10 Unique Gift Ideas and An Awesome Sale!

Yesterday I bought a Christmas tree. It’s still in its box in the back of my SUV. I have a couple of more places I want to check before I unbox it and put it up.

I like it much better than the Balsam Hill tree I purchased recently, and it was half the price! I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another tree without first seeing it in person. Hope to share it with you all decorated real soon.

10 Unique Gift Ideas

In the meantime, I’ve started my Christmas shopping and thought I’d share some gift ideas in case you’re in need of a bit of inspiration for your holiday shopping. Some of these are old favorites and others are new finds.

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Serving Platter with Seasonal, Themed & Holiday Decoration.

I am just a little bit obsessed with this new serving idea I came across by accident. Notice the teeny hole on the right in the serving dish below?

It’s designed where you can decorate it for any season, theme or holiday! Here’s it shown with an adorable bluebird.

Serving bowl is available here: Serving Bowl. They make a lot of different style bowls on which to use these cute charms.

Bluebird on Serving Bowl


That same dish could be used for chips and dip for a football party.The company that makes these dishes has created the little ceramic charms for just about every event, holiday or theme you can think of!  Love this idea! One platter can be used for all holidays and seasons. Genius idea!

Nora Fleming Football


There are so many cute ones for Christmas. The charms are only $13.50 each.  They have a pumpkin, turkey, snowman, acorn, Christmas tree, elf, sea-horse, wine bottle, wedding bells…too many to name them all. In addition to being a great Christmas present, one of these platters with a charm would also make a delightful hostess gift.

They make all type of platters–round, oval, etc… They even make cutting boards on which you can display your collection of charms for the holiday or season.

Nora Flemming Holiday


There’s a turkey charm for Thanksgiving here: Turkey.

Turkey, Nora Fleming


I love this one for patriotic holidays. You’ll find it here: Charms.

Nora Fleming Flag


My favorite has to be this adorable woody car with tree for Christmas here: Woody Car.

Nora Fleming Woody Car


See all the Christmas charms here: Christmas Charms. The platters, napkin holders, cutting boards and other serving pieces are available here: Platters. Charms are available here: Plate Charms.

Nora Fleming Christmas Charms


They make a little storage box for storing all the little charms that you use on the trays. It’s available here: Storage Box. I’m definitely getting some of these.

Nora Fleming Keepsake Storage Box

Hand Stamped Spoons

These wonderful hand-stamped spoons are a favorite of mine and I love giving them as gifts. I keep mine out in a sugar bowl and use them all throughout the day for drinks, cereal, etc…

Hand Stamped Silver Spoons


When ordering one of these vintage silverplate spoons, you can choose one that already has a quote or saying that you like, or request your own quote or phrase.



I’ve used some of mine in previous table settings here on the blog. They are so pretty!

Engraved, Stamped Spoon, The


I was just thinking today, I wish I had six with various sayings/quotes from the movie, Christmas Vacation. Wouldn’t they have been fun to use in this Christmas Vacation table I shared here: Christmas Vacation Table Setting. Ummm, may have to do that for next year. I’ve also been thinking about the cute scenes I could put on the other side of the houses for next year. 🙂

Christmas Vacation Tablescape with Moose Mugs & Dept. 56 Lit Houses


You can also purchase these made into book marks and give them for Christmas with a good book. I love unique gifts like that!silverplate-book-mark-hand-stamped


Another great gift idea would be to include them in a gift along with hot chocolate and a reindeer cozy. This would be a great gift to take to a Christmas party for the hostess, or as a gift.

The spoons are available here: Hand-Stamped Spoon. At that link, be sure to look at the menu on the left side of the screen. That’s where you’ll find the categories/themes available for spoons. There are so many sayings from which to choose!

Find the hot chocolate and cozy here: Hot Chocolate, Reindeer Cozy. The hot chocolate is currently on sale, too!



Moose Mugs

Of course, I have to mention the hilarious and adorable moose mugs seen in Thursday’s table setting. I love these and they make fun gifts, especially for fans of the movie, Christmas Vacation. Moose Mugs are available here: Moose Mugs.Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

Cozy Throw.

Throws always make wonderful gifts! I purchased this throw a few weeks ago and love it, it’s super soft! It’s currently on sale along with a lot of other beautiful throws here: Cozy Throw.

Super Soft, Cozy Throw


A Place To Call Home

If you’re looking for a wonderful book to give to anyone who loves beautiful design, I can’t recommend James Farmer’s new book enough. It’s wonderful! It’s available here: A Place To Call Home. Imagine giving it with one of the silverplate stamped bookmarks shown earlier in this post. 🙂 Love that!



Have a gardener on your list? Sloggers make wonderful gifts for the gardener. I keep a pair by my front door and garage door, and wear them whenever I’m working in the yard. They are water proof and super cute! These are available here: Sloggers.


