Tour the Historic Whitlock Inn

Recently, a friend and I went on a Christmas historic home tour in Marietta, Georgia.  Included in the tour was the beautiful Whitlock Inn.  This Victorian home was built in 1900.  A brief history found online states, “One hundred and ten years ago, the M.G. Whitlock House, the famous 150 room Marietta resort, burned to the ground. Before the Civil War, it was a popular showplace for tourists taking the train from the hot coastal towns, like Savannah, to the cooler foothills of Georgia. The resort occupied nearly the whole block of Whitlock Avenue where now stands The Whitlock Inn, a private residence and the Trust Company Bank.”

“In 1900, part of the land was purchased by Herbert C. Dobbs and his wife Annie. Here is where they built this Victorian Mansion, home for their family of eight. In 1910, the home was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Kemper Smith, who, after several years of residence sold the home to the Dosser family. The much loved Dossers were active in the First Methodist Church, which is now located directly across Whitlock Avenue. Mrs. Dosser is remembered as a favorite piano teacher and the giver of elaborately decorated Christmas parties.”  (Brief history found here.)

Today the home is a Bed and Breakfast owned by Nancy and Sandy Edwards who graciously open it to the public for tours.  Come along and take a peek inside this beautiful old home.  (The following pictures were taken by me the day of the home tour, except for the photo of the dining room and back yard, which I found online at the Whitlock Inn site.)


The parlor:  Love the fireplace and the gorgeous wallpaper!


Dining Room:

Photo from Whitlock Inn oline


Staircase leading up…


Staircase is so pretty draped with garland.



Blue Damask Wallpaper for Stairway


Upstairs bedrooms:

The rooms are so tastefully decorated. This one feels perfect for fall.

Love the wallpaper in this room…

This was my favorite bedroom…


Don’t you love those beds!


Feels so comfortable, like a real home should feel.


The bathroom for this room…

Another pretty bedroom…

The Fireplace for the room…

A beautiful bed…

Going back downstairs…note the little flashes on the wall.  Those weren’t visible when I took the photo. Is it a ghost or light coming in through the leaded glass windows?  I prefer to think it’s a ghost.  Every historic home needs at least one resident ghost.


Looking down to the entry…

Entry with Wallpaper

The back yard where many a wedding has taken place.


Love historic home tours?  You’ll find lots more HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into the historic Whitlock Inn.   I hope to be back later today with a movie home tour for the holidays.

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  1. This is simply charming! I love that they've not over-done the Christmas decorations so you can really see the interior.

    Great place to have a party and enjoy the beautiful of the surrounding area as well.

  2. Oh what a delight for this mornings sip of coffee to enjoy your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. Love them. So quaintly decorated.

  3. Thank you for bringing a little bit of Georgia to me today.

  4. martinealison says

    L'ambiance des chambres à coucher me plaît beaucoup… Un côté très cosy.
    La décoration de noël est particulièrement raffinée.
    Une maison, somme toute, très belle.
    Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes.

    "Je vous ai aperçue dans le miroir!!"… Sourire!

  5. The Real Me! says

    Wallpaper, wallpaper everywhere! LOL! It's a gorgeous place. Great picture and tour!
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Lori Anderson says

    GORGEOUS! This is why my husband and I seek out historic houses converted into Bed and Breakfasts.

  7. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tour.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Richard Cottrell says

    The Inn is charming. It looks to be in beautiful condition, almost like a new contruction. Wow, they sure keep it nice. I love the wall paper and fabrics they have chosen. It looks like a warm and inviting place to spend the night. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  9. How grand and wonderful! Wouldn't that backyard be just perfect for those weddings???? What a lovely house! Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Oh I absolutely loved this tour! I love old homes and the wall paper they use. Everything always looks so cozy.

  11. Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria says

    I love when you show us they beautiful homes Susan..Just wonderful my dear friend..Hope you have a Blessed CHRISTmas..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  12. jpolinskyswife says

    All I can say…is *sigh*. Merry Christmas to you and your family Susan!

  13. Beautiful. I love the Dining room wallpaper too. I have been searching for similar for mine, but Laura Ashley in the UK is the nearest I can find. I've just posted photos of my own staircase and I'm tickled to see that this one is similar =) Thanks for sharing again! Sally xx

  14. A wallpaper celebration. Beautiful post of a historic treasure. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~CJ

  15. Ih I am in love with that house. It really reminds me of England.
    I smiled when I saw some of the prints on the wall, as I have almost identical ones.
    A night in that Bed and Breakfast would be wonderful.
    Thank you Susan for all these house tours, it is my favourite hobby looking at people's houses, decor and diy projects.
    I am going to look this B. and B. up on the internet.

  16. mississippi artist says

    Thanks for taking us on this beautiful tour. That window in the stairwell is just SO beautiful!

  17. Gasp!!! Stunning…….and did you see the little bit of the back yard banisters? Trying so hard not to drool…….

  18. Michele/Ohio says

    WONDERFUL! Oh I need to put Marietta, GA on my bucket List!

    I esp love that photo of you in the mirror, Susan!

    What a stunning place, and interesting history!

    The back area for weddings – WOW, it is gorgeous!

    Thank you!

  19. I'm curious about the brass (some kind of metal) railing on the upstairs. Is that common or do you think it was done to preserve the wood railings beneath?
    What a beautiful place. My husband wouldn't stay there, he'd be worried about breaking something.

  20. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jan, I wondered about that, too. At one time the home was used as a senior center, so I had wondered if it was added at that time. Just not sure.

  21. Hello Susan,
    Just love the historic homes – most especially when they're decorated for Christmas. This one is spectacular!
    Thank you for taking us on this tour!
    Hope you have a blessed week,

  22. Chatty Chics says

    I love B&B's! They are so classic and charming! Thank you for showing us your pictures and giving us a tour! Lovely!

  23. So pretty! The chandelier is amazing!

  24. Hi Susan. May you have a wonderful new year!

    This post absolutely turned my crank!!! Loved this home.

    God bless,

  25. crumpety cottage says

    This is a beautiful place. Love all the fireplaces! And that archway visible from upstairs … *swoon.* I even like most of the wall paper. Downstairs, it’s colorful and tastefully done and adds a lot of warmth. Upstairs though .. eek .. some of it gets a little busy for my tastes and the colors seem odd. But I am really starting to yearn for a bit of wallpaper again! Susan, you’re like a hound dog sniffing out all these wonderful home tours. I wish they had them here. So lovely. Thanks. 🙂

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