Creating a Pretty, Little Beverage Station for My Home Office

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A few months back, I added this cute, blue mini-fridge to my home office. It fit perfectly in this odd little corner here in the office. A few days ago I came up with a  silly, fun idea. Those are always the best ideas, you know! 😉

Blue Retro Refrigerator for Home Office


It all started when I thought how nice it would be to have ice available to add to my drinks during the day. I had especially chosen a refrigerator that didn’t have a freezer because 1. I didn’t want to have to defrost a freezer every 6 months, 2. I didn’t want a tiny freezer taking up available refrigerator space and 3. I didn’t want to fiddle with filling up a little ice tray multiple times a day.

So I got this fun idea of adding a little ice bucket to the top of the fridge. That morphed into adding a tray since I didn’t want to scratch up the top of the refrigerator or have the ice bucket drip water onto the fridge.

Cute Drink Center for Home Office


I was toying with the idea of ordering a tiny, little ice cooler but I already have two small ice coolers, though they would be a bit too big for the top of the fridge. Then I remembered I have an ice bucket that practically never sees the light of day! lol

Set up a mini drink station for home office


I brought up this sparkly, champagne bucket that I’ve had for several years and that led to bringing up this beautiful silver tray my son gave me for Christmas one year.

Silver Tray, Silver Champagne Bucket for Drink Station


It normally lives here on the sideboard in the dining room. It’s visible there under the red candle in this Christmas table setting from a previous year.

Christmas Table Setting Idea, 12 Days of Christmas


Though beautiful, I’ve learned this week that Champagne buckets aren’t the most practical. Ice only lasts a couple of hours before melting so they have to be refilled fairly often if you want ice throughout the day. So a little cooler would probably be a lot more practical but where’s the fun (and beauty) in that?!

Silver Tray, Silver Champagne Bucket for Drink Station


Last night, I brought up this pretty martini glass. I have a set of 4 of these–found in Pier 1 (I think) back in the day.

Stamped Silverplate Spoons, Blue Martini Glass


I almost never use these for martinis since I rarely drink a martini. Instead, I use them for sipping sparkling drinks like sparkling water or sparkling wines. I just love how pretty and elegant they look!

Pretty, Blue Martini Glass


In the background, you’ll see some of the stamped spoons I’ve purchased in the past. I have those tucked inside a (now-empty) candle holder that originally held a candle that I picked up while staying in Ballynahinch Castle during a trip to Ireland. I purchased two candles while there, so still have one left. They smell amazing so I may have to email them to purchase more once my final one is gone. Do you save the little glass holder or container once a candle is burned and all gone?


The stamped spoons come in handy for iced coffee. The ones I purchased recently should arrive any day–can’t wait to see those! (Read more about those in this post: March Favorites and Spoons I’ve Ordered.)

Stamped Silverplate Spoons, Blue Martini Glass


One of my favorite drinks for summer evenings on the porch is the Espiral Vinho Verde seen in the tall green bottle in the center of this older photo. I always find it in Trader Joe’s. (This photo is from a few years back when I was shopping for bottles for my bottle tree.)


I also love their Peach Bellini–it’s perfect for hot summer days!


Across the back of this little drink center, I’ve added some of my favorite tumblers that I use all throughout the day here in the office.

Silver Tray, Silver Champagne Bucket for Drink Station


Last summer, Lilly Pulitzer was giving pretty floral tumblers away for free with orders. I ordered several of their dresses and shorts last summer and ended up getting a couple of these: one for myself and one for my daughter-in-law. I love the pattern so much! I wonder if Lilly will do that again this summer?

I just checked their website and it appears you can buy them! You’ll find them here: Stainless Steel Tumbler/Mug. As soon as this post goes up, I’m checking out that link because I saw sooo many cute things! I just love their happy patterns and designs!

Lilly Pulitzer Floral Tumbler


I just ordered this pink, Swarovski-covered tumbler a few weeks ago. It doesn’t hold as much as the other tumblers but I love how it looks! It’s available here: Swarovski-Bejeweled Tumbler.

The pink heart/floral tumbler was from Starbucks a year or two ago around Valentine’s Day. I was in Ohio, visiting with my son, dil, and grandchildren and stopped by a Kroger for groceries, That particular Kroger had a Starbucks inside so I decided to pick up coffees for each of us. They had these adorable, pink, glitter tumblers and I couldn’t resist getting one for myself and my daughter-in-love.

Swarovski Bejeweled Tumbler


I topped off this little drink center with a Diptique candle I purchased from the Diptique Boutique in Atlanta. They have so many wonderful scents from which to choose and I went with one of their most popular: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. Their candles are pricey but intensely scented, so you don’t need to burn one very long to fill a room or your entire home with their beautiful fragrance.