They come in a lot of different patterns. I have the chicken ones and I’m slightly obsessed over these cows! lol Cow and chicken Sloggers are available here: Sloggers.

Pink Sloggers with Cows


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you know someone who loves to listen to music in the shower, I have this speaker and love it! It’s available here: Shower Speaker. It’s pretty amazing and you won’t believe the sound that comes out of this little speaker! I use it at my desk and in my car on trips, too. Since it’s a bluetooth speaker, it will connect with a smart phone. Great for listening to Audible books!

Shower Speaker, Wonderboom


Big L.L. Bean Sale!

L.L. Bean has a big sale going on right now, 25% off everything! So it’s a good time to grab a pair of these adorable scuffs. They make great gifts, too!

L.L. Bean Moose Scuffs, Adorable


They come in so many cute patterns! You’ll find the scuffs here: Scuffs.

Also, check out their flannel shirts, they are the best…so cozy! I’ve purchased several this fall and can’t stop wearing them! They are especially pretty with sweaters for fall and winter, or worn over a t-shirt.  You’ll find them here: Flannel Shirts.

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


Coziest Flannel Sheets!

This is also a great time to stock up on their amazing Heritage flannel sheets while they are on sale, or buy a set for gift giving.


I’m thinking of ordering one of their Stewart Victoria sets to go with my current tartan bedding for that Ralph Lauren look shown below. I love this! Think I can pull it off…plaid with plaid? 🙂


By the way, the tartan bedding I have is on sale 20% off with the code FRIENDS here: Tartan Bedding.


The sheets are available on sale 25% off here: Plaid Flannel Sheets and Solid Color Flannel Sheets


Happy Holiday shopping! Christmas is only 44 days away! It’s coming fast! I need to get wrapping and get that tree up!

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  1. What a great and varied selection of gift ideas!! Bless you for being such a good shopper. I just happened to see the serving dishes yesterday while browsing. Would be a thoughtful gift and the charms are adorable. Also liked the spoons. Unusual.

  2. I wish I could have each one of these gifts. The heck with giving them away!

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful shopping ideas! Several years ago at Christmas, my youngest son gave me my first Nora Fleming dish. I absolutely love it and have used it many, many times. Over the years, I have purchased the accessories for each season and special occasion. It really adds a nice touch to any celebration.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    That platter with the charm is just too cute! Love it, but my cupboards are FULL now! Lol Really like those slippers also. It turned cold here 19 degrees yesterday. I really enjoyed sitting by the fire watching the Hallmark channel. Holidays are coming fast. Looking forward to more of your great ideas. Love those spoons too!

  5. The first thing I do after I check my e-mail each night is go to BNOP. I had checked a little while ago and was so disappointed that you didn’t have a new post( though I know you have a life too and can’t spend all your time posting). I decided to give it one more check and was thrilled to find your new post! You always make my day. I did order the engraved spoons last week( for gifts and several for myself too). They are scheduled to arrive Monday. I can’t wait!! Thanks so much for taking time to share!

  6. On the scuffs, did you order your regular shoe size or down a size?
    I have ordered the spoons before as gifts, they are wonderful.

  7. Rose Taylor says

    May I ask where you found your tree ? Maybe you could suggest some places we might try – have been having no luck with my search . Thank you. Your gift ideas are wonderful . Kindest Regards, Rose.

    • Rose, So far I’ve looked in Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Old Time Pottery and Home Depot. The two I saw that I liked the best were in Home Depot. They were both 7.5 feet and had the quick set up where they automatically light as you put each section in place. So you don’t have to spend a fortune on a tree to get that technology.
      The two trees I like best were the Just Cut Norway Spruce that was $399 and the Just Cut Canadian that was $349. I ended up buying the Just Cut Canadian because it had more branches and more lights: 4,963 branches and 1,000 lights. I was a little concerned if the branches are strong enough to hold ornaments and all the decorations I like to use. The branches felt stronger on the Norway Spruce, but it had fewer lights, I think 800, and the lights didn’t seem as bright as on the Canadian tree.
      I’m going to look in a few more places before I actually unbox the tree I purchased. It will go back if I find one I like better. I’ll be sure to blog about which one I ultimately go with, still looking right now.

    • Rose, here are the links to the two I liked best.
      The one I purchased at Home Depot was this one: http://bit.ly/2zOJgpW .

      It and the GE Deluxe, Just Cut, One Plug, Norway Spruce seen here: http://bit.ly/2zsyJAd , were my favorites from what they had on display…and they had a lot on display.

