Tulips and Butterflies: Entertaining on the Porch with a Spring Tablescape

Welcome to the 655th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

It’s been so pretty and sunny all week, including this morning. But wouldn’t you know, just as I was finishing this table setting today, it turned quite dark out. It looked more like 8:00 at night than 3:00 in the afternoon. I’m not complaining, though. We did get a nice bit of rain and we really needed it.  So, though we have a  somewhat gloomy backdrop for our table this week, at least the trees are beginning to pop. I love seeing all the green!

Porch Entertaining Ideas


A few weeks back I ordered a set of realistic-looking, multi-colored tulips

Spring Table Setting, Tulip Centerpiece, Butterfly Napkin Fold


They were the inspiration for today’s table–a cheerful table setting to celebrate these beautiful spring days when everything is blooming!

Spring Table on Screened Porch


The salad plate was the inspiration for this butterfly napkin fold. You’ll see why in just a sec.

Butterfly Napkin Fold


The glasses are Breeze Clear by Noritake. They are beautiful, affordable, and substantial. You’ll find them available here: Breeze Clear.

Butterfly Napkin, Spring Summer Table


This pretty napkin fold is super easy to make. You’ll find the step-by-step tutorial here: Butterfly Napkin Fold. I love the frilliness the lace around the edge of this napkin added to the fold, but this fold is really pretty with any style of napkin.

Butterfly Napkin Fold in Spring Table


The salad plate is Modern Butterfly by Mikasa and unfortunately, it is no longer available. It inspired my napkin fold for this week.

Modern Butterfly by Noritake


The yellow-rimmed dinner plate is also by Noritake. It’s one of my favorites for spring and summer table settings. You’ll find this style/design in many colors, including the sunny yellow pattern I’m using, here: Beautiful Colorwave by Noritake.

Noritake China, Modern Butterfly Pattern


I actually ended up mixing two different bunches of tulips (multi-color and cream) together for the centerpiece since this pitcher is so large. I think I found the pitcher in either HomeGoods or Marshalls several years back.

Colorful Tulips in White Pitcher


A view from above…

Tulip Centerpiece, Butterfly Napkin Fold


It’s not visible, but I stuffed a couple of dishtowels into the bottom of the pitcher since it was so deep. lol

Tulip Centerpiece, Spring Tablescape


These beautiful, multi-colored tulips are available here: Multi-color Tulips.

Tulip Centerpiece for Spring Table


I’ve been potting up flowers this week–do you see the pink geraniums there in the background? I love geraniums, especially how they thrive in full sun. Have you been potting up or planting any annuals, yet?

Porch Dining for Spring


Happy spring to you! Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! ♥

Porch Entertaining Ideas


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  1. What could be more cheery and springlike than tulips and yellow plates? Your table is lovely Susan! Your butterfly napkin fold gives it just the right touch. Mother Nature has provided a beautiful backdrop with the budding trees out back. After a hard winner and months of the pandemic, your table lifts our spirits. I so look forward to Thursdays and your beautiful tablescapes!

  2. Is that a road in the far rear of your back yard? I have noticed it before and wondered if there is a farm behind your home.

    • It is a road…hard to see through all the trees. No, not a farm back there, although we do have a few horse farms around here. I would love to move far out into the country but I’m so used to having everything so close by, it would be a big adjustment.

  3. The butterfly fold napkins are so pretty Susan, and I adore tulips, beautiful Spring table! Thank you for hosting!

  4. Love those napkins and the tulips are beautiful. Costs $11.47 to ship them here to Mexico but just might treat myself.

  5. Ranger Smith says

    Susan – Thank you for this clean, bright, cheery table! I have a new appreciation for Noritake Wave. This post was a great way to start my day.

  6. I love the Butterfly plates, and the napkins! Yep, I love the entire table! All is beautiful, thank you for making our day a bit brighter!

  7. Franki Parde says

    It DOES LOOK LIKE A BUTTERFLY!! That is “what I’m going to do this weekend!” So excited…this is “Historic Virginia Garden Tours” and the country side is spectacular…perfect timing! Butterflies, blossoms, bonnets…Oh, My!! franki

    • It really does! lol And it’s fast to make, too! It literally took me about 10 minutes if that long to make all of them. I did it on the ironing board so I could do the tiny bit of pressing you do right at the end. Oooh, I envy you going on that tour, perfect time for a beautiful garden tour!

  8. That is gorgeous, Susan! I love the butterfly fold on the plates. I use bubble wrap when my vases need a filler. But dish towels work too, lol.

  9. This is such a pretty spring table! I love the way the tulips picked up the colors in the butterfly plates. Thank you for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday!

    • Thanks so much, Elena! I’m hooked on these realistic faux flowers now, think I’ll start looking to see what other kinds are out there. Would love to find some realistic-looking Hydrangea blooms.

  10. Love those butterfly-fold napkins, and the lacy edging really makes them. I can’t imagine anything better to use. The table is so cheery that I wouldn’t have ever noticed the dreary backdrop if you hadn’t said anything.

    • Thanks, Mia! It’s gorgeous today, all sunshine! I can’t tell you how often that happens where it will be gorgeous the day before and the day after I’m taking photos for MM. Arggg. Hope you are seeing beautiful spring weather!

  11. Such a lovely springy table Susan! I love the butterfly napkin fold, and the tulips, especially, and your soft yellow plates are perfect.

    I’m definitely stealing that idea of putting the towel into the tall vase – brilliant! Thanks as always for hosting, and hope you’re having a lovely spring so far!

  12. Happy Spring Susan…love the table and that butterfly napkin fold is fabulous! Oh how you coordinated the colors of the tulips and dinner plates to beautifully!….I love geraniums too!…especially since the deer leave them alone!…I planted lots of pink ones!…Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Shirley! ♥ Ohh, I didn’t know that about the deer. I guess Geraniums must not taste very nice. lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Carolyn Anderson says

    Love the beautiful settings! Question for you—I am looking for the product you use to clean your leather car seats and purses. I tried going through the posts and found the Apple Garde but I thought there was another product. I would appreciate it if you could respond! Thanks for all of the beauty you bring to my day!

    • Thanks, Carolyn!
      The product that I used to get denim transfer off the leather seats in my car was this Super Cleaner: https://bit.ly/3uLZclc Read some of the reviews about how people have used it on their leather car seats. I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis on leather car seats, would probably be too strong to use regularly. Instead, I would turn to a regular leather cleaner/conditioner for regular use, but it worked great to get the denim stain off the leather seats in my car when nothing else worked.
      I know Mcquires is supposed to make a great leather cleaner/conditioner for leather car seats, but I haven’t used it.
      For my handbags, I use a couple of different products. If it’s a quick clean that I need on the corner of a bag or just to quickly wipe down a bag or my leather topsiders or my L.L. Bean boots, I will often use these leather wipes: https://bit.ly/3e8s1l0 I love those and always keep them on hand.
      If I feel like a bag needs deeper conditioning, I’ve used this leather lotion: https://bit.ly/2RDmo6W
      I recently noticed this one on Amazon and it has great reviews, but I haven’t tried it personally: https://bit.ly/3e5Rlbs

      Hope this helps!

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