This particular scent is really elegant and sensual. Diptique describes it as “herbal” but I don’t get that at all. To me, it smells like a gorgeous perfume. It makes me think of elegant ladies dressed in long, white, flowing summer dresses–carrying pretty parasols while strolling across vibrant green lawns at a beautiful seaside resort. Funny how a scent can conjure up a scene in your head. It’s definitely bougie-smelling! lol

If you have a Diptique Boutique near you, check out their fragrances and candles. The 34 Boulevard candle is available here: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle and here: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle.

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle


Hope you enjoyed this little fun escape. Happy Weekend! It’s gorgeous here so I think I’ll add some Esprial Vinho Verde to my blue martini glass and head for the porch. 🙂

Cute Drink Center for Home Office

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  1. Deborah D says

    I absolutely love getting a post from you on the weekend. We’re having a slight cool snap, probably the last one, before summer weather in Mississippi. Love your idea of the ice bucket. Your refrigerator is adorable. See you soon.

  2. Rhonda Storey says

    Love your little blue refrigerator Susan! One of my favorite colors. Have you thought about purchasing one of the small countertop ice makers? Amazon has many brands and they are not expensive. I also saw one at my local Sam’s Club recently. Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • You know, I actually purchased one of those for my son and dil but hadn’t thought about one for me. That’s a great idea, I would only need a tiny one. Thanks for that suggestion, Rhonda!

  3. Pam Heule says

    Try the new Kim Crawfor Sauvignon Blanc Illuminate for summer. Very light & refreshing,

  4. Pam Heule says

    Try the new Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Illuminate for summer. Very light & refreshing,

  5. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Well, I love the look and would love the full size kitchen appliances that look like that. I love my Yeti tumblers and wonder if you have one? You could just fill it with ice and drop it down in the ice bucket? I have the 32 oz Rambler and the smaller one-not sure the ounces it holds. I take ice water with me in the summer while shopping, etc and still have ice left after 4 hours or so.

    • Wouldn’t that be soo cute! I saw a kitchen done with pink appliances and it was adorable! That’s a great idea. I have several Yeti tumblers. I’ll probably just fill them up every morning and bring them up…and just gaze at the champagne bucket lovingly since it’s totally not practical. Ha, ha, ha.
      I know, they are amazing how well they keep drinks cold!

  6. I enjoy your posts ANY day of the week, Susan. And, I am going to have to try that Peach Bellini!

    • Hope you like it! It’s a seasonal thing so if you don’t see it in TJs yet, check back in a month. They carry it in different flavors…like grapefruit, etc…

  7. I love the blue martini glass, and the little refrigerator. All is so pretty!

  8. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Susan, I wonder if you put one or two of those emergency ice packs in the bottom of your silver ice bucket (you know, the kind you use when you have an injury?) and then put some ice on top of it – if that would keep the ice frozen longer for you during the day? You could keep them inside the refrigerator, which I think would keep them cold enough to keep your ice solid for awhile. I love your little “drink” vignette – it’s practical and pretty!

    • I hadn’t thought of that…great idea! I think I still have some of those in my freezer downstairs.
      Thanks, Cynthia…it was fun to create one evening with just things I could find here around the house. 🙂

  9. I love this idea, Susan! You come us with such fun things and great ways to make every day life just that much more enjoyable. And yes! I definitely like getting new posts on weekends. Any time is fun. Love, love, love that pretty blue martini glass. And the champagne bucket and silver tray are just a hoot. So fun. Hope you enjoyed that Vinho Verde and thanks for the tips on the LP stuff and candles.

    • That’s so much fun, Pam. You hit the nail on the head! Sometimes it’s those little changes that can add so much and make us happy. 🙂
      Even if I don’t use the champagne bucket, I do love just seeing it. It was really pretty all frosted up on the outside the day I did put ice in it! Fancy! 😉

  10. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, I love your blogs any day of the week!! Love the silver tray with the pretties on top of your little fridge. Lilly Pulitzer colors are wonderful. I will breakdown and buy a blouse some day-when I finally lose weight to a size I am happy with-ha. Have a blessed week-end.

    • Sharyn, their Etta top is really comfortable and super flattering. I don’t like my big hips but the length is nice and long so it helps hide those. They are my fave, so light and cool. I do love their fun, fun colors. Makes me want to move to south Florida or maybe Palm Beach where I can wear them every day. I guess I’d miss my sweaters then, though. lol

  11. What a welcome surprise to see your post show up today on the weekend! I just love surprises…especially from you. The mini fridge is adorable, and I like the lux accessories for easy imbibing while in the office. Great ideas!! We have an ancient college dorm sized mini fridge and I am definitely going to pull it out of storage and use it in the office and purchase a desk ice maker. This will save lots of time during the day popping into the kitchen for ice/water/drinks. Hope you are enjoying the lovely Spring weekend as much as we are. The weather is delightful here on the Coast, and we have just added eleven new additions to our rose garden. Oh my they are so incredible, the aroma, the beauty is amazing. Happy Patriots Day weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Bren! I really do enjoy having this mini-fridge here in the office. I used to have one in my dressing/exercise room but I would forget it was there and didn’t use it that much. I gave it to a neighbor whose son was headed off to college and bought this cutie for the office. It gets used many times each day so I know you’ll enjoy having one in your office. Wow, 11 new roses! That sounds wonderful! I would love to see a few pictures when they bloom this year!

