware for Spring and Summer.)


I also noticed that they have this adorable bunny vase back in stock again for spring.

Sculptural Bunny Vase with Daffodils


I love it so much–can’t wait to pull it out in a few weeks. Is it too early to get it out now? My daffodils are already up and starting to bloom, so maybe it’s not too early to bring it out. I’m tempted to buy a second one, it would be great to use two on a longer table. If you need this adorable vase, you’ll find it here: Bunny Vase.

Daffodils in Bunny Vase, Screened Porch


They have so many pretties in for spring and Easter.


I saw this collection online here: Spring Bunny Salad Plates.


Have you started your spring shopping? That little excursion yesterday has really gotten me excited for spring! Just 5-6 more weeks and that first day of spring will be here! I can’t wait!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Susan!! πŸ™‚ Such pretty things in Marshall’s. Not sure about the cake pans, so I can’t help much. I make delicious pies, but I’m a bust at baking cakes from scratch.
    GO BACK and get that bunny! He’s fabulous! I love paper mache pieces. They hold up really well. I’ve had Bethany Lowe Halloween and Dept. 56 paper mache for decades. That rabbit is beautiful. If you can’t touch up the other with some folk art paint, at least get one. They would be so cute as a centerpiece with lots of little yellow chicks. I’m heading to my Marshall’s today!

    • Thanks, Anne! I don’t think he was paper mache but he felt very light and hollow. Just don’t think he’s worth $30, but love the colors he was painted. I’ll see if he lasts long enough to get marked down.

  2. Thank you, Susan! Your spring pictures, especially the array at Marshalls, made me smile.

  3. Yes, spray the pans. I bought a less expensive shortcake style silicon pan another blogger suggested from amazon and the cakes completely stuck and came apart. Sent that back. I’m not a novice baker…some pans are not good, though the ones you bought might work perfectly. You could bake a sample egg first to see.

    • Ugh, I hope I can avoid that. I wonder if I should use something like Pam or maybe one of the sprays they flours them the way you do a cake pan. Thanks for that tip, Jillian!

  4. Hi Susan! I have silicone baking pans that I use for frittatas – I use spray on the recipes that don’t include cooked bacon. If I’m using bacon then I don’t use it – don’t really need it then. So if you are baking something that’s a little on the dry side I would probably give it a quick spray. It might also help with the decorative details on the eggs. I’m super jealous that you have daffodils already! Thanks for the springy post!

    • Good to know! Thanks for that info, Beth! Yeah, I think flowers are a bit confused with our warmer weather lately. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Pegklewis @cimcast.net says

    I have silicone muffin cups and I don’t spray mine. Though spraying might help with washing later.

  6. SharonFromMichigan says

    That Marshall’s display is just beautiful eye candy! Thank you for sharing. I know I need some pretty colors to look forward to. The only silicon kitchenware I have are some ice cube trays I use for homemade dishwasher detergent. Sometimes they don’t pop out easily, so I’m going to try spraying them with Pam first. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day Susan!
    Love the colorful post that makes one yearn for warm spring days. I’m really tempted by those beautiful plates from Williams Sonoma;)
    I have a huge collection of bunnies. Ash Wednesday (this year on March 2) for me signifies Rebirth and Spring, and my target date each year for letting my bunnies come out to play!

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Gail! I like that–bringing out the bunnies in early March! Sounds good to me, I think I just may do the same. πŸ™‚

  8. So many temptations! Thank you Susan and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Oh, that Spring colored Marshall’s display is lovely. The days have been sunnier, but still so cold here. Basically, I’ve still be in hibernation, so I especially appreciate that you are out and about sharing all these lovely things.

    Those silicone egg trays are adorable! I hope you’ll share your success with us. You have those Spring Bunny plates, don’t you? I love the blue charger in the picture just above the Bunny Plates. That Famille Rose is beautiful in all the colors! How very lovely it would be to combine them and mix and match! That would be so beautiful.

    I’m glad to hear you have daffodils. Hopefully I’ll be seeing mine soon! Happy Valentine’s (and Galentine’s Day) πŸ˜‰ Susan.

    • I liked that blue charger, too, and did a search for it on the Williams Sonoma website. It came up in pink but when I clicked on it, I saw it’s available in light blue or light pink. So pretty – unfortunately out of my price range at $19.99 apiece, so I will have to admire them from afar.

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day. It is not too early to start decorating for spring. I’m starting with a few things today.

  11. Love all the beautiful spring dishes! Thanks for having us over, Susan, I’m ready for daffodils too!

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day Susan!
    Yes, Spring is in the air. A gorgeous day here in Spring, Tx.
    Can’t wait to see your egg cakes.

  13. Oooh thanks for the spring warm up – so many pretty things! Our hellebores are out, and the other early bulbs, and daphne, are trying really hard!

    Won’t be long now – just in time for some egg cakes. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see how those come out. I haven’t experimented much with silicone yet but I want to. Happy Valentines, and thanks as always for the party!

  14. Happy Valentine’s Day Susan. I am so very ready for all things spring. I love your post- it only added to the excitement! I am of no help with the baking piece, but I would spray if it was me. Can’t hurt. XO- MaryJO

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes, glad that the countdown to spring has started, but we may have 4″ of SNOW on Thursday. That bunny is cute, but if not constructed well, I wouldn’t spend the money either. However, he reminds me of your bunny pocket watch / egg piece that I love so much and wish I could find. Please be sure to display it again this year as I love it so much and have wracked my brain as how to try to make a copy or a version of it, but havent come up with a feasible idea. So I will love yours until then or they put it back on the market.

  16. Don’t think you can go wrong if you give them a light spray, especially since this is the first time.

  17. You should twist them to see if the creases turn white. If so, then return them. They won’t be good enough. When using highly carved molds I always spray them no matter what the material.

  18. So many fun links to dive into this week! I love all the Spring finds you featured and I think you should spray your pans as well so nothing sticks and in nooks and crannies. They’re so cute! Thanks so much for hosting. I hope your week is a special one, CoCo

  19. Dear Susan,
    As I write this, we are expecting 8” of snow Thursday! I love the Easter ideas, and especially
    The turquoise blue bunny plates. I’m going to Pottery Barn to buy some !
    Love your posts!

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