  8. Susan, it’s always fun to see your shopping list. Of course you can use tartan on tartan, plaid on plaid. I think the mix is fun! I would love to do my guest room in new tartan bedding, but not sure it is in the budget. I did new MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check bedding for our master this summer. We have used the same all white look for 20 years. It was fun to add a little something different in that room. I’d love to share it, but so far have not been successful in getting any good shots.
    All this to say, order the new plaid/tartan pieces.

  9. You find the best things, Susan! I have never seen the serving dishes with the charms. Going to check those out right now.

  10. Sandy Endle says

    These are my favorite posts. You cannot believe how many wonderful gifts I have given with your advice. Thanks so much.

  11. Rose Taylor says

    Thank you so much . You ae always an inspiration for me. Warmest Regards, Rose.

  12. Rose Taylor says

    Thank you so much . You are such an inspiration for me. Kindest Regards, Rose.

  13. I absolutely love the charms, they are the cutest !

  14. Thanks for the great ideas Susan. The trouble is…if I bought any of these for gifts…I would have to keep them for myself…lol! 😉

  15. The best gift list ever! Did you notice in the photo with the plaid on plaid that the wall was plaid too?

  16. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Dang, I wish W-S had the red tartan flannel sheets to match the duvet. Oh, wait–their not having them saved me a lot of money! *counting the saved $$$ stashed in my wallet*

  17. Marlene Stephenson says

    I like plaid on plaids and the spoons and the shoes. Even to walk outside to look around in the winter they would be wonderful.I’m ordering some spoons.

  18. Wonderful ideas.

  19. Tina Carpenter says

    Super great ideas! I love them all, but am obsessing, like you, over the cow sloggers. I live out in the country in Southeastern Arizona, so the cows have open range. Half the time their at my driveway gate. No better reason than to get some!

  20. I just bought a Christmas tree today too. I saw it in person at Michaels, was intrigued, but the $900+ price tag was too much. Saw the identical tree at Walmart.com for $365 and free shipping. being delivered this Thursday. Hope it is as nice as the one I saw in person.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0qNahC9w6A

  21. Hi Susan! Just a little more input on trees.I was in a Homegoods today. They had a very lovely 7ft tree with lights for only $249.99. I don’t know if you have these stores in your area- they are connected to TJMaxx and Marshalls.

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    The serve ware with charms is an outstanding concept, and collecting those charms will easily become addictive but, at that price, it’s doable. I will be giving those trays as hostess gifts, with a new charm to follow each Christmas. Thanks for sharing, as I’m always in need of gift ideas. I think the spoons with Christmas Vacation sayings are just the finishing touch for your adorable table setting…leave it to you to think of such a cute idea! Hugs!

  23. Lots of great gift ideas Susan!….I have noted a few and can’t wait to see the trees…I have seen those serving dishes before and have always thought to purchase one and never got around to doing so…so that is on my list too!

  24. So many cute ideas but my favorite is the serving bowl with the extra seasonal accent pieces you can order to go with it. That’s what I call practical and with it being functional it’s a win win! I forgot to say when you did your first post about the Christmas tree dilemma that we bought a beautiful tree at Lowe’s for my mom a few years ago. It didn’t have the blend of realistic needles and snap together lighting but it was pre-lit and full. I agree- not being able to see it in person makes all the difference. We have an enormous Christmas store here in Michigan called Bronners. They sell beautiful trees of all kinds. We don’t like LED Christmas lights because some of them bother our eyes- we see a slight blinking. We have a dimmer that we can dial down the brightness of the traditional incandescent lights so it’s more energy efficient. There is a brand I’ve seen at a couple of stores that seems like very high quality stuff called National Tree Company.

  25. Just knew you’d be a Nora Fleming fan! Not only does she have serving dishes, she has a tissue holder too. I keep mine in my powder room and switch up the charms by the season. Can also vouch for thelampstand.com – their sales are great. Btw, the storage box is worth every penny (suggestion: get 2 because they fill up fast ;-). Hope you enjoy decorating that new Christmas tree. Sounds like it’s a beauty!

    • Yeah, I’m finding that out! lol I think I’ve already ordered so many minis, that my box will probably be full. I’ve also ordered a platter for my daughter in law for Christmas. I couldn’t resist the GA football helmet since my son and dil graduated from there. Unfortunately, GA lost their first game the other day, they had been undefeated.

  26. Robin Kiser says

    LOVE LOVE your list! Now I TOO am obsessed with the platters and charms!! 🙂
    Your Blog is always lovely, entertaining and one of my faves!! Bless you and thank you for your efforts!
    Bountiful Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  27. Good morning — I was just checking out BJs online and found this cute changeable icon tray for $14.99: http://www.bjs.com/berkley-jensen-ceramic-interchangeable-icon-tray-with-6-icons.product.3000000000000839090
    If you’re looking for a cute addition to your serving pieces without a big cash commitment, check it out!

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