  12. CUTE! And I do particularly like getting a post on the weekend. I enjoy it as much or more as the weekday ones…..weekends can be a little slow around these parts. Ha!

  13. I’m with Merri Jo – I always love to see an email from you in my inbox! 🙂 Love the drinks station too – such a fun addition to your office. I’m going to give that a try! Have a lovely rest of your weekend, and thanks as always for the inspiration!

  14. A “Susan’s Porch Post” any day of the week is cause for a smile! You have the most delightful taste in….everything!

  15. franki Parde says

    You have created the most lovely vignette with your drink station! Just the glasses alone make me smile…just…lovely!! franki

  16. Did you consider a countertop ice maker? They don’t take up much room and you’ll never be without ice by your cute fridge.

    • I hadn’t thought of that but that may be a great option. I did buy one for my son/dil this past summer when I was there. We were using so much ice, I thought it would come in handy. We did use it several times. The only bad thing about it was you have to empty it into a container to place in a freezer after every batch of ice because it melts very, very fast. The ice maker won’t keep it cold, just strictly makes ice…and it takes a while to make. The cubes are really small. Probably just easier to get ice from my refrigerator downstairs (where there’s always more than enough) and just bring it up in a cooler of some sorts…or in my Yeti containers. I do love the “look” of the champagne bucket though. lol

  17. Good timing Susan. Recently, I looked at small refrigerators. Does yours use a regular household plug or need a higher voltage ?
    I love the silver tray. Sometimes it’s good to put a piece of felt under trays.

    • It uses a regular household plug.
      I did put some of those little felt things (like you use on chair legs) underneath. Thanks for that reminder though, just in case I hadn’t! 🙂

  18. What a lovely drink station you’ve created!! LOVE the blue martini glass as well as the tumblers. So colorful and fun! I love getting posts from you on weekends and every other day. Please keep them coming!

  19. I enjoy your posts any day of the week! I love your set up, very elegant. I made something similar in my bedroom by my favorite chair where I read and browse on the computer. It’s more of a coffee area, but so nice to have close by and not go back and forth to the kitchen. And nice for privacy sometimes. As far as the melting ice, my thought is if you could find a super-insulated cup that I see so often in the stores and fit it inside your ice bucket? Might be worth a try!

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I love the sound of your little coffee area. ♥
      That’s a great idea, I need to search for something like that…that would be perfect!

  20. Love the idea of a weekend post – and your beverage center is adorable! Love that you found a great spot for your champs cooler. It is perfect with all the other items on that cute blue refrigerator. Now that we have downsized and the kitchen is just outside the door and steps away from my “office/guest room” I don’t have the need for a beverage center 🙁 But I can see my champagne bucket from here. Years ago for a birthday a dear friend came to dinner and brought a bottle of champagne in a bucket with the stand that sits next to your table. I did not downsize that when we moved…it is next to our dining room server and I use it whenever we have wine at dinner with guests. LOL…everyone comments “you have one of those wine things!” Looking forward to all your weekend and weekday posts! PS…we don’t have a Trader Joe’s near here…jealous!

    • Thanks, Ann! Ohh, I’ve seen those with the stand and love them! I def would have held onto that, as well. Very fancy! What I great gift from your friend!
      Hope you get a Trader Joe’s eventually. They have the most interesting foods in there, I love trying new things when I stop in.

  21. Brenda S Lawrence says

    I read blog post’s anytime Susan. Your little set up on top of the fridge is so pretty! I do keep candle jars after I’ve burned the candle. They have great uses. That peach belli looks so yummy! Wish we had a Trader Joe’s around me. Enjoy that beautiful weather and the porch! Hugs, Brenda

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    It doesn’t matter which day, a post from you is ALWAYS welcome and inspiring. Love your new frig. vignette w/ beautiful silver touches to brighten your day. You come up w/ such great ideas…always! Hope you’re enjoying a great spring. Ours has been glorious thus far, unlike last year w/ so much rain. Hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! Hasn’t this been a spectacular spring! My son and dil both got snow two days in a row last week! They were in shock! Made me glad I live in GA. lol

  23. I love hearing from you, Susan, no matter when. This post was so much fun. Your corner refreshment center is perfect! It’s always a treat to watch you on a creative mission! Love the result. You’ve gotten some good feedback about the ice situation. Let us know what finally works.

    • Thanks, Rosie! This was fun to put together, I love gathering stuff from around the house for a little mini project…makes it a challenge when you’re trying to use only what you already have handy.

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