Tour Two Historical Homes & Guest Cottage: Beautiful Estate located on the Mobile Bay

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Tour Two Historical Homes & Guest Cottage oF a Beautiful Estate located on the Mobile Bay

Alabama has some beautiful historical estates and one of them is currently on the market for the first time in many years. The property is named Dorgan Inn Estates and it includes two historical homes and a beautiful guest cottage, all fully furnished. There’s also a studio and two wharfs. Oh, and did I mention it’s in Fairhope, Alabama, right on the Mobile Bay? Just look at that view!


The Dorgan Inn Estates is listed for $8,900,000.  If you’ve recently won the lottery and have always wanted to own an exclusive gated compound situated right on the water, call David Bromstad from the HGTV show, My Lottery Dream Home right now and tell him to schedule a viewing, stat! This would be a great home for a celebrity wouldn’t it, very private and lots of space for family and guests.

The entrance to the Dorgan Inn looks like the entrance to a beautiful state garden or park. I love those little arched doors on either side.


The pictures for each of the three homes were all mixed together in the listing. I watched a video tour on YouTube and did my best to decipher which rooms went with each house, but I may be off on a room or two. I tried my best to sort them out, though.

The Murray House

The two historic homes on the property were built in 1848 and 1880. This gorgeous historical home is the Murray House and I believe it’s the one the owners chose to renovate and live in. The Dorgans are the “head of the Mississippi franchise of Krispy Kreme stores” per THIS article.


Doesn’t this look like the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon, eating, reading, napping. Repeat! Love all the beautiful brick walkways, so much prettier and more interesting than a plain concrete walkway.


You’ll see a lot of wood -paneled walls in the two historical homes on the property. It really gives the homes a cozy feel. Can you imagine what it would cost to do all this paneling today!


I think this is the living area for the Murray House. I have a feeling these picture do not do this home justice. It sort of looks like someone used a flash, doesn’t it? Bet this room is gorgeous in person.


The Murray House has a fully renovated, spacious kitchen. Notice the wonderful mix of woods and surfaces, so much more interesting than having everything all matched up.


A pretty dining room…


Dorgan’s Inn also hosts special events like weddings and parties, so there’s a special room in the Murray House for those type activities. Note the dreamy mural above the wainscoting. It’s very romantic and just a bit mysterious, isn’t it?


I believe this is the master bedroom in the Murray House. Looks like they painted the walls but left the ceiling it’s natural wood tone.


This was one of those rooms I wasn’t sure about. I’m guessing it’s in the Murray House, but not sure. That looks like a changing table, doesn’t it? Lots of pretty built in cabinetry and storage.


The Bay House

The other historical home on the Dorgan Inn estate is the Bay House.


We see more of the that gorgeous wood paneling here in the kitchen and dining area.


Such an interesting stove…have never seen one like that. Have you?



I didn’t see photos of any of the bedrooms but found this one in the video. Notice how they chose a beautiful iron bed for this. I wonder if this is the only spot where a bed would fit and they chose an iron bed to avoid blocking out the light and view from the windows.


Another sweet bedroom as seen in the video…so lovely!


The Bay House has a little surprise on the upper level–a spot just for the little ones.


There’s a bathroom, too! Love the shelving under the eve area…so smart!


The Guest Cottage

The third house on the property is the Guest Cottage. The guest cottage was built in the same style as the other homes found in the bay area.


Another fabulous porch!


The cottage was designed with an open interior.


Love the hidden refrigerator!


The dining room…


There’s also a studio on the property, although I didn’t see any photos of the interior.


Hope you enjoyed seeing the wonderful old homes, and the more recent guest cottage addition, of the Dorgan Inn Estate. You’ll find additional photos of this home including the outdoor entertaining areas and wharfs where these pictures were found here: Dorgan Inn Estate.

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  1. Charlotte Bruce says

    Beautiful homes! Love all of them. Thank you for the tours; they are always something to look forward to. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful estate but way too much home for one little 65 year old lady! Perfect for a large extended family!

  3. Those porches! Pure heaven.

  4. Dee Skislak says

    Beautiful. Someday I hope I have a home big enough for a dining table that seats 12. A girl can dream.

  5. Fairhope is a wonderful small town with so much character. Beautiful homes and enjoyed seeing the interiors. Happy Wednesday, Susan!

  6. Anne Shaheen says

    William-Sonoma has the 14 inch white bunny with basket on back shown on their website. I ordered mine as soon as I saw it. Remember alot of people were interested in it last year.

  7. Calgon, take me away!!!!! Beautiful houses. Love the kitchens.

  8. Somehow they all say “southern” but not in an over-the-top way. Wonderful that they kept the ceilings natural. And a kids’ dorm–how clever.

  9. Thanks for posting this Susan. My son lives in Spanish Fort/Daphne which is right “next door” to Fairhope and Mobile. I love going there b/c there is so much to do and see. We were there 2 weekends ago for my granddaughter’s Cotillian at The Grand in Fairhope (we also had our wedding photos done there years ago). Have you ever heard of Magnolia Springs? Check it out if you get a chance, there is a wonderful restaurant there called Jesse’s and boats still deliver mail there via a canal. Gorgeous place too!

  10. Oh my, oh my! I would love to stay in that first house even for a weekend! That bedroom is wonderful! I think that room with the wallpaper has such a romantic feel. A great place for an afternoon tea!
    Of course you would need the extra guest cottage, as there would hardly be room for guests in the other two houses!!! :0)

  11. Just beautiful! I think my fav is the last house. Would love to have that studio!!

  12. I think the stove is AGA Stoves…

  13. Gorgeous tour Susan! So many beautiful details and craftsmanship! I’m ready to move in!

  14. Judy H Cranford says

    Love this post! I think I like the guest house best.

  15. YAY! My daughter just purchased the cottage next to ours – complete re-do, so we’re doing wood ceilings throughout. Full circle… 🙂 franki

  16. What a great house for family entertaining…only like 1000 miles away. Grins, enjoyed anyway, Sandi

  17. Wow. That’s a lot of real estate! I actually preferred the guest house and wish we could have seen inside the “studio” since that’s more my size as a single person – although I’m sure I still would not be able to afford even that one. Great location and lots of privacy – how nice!

  18. Beautiful!! Especially the first home!!

  19. Going out to buy my lottery ticket now

  20. Thanks for the tour. I love the sort of old fashioned quality of this property. Lots of tabletops there to set up! My fave is the guest house, light and bright.

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    Such beautiful homes and what a view.. what a dream haven. 🙂

  22. I think I love the Guest House the best! Too much wood in the other homes for my taste, although I understand that’s the historic style of these incredible mansions. Thanks so much for sharing how the other half lives!

  23. I wonder what the “feel” of the older homes is like. That’s so important in your sense of comfort, isn’t it? Just from the pictures, I get a feeling that the two older houses would be ‘too’ old for me, but I’d love to actually visit them and see how they feel in person. The guest house is definitely my fave at this time; the light, the proportions, the appointments all suit my current day tastes.

    Susan, do you still post home tours? I haven’t seen any lately and it seems you always managed to find just the most beautiful homes to share. :o)

    • It’s funny you mention that, I have almost done that a couple of times recently. I will have to post one real soon. I always try to find the really special ones. 🙂

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