2 Great Ways to Hide Those Unattractive, Metal Swing Chains

Recently when I shared how I’ve decorated the porch for spring, I received an email asking about the covers I have over the chains of the porch swing.

Spring Screened Porch


You got a closer view of them in this photo showing the large egg wreath I hung on the porch for Easter.

Egg Wreath for Easter


I’ve written a couple of posts over the years sharing in more detail about these covers which are really just electrical cord covers I found in Hobby Lobby many years ago.


To cover the two shorter chains on the lower part of the swing, I cut one of the long cord covers in half and hemmed the edges where it was cut.


I’ve been using the same cord covers since I purchased them back in 2008. Over the years a few of the snaps have broken as I’ve taken them off to wash them. Fortunately, they only need to be washed about once a year.


I wonder why no one has ever made covers specifically designed for swing chains? Ummm. Seems like someone would have done that by now.


Recently, I saw this photo on Instagram from Atlanta Home Magazine and knew immediately that I needed to share this idea with you. If you don’t want to go to the expense of purchasing cord covers and the occasional maintenance those require, I think this is a great alternative. Rope is pretty inexpensive, plus it would most likely never show any dust or dirt, thus never need washing.

I really like how the swing chains themselves are a dark color. That helps camouflage them behind the roping a bit better than if they were a shiny, silver metal like most swing chains. I wonder if they painted the swing chain or if it came in that color? Pretty awesome way to hide those ugly, metal swing chains! Also, notice the soft, haint-blue painted ceiling! Love that! Beautiful porch!

How to Cover or Hide Swing Chains

Photo via Atlanta Home Magazine


Read more about how I used electrical cord covers to hide the swing chains on my porch in this previous post: Hide Swing Chains with Electrical Cord Covers.

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love those ruffle covers the most rather than the 2nd choice but depends on the decor, I guess. Someone on Etsy should make these!

  2. Hello! Found the chain covers in 5 different colors on Amazon (what would we do without it) Coordinate Fabric Cord Cover, 6 ft, Hides Cables, Great for Lamps, Light Fixtures, and Desks, Cable Management, Easy Installation, Eggshell White, 40723 Love your blog. Kathleen

  3. If you don’t want to sew snaps, tiny Velcro tabs should work. If you can’t sew where you cut them in two pieces, Fabri-tac glue is pretty awesome.

  4. Franki Parde says

    Ideas….oh! My outdoor swing/bench I added “long” drapery tassels at the top (well, hubs climbed the ladder it’s between two large trees)…they have been on year round for three years now and, honestly, “look like new!” My swing is a burgundy/barn red (Luytens style) and the tassels are two shades of burgundy…they swirl and twirl when I swing, and looking out the window, those little dickens are playing “in the wind” as well…franki

  5. Great idea for our bedswing on our deck. It came with rope, but we hung it with strong chains as we have 16 grandchildren and we didn’t want to take a chance that the rope wouldn’t hold up. But I love the idea of wrapping the rope around the chain. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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